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Garry Lee 29/11/15

After witnessing for himself the unruly actions of the brothers and their
companions, Tupinamba decided to step in and end this curse for once and for
all. Shall I fight fire with fire? He thought to himself. Or could there possibly be
a peaceful solution? He drew his dual rapiers and roared Stop this nave
squabble at once! But his words fell on deaf ears as the crowds ignored him and
continued to slash and burn one another. Tupinamba, astounded by the
commitment that the villagers had made to the family feud took a step back and
sheathed his blades. Gingerly stroking his beard, Tupinamba wondered what he
would next. These poor people have been conned into something they dont
deserve. To kill the kingdom, you must first kill the king.
Tupinamba waited until the ringleaders went to sleep before drawing his swords
once more and crept towards the funeral parlour under the cover of night. He
swiftly scaled ancient tree beside the parlour and leapt silently across to the
balcony. With swords in both hands he stood before a slumbering older brother.
Tupinamba whispered I cleanse thee. And with one blow from his dual blades,
the feuding brother was put to eternal rest.
All at once the villagers stood motionless as if they were frozen in ice. Tupinamba
turned and faced the unmoving crowd and announced I unbind thee from the
curse that hath kept thee hence from thy own liveth. May thy spirits returneth to
thee now! The villagers shuddered and looked around like they have been
awoken from a lengthy siesta and greeted one another with excitement and glee.
They turned and faced the balcony where Tupinamba stood but all that remained
was the blood that stained his swords.
Tupinamba the Indian could understand the rationale behind making a sacrifice
to something, but what he couldnt comprehend was making a sacrifice to a
sacrifice. He lit a cigar on the crimson point of a blazing nail and went to queue
up at the telegraph office: My dear little Carmen, that was how he intended to
begin his brief message.