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EDU 3093


Presented by
Adela Pearl PA Bansing, Geeldrena Eva Rasilan & Madeleine Christine William


A phenomenon of modernization and culture shock that faced by
the adolescents.
Pro. DR. Soerjono Soekanto, a sociologist define social problems
as a discrepancy between the elements of culture or society, that
may endanger the lives of social groups.
Robert H. Lauer wrote that social problem happens when they are
perceived to be undesirable by the public.
A condition that was born from a society that is not an ideal

Lists of social problems

Free sex
Pregnancy before marriage/ Adolescent Pregnancy
Drug addiction


According to 2012 World health organization (WHO) fact sheet on adolescent pregnancy, it is
estimated that about 16 million adolescents of girls gave birth every single year.
It happens in mostly in low and middle income countries
In these countries complication from child birth are the leading cause of death among girls
between the age of 15-19(Gooding,2008)
Adolescence is characterised by rapid physical growth and development, with notable
emotional and social changes (Gouws et al., 2008).
A great challenge in this stage of development is that new feelings emerge, friends assume
greater importance, and interest in the opposite sex increases (Gouws et al., 2008 and Shaffer
and Kipp, 2007).
According to Eriksons theory of psychosocial development, adolescents from 12 onwards may
face a psychosocial crisis known as identity versus role confusion that may be experienced in
adolescent pregnancy (Shaffer and Kipp, 2007 and Stanhope et al., 2008).

4 teenagers gave birth and 16 others contained in
one school in Kuala Terangganu this year. It is
understood that the female students may be
influenced by the social problems.
16 female students of the school was now pregnant
with an illegitimate child of a relationship with a
boyfriend as their classmates .
Now the problems occurs and becoming cancerous.
The latest and most surprising how a student in an
elementary school in SK Dungun are pregnant
outside marriage with a partner of one of his own
family member at the age of 12. The Elementary
school students who will be taking the UPSR exam
were told to sit for the exam recently in the hospital.
As she has just gave birth to her baby.



or Rape

of Pregnancy

Lack of

Promoting Sexual Abstinence
Hani R. Khouzam says, "Sexual abstinence is not associated with public health risks
and needs to be presented and promoted as the most effective primary prevention for
unplanned pregnancies"
Dr. Joycelyn Elders proposes teaching sexual abstinence as prevention for pregnancy,
not as a religious or moral belief.
Provided with broad information on how to do so responsibly
using various contraceptive techniques (Sex Education)
Exposed to extensive information on the various forms of birth control, condoms, and
other methods of prevention that are available.

Youth Development
Build on the assets and strengths of young people and assist youth to define
goals, complete school, and plan their futures.
Attempts to meet the needs young people themselves identify: to have life
skills, to be cared for and safe, to be valued and useful, and to be spiritually
grounded. It meets these needs by building on young people's capacities,
assisting them to cultivate their own talents and to increase their feelings of
self-worth, and easing their transition to adulthood.


Non-Governmental organization

Malacca establishing Schools for Pregnant Students

The state government plans to set up a special school for
students who already or pregnant as a result of their
marriage at a young age.
Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam said he was
seriously establish the school as it seeks to deal with the
symptoms of abandoned babies who are now rampant.
According to him, it is better that troubled teens stay in
school rather than idle it and may act to remove the baby.
Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd

Will Modul Pekerti reduce teen

In September this year, it will introduce in
schools what it calls Modul Pekerti, which will
warn students about sexuallly transmitted
diseases, statutory rape and the evils of
premarital sex. The module will be the result of
collaboration between the Eduation Ministry
and the Women, Community and Family
Development Ministry.


Drug Addiction?

A condition characterized by an overwhelming desire to continue

taking a drug to which one has become habituated
through repeated consumption because it produces a particular effect.

(Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 9th edition. 2009, Elsevier.)

Drug abuse has been a continuous major problem in Malaysia.
With almost half of the Malaysian prison population of 30 thousand
having been convicted for various drug-related offenses.
Drug abuse among adolescents is identified as a public health issue
which should be given a significant importance and leads to problematic
behaviour and mental health problems (Laynne-Landsman et al., 2010).
One factor that is the most relevant that influences drug abuse is the
age when they first start taking drugs at low doses. If the age is too
young then the risk of being involved in drug abuse is higher.





