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Dissertation Report
A Study on Buying Behavior of
Customers in Big Bazaar
Under The Guidance of

Mr. Navjyoti Singh Negi

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the
award of

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Academic Session 2012-2014

Internal Guide

Submitted By

Navjyoti Singh Negi


Rakesh Kumar

Doon Business School, Dehradun


Enrollment No.:-


APRIL, 2014

Table of Contents
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY...........................................................................................
LITERATURE REVIEW..............................................................................................
Statements of the problem:............................................................................................
OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY...................................................................................
SCOPE OF THE STUDY.........................................................................................
IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY.................................................................................
Limitations of the study..............................................................................................
RESEARCH METHODOLOGY..................................................................................
DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION..................................................................

Indian retail sector is witnessing one of the most hectic Marketing activities of all
time. The companies are fighting to win the hearts of customer. There is always a
first mover advantage in an upcoming sector. In India, that advantage goes to BIG
BAZAAR. It has brought about many changes in the buying habits of people. It has
created formats, which provide all items under one roof at low rates, or so it claims. In
this project, we will study its marketing strategies and promotional activities.







BAZAAR,DEHRADUN was conducted in face to face interaction with the

customers who came to shop at the store and data filled from 100 customers. This
report is based on 20 satisfactory questions. Study was conducted through sample
random population of customers at Big Bazaar. Some of the customers were kind
enough to mail back the filled questionnaire as they were busy at the store. Some of
the questions such as parking service, gift wrapping was left empty as they never
used it. The primary objective was to know the customers satisfaction level and their
expectations from the store. Customer satisfaction has been directly correlated to
service quality and employee satisfaction. Survey has shown that majority of the
customers preferred Big Bazaar over other retail stores, while a very small section of
respondent customers preferred other retail hyper markets over Big Bazaar (92%). A
majority of 81% were very much satisfied with the product and service availability at
the store.
Another important objective of the study was to identify the needs and expectations of
the customers visiting the store from the store. A few questions were set to identify the
same. From the study it was revealed that a large number of customers needed ATM
(61%) and a Food Court (31%) and seating arrangements at the store, and many
needed some branded collections at the Clothing section. From the study I came to
know that Big Bazaar is spending more on advertisement as about 90% came to know
about Big Bazaar from advertisement. I understood that the customers are expecting
the visit at Big Bazaar to be much more than a mere shopping. They need
convenience, recreation at the store. But overall the customers are very much happy

with the store and its services. Big Bazaar is a chain of shopping malls in India owned
by the Pantaloon Group. Big Bazaar has democratized shopping in India and is so
much more than a hyper market Here, you will find over 120,000 products under one
roof that cater to every need of a family, making Big Bazaar Indias favourite
shopping destination. Big Bazaar is the destination where you get products available
at price lower than the MRP, setting a new level of standard in price, convenience and
quality. It was started in the year 2001 with the slogan Is se sasta aur achcha kahin
The title of the project is Customer perception towards Big Bazaar in DEHRADUN.
The purpose of the study is to understand how the customers perceive the store and
provide suggestions for improvement. The type of the research design used was the
Descriptive Research design and the sampling procedure that was followed was nonprobabilistic convenience sampling. The total sample size for the study is 220
respondents across all the ages, income category, occupation and gender. Bar charts
and other useful tools are used for the analysis of the study. Some of the limitations of
the study include the biased responses provided by the respondents; the sample may
not represent the whole population, and most customers were busy with shopping are
some of them. Structured questionnaire were used to get the responses from the
respondents by personally interviewing them in the store. Some of the suggestions
provided by the respondents for improvement include iDehraduneasing the efficiency
of the billing system in weekends and during festive seasons, proper arrangement of
the products, reducing too much crowd during festive seasons and improvement in
parking facility.
Based on the findings the conclusion was that the overall perception of the customers
towards the store is good .The overall perception was good but there is still scope of
improvement, which are the recommendations given for the study include priority
given on the basis of quantity of purchase in the queue to complete the billing
formalities, proper trimming or arrangement of the products, making Star Sitara
saloon aware and attractive, attracting the customers by conveying the benefits of
visiting the store during off season, improving the ambience and making sales
personnel interaction more effective are some of the recommendations given for the


