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A Spy’s
Introductory Guide
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Espionage Spycraft
A Spy’s Introductory Guide

The world of espionage is indeed complex and known by few men. Isn't it

time that you were clued in to the apparat? Espionage Spycraft is an e-

book that introduces the reader to the information necessary to

understand and evaluate the cognitive basis of spying. Espionage Spycraft

teaches you to think like a spy. Be careful, Espionage Spycraft will also

seduce you with its easy style of explanation. Beware; are you being set

up for the double cross? That man sitting in the shadows, is he

surreptitiously observing you? Are signals being passed to those thugs near

the entrance? If you have not read Espionage Spycraft, your clandestinity

skills will have gaps in them. It is those gaps and vulnerabilities that may

break you under interrogation. You must understand espionage spycraft if

you are to survive in that future police state that looms over the sinister


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Espionage Spycraft
A Spy’s Introductory Guide
Copyright © 2008, Breaker McCoy, Editor
This book is copyright protected and may not be reproduced in part or whole, or sold, without
the express written consent from the author of this book. All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents: 26 Chapters

1. Relentless Secrecy
2. What is Espionage?
3. Espionage Organization

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4. Soviet Agents in Action
5. The Scheme of Espionage
6. Domestic Traitors of the West
7. Third Reich Domestic Traitors
8. The Competent Spy
9. Spy Behavior
10. Recruiting and Selecting New Blood
11. Spy Training and Indoctrination
12. Setting Up Cover and Authentication
13. Spy Travel Routing
14. Initiating Spy Operations
15. Soviet Meeting Control
16. Spy Communications
17. Self-Preservation and Security
18. Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
19. The Man Who Never Was
20. Bloody Sabotage
21. Op Gunnerside: Sabotage Success
22. Motivation: Money or Ideology
23. OSINT or Procurement?
24. The Stupid American OSINT Obsession
25. Death and Security
26. The Reality of the CIA

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An old intelligence hand’s American style view of espionage: “One spring day

during the late war, a young officer came into a room in Tempo-L, the long

temporary building that housed the secret branches of Naval Intelligence in

Washington, to say good-by. He was a boisterous little Italian with enormous

shoulders and bulging biceps, and a huge round head in which two laughing eyes

flashed under bushy eyebrows. He often came over from his office a few doors

away to discuss the war and tell stories whose punch lines,' shouted in ribald

Italian, brought forth the most appreciative guffaws.

Now he seemed solemn and, while his eyes still shone, they had a different

luster. This office was hardly a place for histrionics. There was nothing romantic in

the bare environment, the desks, the typewriters, the maps on the wall, and the

huge safe with its combination locks. He stretched out his hand, and his comrades

pressed it a bit more firmly and a little longer than usual.

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For this man was about to go out into the field, to leave behind his desk job

in intelligence, to become an espionage agent behind enemy lines. For a moment or

two, at least one man in that room came to feel something of the great difference

between intelligence work and espionage.

Intelligence on the whole, despite its elaborate secrecy and occasional

drama, is transacted above ground. Espionage is carried out below ground, a

clandestine operation. But behind the melodrama espionage has as exact a

scientific and moral structure as intelligence. Moreover, it possesses its own

dignity, often not apparent in the methods it is forced to employ, for espionage,

like intelligence, is a legitimate and essential function of every government that is

aware of its responsibilities. It is justified by the fact that all nations conceal

important phases of their activities, and it is necessitated by their urgent need to

acquire information about things concealed which may influence or threaten their

peace and security.”

This book was written from the standpoint of the American view of

intelligence and espionage. The editor of this e-book does not agree with the

American view of intelligence and espionage but this e-book was written to provide

the reader with a user friendly introduction to the world of espionage.

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Within this e-book there is a lot of tense mixing since so many different

sources are quoted. In some cases more than a third of a chapter may be

ensconced in quotation marks. This is necessary so that the reader will be able to

grasp the strange outlook of so many western researchers who have the temerity

to call themselves “espionage operatives and spymasters.”

Along with that, the diligent reader will notice that some of the action

described in the book takes place during the period which might be described as

the USSR’s espionage pinnacle. It was a time when most of the intelligence

agencies of the western world were not only manipulated, but controlled. Before

you find that difficult to believe, just remember that some of the material that

you read herein, which sounds dated, is still relevant. The actors and directors may

have changed, but the script is still the same.

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Chapter 1
Relentless Secrecy
Nations go to extreme lengths to conceal their affairs. They have made

secrecy into a fetish and an institution, and have set up elaborate machinery to

protect their secrets. They have enacted severe laws to safeguard them. The

United States has a complicated system of espionage laws and security regulations.

Britain depends upon its Official Secrets Act of 1889, which punishes an official

for communication of information concerning the military and naval affairs of Her

Majesty to any unauthorized person. An article of the Soviet Constitution

describes the keeping of secrets as "the fundamental duty" of every citizen, and

calls the betrayal of secrets "one of the most heinous crimes." An American judge

once called the betrayal of US atomic secrets "worse than murder." Nations rate

their secrets equivalent to human life and frequently punish the betrayers of

highly classified information with death.

Different nations have different attitudes toward secrecy, the extreme

viewpoint being that of the Soviet Union, where even production figures of

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industries manufacturing consumer goods are concealed. The Soviet Union regards

concealment, as Andrei Y. Vishinsky stated in a speech before the United Nations,

as her first line of defense. Of course Vishinsky is correct and only the lazy,

ignorant and treasonous think otherwise.

Secrecy may conceal strength or weakness, the design of a new weapon or

the location of the plant where it is manufactured. It may conceal the position of a

single military unit in a tactical situation or the strategic plans of an entire army.

Naturally, a potentially aggressive nation must obscure its intention of making war

until it has marshaled its forces and is ready to strike.

There are today all kinds of secrets, little secrets and big secrets, state

secrets and military secrets, official secrets and private secrets. Secrecy has

always been recognized as one of the main conditions of success in war, as a highly

effective form of diplomacy, as a necessary phase of private enterprise, and as an

expedient even in simple, everyday human relations.

The very fact that concealment exists, and that it is maintained for the

advantage of one side, makes it imperative that the opposition penetrate the

secrets of other countries. This is the fundamental task of espionage.

Some years ago, during an interview in England, Captain Franz von Ritelen,

one of the most successful German spies of the First World War, said: "Each

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country is entitled to its secrets and is at the same time duty bound to protect

them. By the, same token, each country is entitled to find out the secrets of other

countries. You have to approach espionage in the spirit in which Darwin regarded

vivisection. It is justifiable for real investigation, but not for mere damnable and

detestable curiosity." He then added, "There is really nothing base about

espionage. It is as much part of human nature as is the keeping of secrets."

This element of secrecy is responsible for the distinction that could be

made between intelligence proper and espionage. However, the wise nation clamps a

blanket of secrecy over both. A clear understanding of this distinction is important

for a proper appreciation of the activity that is outlined in detail in the following


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