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2008 Commandant’s Performance Excellence Award Command/Staff Name

Always Ready and Striving to Get Better


The primary purposes of the Commandant’s Performance Excellence Criteria (CPEC) Award Program
are to:

 Encourage management excellence for successful mission execution by providing a framework

to assess current performance, reveal opportunities for improvement, identify role model
practices, and provide actionable feedback from trained, impartial examiners.
 Educate Coast Guard leaders and managers about the meaning, framework, and practical utility
of the Criteria (CPEC);
 Identify and Publicize organizational achievements and successes, sharing role model practices
for Coast Guard wide use and learning; and
 Recognize CPEC Award recipients as Coast Guard organizational role models that demonstrate
excellent, sustained performance results while being good stewards of the public trust.
The Award process intent is to improve organizational performance throughout the Coast Guard using
a proven world-class management system that applies to public and private sector organizations alike.
The process is designed to recognize performance excellence leaders, to offer an assessment method to
help each organization optimize operations and results, and provides a stimulus to command/staff
improvement efforts.
Your command prepared a minimal application, including an Organizational Profile, answers to CPEC
“what” questions, and administered the Are We Making Progress Survey. A CPEC Examiner team
performed a site visit to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. This Executive
Summary conveys the key themes or cross-cutting, high-level organizational factors based on the
Examiners’ site visit findings. Commandant (CG-0931) will prepare and deliver a full Feedback
Report within 30 days that will include the Examiner Team’s detailed, Item-by-Item assessment of
your command’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
Congratulations on your efforts to improve command performance. This Executive Summary and the
full Feedback Report is intended to offer non-prescriptive insights on which the command can base
future improvements.

2008 Key Themes/Executive Summary INTRODUCTION Page 1

2008 Commandant’s Performance Excellence Award Command/Staff Name
Always Ready and Striving to Get Better


The [command/staff name] is in the [early/mature/advanced] stages of building a fact-based,

systematic performance system. [See Scoring Band Descriptors for best language; recommend that
you use Coast Guard-relevant language, combining Process and Results in this first paragraph].

The Process Categories assess the methods your command uses and improves to address the Item
requirements in Categories 1-6.
The most important strengths or role model practices identified include:

Key opportunities for improvement include:

The Results Category assesses the command’s performance levels, trends, and comparisons in those
areas of importance to its key factors.
Some key strengths and opportunities for improvement include:

2008 Assessment Feedback: Key Themes EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Page 2