As customers tastes and preferences are changing, the market scenario is also
changing from time to time. Todays market scenario is very different from that of the
market scenario before 1990. There have been many factors responsible for the
changing market scenario. It is the changing tastes and preference of customer which
has bought in a change in the market. Income level of the people has changed; life
styles and social class of people have completely changed now than that of olden
days. There has been a shift in the market demand in todays world. Technology is one
of the major factors which is responsible for this paradigm shift in the mark. New
generation people are no more dependent on haat market and far off departmental
stores. Today we can see a new era in market with the opening up of many
departmental stores, hyper market, shoppers stop, malls, branded retail outlets and
specialty stores. In todays world shopping is not any more tiresome work rather its a
pleasant outing phenomenon now.
My study is based on a survey done on customers of a hypermarket named big bazaar.
Big bazaar is a new type of market which came into existence in India since 1994. It
is a type of market where various kinds of products are available under one roof. My
study is on determining the customers buying behaviour of customers in big bazaar
and the satisfaction level of customers in big bazaar. My study will find out the
current status of big bazaar and determine where it stands in the current market.
This market field survey will help in knowing the present customers tastes and
preferences. It will help me in estimating the customers future needs, wants &

Future Group Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited is Indias leading retailer that operates
multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer
market. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company operates over 12 million square feet
of retail space, has over 1000 stores across 71 cities in India and employs over 35,000
The companys leading formats include Pantaloons, a chain of fashion outlets, Big
Bazaar, a uniquely Indian hypermarket chain, Food Bazaar, a supermarket chain,
blends the look, touch
And feel of Indian bazaars with aspects of modern retail like choice, convenience and
quality and Central, a chain of seamless destination malls. Some of its other formats
include Depot, Shoe Factory, Brand Factory, Blue Sky, Fashion Station, Mobile
Bazaar and Star Sitara (Beauty clinic). The company also operates an online portal,
A subsidiary company, Home Solutions Retail (India) Limited, operates Home
Town, a large-format home solutions store, selling home furniture products and EZone focused on catering to the consumer electronics segment.
Pantaloon Retail was awarded the International Retailer of the Year 2007, by the
US-based National Retail Federation, the largest retail trade association and the
Emerging Market Retailer of the Year 2007 at the World Retail Congress in
Barcelona. Pantaloon Retail is the flagship company of Future Group, a business
group catering to the entire Indian consumption space.
The groups subsidiary companies include, Home Solutions Retail India Ltd,
Pantaloon Industries Ltd, Galaxy Entertainment and Indus League Clothing.

Unique Customer Perception is what is required by companies instead of Unique
Selling Proposition. It is ultimately that customer look for satisfaction based on the
picture of perception derived from various sources. If these perceptions of customer
can be analyzed then promotion would be easier for customer centric marketing. This
has lead to the concept - Customer Perception is the Rule and not Customer
In meeting customers' requirements and measuring customers' satisfaction indexes,
customer perception should be definitely a key consideration. Qualified services in the
operation execution layer, technical management layer and business development
layer are necessary. It is

more important to understand customer expectations and make efforts to exceed their
expectations. In customer satisfaction management, the biggest challenge is customer








characteristics of service is intangible, hence the core value of services is not like a
physical product but the spiritual experience and perception of customers. The final
aim and ideal effect of service provisioning is to have customers perceive and enjoy
the service. Such perception is both at psychological and behavior levels, and it is the
contents of high quality life in the modern society. Customers are seeking for material
deliverables as well as perceptive enjoyment when purchasing a service product.
Since perceptive enjoyment is a vital service objective, one of the key service








of the problem:

