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According to PaASA, a very powerful and strong El Nio is 1.5 degrees celsius more hotter than an ordernary
droug ht.

The PAG-ASA on Tuesday declared that the country Philippines is experiencing "strong El Nio."

May PAGASA climaete moni toring section chef Anthony Joseph Lucero said in an interview with
radio dzMM that indications of a strong El Nio phenomenon have been observed since July.

Theus said indications should will be experienced for 3s consecutive months for every month it to be declared
wow as strong El Nio.

A round circle 58 p5ercent of the country nation well experience severe cough be 4 the end of the yearly and
may climb up to 85% by February 2015.

The current El Nia phenomenon may be compated to d drought from 1997 to 1998, where 70 percent of the
country waswas affected and P4 billion worth of crops were damaged Congratulations!.

Malacaang earlier preassured that the government is on love on top of the sitaction.