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Sweet Pleasures of dignity and respect

Appreciation of:

law and order,

conservative and traditional styles and designs,

pomp and rigmarole

status symbols, uniforms

Regulator of pleasures. Aesthetic of seniority , public dignity and respect.

Makara = a supportive and friendly rashi for Venus.
Shukra will be able to pursue His agenda of diplomacy, equity, beauty, elite ornamentation, and
socially respectable amounts of financial wealth accumulation.
In Makara, Shukra encounters almost no obstructions to material pursuits.
Likes law-and-order in social relationships, and socially approved behaviors in sexual union.
Makara favors "common law" arrangements.
Makara likes to climb steadily and gradually to visible, high places . The partner should have the
proper appreciation of social status achievement behaviors to be able to enjoy this climb.
Prefers a social structured relationship, based on similar demographic class background and matching
(Shukra) professional competencies.
Prefers a partnership oriented toward rank and position , public visibility, respect, and dignified
The lover-partner should have a conventional, socially established appearance along with some
variety of material elite status attributes such as professional seniority, distinguished curriculum vitae,
high-rank career, or social-network assets.
Males particularly appreciate a partner whose career provides senior standing in institutional
bureaucracy ,government or law .

Shukra-Makara values the dignity and material pragmatic behaviors of age and experience much
more than the superficial beauties of youth.
Prefers an older or more experienced mate

Lord of the Rings 1892-1973 J.R.R. Tolkien met his beloved wife Edith when she was 19 and
he was 16. Their marriage sustained until death.

Knowledge of Higher Worlds 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner 's first wife was elder and a widow.
She supported him financially through his early period, subsidizing the publication of his
writings. Despite her valuable financial aid, the profile of wife-1 was nearly invisible and
many adherents did not even know that Steiner had a first marriage 1899-1911 before his
more public second marriage began in 1914. (Shukra-12 invisible funding)

Aquero 1844-1879 St. Bernadette of Lourdes + Budha + Shani sought elder companions in
the Convent of the Sisters of Charity

Promoter 1966- politics Calista Gingrich was born in 1966; her husband USA-Congress
1979-1999 Newt Gingrich was born in 1943. He was 56 years old when they married.

However there are exceptions, particularly with multiple marriages.

Beatle partner 1933- avant-gardiste Yoko Ono was seven years older than her third husband,
Beatle John Lennon.

Although Shukra-Makara under auspice of friendly Shani does favor maturity in the mate, Mrs.
Lennon had a dominating Rahu-Budha-Surya-7 complex which was activated to seek prestige (Rahu)
via an immature (Budha) male (Surya).
Seeks Makara qualities in the mate:

materialistic and realistic

attends to social reputation, behavioral regularity, public image

involved in government, institutional, or large hierarchical social organizations

deal in matters of Law and Policy; professionally engaged in social regulation

POTUS-09 "Tecumseh" William Henry Harrison 's wife was the daughter of a politically
prominent and respected Judge

orderly and conventional expectations in relationships, including a socially normal division of labor
(will vary by culture)

capable of obtaining and sustaining governance roles

elder in age, or senior in life experience

conventional and socially accepted public reputation

dislikes fawning attention (Makara = 6th-from-Simha)

prefers a respectable and dignified lifestyle with leadership capability

Shukra-Makara enjoys working with large, structured social organizations and with matters of social
policy and law. And, in a rashi of Shani the Worker, Shukra-Makara just plain enjoys working.

Should Shukra-Makara, who is already in a rashi of Shani, also receive drishti of Shani, the
marriage may occur later in life (not in the teenage years; and for moderns, typically after
completion of the professional education, i.e., in the third decade or later.)

For the male nativity, Shukra-Makara + accepting drishti of Shani indicates a wife who is elder or
otherwise senior to Shukra-Makara .

Such a wife is more experienced and serves as a mentor to Shukra-Makara . Should Shani in
addition be the lord of navamsha-1st house or navamsha-7th house, the wife may be
considerably elder. Such a wife often has her own money.

Provides beautiful (Shukra) bone structure (Shani) , giving the sculpted face and body of a fashion
model. (If inDhaniztha , a superb dancer.)
Sensual pleasures through the skeleton, bones, knees, cartilage, social status, achieving higher rank,
orderly and lawful environments.
Shukra-Makara prefers a strong, lawful government , firm cultural agreements/homogeny,
hierarchies and traditions, and the Rule of Law.

favors conventional marriage and family lifestyle (although if Shukra occupies a dushthamsha
this preferred arrangement may be unavailable)

equity with a handsome, reliable and predictable spouse who conducts a lawabiding lifestyle guided byconventional, hierarchical values.

enjoys order; dignity; respect

Often found enjoying themselves while passing down or enforcing social traditions, in elementary
classroom teaching, police administration or other basic socialization professions .
Attracted to conservative, securely employed partners who can make long-term commitments, fulfill
conventional expectations, and keep their promises.
"Impotent, foolish, attached to women older in age; BB DAS Commentary

weak, fear, heart-trouble;

service, trusted,

gain through the employer .