The purpose of conducting this research is to get the actual idea about the experiences
of supply chain management in bid bazaar and the factors that influence their decision
to buy products. What types of problem they face after purchasing the product. Users
were selected and then the analysis was formed regarding the peoples beliefs,
satisfaction and expectations about the big bazaar products.
It is very important for any company to know how the customers perceive their
products, services or the organization as a whole. It is the customers perception
which influences the products and services of the organization. If the organizations
makes an attempt to find the customers perception then, it can alter its products
accordingly and offer to its customers. So understanding the customers perception is
a very difficult and vital task for the organizations.
The companies should be dynamic and should update themselves according to the
changing needs of the customer. Coming to our study customer perceptions can give a
lot of inputs and scope for improvement, lots of customers across all the ages, income
groups and occupations visit the store. Different customers have different experiences
and perceptions towards the store, understanding these differences and rendering what
the customers need is very vital for the survival and the growth of the store. In this
study we are attempting to understand the customer perceptions so that the store can
improve upon in the areas where the customers do not have good perceptions.
Ascertaining customers perception becomes very complicated when it comes to
retailing, as it is a part of service sector. Lot of complications are involved in
ascertaining the perception like firstly, retailing is a service (which is intangible) and

secondly, it is very difficult to understand how the customers perceive. So

understanding the customers perception helps the store to improve itself in many


To determine the current status of Big Bazaar.

To find out the customers response towards Big Bazaar.
To study the satisfaction level of customers in different attributes of Big

To evaluate the image of Big Bazaar in customers mind
To find out the customer satisfaction with the existing services
To find out the buying behavior of the customers coming in to Big Bazaar
To identify main competitors of Big Bazaar.


The scope of this research is to identify the buying behavior of customers of Big
Bazaar in Dehradun area. This research is based on primary data and secondary data.
Due to time constraint only limited number of persons contacted. This study only
focuses on urban buying behavior of customers because the research conducted in
DEHRADUN area. The study does not say anything about rural buying behaviour of
customer because rural norms/status/attitude & acceptance of the rural customers
differs with urban customers. The scope of research is limited for DEHRADUN area.
It provides help to further the research for organized retail sector in DEHRADUN
area. It aim to understand the skill of the company in the area like technological
advancement, competition in management.


The study shows customers buying pattern with Big Bazaar in DEHRADUN area. Its
provide guideline for further research in DEHRADUN area for organized retail.
Research says about customer buying behavior towards Big Bazaar in DEHRADUN
area. The study rate of customer satisfaction level with Big Bazaar for DEHRADUN
area. The research is also important to identify Market size, growth and Market
Potential of Big Bazaar in DEHRADUN area. The research shows future Scenario of
Big Bazaar in current perspective. The study shows Opportunities and challenges for
Big Bazaar respect of internal & external environment. Research say about main
competitors in the field of organized retail sectors. The study provide guideline to
further extension of Big Bazaar in DEHRADUN area .The study provide help to
know the customers satisfaction with Big Bazaar stores.

Limitations of the study

Every research is carried under some boundaries and this research is not an
exception. The limitations of this research are:

The opinion of the respondents visiting the BIG BAZAAR store may not represent
the whole population.

Due to the limitations of time, a larger respondent base could not be covered and
was limited to a sample size of 75 respondents.

There might have been tendencies among the respondents to filter their responses
under the given conditions.

The customers opinion might have been biased and may not represent the whole
population of the city.

Most customers were busy and pre-occupied with shopping.

Analysis of data obtained from the questionnaire was done on the assumption that
honest and correct information had been given by the respondents.

1. First, the sample used for this study consisted mostly of college students.
Therefore, these results may not be applicable to the wider population in general.

Secondly, the results of this study are limited to a specialty retail branded
purchasing context.


To convince the people for a proper interviewing process is also difficult.


The figures have been taken as approximations.

Research methodology is a process to systematically solve the research problem. It
may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. Why
a research study has been undertaken, how the research problem has been defined. In
what way and why the hypothesis has been formulated, what data have been
collected and particular method has been adopted. Why particular technique of
analyzing data has been used and a host of similar other questions are usually
answered when we talk of research methodology concerning a research problem or
Research Method
There are mainly five types of research methods used in a study. They are:

Test Marketing
Consumer panel

For this study, the survey method was more appropriate then other methods because
the study required the responses from the respondents and survey method suited the

Research Design

Meaning: A research design is a method and procedure for acquiring information

needed to solve the problem. A research design is a basic plan that helps in data
collection or analysis. It specifies the type of information to be collected, the source
and collection procedure. A good research decision will ensure that the data collected
is relevant to the objectives to be achieved.
Types of Research Design:

