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Supporting participants to follow the assignment instructions carefully is one area I

monitor. This is from the very beginning of a course.

Assignment Post for Loreto Kirribilli - Team 1
Christine Davis - 02/07/2013 04:27 AM

Comment [T1]: The team posted a very

short post that didnt fully match the
assignment instructions.

We are a large but very collegial team of English teachers whose goal is to keep abreast of
current pedagogical debates and to continue to improve on teaching and learning outcomes.

Re: Assignment Post for Loreto Kirribilli - Team 1

Kristina Peachey - 02/07/2013 09:25 AM


Hello Loreto Kirribilli Team 1It's great to see you have found your way to our Study Group and made your first team post.
You will soon discover that there are quite a few English teachers in our group and we look
forward to learning more from each other.
We'd be grateful if you could add a few more lines where you:

introduce something about each team member

note any questions you have at this point
make public your team goal(s)

The more we learn about you and your unique context, the better we can support you.

Comment [T2]: As this was the first

post in the discussion forum, I wanted to
make sure the other teams didnt follow suit
so I repeated again the expectations of the
first post.

Please reply to this post with your additional comments.

Questions? Just let me know as Im here to help.

I try to make explicit my role as a coach will often be behind the scenes.
May 19, 2016 Local: May 19 at 2:46pm

Hello Bennies Team,

Thanks for sharing the 'logistical plan' for the course. It's great to see you've figured out
common time to meet regularly. I appreciate your figuring out the team reporter rota as
well. Just let me know if it changes.
In these team discussion spaces I'll be fairly 'quiet'. Sometimes coaches are asked to make a
general feedback post after all have posted their individual assignments and other times I'll be
following silently along. If you ever have a specific question you'd like a response to, just let
me know.
Cheers, Kris

Comment [T3]: Reassuring the team

that I am present even if I am not posting
and that I am always available to help.

As a coach, my goal is to encourage participant to participant communication

in study group discussions. However, we want each post to be acknowledged
between 24-36 hours. Therefore, sometimes I would make a brief reply to let
them know Im present.

Re: Assignment Post for Loreto Kirribilli - Team 1

Kristina Peachey - 03/20/2013 09:23 AM

Hello Loreto Kirribilli Team 1,
Thanks so much for your interesting post. Considering how to handle the overcrowded
curriculum is such a pertinent issue.
Let me wait another day to see if any others offer feedback first and if not, I will respond.

Cheerleading type posts where Im acknowledging that Im following the team

discussion and suggesting a focus for their face to face meeting.

Jul 26, 2016

Hello Redlands Team 3,

Your ideas of what you are currently doing well are rich and well worth sharing. I was
impressed by the level of detail you included in the ways you could improve. Would it be
true to summarize the issue not so much not knowing what we should be doing but rather
managing our ability to do this?
Perhaps it might be worth discussing how we can close the 'ideas-action' gap regarding this.
Participant response:
Jul 28, 2016

Thanks, Kris. I love that: "how we can close the 'ideas-action' gap" -- that's exactly it, I

Comment [T4]: Showing participants I

read and am interested in their post.