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Peter Dazeley

Peter Dazeley takes photographs of: Still Life, People, Lifestyle, Advertising and Fine
Art. His photographs are on his website; he also works with The BBC.

Here is a shot of a burnt candle wick from

Dazeleys Still Life folder on his website.
I like this shot because of the elegance
that the smoke embraces as it floats

Here is another shot from Dazeleys Still Life

portfolio. In this one we have two feathers
falling to the ground. Due to the back
ground being white, we can see a through
the feather; this is a very interesting aspect
of the shot. We can also grasp an idea of the
feathers weightlessness.

Here is a shot which uses the cameras

aperture setting to give the effect that
these lights are blurring and smudging in
the air. I like this shot because of the
colours of the light and how they give this

Here is shot from Dazeleys Fine Art

portfolio, this shot captures my interest
because it confuses and intrigues me. I
have respect for this image. The
background also interests me because it

Here is an image from Dazeleys

Advertising portfolio. The advert is for the
Labour partys agenda and their views
against the Conservative party. I like this
image because of its shock factor.