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Battalion Regiment Brigade Division, air division Com... Aleayate tote ft Army group Airborne . TABLE OF SYMBOLS BASIC SYMBOLS xx xxx wx Ait Foree unit BA oe wet Armor Ardley < <2 )2 a2 wt flew Ganligs G1) = 47S aesie Infantry Oo T=] ba fis Mechanized Naval troops. ground employment Special naval landing force EXAMPLES OF COMBINATIONS OF BASIC SYMBOLS: ‘Small British infantry detachment 34th Regimental Combat Team . ‘Combat Command C of 1st Armored Division 82d Airborne Division Jet Motorized Division Troops on the march Troopsin position Troops in bivouae or reserve Field works Strong prepared positions Airfield Covering force: armor or foot - OTHER SYMBOLS Actual location Cccupies An © xe 2d Marine Division aie . os ee B2Mer. xEx French Second Corps less detachments . . = €R - Third Army E : 5 fae Fist Air Force eo a Bradley's 12th Army Group. . . . . [12 |BRADLEY Troops in postion under attack... - ROD, = Rontecfmarhorfighs 2 ..3 2 «= SotpSatecocegeee cas) Boundary between mits: = 2 2: 2 ss + wax Unoceanien Sttomcprce, base Ree ee Cee ee ne Bothell: 2 oh ke ey he ED ° fediwpelee 97> ct: od Hy an ve ai. Minefield eee Airbome landing gD "HE SECOND WORLD WAR eae & “ee THE PACIFIC THEATER, fe 1941 - 1945, meee SCALE OF MILES 0 30 1943 1944) =| Recital eh ee iy san J cine PACIFIC nd Fes, 20008 aeolyteCul 2320 Ne tc eS NS