Poverty and Neglect Leads to Drug Abuse
"The 11-year-old boy was caught using drugs at the back of the
classroom in one of the primary school in Selangor.
KUALA LUMPUR - Bukit Aman Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department director Commander Datuk Seri Mohd
Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said "It is shocking but this shows the drug menace must be fought at all cost as our youth are
resorting to this despicable activity," he said.
"The best place to start spreading awareness of the dangers of drugs is at home. In this matter, the best school is
"We have to re-look the roles that family, peers, schools and NGOs can play in keeping drugs away from the masses,
especially the young ones," he said.

Retrieved from: http://news.asiaone.com/news/malaysia/poverty-and-neglect-driving-kids-malaysia


Roles of Teachers in Overcoming Drug Abuse

Be a Concern Parent in School
I. Students spend almost half a day in
II. Teachers are supposedly to be taking a
role as a part-time parents in the school.
III. According to Maslows theory, every
human being needs to satisfy his basic
physiological and safety needs, in order to
achieve and reach self-actualization.

Roles of Teachers in Overcoming Drug Abuse

Frequent Urine Test
I. Datuk Mohd Yunus Pathi , President of Pengasih Association Malaysia .
II. Frequent and surprise urine test, would and should be conducted throughout schools
to curb drug abuse among students.
III. Schools and teachers should report on cases of drug abuse among students to the
National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) and not cover it up for the sake of schools image.
IV. I urge schools to report on cases of drug trafficking and drug abuse among students
to the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) and not cover it up, he said, advising
schools to work together with relevant agencies towards the students rehabilitation
instead of expelling the student.

Roles of Teachers in overcoming Drug Abuse

Focus on Category C schools

I. Focus on category C schools.

II. Category A good discipline record
III. Category B less discipline record
IV. Category C many discipline cases, including truancy and drug
V. Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid

What has been done to curb drug addiction in

I. Rumah Ikhtiar.

aims to reintegrate the addict back

into society.
Individual is taught living skills and
other training skills that is important
in life.

What has been done to curb drug addiction in

II. Narcotics Anonymous

Offers 12 step solution to help

individual overcome drug
Find true happiness in life.

What has been done to curb

drug addiction in Malaysia?
III. Become part of UNICEF
Students from SMK Klebang Besar,
Malacca, participated in a school-wide
event to raise awareness about HIV and
AIDS prevention as part of a UNICEF
To introduce life skills-based education in

What is bully?
Types of bullying
Peer conflict vs bullying
Victim profile
Bullies profile
Signs of bullying
Bullying effect
Why do children bully?
Bully in malaysia
Preventing school bullying in malaysia

What is bully?
Repeated and deliberate use of physical or
psychological means to hurt another child, without
adequate provocation and in the knowledge that the
victim is unlikely to retaliate effectively.
(Goodman and Scott,2005)

Types of bullying
Physical bullying involves
hurting a persons
body or possession.

Social bullying involves

hurting someones
reputation or

Verbal bullying is
saying or writing mean

Cyberbullying is the use

of the internet and
related technology to
harm or harass other

Peer conflict vs bullying



Equal power between friends

Imbalance of power between friends

Individuals often play together

Individuals rarely play together

Happens occasionally

Repeated negative actions


On purpose

Not serious

Serious with threat of physical or emotional harm

Equal emotional reactions

Strong emotional reaction from victim and little or no

reaction from bully

Not seeking power or attention

Seeking power, control or material things

Not trying to get something

Attempt to gain material things/ power

Remorse- will take responsibilities

No remorse- blame victim

Effort to solve problems

No effort to solve problems

Victim profile
Lack of friends and social
Cautious, sensitive, quiet and
Lack confidence
If a boy; tend to be smaller &
physically weaker.
Considered different by others.

bullies profile
Has a desire to hurt.
Lacks compassion and empathy
for others.
Lacks guilt for their actions.
Like to dominate and be in
Avoids adults and defying

Signs of bullying

Refuse to attend school

Cuts and bruises
Losing lunch money
Being quiet and withdrawn
Refuse to talk about school
Loss of appetite
Doing less well in school work
Insomnia and anxiety

Bullying effect


Low self-esteem

Limited social skills


Poor relationship


Higher chance of juvenile delinquency

Drop in grades/academic performances

More likely to turn to criminal activities as adult

Suicidal/ homicidal

As adult, treat their children in a dominating and

emotionally abusive manner

Weight loss

Always have problems with authorities

Why do children bully?

