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NAME Kierston Beets

GRADE(S) 7-8
THEME Celebrating Talents
DATE 4/15/2015
STANDARDS: PS: S1.B1.1, PS: S1.B1.2, PS: S1.B2.2, PS: S1.B2.5
A: S1.B1.3
C: S1.B1.1
MATERIALS: Computer access, access to some sort of avatar building website (preferably Teen
Second Life, but there are many other options available for free), ability to print or post pictures
on the overhead, post it notes, avatar profile sheets
OBJECTIVES: Students will have taken the avatars they have created, present them and will
partake in a discussion about how each avatar has special talents and how everybody is different.
1. Students will have a created avatars in a previous lesson and the students, for homework,
were to fill out an avatar profile sheet.
2. I will also have created an avatar that is to my liking. (This can look like you or it can not) I
will talk about my avatar and the avatar profile sheet.
3. Each student will be given a chance to briefly talk about their avatar (no more than 20
seconds) (this can also be done voluntarily)
4. After each student has gone, we will come back together as a group and talk about our
avatars. How were they different? How were they the same? etc. This is also the time to ask
the key questions below.
5. As an exit ticket the students will write on a post-it note what makes them different.
Key Questions
What about your avatar/you makes you special?
Do you want to be just like everyone else?
How can we celebrate our differences?
If your avatar doesnt look like you, why?
EVALUATION: As an exit ticket the students will answer the question How am I different? on
a post it note. I will then combine those notes and post them on a poster. They can be
ESTIMATED TIME: 30 minutes
Possible options for avatar creating websites

Avatars name:________________________________________

Avatars job:________________________________________________________

Avatars age:________________________________________________________

External characteristics:________________________________________________

Internal characteristics:__________________________________________________

Similarities and differences to you:________________________________________