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Abstract /Poster Guideline


All medical students are allowed to submit the abstract
The Registration Fee is Rp.200,000 which is to be paid by bank transfer to BRI
account no. 0320 01 009607 50 4 A/n Akhil Deepak Vatvani. Kindly email the
payment receipt along with your abstract.
1. Important Guidelines

There are two types of presentation: poster and oral presentation. Please
select one of them. Please indicate your choice in the top corner of your
abstract: Oral Presentation or Poster

However, committee will decide on the final presentation type (oral

presentation or poster)

The abstracts should be within 300 words (maximum half A-4 size page) and
the entire submission must fit on a single page.

Figures, images and tables must be uploaded separately. Supported file

format is JPG or JPEG. The maximum numbers figures, images and tables
submitted are 2 for each abstract. Figures, images and tables will be embed
below the abstract text when published.

Abstracts should be prepared in Microsoft Word Arial, 12 point with single line
spacing, typeface, with the title in boldface.

It is the authors responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in

spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.

The abstract should have a short, specific title (containing no abbreviations)

that indicates the nature of the investigation. Title should be in boldface font.
The title should not exceed 20 words in UPPER CASE only.
2. How to name and send the abstract

Abstract file name format for Oral Presentation: Presenter name-abstract


Abstract file name format for poster: Presenter name-abstract name poster

Send via email with attached Microsoft word file to

medical.secretuph@gmail.com , before the deadline in order to be sent for
review and approval prior to its inclusion in the scientific program.

Last date for submission of abstract is 5th September 2016

Notification of acceptance of abstracts submitted will be sent by e-mail.

3. Abstract Guidelines (300 words)
Abstract Title: Abstract titles should be concise and should not contain
abbrevations. Please use correct Title Case and make sure to bold the
entire title. Example:
This is a Properly Formatted Title
Abstract Author: The submitting author is automatically designed as the primary/
presenting author. List of author(s), institute(s), city, and country should be

written immediately below the title. Institute(s), city, and country should be
written in Italic and Authors name should be listed by initials followed by
surname only. Example :
K. Waren1, A. Kurniawan2
1Faculty of Medicine, Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta, Indonesia;
2Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village, Tangerang, Indonesia
Abstract must be submitted in English
Background/Rationale: Indicate the purpose and objective of the research, the
hypothesis that was tested or a description of the problem being analyzed
or evaluated.
Methods: Describe the setting/location for the study, study design, study
population, data collection and methods of analysis used.
Results: Present as clearly and detailed as possible the findings/outcome of the
study, with specific results in summarized form. Inclusion of gender
breakdown of data is strongly encouraged.
Findings or Conclusion: briefly discuss the data and main outcome of the study.
Do not begin sentences with numerals. Standard abbreviations may be
used without definition.
For literature review, kindly include the references in Vancouver format.

4. Instructions for the preparation of oral presentations

When combining video films with PowerPoint for oral presentation, please note the
following points:

Please note that the conference computers in the session halls are being
supplied with Windows 7 and Office 2013.

Insert pictures as JPG files (and not TIF, PNG or PICT - these images will not
be visible on a PowerPoint based PC).

Use a common movie format, such as MP4 and AVI.

Presenter cannot use his or her own laptop Please submit the presentation
file at Slide Counter at the latest 3 hours before presentation time

Equipment Supplied: LCD Projector hooked up to a desktop or laptop.

Please note that the conference desktops or laptops are being supplied with
Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2013.

Bring your presentation on USB jump/flash drive or CD.

5. Instructions for POSTER

The posters should be self-contained and self-explanatory. They should be

kept simple and clear, with a mixture of text and graphics, arranged in
columns rather than in rows.

All posters need to be in upright format and sized A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm; or
33.1 inches x 46.8 inches). Please make sure that your poster does not
exceed this size.

Poster titles and headings should be short, effective and easy to read.

The poster should contain a brief introduction and conclusion, highlight the
research questions and key results.

Text / tables/figures should be visible from at least 1 meter.

At the conference, the posters will be mounted on provided poster boards. All
necessary mounting materials will be provided. You will receive your exact
poster location and display dates when you check in at the conference
registration desk.
Please place your poster on the dedicated board one day before your
schedule at 17.00