Come from homes that use physical punishment to

Caregivers (parents) of bullies are typically uninvolved and
lack warmth.
Exposure to media violence
Failure to bond with adults or develop positive relationship
with adults.
Dysfunctional families

Bully in malaysia
KLANG: Five Year Three pupils are involved in the

bullying of a schoolmate who was forced to cut


tip of his tongue at a school in Bukit Tinggi on

"The victim, in a police report lodged by his mother, said
he was told by the five nine-year-olds to cut his tongue
if he did not want to be punched by them. Out of fear,
he cut his tongue using a pair of scissors himself. The
school informed his mother of the incident and they
brought the boy to a hospital where he received
outpatient treatment," said Azman.

Bully in malaysia
Last Thursday, five masked boys all aged nine
threatened to hit the boy if he did not cut
his tongue with a pair of scissors.
An 11-year-old admitted he was bullied several
times by his seniors in school.
If I report to my teachers, the bullies will mark
me. They will boycott me and get others to also
boycott me in school. I will not have any friends
and will be humiliated, a boy said.

Preventing school bullying in malaysia

Timely and effective interventions of victims of bully incidences.
Implementing anti-bullying programs in schools.
Teaching students and making them fully aware that bullying is not at
all an act that is acceptable and permissible.
Training not only students but teachers and parents as well to know
what the bullying behavior exactly is and how should they deal with it.
Give the children, teachers and parents some accurate information
about what bullying is, its factors and effects, how it should be
treated and prevented.

Preventing school bullying in malaysia

Teachers Roles
1. Educate
Theres a documentary film called Bully that follows students and allows viewers to see
how bullying occurs. Powerful films such as this have the potential to change student
attitudes toward bullying altogether.

Preventing school bullying in malaysia

Teachers Roles
2. Create a safe/supportive environment
If You See It, Stop It: Bullying is most likely to happen in the hallways and in the playground
or parking lot before and after school. As a teacher, take the time to walk the halls with your
students and keep an eye out for any bullying behavior. If you see it, stop it immediately. Not
only does this disrupt potentially detrimental behavior, but it lets students know that you are
watching out for it and that it wont be tolerated at all.

Preventing school bullying in malaysia

Teachers Roles
3. Offer support
If you stop an incident of bullying, separate the children involved and gather all of the
facts and what may have led to the situation you may even find that it wasnt bullying that
occurred and offer your support to all students involved in the situation. This means
supporting both the victim and the aggressor. Allow them both to understand why the
situation occurred and offer them guidance and alternatives so they can prevent it from
happening again.

Preventing school bullying in malaysia

Teachers Roles
4. Formulate a plan
Establish a bullying prevention plan in your school and make sure the staff follow it. The
plan should include what to do if you spot a bullying situation, how to discipline and
handle those that are involved as well as an anonymous system where students can voice
concerns over potential bullying situations to staff members. All staff members should have
to go through a training seminar on bullying and sign off on the bullying prevention plan in
their building. Having every staff member on the same page is essential for how to handle
situations of bullying in your building.

Preventing school bullying in malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 27 The police and a nongovernmental organisation have joined forces to step up
surveillance in schools nationwide through the installation
of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in efforts to
curb the spread of negative influences,
like bullying and vandalism.
The point is to help the school in terms of bully cases,
vandalism, so well put it in every corner of the school and
the systems management will be in the hands of the
school, LKPJM chairman Datuk Seri Dr Saharuddin
Awang Yahya said.
The official launch of the Crime Prevention and CCTV
Camera Handover Ceremony will be on September
15, with the deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri
Noor Rashid Ibrahim scheduled to officiate.