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Franchise Management System

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1. Objective
The main objective of the system is manage the Institute which
are separated by geographically. It will provide the Controller office to
get complete information about the all the institutes, performance of
the branches, student information and course structure in real time.
Also Institute Centers and students will be in touch directly to the
nodal Office.

2. Case Study
An ABC educational institute and has many Institute centers, all
of those are controlled by head office and all the Institute centers are
distributed geographically.
Head office are in touch with the other institute via traditional
communication System (like email, phone etc.) due to this nodal office
facing the problem to control and coordination of Institutes. The nodal
office wants to get connected with all of the institute in real time to
conducts meetings of several Institute managers to share their views
about their performances. So it needs to be integrate educational
institutions having a network of offices/Institutes onto a single
platform, irrespective of geographical boundaries to facilitate easy
monitoring and reporting to one nodal head and to allow the
communication of different Institute managers through Internet.

3. Requirements
A) Functional Requirement :-

1. Publish the course structure

The head office updates the course structures and
respective the institute center.
2. Students details:
The institute will provide the student details
respective to their courses.
3. Employee details:
Each Institute provide the employee details.
B) Non Functional Requirement :Nonfunctional requirement is a requirement that specifies
criteria that can be used to judge the operation of a system,
rather than specific behaviors that can be include:
1. Security requirement.
2. Performance requirement.
3. Software Quality Attribute.

4. Business Rule
1. The institute will provided with a unique login creational, which
will be used identified the institute and help authorize
information provided by it.
2. The institute must be regularly updates the information
regarding to the students and employee which will helps to
identify the genuine records.
3. Employee must be fulfill the qualification criteria to work with
4. The particular course for the institute will granted on the basic of
capability and previous response of that institute.
5. To approve the course the institute must satisfy minimum
number students.
6. Maximum number of students for the particular institute will be
decide on basis of infrastructure, and available resources.