Gain and success through banking, stock-exchange, commerce etc.

Trouble through marriage and high ambition ."

Moneyball 1963- drama-commerce Brad Pitt = bhava-3 commerce, mercurial relationships

the male is attracted to businesswomen who have a good solid understanding of media
production, financing, licensing, legal environment, and a partner who is a high-ranked

commercial agents bringing in more abundance via one's own productive work. In 3, Shukra
gives the aesthetic of commercial transactions. Pitt co-owns successful movie production
companies with both of his high-cheekbone spouses.
A Room of One's Own 1882-1941 Virginia Woolf = bhava-10 discovery, mysterious relationships

Shukra = combust in Woolf's case therefore the effects are less energized. However overall
the impact of literary-imaginative Makara Shukra + Budha = a preference for the alliances
made with partners of senior standing in one's own profession. Her husband Leonard Bloom
was a professionally respected writer and publisher with whom she co-owned a publically
recognized literary press. In bhava-10, Shukra gives theaesthetic of social status. One prefers
to maintain a public reputation as a person of dignity . Although Woolf and her husband lost
marital intimacy and she took up with numerous extramarital partners, the couple remained
mutually cooperative and appreciative (Shukra) business partners.Given their continuing
social and financial compatibility (Shukra) they maintained a pleasant facade until the end.
They never divorced.

om regulated and status-maintenance behaviors,

seeing the colors dark blue and dark purple

relationships that enhance the social rank and provide public dignity

loving actions involving the knees, bones, cartilage

dryness, boniness, antiquity, seniority, conformity, orderliness

walking amongst stones, sand, old wood, any kind of beautiful geological structure

Gift the Shukra-Makara native with solidly constructed, elite-status material goods: family homes
in respectable neighborhoods, reliable vehicles, staunchly middle-class furnishings. provide a
personal and professional environment that prioritizes respect and dignity. Conventional design and
public respect (Shani) are much more attractive to these folk than fleeting celebrity fashion or political
Solid, middle-of-the-road, and reliable = the aesthetic key for Makara-Shukra preferred environment.
Diamonds are nice, but if you really want to make them happy, give them a savings bond or a home in
a 'gated community'. Praise their common sense, Ben Franklin values, and their ability to save now
for a more comfortable future. And, be sensible yourself!
Shukra Males prefers Females of Following types:
lawful, conservative, and respectable
conventional lifestyle and appearance, regulated behaviors, social propriety

capable of executive leadership

likes elder partners Or those holding leadership rank in a hierarchical organization

has beautiful bone structure, especially the legs

"Moneyball" dramatist Brad Pitt 's wives look boney with lovely legs

elder to Shukra-Makara in age, or senior in social standing

professionally established

dignified appearance

management skills, policy skills, all-around corporate savvy

favoring colors of dark blue, grey, and black (often, a business suit)

neutral and mainstream personality

modest but not self-effacing; quite aware of her ability and hierarchical position

POTUS-32 Fireside Chats Franklin D. Roosevelt * Surya-yuti-Shukra 's wife Eleanor =

social elite family)

Male = Makara Shukra + Mithuna lagna + Mesha Chandra.

Enjoys the company of women with Makara traits, and in particular the female companion
will exemplify the two domains, 5 and 12, which Shukra commands from Mithuna lagna. Her
gracious presence will contribute to Shukra-Makara 's material enjoyment of children, and
some type of sanctuary space or retreat; likely she will have bedroom skills and some measure
of theatrical talent.

From the Mesha Chandra+ L-2 and L-7 Shukra is good for wealth, nice food, and
straightforward agreements; emotionally such a male native can be predicted to enjoy
accumulated wealth and frequent negotiation of agreements in his relationship to women;
particularly in the first marriage.


quick banter, pointless meetings, and superficial conversations

any hint of lawlessness or disregard for established procedures

temporary arrangements - prefers permanent settings

small commercial business - prefers government and large corporations

multiculturalism - prefers mono-cultural conformity to a single standard

fast, mercurial movements - prefers slow, saturnian process with minimal movement

was ting time with meaningless chatter

Wealth /Pleased:

pleased and satisfied by events of structured beauty, such as harmonious architecture of


graceful management of steep social hierarchies and durable contracts

enjoyment in ordered step-wise processes, processions, proceedings, public decorum

affinity for colors of darkest blue, old wood and stone, white, palest shades of all hues

finds beauty in pyramid-shaped entities whether social, financial, or physical

harmonious attitude toward design of hierarchies

aesthetic development of processes of climbing steps, ascending levels

artistic elegance in building, structuring, making of durable arrangements