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Colin Bird


Colin Bird is Associate Professor of Politics and Director of the Program

in Political Philosophy, Policy and Law at the University of Virginia. His
research interests include: the nature of individualism; questioning the
identity and character of a liberal tradition of political thought; the
coherence of contemporary libertarianism; concepts of freedom; the
nature of toleration and respect; the political relevance of ideals of selfrespect; democratic theory and the notion of self-government; notions of
state neutrality and public justification; the concept of dignity; ideals of
fraternity; the role of ordinary language in political analysis; and the
explication of the distinction between a political left and a political right.
His work has appeared in such journals as Ethics, Political Theory, The
American Political Science Review, Philosophy and Public Affairs,
and The European Journal of Philosophy. He is the author of two books,
both published by Cambridge University Press: The Myth of Liberal
Individualism (1999) and An Introduction to Political Philosophy(2006).
He is currently completing a further book tentatively entitled:After
Respect: a Critique of Dignitarian Humanism.
In 2001-2 Bird was a Laurance S. Rockefeller visiting fellow at the
University Center for Human Values at Princeton University, and in
2008-9 an NEH Fellow at the National Humanities Center