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- Run as Administrator is very important where it says "(<<< this is important)"
- Every restart/reboot is MUST and IMPORTANT for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 but NOT for
- User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled when running DSEO (dseo13b.exe)!
- If you get error on Autodata starting like in picture included in this package
, you'll need to change your Regional settings to English US!
- If you get any kind of error trying to start Autodata, go to "RegSettings" fol
der and first run "DeleteRegSettings.reg" then "RegSettings_x86.reg" or "RegSett
ings_x64.reg" depending on your OS (32 or 64 bit)!
- If you want to remove "Test Mode" label from screen you can do it either from
DSEO (dseo13b.exe) or visit link below and do it by Microsoft official way:
1. Run "Install_x86" or "Install_x64" depending on your OS (32 or 64 bit)
2. Follow on console screen messages and wait for the installation to complete
* Windows 7/8/8.1/10 users MUST do following "a-i" steps while XP users should s
kip to step 3 *
a) Disable UAC
b) Restart/Reboot your PC
c) Disable Antivirus because the next step is false-positive (NOT virus)
d) Run "dseo13b.exe" as Administrator (<<< this is important) - Enable Test Mode
e) Restart/Reboot your PC (after restart/reboot "Test Mode" will be shown on scr
f) Disable Antivirus again
g) Run "dseo13b.exe" as Administrator (<<< this is important) - Sign a System Fi
It's best to find your own path but depending on your OS it should be:
32 bit = C:\Program Files\nodongle.biz\AuDaS0\AuDaS0.sys
64 bit = C:\Program Files (x86)\nodongle.biz\AuDaS0\AuDaS0.sys
...and wait for confirmation message
h) Exit from DSEO (dseo13b.exe)
i) Restart/Reboot your PC (those "a-i" steps are for signing emulator, NOT neede
d for XP)
3) Open "Keygen" folder and Run "GetUid-x86" or "GetUid-x64" as Administrator (<
<< this is important) depending on your OS (32 or 64 bit)
4) Now because you have your UID number you can run "keygen.cmd" and paste/enter
it to generate "license.reg" registry file (it's important to NOT enter first 2
digits which are probably 64, enter ONLY last 8 digits)
(in case your UID is 6400000000 you must restart/reboot your PC and go back t
o step 3 because that UID is NOT proper and valid)
5) Run new generated registry file named "license.reg"
6) Start Emulator as Administrator (<<< this is important) from Start menu or fr
om installed directory which is probably something like C:\Program Files\nodongl
e.biz\AuDaS0 and there is a file named "ndStart.cmd" or "ndRestart.cmd"
7) Open "Autodata 3.45" from desktop shortcut or ofcourse C:\ADCDA2\ADBCD.exe
(Any kind of errors related to NOT successfully registered .reg files? Just r
egister them manually from "RegSettings" folder as described at the beginning of
this text (before all this steps))
8) Enjoy!