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Part I

Answer all questions. You may take


1. Read all instructions.
2. Read the questions carefully.
3. Seriously, read the questions carefully.
4. You have the knowledge to answer all these questions. So try.
5. Of course you can go through you notes but it will not be much of a help because you have
to think in order to answer these questions and you know it.
6. Thinking is still legal and free. You can use it as you wish. So use it.
7. If you use a calculator, I would know.
8. If you are stuck in a question, go ahead and read the instruction 9.
9. Go back and read the first instruction.
10. If you are still stuck, move on to the next question. Just kidding. Go through all the notes
and try again.
1. Simplify.
2. If





in a choir are boys and the rest are girls, find the ratio of girls to boys.
3. Alpha Centauri is the nearest star system to our solar system at 25 trillion miles (25
million million miles) away from earth. Write this number in scientific notation.
4. The figure shows a regular octagon of a side 8 cm which is made of two
trapeziums and a rectangle. Find the perimeter of a trapezium.
5. Write the factors of xy + x + 2y + 2
6. The ratio between the amount of money that Suvin and Roanga have in their bank
deposits is 1 : 3 and that between Suvin and Randil is 3 : 4. Find the ratio of money
between all three.
7. Simplify. (a + b)2 + a2 b2
8. Two coins P and Q are placed on a table as shown in the figure.

The coin P with center A is kept fixed and the coin Q with center B is
moved around the perimeter of the coin P which is fixed. Roughly
draw the locus of the center B of coin Q which has been moved.

9. A By selling 45 lemons for Rs 40, a man loses 20 %. How many should he sell for Rs 24 to
gain 20 % in the transaction? (Hint: Take the number if lemons he has to sell to gain 20%
as x)
10. Use your knowledge of factors. Find the value of 53 43 + 25
11. Make r the subject of the formulae, F = G

and y = xr

12. A revolving door includes three wings which rotates within a circular shaped space of
diameter 200 cm. The wings divide the space into three equal sectors. What is the arc
length of the door opening?

13. In the figure below, a square with sides of length 4 cm is inscribed in a circle
with center O. What is the area of the circle?

14. If xy = 1, find the value of



15. The architecture of Federation Square in Melbourne is

based on frames as shown in which a large right angled
triangle is subdivided into 5 identical triangles. If the
shortest side of a small triangle is x, obtain an
expression in terms of x for the length of framing
required to construct the whole shape?

16. The shape shown is formed from four identical arcs, each a quarter of a
circumference of a circle of radius 10.5 cm. Find the area of the shape.
17. If 17 : x = 51 : 60, find the value of x.

18. The two straight lines y = 4x + c and y = mx + 2 are parallel to each other. The first line
goes through the origin. Find the values of m and c.

19. Write in ascending order.





20. Find the value without adding. 1 + 2 + 3 + + 999

Bonus question (6 marks) (Answer fully to score all 6 marks, otherwise do not bother.)
The vertices of a right triangle with sides of lengths 3 cm, 4 cm,
and 5 cm units are the centers of three mutually externally
tangent circles, as shown in the figure. Take the radii of circles
as r1, r2 and r3 where r1 and r3 are the radii of smallest and
largest circles respectively.

Find values of r1 + r2, r2 + r3 and r3 + r1.

Find the sum of circumferences of all three circles.
Suggest suitable values for r1, r2 and r3.