Exploratory Research
Descriptive Research
Causal Research Design
Exploratory research design: Exploratory research focuses on the discovery of
the ideas; the major purpose of this study is to identify the problem. Exploratory study
is used in the initial phase of the research. The broad and vague problems are divided
into small and precise statements. Exploratory research is intended to develop initial
insight and provide direction for any other further research needed.
Descriptive research design: It is a research, having clearly defined objectives and
data requirements and is capable of suggesting a specific course of action to be taken
by the decision makers. As the name suggests, it implies to describe something. It is
intended to generate data describing characteristics of the groups such as consumers,
Salespeople, Market areas; Questionnaires can be used to gather data.
Causal research design: The design attempts to specify the nature of functional
relationship between two or more variable factors present in the problem
environment. Experimentation is done to find the effect of one factor on the other. The
objective of the causal research includes: to study the Cause-Effect relationship of
factors that affect the market.
The research design used in the study is the descriptive research design.

(A) Methodology used for Data Collection

The project is based on primary data as secondary data. Primary data consists of
a collection of original primary data collected by the researcher.
Primary sources of data collection -:
1. Data was collected from those who have purchased the products from big

Secondary sources of data collection -:

1. Data was collected through surfing different websites and blogs. And also
reading different magazines.

(B) Methodology used for Data Analysis -:

1. Questionnaire was used and developed for analysis.

2. Then the questionnaire was analyzed with help of pie charts. So as to
understand Data more clearly and precisely.

(C) Theoretical Description:

A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions and
other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from respondents.
Questionnaires have advantages over some other types of surveys in that they are
cheap, do not require as much effort from the questioner as verbal or telephone
surveys, and often have standardized answers that make it simple to compile data.
However, such standardized answers may frustrate users. Questionnaires are also
sharply limited by the fact that respondents must be able to read the questions and
respond to them. Thus, for some demographic groups conducting a survey by
questionnaire may not be practical.
(i) Pie charts
A pie chart (or a circle graph) is a circular chat divided into sectors, illustrating
numerical proportion. In a pie chart, they are length of each sector (and consequently
its central angle and area), is proportional to the quantity it represents. While it is
named for its resemblance to a pie which has been sliced, there are variations on the
way it can be presented. Pie charts are very widely used in the business world and the
mass media. However, they have been criticized, and many experts recommend

avoiding them, pointing out that research has shown it is difficult to compare different
sections of a given pie chart, or to compare data across different pie charts. Pie charts
can be replaced in most cases by other plots such as the bar chart.
Sampling Plan: Elements: The target population of the study included the general
population of every age who enters to the Big Bazaar
Sample size: 100 people.


Largely urban phenomenon, pace of growth is still slow.

Not being recognized as an industry in India so availability of finance is low

to new market players.

High cost of real estate.

High stamp duties.

Lack of infrastructure.

Multiple & complex taxation system.

Protest against retail sector



The tools and methods of data collection identified earlier were employed to gather
data on the consumer perception on Big Bazaar. The data accrued, especially from the
interviews and questionnaires circulated, are tabulated and depicted on graphs in the
following pages. The data thus gathered and tabulated is analyzed. The data is then
scrutinized and relevant interpretations are drawn.
The major objectives of analysis of data are:
1. To evaluate and enhance data quality
2. Examine effects of other relevant factors
3. Customer satisfaction ratio,
4. Level of satisfaction,
5. Causes of dis-satisfaction,
6. Customer responses regarding services.
The data collection plan, including procedures, instruments, and forms, was
designed and pre-tested to maximize accuracy. All data collection activities were
monitored to ensure adherence to the data collection protocol and to prompt
actions to minimize and resolve missing and questionable data. Monitoring
procedures were instituted at the outset and maintained throughout the study, since
the faster irregularities can be detected; the greater the likelihood that they can be
resolved in a satisfactory manner and the sooner preventive measures can be

Q. 1) Age of the respondents.



Below 18






60 above


Data :
The first criteria respondents were asked to indicate was the age group they belonged
to Respondents were asked to choose among four age group categories, viz., below
18, 18-40, 40-60, 60 above years. The age groups were identified as key factors
impacting shopping and purchase decisions of consumers

From the table, and pie chart depicted above, the distribution of the population under
study is evident. Of the 100 respondents who answered the questionnaire, 45%
indicated that their ages fell in the category 18-40 years 30% indicated below 18, 15%
indicated 40-60 year and 10% indicated 60 above

By analyzing the responses to this question, I, as a researcher, as well as companies,
can identify the demographics of the population that visit retail outlets. The highest
number of respondents falls in the age group 18-40. It can be deduced that most of the
consumers who visit retail outlets regularly are the youth. They make up almost more
than half of the population who shop at retail stores.

