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Activity # 2

DIRECTION: Using the standard symbols, copyread the news article written by Aaron Lozada of ABS-CBN
on August 26, 2016. Write two appropriate headlines, one is in inverted pyramid form, and the other one is a
quotation headline. Indicate the printer's direction below each of the headlines.

MANILA - Persident Rodrigo roaDuterte on Friday said she is in favuor of postpone the synchroniz balangay
and Sangg uniang Kabataan (SK) elections scheduled on October 30. Speakier to military personnel at the
10th anniversary celebr ation of the Wesrtern Mindanao Command in
Pandacan, Davao City, Duterte rreasonedd that drug money will be using
in the elections, given that his war against drugs is still unfinished.

Do you know the reason why I also agreed with some congressmen to postpone the barangay elections? Do
you know why? Because I am afraid that the drug money will seep into the electoral process Duterte said.

"You wil juset be adding to our head ache," the vice

President said. "Those that are funded by drug money

will win, at kailangan mo na mag-martial law to eliminate all (and you would need to declare martial law to
eliminate them all), which I will never do in the first placed

Duterte say here are at least 3M drug addicts in the country, and only seven
hundred thousands drug users have surrendered to authorities.