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The History of Hip Hop and Rap.

Mike Roman
Social Studies
HR: 223

What is Hip Hop?

Rap and Hip Hop are both genres of music. Hip hop is a style of music that comes from the inner
city. Some people call it musical poetry. They would create beats and sing

What is Rap?
Rapping is the art of chanting or speaking rhymes to a beat. Rhyming is sometimes considered to
be just another versions of poetry. They usually contain subjects of drugs, alcohol, violence, and
sometimes political issuers.

What is the difference between Hip Hop and Rap?

Just looking at them, they seem to be the same thing, they may be similar but not the same. First
of all, Hip Hop was much more popular pack in the 70s and 80s while now Rap has become
one of the most popular forms of music of the modern day. Also while Hip Hop tries to convey a
more subliminal message, rap is more just straight up say it.

The Different Styles of Rap.

Now a days rap is all about having expensive cars and lavish houses. That all started a couple of
decades ago, with the pop ups of infamous rappers such as Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. They began to
rap about their life issues and struggle, growing up in poverty, struggling to get money. Their
rapping told about the fights they fought during life. While rap did originate in the east coast. It
soon spread to different areas of the country.

Hip Hop lifestyle.

For many Hip Hop isnt just a music genre, its a life style. Hip Hop has been around for
decades, gathering many followers as time passes. Hip Hop has inspired a language that these
people can share to share love and peace through graffiti, breakdancing, and beat boxing.


One famous Hip Hop artist was Timbland. He really set his mark in the 1990s, where he was
featured on many R&B tracks, getting a name for himself. Timbland created music that moved
people, he wanted people to feel the passion and hard work he put into him music.

P Diddy
While P Diddy is a well known name in the Hip Hop community, his real name is Sean Combs.
He was raised in Harlem New York, and soon as he starting started his career he became a hit.
Today he owns a record label in New York Citys Time Square.

Coolio is arguably one of the most important hip hop artist out there, people say that Coolio is
responsible for making hip hop as big as it is and bringing it into the main stream media. Coolio
has been everywhere, hes done music, hes acted and various of his songs were used in movies
at the time, like his song ganstas paradise that was featured in the movie Dangerous Minds

Mc Hammer
While there are many amazing artists in hip hop, none of them helped shape it like Mc Hammer.
Instead of making his music gritty, he made it fun and jumpy. He created a different genre of hip
hop an rap that he then named MCing. He is notoriously known for his hit song U cant touch

Tupac was a popular rapper in the late 1900s. While he was mainly is known as a rapper he was
also a writer, after his death in 1996, a book releasing many of his original poems was published.
In his poems he wrote about freedom, equality, and love.

Marshall Brice Mather would soon be known as the rap king. He went under the alias M&M,
before getting a record deal. He the went off to get a triple platinum album that gave him success
in this industry.

Snoop Dog
Snoop Dog is an iconic rapper, he started music at a young age. He played piano and sang in
choir in church, He then soon started rapping, getting noticed by famous artist Dr.Dre. He then
was able to go on to make his own album.

50 Cent
Curtis James Jackson III had a tough life, his mother was murdered when he was just 12, forcing
him to live with his grandparents. Then he sold drugs behind his grandparents back. He then
began to box making his life about boxing and drugs. After being arrested twice he finally started
his music, he really got lucky when Eminem heard his song and flew him to LA.

Cornell Hayes Jr lived in Spain before moving to the US. His parents divorced when he was 8,
making him do anything for him to keep his mind off of that. He did a lot of baseball but would
ultimately end up in music. He made it big in the 2000s combining gansta rap with the boy next
door looks.

Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot is known to be one of the most successful woman in the industry of rap, In 1995 she
made an R&B group, where she was found my an agent. She was then able to be a back up
singer for another artist Aliyah. She soon was able to make her own album which be came a
I feel that Hip Hop and Rap affected the characters in the pact because of how the industries
were made, they showed that drugs werent the only think you needed to live. That there are
other options of making money and perusing your dreams.