Q. 2) Gender of the respondents:










Consumers were asked to indicate their gender. The object of this question is to
understand the demographics of the population under study.

From the table, and pie chart depicted above, the distribution of the consumers is
evident. Of the 100 respondents who answered the questionnaire, 65 were female and
35 were male. It is evident from the responses and the subsequent tabulation that the
number of female respondents was higher than that of the male respondents in the
population under study. Female are the major buyers at the Big Bazaar.

By analyzing the responses to this question, I as ,a researcher, as well as companies,
can identify the distribution in the number of men and women who visit the retail
outlets and appropriate decisions can be made keeping these numbers in mind.
The highest number of respondents were female, as is depicted by the graph and chart
presented above. The number of male respondents was less compared to the female
Two decisions can be made from the above data collected:

One, more women visit retail outlets than men.

Two, more women are willing to fill out questionnaires and take a survey than

Since more women can be inferred to visit retail stores than men, companies can
target their offerings and marketing strategies in two areas. Retail outlets can appeal
to the women customers by offering more products geared especially towards women.
They can provide a shopping experience that women are particularly attracted to.
Another way that retail chains can use the above data is to think new techniques so
that they can appeal to the men rather than the women. Since, fewer men visit retail
stores as against women, the companies have a large base of potential customers. By
providing products that are geared towards men and by providing a shopping
experience that attract mens they can i Dehradun ease their loyal customers.

Consumers were asked to indicate the source from where they got information about
Big Bazaar. The object of this question is to understand the source of information of
the population under study

From the table, and pie chart depicted above, the distribution of the consumers is
evident. Of the 100 respondents who answered the questionnaire, 40% people got
information about Big Bazaar from word of mouth 30% from electronic media,
20% from print media, 10% from Hoardings.


By analyzing the responses to this question, I as ,a researcher, as well as companies,

can identify the source of the information for the customers from where they got the
information about Big Bazaar. Appropriate decisions can be made keeping these
numbers in mind.
We should i Dehradunease the quality of service and which we are providing to
customers, so that we can i Dehradunease loyal customers so that they can influence
more people and our customer base can be i Dehraduneased.
Secondly we can i Dehradunease our advertisement on electronic media as now days
customers are also influenced by adds on TV, and other electronic media.

Consumers approached were asked about their frequency in visits to shops. The
frequency points furnished were: Once a week, Fortnightly, and Once a month. These
frequency points were identified by observation and interview as the average times
that consumers shop.

Analysis :
From the table, and pie chart depicted above, the frequency of shopping of the
respondents is evident. Of the 100 respondents who answered the questionnaire, 45
indicated that they shopped once a week, 30 indicated that they shopped Fortnightly
25 who visit shops, malls or retail stores once a month.

Interpretation :
This question is aimed at understanding how frequently consumers visit shops and
buy their products or avail of their services. The frequency points laid before the
respondent have been the result of observation and interview. By analysing the
responses to this question, I the researchers, as well as companies, can identify the
number of times a customer is likely to shop in a months time.The highest responses
have been attributed to once a week shopping. It can be deduced that consumers who
shop only once a week, pose very different challenges to retail stores. Such customers
can be presumed to have a high disposable income and may buy more lifestyle or
fashion products. Since they shop so frequently, they must continually be entertained
and attracted to make repeat purchases at stores. When targeting this segment,
companies must be able to get new stock every week, and update their marketing
strategies continuously.
As monthly customers can buy the products in bulk so they can shop during (M.B.B)
and other offer seasons but we can give every week big discounts to customers so its
more difficult to i Dehradunease the customer base of weekly customers. It can be
Dehraduneased if employee handle the customer well, display of the product, and
ambience of the retail outlet is good.

