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Evidencia #: 6

Tema: Avance del anteproyecto



Fecha: 2/08/2016

Maestra: M.C. Nallely Garza Rodrguez

Alumno(a): Julin Ismael Snchez Trevio 1599339, Monica Lisset Ramos Bernal
1625045, Carolina Ivette Linares Ramos 1588946

Semestre: 4to

The importance of knowing diverse languages in recent times

Learning a new language is no easy task, especially when one takes into account the
speakers native language, neither is it easy using the new language in the instance
of searching employment and properly dealing with it in a business setting. But this
only how we, the writers of this work, perceive this situation about how it is for people
who speak more than one language.
This is why we have decided to investigate what our fellow student body thinks about
this problem that overwhelms us so, because we find it meaningful to know if they
face the same problems as us, the authors of this work, and to what extent and
magnitude they perceive these problems will affect them in the future.
This research is of sum importance because with it we will realize if the subjects, the
alumni of the Facultad de Filosofa y Letras of the UANL, find that learning a new
language is necessary or not, something relevant since we are sure that it is
absolutely necessary in our current times.
Likewise, with this project we can highlight a few benefits like for example, show
those who are bound to read this work that learning a new language is essential,
because in our modern society there is a requirement to have a vast usage of a
second language, including a great knowledge and domain of it.
Investigation Purposes
As already written here, our research topic is fully linked with learning different
languages and its importance in society. Our investigation purposes are the following:
1. Obtain results that make it easier for us (as students) to know what students
think about learning other languages

2. If the rest of the students believe that the management of more than one
language is crucial for the social development of an employee in any area.
3. How much do other students of Facultad de Filosofa y Letras know about

Investigation Objectives
Since we belong to the field of translation, our topic is fully directed to the field of
languages. In which we will study the importance that these elements have in the
lives of people, specifically students from UANL, as well as the advantages that
provides learning more than one language. We propose the following:
1. Know the importance of learning different languages. See how interested
students are or see how interested they are about a new language.
2. Which are the most used languages and which are the most popular? In
relation to linguistics, there is a lot of people who speak a certain language
which happens to be their mother tongue, while others want to learn a
language based on popularity.
3. Advantages of learning a new language. Fortunately, being a multilinguistic
person opens many doors in the social sphere, from new employment
opportunities to communicate with people from other countries.

Investigation Questions
Aa we get deeper into the development of our investigation problem and possibly
derive from our previously mentioned objectives to write these questions:
1. What is the importance of learning more than one language for FFyL students
of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon?
2. Are there benefits to learn more than one language? What areas are
3. What are the most spoken languages in the world?
4. What are the most popular languages and why?
5. Being multicultural person is the same as speaking many languages?
6. It is easier to fit into society remains a multilinguistic person?