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Feeling Crafty?

Bring your friends and join the Live,

Laugh, Love cell at Cricket4Change
on Monday. Theres a chance to
craft, learn a new skill, or polish up
an old one, while enjoying
refreshments and good company.
Jean Grima has full details

The Mens Missional Community have booked

Frames in Coulsdon for a games evening. Its a
great place to invite your mates to join you for a
fabulous time together with pool, darts, beer and a
burger included in the deal.
The men have invites for you to use- both paper
and electronic- just ask them.


9th October
Hosted by the Live, Laugh, Love Cell
Holy Communion
Passionate to be with Jesus
16th October
Morning Worship
Worshipping with peopleBeing shaped by our worship

Welcome to our Service,

especially if you are here for
the first time today.
Do feel free to use the young
families corner at the back of
the main hall and the staffed
crche for under 3s
Please join us for tea and
coffee after the service.

Lunch Date
Join Mary & David Bowen and
friends for a get together over
lunch at the Woodcote Green
Nursery after the service today.
Its an opportunity to catch up with one another and maybe treat
yourself to some yummy refreshments.
Mary & David have invitations, so do talk to them.
Canon Will Cookson will@springfieldchurch.org.uk
020 8404 6064
(day off Saturday)
Revd Jane Petrie
Children & Families Minister:
Sue Bosley
020 8773 4787
Church Office
020 8647 3410

Christ in me, the hope of glory

Our Ashburnham weekend away will be a fantastic time of
worship, teaching and ministry as the whole Springfield
community comes together.
There will be plenty of opportunities for relaxing together and
building deeper relationships as we enjoy the beautiful grounds
and facilities available.
With just a month to go, preparations are well under way, so do
book today in the foyer to ensure your place.


Today @ 10.00 am
Prayers before the service
Today @ 10.30 am
Holy Communion
10th October @ 11.00 am
Caf Connect
10th October @ 7.30 pm
Craft @ Cricket4Change
11th October @ 10.30 am
Caring Cupcakes @ Ashby
13th October @ 9.45 am
Tiptoes @ Crusader Hall
13th October @ 7.45 pm
CAP money course
14th October
Mens MCG Games Night
20th October @ 7.45 pm
CAP money course
21st October @ 7.00 pm
MiXXtra @ the Youth Zone
23rd October @ 6.30 pm
Breathe @ St Pauls
4th November @ 7.00 pm
the MiX @ the Phoenix
MiX connect

Pray for our church family

Please pray for

The Cooper family as they

struggle with Alison's
cancer. Pray for God's love
to surround them and
strengthen them

CAP money:course

Rosie Edsers group not only

visit every Wednesday, but
also collect and donate
necessities including clothes,
household and baby goods to
those who have nothing.
David Budd will transport
these to the daycentre for you:
Womens clothes size 8,10,12
Mens trousers 28,30,32 waist
Baby bits, inc. buggies/prams
Saucepans with lids
Please talk to Rosie or David
for full details of
how you can help

Ashburnham Aid


If you are a first aider and are

going to Ashburnham, please
volunteer to cover part of the
weekend. Talk to Sarah Miller
if you can help.

Our next breathe service will

be on 23rd October at 6.30pm
(not the 16th as previously
breathe is an opportunity to
experience a Spirit-filled time
of worship, teaching,
testimony and ministry when
we can take our time to hear
from God and share and
practise using the gifts of the
Spirit. Everyone is welcome to
come and join in with what
God is up to.
Put the new date in your diary

For prayer chain requests,
please contact :

Jean Silvester 8647 5100

She will pass on any pastoral

matters as appropriate

Refugee Help

Continues on Thursday 13th

October, Jean Grima and her
team are running a
Christians Against Poverty
money: course
Its a free course to help you
manage your money better
and learn to budget,
save and spend well.
Its at the Phoenix Centre
on 6th, 13th & 20th Oct from
7.45 pm.
Please talk to Jean
for more details, and to book
your place on the next one.
There are also cards for you to
use to invite your friends .

To help you catch up with

sermons you may have
missed, or want to revisit, they
are on the church website- the
front page has a link to the
most recent while older ones
can be reached from the
media dropdown: podcasts.