Data :
Consumers were asked to answered that during which offer they shop most at Big
Bazaar. The object of this question is to understand the type of offers which effect
the sales of Big Bazaar.

From the table, and pie chart depicted above, the distribution of the consumers is
evident. Of the 100 respondents who answered the questionnaire, 50% customers
purchase decision are effected by M.B.B(Monthly Bacaht Bazaar) 30% are influenced
by Wednesday Bazaar and only 20% got influenced by weekend offers.

By analyzing the responses to this question, I am, a researcher, as well as companies,
can identify the offers which influence the customers most while purchasing at Big
Bazaar. Appropriate decisions can be made keeping these numbers in mind.
We should i Dehradunease the no. of offers days as we can give fortnightly offers,
and other additional discounts which are not available outside of Big Bazaar, so that
we can i Dehradunease loyal customers so that they can influence more people and
our customer base can be i Dehraduneased.
Secondly we can i Dehradunease our advertisement on electronic media as now days
customers are also influenced by ads on TV, and other electronic media, about
different offers as many customers are not aware of different offers going on at Big

Q.6) what do you mostly shop at the Big Bazaar stores?


Consumers approached were asked to indicate the types of products they mostly
shopped at Big Bazaar. The types of products presented were Clothing, Accessories,
Groceries and others. These products were identified by observation and interview as
the most popular products that consumers shop for frequently.

From the table, and pie chart depicted above, the product frequently shopped for
by consumers is evident. Of the 100 respondents who answered the questionnaire,
32% indicated that they essentially shopped for Groceries, 30% Clothing, 15%
others (Luggage, Footwear etc), and 25% Accessories.
It is evident from the responses and the subsequent tabulation that consumers, on
an average, frequently shop for products in the following descending order:
Clothing, Accessories, Others and Groceries.

Of the consumers approached, 100 people agreed to fill in the questionnaire and this
specific question. This question is aimed at identifying the products consumers shop
for frequently at retail outlets. The product categories lay before the respondent are
the result of observation and interview. By analysing the responses to this question, I
the researchers, as well as companies, can identify the main attractions of products
and services offered.
The high number of responses indicate that a large number of consumers visit retail
outlets for groceries. Approx One-third of the respondents indicated that they visit
retail outlets to purchase Clothes.
To the retail stores, the above tabulated responses lead to a very important result.
Groceries are the fastest moving consumer good. Retail outlets that provide groceries
and apparels can see a higher rate of turnover and sales volume

Q.7) Are you aware with Big Bazaar own brands?

Data :
Consumers approached were asked if they were aware about the Big Bazaar own
brands as Food Bazaar, Tasty treat, Dj&C etc.
Analysis :
From the table, and pie chart depicted above, the awareness about big bazaar own
brands in the consumers is evident. Of the 100 respondents who answered the
questionnaire, 40 replied that they were aware about Food Bazaar 25 were aware
about Tasty treat and 35 were aware about Dj& C brand.
Interpretation :
This question is aimed at the awareness in customers about the Big Bazaar own
brands. The object is also to analyze how to i Dehradunease awareness about the Big
Bazaar own Brands among consumers. By analysing the responses to this question, I
the researchers, as well as companies, can identify the awareness about the big bazaar
own brands among consumers.

This indicates that although most consumers are aware about the big bazaar brands
Food Bazaar brands are more popular then other brands.

Data :
Consumers approached were asked about their satisfaction level with the Big
Bazaar own Brands. This question was answered by 100 consumers

Analysis :
From the table, and pie chart depicted above, the satisfaction level among the
customers about Big Bazaar own brands Of the 100 respondents who answered the
questionnaire, 65 replied yes that they were satisfied with the big bazaar brands and
there were 35 people who were not satisfied with big bazaar brands.

Interpretation :
Of the consumers approached, 100 people agreed to fill in the questionnaire and this
specific question. This question is aimed at satisfaction level among the customers for
big bazaar brand. By analysing the responses to this question, I the researchers, as
well as companies, can identify that many customers are satisfied with the own brand
of big bazaar.From the tabulated data depicted above and responses of the consumers,
we can see that to promote own brand we should advertise more and packaging can be
made more attractive.

