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Motivation for playing basketball

KurokoThought it was interesting after watching on TV

KagamiDragged in by Himuro
KiseSaw Aomine's match
MidorimaStarted as a recreation activity from studies
AomineForgot. Started playing before he knew it
MurasakibaraWas asked to play mini basketball (basketball for kids)
Type of girls (that they like)
KurokoGentle people
KagamiStable girperson
KiseA girl who won't tie him down
AomineGirls with big bust
MurasakibaraTall girl (if taller than me, then forget it)
Alternate jobs (not related to basketball)
KurokoKindergarten teacher (like all the fanart on pixiv)
MurasakibaraPastry chef
AkashiProfessional Shogi player
P.S: All enclosed with pictures, you will faint from utter joy when you see Akashi's picture if
you're a fan
Characters they cannot deal with
Kuroko, Kagami, Kise, Aomine -> Midorima
Murasakibara -> Kuroko
Midorima -> Kagami
People in the GOM they get along with the best
KagamiIt's weird if I get along with any of them at this point in time
(Does the rest of the GOM build their team around Kuroko and Akashi? -.-)
People who they get along the best in their current team
KagamiI spend most of my time with Kuroko
KiseKasamatsu, but he kicks me
MidorimaTakao, but he's my servant

Aomine: Sakurai, because his bento is delicious

School descriptions
SeirinA beautiful school with new facilities. Located close to the city and doesn't occupy a
large plot of landbut it's not a problem because there is a gym nearby.
KaijouBasically all the sports clubs are of national level. It's a tradition so the facilities are
very complete.
SeihoA school that has a very strong basketball club, uses mental training and ancient
martial arts as their basketball technique
ShuutokuHas a lot of history. The facilities are very worn out...a lot of history. The school
has a strict management system.
To-ouLarge freedom in their school curriculumsomewhat like a university. Their culture
is lively as well
Kirisaki DaichiA school with high promotion percentagestrong basketball and golf club.
Popular with children from rich families.
YosenIn an area that snows. Introduced foreign talent in their school. Western
educationwith a western influence in their architectureNice food in their cafeteria.
KnB character mottos (translated by undertheseaside)
Kuroko Tetsuya - || once-in-a-lifetime encounter
Kagami Taiga - || Eat well; play well
Hyuuga Junpei - || Persevering through something difficult makes one stronger
Izuki Shun - || Always flexible
Mitobe Rinnosuke - || Honestly, humility and quietly
Kiyoshi Teppei - || With ones heart and soul
Koganei Shinji - || If you have your health(spirit), you can do
Aida Riko - || Carrying out ones words
Kise Ryouta - || Be honest with yourself
Kasamatsu Yukio - || Steady progress; rapid advance
Midorima Shintarou - || Man proposes, God disposes
Takao Kazunari - || People who enjoy life are winners
Aomine Daiki - || Im me
Imayoshi Shouichi - || Wisdom to realize ones own ignorance
Wakamatsu Kousuke - || Where there is will, there is a way
Sakurai Ryou - || Dont do bad things to people that have
been done to you
Momoi Satsuki - || Womans guts
Hanamiya Makoto - || Birds of a feather flock together

Murasakibara Atsushi - || Sweets are justice

Himuro Tatsuya - Dont expect life to be fair
Alexandra Garcia - Someday never comes
Akashi Seijuurou - || Quick and decisive
Teikou Middle School Basketball Club - || ever-victorious

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