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The Legacy of Timmorran

Custom Campaign
Rules and Quest Guide

You know of the use of runes by our mages, and how stones of power inscribed with these runes direct
the magical energy they contain. What you may not know, however, is that these stones are pieces of a
much greater history- a history filled with light and darkness that continues to shape the face of
Terrinoth, even to this very day.

Using this Expansion

This is a custom campaign expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition designed using
the following sets/expansions:
-Core Set
-Lair of the Wyrm
-Labyrinth of Ruin
-The Trollfens
-Shadow of Nerekhall
-Manor of Ravens
-Oath of the Outcast
-Crown of Destiny
-Crusade of the Forgotten
-Guardians of Deephall
This campaign requires all of those sets/expansions. While the Conversion Kit will suffice in place of
the hero and monster collections in general, if a quest features a monster from a hero and monster
collection, it was designed with that version of the monster in mind. No additional components
(cards/figures/tokens) are required beyond those included in the listed sets. When playing The Legacy
of Timmorran campaign, all of these expansions are necessarily included. Combine the shop cards,
monster cards, Overlord cards, heroes, classes, etc. as with any other expansion. Refer to the individual
rulebooks for descriptions of specific cards and abilities.

Choosing Quests
The Legacy of Timmorran contains 18 quests. It is compatible with the Epic Play format described in
the Core Rulebook. However, it is intended to be played as a campaign of nine quests, with potential
for additional Rumor quests. Quests are selected in the following way:
Introduction: The first quest is always Rallying Support.
Act I: After completing the introduction, the winner chooses the first quest of Act 1 from among
Loose Ends, Its Own Reward, Puzzle Pieces, and Flames of Chaos. The second quest of Act I is
also chosen from among these four.

After completing two Act I quests, regardless of the winners, the third quest in Act I must be King of
Dirt. Rumor quests may be played at any point before the Interlude. They are not counted as part of
Act I when determining when to proceed to King of Dirt or the Interlude.
Interlude: After completing three Act I quests, players proceed to the Interlude. If the heroes won at
least two quests during Act I, the players must choose The Wizards Folly. If the Overlord won at
least two quests during Act I, the players must choose Hired Swords. Neither the Introduction nor
Rumor quests are counted when determining the choice of Interlude. After completing the Interlude,
the players perform a modified campaign phase which transitions the campaign to Act II:
1) Receive Gold from Search Cards
2) Cleanup
3) Receive Rewards
4) Return Act I Monster and Lieutenant cards to the game box: For the rest of the game, Act II cards
will be used.
5) Deal Act I Shop Deck: Hero players have the chance to browse this entire deck and may purchase as
many cards as they can afford.
6) Return the Act I shop deck to the game box: For the rest of the game, Act II cards will be used. Act I
cards possessed by the heroes are unaffected.
7) Spend Experience Points
8) Choose Next Quest: If the heroes won the Interlude, proceed to the left tree (including Blackwing
Swamp and Hot Blooded.) If the Overlord won, proceed to the right tree (including Knowledge is
Power and Bones and Claws.)
9) Travel
Act II: Use the arrows to proceed through Act II. Although With Friends Like These and Under
Fire are on both trees, players may not change trees during the course of Act II. Advanced Quests may
be played at any point before the Finale. They are not counted as part of Act II when determining when
to proceed to the Finale.
Finale: After completing three Act II quests, players proceed to the Finale. The winner of the last Act II
quest may choose either Finale, provided it has not been determined by a quests victory conditions.
Advanced Quests are not counted when determining the choice of Finale.

Quest Rewards
Because The Legacy of Timmorran utilizes multiple expansions, it is possible that a reward offered by a
campaign quest will be redundant with a reward offered by a Rumor quest. If a campaign quest rewards
a Relic/Item/Overlord card, and the side (hero or overlord) that earned the reward already possess that
Relic/Item/Overlord card, each player of that side earns 1 XP instead. If the player on the opposing side
already possesses the card, the player earning the reward takes it from the opposing side.

Players perform the travel step before each quest, excepting the Introduction, as normal. Use the
following travel icons for this step of the Campaign Phase:
Act I:

Act II:

Puzzle Pieces: xyx

Its Own Reward: xyv
Loose Ends: xvw
Flames of Chaos: yzw
King of Dirt: xyw

Blackwing Swamp: xyz

Knowledge is Power: xvx
With Friends Like These: xwy
Hot Blooded: yvw
Bones and Claws: xyy
Under Fire: xwx
Sunken Treasures: zyz
Transmutation: xvx

The Wizards Folly: xyy
Hired Swords: xyy

Altar of Blood: xyw
Hell on Earth: xxv

Inspiration for the story of The Legacy of Timmorran is based heavily on Runewars, and included
expansions of Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, published by Fantasy Flight Games.
The quests of this custom campaign were authored by Zaltyre using the Descent Quest Vault:
Thank you to Cesspit (Boardgamegeek user) for the use of his DescentSymbols font and Madmartigan
(FFG Community user) for directing me to the other fonts.
Thank you to Robert, Brendan, Tony, Donny, and Jake for playtesting, and for input in quest design.


Campaign Overview
Rallying Support

Its Own Reward

Loose Ends

Puzzle Pieces

Flames of Chaos

King of Dirt

The Wizards Folly

Hired Swords


Under Fire

Knowledge is

Under Fire

Hot Blooded

With Friends
Like These

Bones and

With Friends
Like These


Altar of Blood


Hell on Earth