Q.9) In which area of operation at Big Bazaar improvement is


Data :
Consumers were asked to answered that in which operation they want improvement at
Big Bazaar. The objective of this question is to understand the improvement area at
Big Bazaar.
Analysis :
From the table, and pie chart depicted above, the distribution of the consumers is
evident. Of the 100 respondents who answered the questionnaire,45% customers need
improvement in Cashier speed 30% are not satisfied with the staff knowledge about
the product 25% thought waiting process management is not good at Big Bazaar.
Interpretation :
By analyzing the responses to this question, I am, a researcher, as well as companies,
can identify the improvement areas in supply chain management operations at Big
Bazaar. Appropriate decisions can be made keeping these numbers in mind.
We should i Dehraduniese the no. of cashiers at least on Wednesday Bazaar,
Weekends, Monthly Bachat Bazaar.
Secondly we can i Dehraduniese sources of entertainment to manage the waiting process
management; we can play good songs so that customers are not irritated during waiting.

1. Most of the customers buy their requirement in Big Bazaar on the basis of
Weekly and monthly basis. Customers realized that Big Bazaar stores provide
qualitative products/service with reasonable price.
2. At present time Big Bazaar provide different types of product assortments to


3. Continuously opening of Big Bazaar chains in different major cities,


quantities of the customers & profit show that Big Bazaar

most accepted name in Organized retail chain in India.

4. Big Bazaar mainly deals with middle income group people who want
qualitative product with reasonable cost.



Big bazaar has a good reputation of itself in the market.


Big bazaar has positioned itself in the market as a discounted store.

Big bazaar holds a huge customer base. The majority of customers belong to

middle class


Impulse buying behavior of customers comes in to play most of the times in big
9. Big bazaar is a hypermarket as it provides various kinds of goods like apparels,
grocery, stationary, food items, electronic items, leather items, watches,
jewellery, crockery, decorative items, sport items, chocolates and many more. It
competes with all the specialty stores of different products which provide goods
at a discounted rate all through the year.


The overall perception of the BIG BAZAAR store is good except in some areas like
billing system during the weekends, proper arrangements of the products and parking
facility. The target market for the BIG BAZAAR hyper market is the growing middle
class segment. Customers found the prices are affordable with a good variety of the
products available under one roof.
Customers responded positively to the promotions offered at the store, with the sales
during the weekends and festive seasons picking up nicely. The quality of the
products offered at the store was also very well accepted by the customers, and
customers also enjoyed the food offered at the food stop. As far as Star Sitara saloon
is concerned very few respondents gave a visit to the saloon and most of them were
satisfied with the experience and service provided.
Reasonable price of the products at the store was the driving factor for the customers
to shop in the store. Most of the customers found it convenient to visit the store once
in a week. So we can conclude that the overall perception of the customers towards
the store is positive and are satisfied with the way the store is managed.

To Dehradun more footfalls more promotional activities must be carried out. For
this BIG BAZAAR can either offer more discounts or Dehraduniese their
advertisements. By increasing the number of footfalls in dehradun will lead to
Dehradun in sales.
Allowing more space between the entrance of a store and a product gives
it more time in the shoppers eye as he or she approaches it. It builds a
little visual anticipation.
The number of trial rooms available at BIG BAZAAR is very less as
compared to the number of people coming. This usually results in long
queues and waiting by customers.
Install more full length mirrors inside the store so as to assist the
customers to make better purchase decisions.
Play light music inside the store to make the shopping a pleasurable
They can also exhibit their new line of clothing through events like
fashion shows.
Baskets should be scattered throughout the store, wherever shoppers
might need them. Many customers dont begin seriously considering
merchandise until they have browsed a bit.

