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9 " HORSE.(Topofheadtofeet)"STAR"PEARLCOTTON,Size5.60yd.Balls.8BallsWhiteand
13 " HORSE. "DAWN" KNITTING WORSTED, 1 oz. Skeins. 4 Skeins Brown and 1 Skein
17 " HORSE. "STAR" COTTONYARN,100yd.Skeins.7 SkeinsBlackand1SkeinWhite.Crochet
BODY. With White andLargeHook ch38andwork37sconch.Ch1toturneachrow.2nd and3rd
Rows2 s c in first s c, 1 s c in each remaining s c. 4th and 5th Rows1 s c in each s c. 6th
RowIncrease 1 s catbeginningofrowandwork2rowseven.9th and10thRowsIncrease1sc
atbeginningof eachrow.11th RowIncrease1scatbeginningofrowandwork4rowseven.16th,
17th and 18th RowsDecrease 1 s c at beginning of each row.19th RowStartNeckWork1s
c in each of the first 17 s c, ch 1, turn. 20th RowDecrease 1scatbeginningofrow,1scineach
remaining s c of neck. 21st Row1 s c in each s c. Repeat the20th and 21st rows 3times. 28th
RowDecrease 1 s c at beginning of row, 1 s c in each remaining s c, ch 12 forhead, turn. 29th
Row11 s c on ch, 1 s c in each s c of neck. Next 14 RowsDecrease 1 s c at beginning of each
LOWER SECTION OF FACE. Attach thread at neck edge in the 28th row and inthefirststofthech
12 and work 1 s c in each of the next 10 sts of ch, 2s c in last st, ch 1, turnandwork3morerows
even. 5thRowDecrease1scatbeginningofrowandwork1roweven.Next4RowsDecrease1
s c at beginning of each row, break thread. Attach thread in first s c of 18th row and work 1s c in
each of the next 14 s c, ch 1, turn. Decrease 1s c and work 1 s c in each of the next 13 s c, ch 1,
turn,decrease1s candwork1scineach of thenext12sc,thenwork1scineachsc acrossback,
1 s cin each row of neck, 1 s c in each s c at top of head, continue workingaround head and down
START FRONT LEG. 2 sc in first s cofoppositesideofch38,1scineachofnext8sts,ch1,turn.
2nd RowDecrease 1 s c, 1 s c in each of the next 9 s c. 3rd RowIncrease 1 sc atbeginningof

row. 4th RowDecrease 1 s c at beginning of row. Repeat the 3rd and 4th rows 3 times. 11th
Row1 s cineachs c.12thRowDecrease1scatbeginningofrow.Repeat11th and12throws3
HIND LEG. Attach thread in 13th st from end of row, work 1 s c in each of the next 12 sts, ch 1,
turn,andwork2rowseven.4thRowIncrease1scatbeginningofrow,1scineachremainings c.
5th Row Decrease 1 s c at beginning of row,1 s c in each remaining s c. Repeat the 4th and 5th
rows onceand work1roweven.Next8RowsDecrease1scatbeginningofeachrowandwork10
more rows even, break thread.Attach thread at top of head at face, work 1 s c in each ofthe s cof
top of head to back of neck, ch 1, turn.Work1 scineach scacrosstopofhead,downfrontofface,
around mouth and up to under neck, ch 1, turn. Work 1 more row of s c all around head then work
UNDERSECTION.Work2undersectionsfollowingthefirst5rowsofbody.Thenwork frontandhind
EARS. Ch 2, 1 s c in first st, ch 1toturn.2ndRow2scin sc.3rdRow2scin firstsc,1sc in
next s c. Work 8 more rows increasing 1 s c atbeginningof each row, thenwork 1 s c in each row
TAIL. Ch 6, join and work 1 s c in each st, without joining rows and working in back loop of st only
FRINGE. * Draw up a loop onhook about3 inchesorlengthdesired,holdlooponhook,scinnexts
c, draw up another loop on hook, s c in same s c, draw up another loop on hook, s c in next s c,
repeat from * twice. Work a few loops in same manner in about 3 or 4 rows for under part of tail,
BLANKET. With 1 strand of Red and SmallHook ch46andwork45sconch.2nd RowCh3,turn,
* 2 d c in same space with ch 3, skip 3 s c, s c in next s c, ch 3, repeatfrom*acrossrow.(Ch3to
turneach row.) 3rd Row2 d c in same space with ch 3, s c over the ch 3 of shell, * ch3,2dcin
same space,scover thech3 ofnextshell,repeatfrom*acrossrow.AttachWhiteandwork1rowof
White, 2 rows of Red, 1 row of White, 2 rows of Red, then work 1 row of shells all around blanket.
TO ASSEMBLE HORSE. Lay the under sections on body sections matching legs. Sew around both
legs and to body, then place both body sections together, leaving center of under section open for
filling. Fill and sew together. Sew Tail, Ears and Blanket in position. Fold Mane inhalf, cut loops and
BRIDLE AND REINS are made to fit. Using a single strand of Red, make a ch long enough to fit
around mouth, join and work a row of s c on ch. The Bitisachtofitfromonesideofbandinmouth
and attached to opposite side. Work a band around head, across front of head and reinsmade of 2