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A) For questions 1-6, think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all
three sentences.
1) Hilda and her sister look so alike that I simply cant .................. them apart.
I expect the boss is going to ............. me off for not getting my work done on time
I bought my nephew a watch because hes just learning to ......... the time.
2) I didnt want to arrive late so I left earlier than I needed to, just to be on the ..........
Since they havent phoned to tell us otherwise, I think its ................ to assume that
theyre still
coming to see us next weekend.
Dont worry, I wont tell anyone your secret is ........ with me.
3) Obviously, something has frightened the dog because it ............... out of the house
with an
expression of panic on its face.
The critics ............. her last film to shreds saying it was absolutely dreadful.
Fred was obviously annoyed by the contents of the letter because as soon as he read it
he ...........
it up and threw it in the bin.
4) Leopolds self-confidence is just a ................ because in fact hes a very shy
The arrangement is that weve had to pay the electrician half the money up .......
and the other
half once hes completed the work.
You must have got dressed in a hurry this morning youve got your t-shirt on back
to ........
5) Connie is always gossiping about other people I wish shed ............. her own
................ your head when you go through the doorway, its rather low for
someone as tall as
Steven earns an absolute fortune in his job - .............. you, he had to work
extremely hard for it.
6) When Ive had a ............. day at work, all I want to do is go home and relax in
front of the television.
You shouldnt have been so ....... on Mary she only made a small mistake.

Im a bit .......... of hearing. Would you mind speaking up?

B) OPEN CLOZE. For questions 1-6, read the text below and think of the word
which best fits each space. Use only ONE word in each space.
No More Bad Backs!
When Spendthift Threebody visited the Kings Theatre in Bradford one afternoon in
1899, he wasnt (1) _________ on saving the world. A fairground ride engineer, he went
to a demonstration of a railway carriage cleaning machine. It was a bag that blew air
into the carpet, raising the dust, which it hoped to catch in a box. Threebody went
backstage and suggested to the inventor that the machine should (2) _________, not
blow. The inventor, he later recalled, (3) _________ that this was impossible and then
walked away.
_________ the problem over in a restauarant, Threebody laid his handkerchief on an
ornate chair, put his lips against it, breathed in - and (5) _________ on the dust. Then he
went home and invented the vacuum cleaner. Not our push-along (6) _________, it was a
roaring, red, horse-drawn machine. Threebody sold several to royalty but preferred to
hire them out for 11 pounds, the annual wage of a domestic servant. Guests at 'vacuum
tea parties' watched male attendants feed hoses in through the window and suck up the

C) MULTIPLE-CHOICE: For questions 1-6, read the text below and decide which
answer (A,
B, C or D) best fits each gap.
Douglas Foggo
Douglas Foggo was an enigma. He could be cruel and heartless towards some actors
with whom he worked, but (1)____________ kind to others. Director Crawford Baptie
says, 'When we did a film called Revenge, he couldnt have been more mean and nasty
to his co-stars. He ignored and upstaged young John Robertson to the (2)___________
where the kid was hurt, bewildered and demoralized.' On the other hand, Robert
Bedford says, 'After I worked with him in Atlantis, he became a sort of
(3)____________ father to me. We became good friends and he helped me in my
development as an actor until the day he died.'
There was a similar dichtomy in Foggos relationship with directors. Generally he
would (4)___________ along with everything a director wanted, but as John Martin
says, he could be difficult. 'There were times, when he disagreed with me, when he
could wither me with a glance. If his forehead was shiny and I sent a make-up man over
to powder it, hed push the man away.' These were comparatively (5)____________
reactions, although with the highly respected Rob Jones, Foggo was (6)___________

1) A acutely
2 A point
3) A reserve
4) A fall
5) A low
6) A starkly

B comprehensively
B amount
B substitute
B pull
B light
B straight

C overwhelmingly
C degree
C understudy
C go
C small
C fully

D richly
D end
D proxy
D bear
D mild
D downright

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