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We are so glad you have joined us today! Our desire is that God
would bless and direct this time together. Worship is an
interactive, participatory experience and our prayer is that the
service today would strengthen and encourage you on your
spiritual journey. Whether you are new to faith, just coming back
to church, or a long-time follower of Jesus, we hope you find your
time with us engaging and meaningful.

TODAY - Sunday, September 25th - RENEWAL WEEK

Worship Services: 8:30am; 10:45am
Sunday School : 9:45am
Choir Practice: 4:45pm
Childrens Choir at 4:45pm and Quizzing at 6:00pm
Evening Worship: 6:00pm

Worship: a time to connect with God through song and prayer.
Feel free to stand and sing with us as we praise God through
singing by following the on-screen lyrics. A typical service lasts
about 65 minutes.

Wednesday, September 28th

Morning Bible Study: 11:00am
Family Supper: 5:15pm - 6:15pm
MENU: ham, hash brown casserole
Adult Bible Study: 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall
Womens Bible Study: 6:30pm in the McCormack Center
Awake Youth Worship Service: 6:30pm in the Sanctuary
CARAVAN Kids Club: 6:30pm in the Childrens Chapel

Offering: We give tithes and offerings as a part of worship in

obedience, celebration, and thanksgiving to the Lord. Its also just
our way of saying, We love our church and we want to support
it! If you are a guest, you are not expected or obligated to give.

Sunday, October 2nd

Worship Services: 8:30am; 10:45am
Sunday School: 9:45am
Childrens Choir at 4:45pm and Quizzing at 6:00pm
Evening Worship: 6:00pm

Children: We have a fully-staffed Nursery for ages three and

below. Kids ages 4-12 will be dismissed during the service to the
childrens chapel to be taught by Pastor Linda and her staff.


Message: The teaching time seeks to communicate biblical truth

in compelling, relevant ways. All of our messages are available
as podcast on our website www.estillnaz.org or through iTunes.

Response: When God is speaking, we take time to respond.

Most of the time this is after the message, but at other times it
may be in the middle of the service. An invitation is never needed
if you want to pray at the altar.
Communion: We take time monthly to celebrate Communion
and welcome all followers of Jesus Christ to participate in this act
of worship and remembrance regardless of membership or

To know more about The Church of the Nazarene and what we

believe, check out our website at www.estillnaz.org.

TODAY: September 25th

NEXT SUNDAY: October 2nd

1st Service: Lori & Megan Ayres

2nd Service: Stacie & Mindi Reed
Choir Practice: Carol McGuire
PM Service: Judy Jean

1st Service: Cassie Creson, Taylor Chandler

2nd Service: Cindy Wiseman, Jessica Graham
No Choir Practice
PM Service: Willie & Darlene Banks

September 18, 2016

Tithes & Offerings:

Received: $5,473.11
Received: $295
WEF Paid:
Fiscal Year is 5/1/16 to 4/30/17

105 Flower Lane Drive

Estill Springs, TN 37330
Phone: 649-3867 Fax: 649-3410
Emails: office@estillnaz.org

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday,
8:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Friday, 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM


Choir Practice Tonight at 4:45pm

Nationwide Womens Conference

No cost to attend but you must register at:



Loving Interested Nazarenes Knowing and Sharing
We have a new LINKS missionary for the next two
years. Her name is Ashley Huber. Ashley was
called to ministry during a camp meeting service in
the summer of 2009. She graduated from TNU in
2013, with a BA in Religion. Ashley served her
internship in an orphanage in Haiti. She was a
Mission Corps Volunteer Missionary for two years in
Croatia. She now serves in Croatia as a full time Nazarene
missionary. The Church of
the Nazarene is somewhat
new in Croatia, she is
enjoying being a part of the
Kingdom of God, and helping
build the church in Croatia.
Some of the Ministries she is
involved in are: church
planting, Roma Ministries, and Refugee Ministries. We will have a
special LINKS service on October 23rd at 6:00pm Come and learn
about our new missionary.

We will be taking
a group to this
event. If you are
please contact
the office at

Save the Date: Sunday, October 30th

Annual Community Outreach Event
Start planning now. If you can decorate a trunk/car, please contact the
church office at: office@estillnaz.org or 649-3867. We will also need
candy and monetary donations. A donation bin is available in the foyer
for candy. You may place your check or cash in the offering plate
marked Trunk N Treat.

Wedding Shower for Chris & Rachel Bishop
Sunday, October 9th at 6:00pm
Chris is the son of Barry & Kim Bishop
They are registered at myregistry.com and target.com

Letter from inmate:

I am so sorry that I have ended up back here. I
just havent had support on the outside to help me
get on my feet. I had to go back to an abusive
relationship just to have a place to live. I know I
have a long road ahead of me this time, but hopefully, I will be able to
do something with my life one day. Just know that I love you and Ms.
Pat very much and thank you for loving me. Thank you for the Bible. I
will definitely use it. ---Tara
---------We are looking for two teams of two people to help with visitation to the
jails. We also need volunteers to help on Thursday mornings writing
notes to the inmates. Call the church office if you can volunteer.
---------Please send a card of encouragement to:
Candice Gilliam #504292
West Tennessee State Penitentiary
480 Green Chapel Road
New address
PO Box 1150
Henning, TN 38041-1150

MICAH 6:8 MINISTRY from Sandy Schefcik

Did You Know that faith isn't just good for the soul -- it's good for the
economy? That's the conclusion of a pair of Georgetown University
researchers, a father-daughter team. For years, conservatives have
argued that religion contributes a lot to society, but not many people
knew it was $1.2 trillion worth! That's sum that Brian and Melissa Grim
totaled up from the "fair market value of goods and services" by
religious groups (which also included the contributions of businesses
with religious ties). If U.S. religion were its own country, it would be the
15th largest economy in the world. To put the numbers in perspective,
analysts say, the U.S. faith community is worth more than Google,
Apple, Amazon, and Facebook combined!