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Shubhangam Agrawal

Hyderabad, India
H +91 9704626662
B shubhangam@gmail.com


To build scalable and highly available software with real world impact

Work Experience
Since 2013 Software Development Engineer, Amazon.com, Hyderabad.
Team Customer Returns Experience
Platforms Java, Mason/Perl, C++
Building the new service layer and the new returns website
{ Migrated key legacy API over to new architecture with 40% latency improvements
{ Forecasted trac and scaled new service for its first peak tra c

{ Debugged and stabilized new APIs from 5% to 0.02% error rate

{ Pioneered modern testing methodologies and continuous deployment on the team
{ Working on designing experience and backend architecture for a page on the new website
Summer 2012 Software Development Engineer Intern, Amazon.com, Hyderabad.
Team Customer Returns Experience
Platforms Mason/Perl, Javascript, JQuery, Java, C++
Developed a component to enable customers to upload images while returning an item
{ Developed and integrated UI widget
{ Wrote backend handler for file validation and upload to Amazon S3 with randomized naming
scheme { Workflow integration and API changes for uploaded image locations
{ Oracle DB table design

20092013 B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Calicut, CGPA 9.57/10.
1st in class of ~140 students
20072009 CBSE 12, Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata, 94.6%.

20002009 CBSE 10, Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata, 90.2%.

20122013 Extraction of Questions from the Internet using Machine Learning
Java An application that returns a list of questions related to a topic by using Google Search APIs, splitting pages into
text sections and using a Support Vector Machine to classify data.
2012 Agent Based Dynamic Resource Allocation on Federated Clouds
Java, JADE A dynamic resource allocation simulation using a Broker based MultiAgent System. The messaging protocol was
studied from relevant papers and improved to increase e ciency while maintaining QoS.
2011 Hotel Room Reservation System
PHP, A web application to book a Hotel Room. Had a portal for making a reservation with an authentication system
PostgreSQL and an administrative portal for viewing bookings and managing room details.
2008 Computerised Voting System
VB, Access A userfriendly GUI to computerise the annual school council elections. Still in use.
2008 Lost Island
C A textbased console game with a map, player status, movement, combat and location based events.
Had save and load capabilities.


Computer Skills
Coding Java, C/C++, Mason/Perl

Algorithms Sound Concept

Can pick up any language as required

Cooking, Photography, Scuba Diving (Certified diver)

{ Organised e-sports competition Blitzkrieg and eso-lang competition Befunge as part of annual fest
Tathva 11. ~200 participants
{ Co-ordinated multiple coding and gaming events for CSI
{ Held the position of Joint Secretary of the Computer Society of India, NITC
chapter { Held the position of Secretary of Computer Club in school

Awards & Accolades


{ 1 in Code-X and BOOLEAN in Spectrum 10 organised by ISTE at NIT Calicut {


1 in Code-Maestros 10, institute-wide coding competition at NIT Calicut


{ 1 in eso-lang competition Befunge in TechFest Tathva 09 organised at NIT

Calicut { Prashasti Award by school for developing CVS


{ Silver in the senior individual category & 3 in the senior mathematics quiz in the 3 International Young
Mathematicians Convention, Lucknow
{ 113 in the International Informatics Olympiad, 2008 and 34 in the 7 National Science
Olympiad { Received Outstanding accolade in the ASSET examinations 2003, 2005, 2006
{ High Distinction & Distinction in the exams conducted by the University of South Wales, 2001

Personal Information
DOB 22 May, 1991
Fathers Name Arun Agrawal

Nationality Indian
Permanent BE357 SaltLake, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Address 700064