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For Immediate Release

September 29, 2016

Contact: Nick Wilock, 518-878-6568

Statement from Kevin Mulverhill on the State Comptrollers fiscal

report of Franklin County
This is a scathing assessment by the State Comptroller, and one that clearly shows Billy
Jones failure to protect and properly manage taxpayer dollars.
Im deeply concerned as a Franklin County taxpayer that our countys fiscal health
continues to decline, while taxes go up and our county savings account continues to be raided.
For three years in a row, reports from the state Comptroller have designated Franklin County as
susceptible to significant fiscal stress under the watch of my opponent.
This is a serious and dangerous trend, one that is indisputable. It questions my opponents
basic fiscal understanding of fundamental issues like balance sheets, cash flow and debt.
Its disappointing to continue to see politicians like Billy Jones tax and spend his way
through his career while pushing Franklin County toward a fiscal cliff. We cant give him the
opportunity to do the same thing in Albany.
North Country families have to live within their means. As Sheriff, Ive had to live within
my means and balance a budget with unfunded mandates coming from Albany. And Ive come
under budget. Its clear my opponent is incapable of doing the same.
Its disingenuous of my opponent to say high property taxes deter residents and
businesses from staying in the North Country when he holds a level of responsibility for voting
for higher property taxes and causing businesses to close their doors.
For three years, the Comptrollers report has been used to alert any areas of concern and
to help municipalities avert larger financial crises. And for three years, my opponent has either
been tone deaf or incapable at improving our countys finances. Either scenario is unacceptable.