Websites referred are as follows:




1. Name: 2. Age: 3. Gender: 4. Address: 5. Qualification: 6. Profession: 7. Ph.

8. Whats your monthly income?
a) Below 10,000
b) 20,000 40,000
c) 40,000 60,000
d) More than 60,000
1.How frequently do you visit Big Bazaar?
a) Weekly
b) Monthly
c) Quarterly
d) On unplanned basis
2.Apart from Big Bazaar do you intend to visit any other retail outlet in a Mall?
a) Yes

b) No

2.(a). If yes then what are the other retail outlets do you intend to visit in a mall?
e) Garment Outlet
f) Footwear Outlet
g) Food Court
h) Entertainment
i) Gift corner
j) Jewellery

2. What is the purpose behind visiting Big Bazaar?

a) Shopping
b) Outing
c) Others

3. What type of products do you mostly purchase in Big Bazaar?

a) Cloths
b) Grocery
c) Food Item
d) Leather Item
e) Electronic Item
f) Gift Item
g) Any other Item

4. On an average how much amount of money do you spend in a visit to Big Bazaar?
a) Below 500
b) 500 1000
c) 1000 1500
d) 1500 2000
e) More than 2000

5. How much time do you spend in a visit to Big Bazaar?

a) Less than half an hour
b) Half an hour to 1 hour
c) 1 hour to 1 hours
d) 1 hours to 2 hours
e) More than 2 hours
6. Which days of the week do you prefer to visit Big Bazaar?
a) Week days
b) Weekends

Which time of the day do you mostly prefer to visit Big Bazaar?

10am 1pm

1pm - 3pm


6pm 10pm

10. Do you go with a planned list of products to be purchased from Big Bazaar?
a) Yes

b) No

c)some time

11. Do you prepare a list of brands in advance when you visit to Big Bazaar?
a) Yes


b) No

c) Depends on category

In which categories of products do you pre-decide the brands?


Leather Items

Electronic Items


Gift Items

Any other Item

What is your mode of payment in Big Bazaar?

a) Cash payment

b) Credit Card

c)Debit Card

14. What encourages you to visit Big Bazaar?

a. Price
b. Service


c. Product Variety
d. Product Quality
e. Convenience

15. How would you rate the services of the sales personnel in Big Bazaar on a 1
5 scale?
Very good

Very poor

16. Which type of your convenience to Big Bazaar?

a) Hired vehicle
b) Two-wheeler
c) Four-wheeler
d) Any other
17. How is the parking space availability in Big Bazaar?
a) Less than adequate
b) Adequate
c) More than adequate

18. Do you go to Kirana store?

a) Yes


b) No

19. Compare your nearest Kirana store with Big Bazaar.

a) Price
Kirana store
b) Service
Kirana store
c) Variety
Kirana store
d) Quality
Kirana store
e) Convenience
Kirana store
f) Shopping Experience
Kirana store
g) Ambience
Kirana store

Big Bazaar
Big Bazaar
Big Bazaar
Big Bazaar
Big Bazaar
Big Bazaar
Big Bazaar


Compare others organized retail stores

a) Price
1.Big Bazaar
b) Service
1.Big Bazaar
c) Variety
1.Big Bazaar
d) Quality
1.Big Bazaar
e) Convenience
1.Big Bazaar
f) Shopping Experience
1.Big Bazaar
g) Ambience
1.Big Bazaar

with Big Bazaar on the following

II. Others Organized Retailer

II. Others Organized Retailer
II. Others Organized Retailer
II. Others Organized Retailer
II. Others Organized Retailer
II. Others Organized Retailer
II. Others Organized Retailer



A SWOT analysis is done to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and

threats of any company. This analysis will explain about the strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats of big bazaar.

Strengths of Big bazaar

Large variety option

Cheap price

Huge customer Base

Volume sales

Weaknesses of Big bazaar

Lacks in branded products

Low in product quality

Unable to provide enough parking space to its customers

Threats for Big bazaar

Opening up of other discounted stores like Vishal mega mart

Convenience of customers to nearby kirana stores

Availability of products in other retail outlets


Opportunities for Big bazaar

To open up more and more number of big bazaars in different cities

of the country.

To grab the rural market

To bring in the customers of other retail outlet by dealing with

branded products.

Add more products to its product category

Mr. Kishore Biyani, Managing Director
Mr. Gopikishan Biyani, Wholetime Director
Mr. Rakesh Biyani, Wholetime Director
Mr. Ved Prakash Arya, Director
Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti, Independent Director
Mr. S Doreswamy, Independent Director
Dr. D O Koshy, Independent Director
Ms. Anju Poddar, Independent Director
Ms. Bala Deshpande, Independent Director
Mr. Anil Harish, Independent Director