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Please tell us about a substantial commitment you've made in the last 4 years (but from no earlier

than undergraduate level). This commitment should be one which at times presented you with
challenges and it should be a commitment lasting for no less that one month total. Please ensure
you explain: - The commitment you made and why you feel it is substantial (this may include the
amount of time it took, your specific role, input/actions required etc.) - The challenges you faced How you felt about these challenges and what you did as a result (please be specific about related
actions taken, if any) - The ultimate outcome and how you felt about this

The biggest commitment that I have made in recent past is joining my full time job
at Godrej India. I joined Godrej after my graduation in 2011 and worked there till
August 2014. This was a substantial commitment for me as it was the beginning of
my career and it required me to devote my whole time and energy to the company.
Also after completing 4 years of Engineering, it was very exciting to join a big
company and experience the corporate life.
I faced several challenges during my professional journey starting from the first day

As part of the induction program, I was required to attend 8 hours of lectures,

several role plays and plant visits every day. It helped me develop my concentration
and sustain attention over longer periods of time.
After one month of induction, I was deployed in shop floor. There I was assigned the
role of shop supervisor and had to manage a team of workers and achieve the
required production level. It was a challenging task for me as I did not have any
prior experience of handling labors. The major challenges were communicating with
them, motivating them, getting a productive output and ensuring equitable
distribution of the work load among them.
I had the feeling of authority as well as a sense of responsibilities towards them. As
a supervisor, it was my responsibility to ensure their safety and well-being while
getting the work done. I have developed patience, people management and
leadership skills during this job.

a) At Teach For India our Fellows and Alumni come from diverse backgrounds but they all share
a common vision that one day all children will attain an excellent education. Please share with
us: - What an 'excellent education' looks like to you - Why you want to dedicate your time to
achieving this vision - How you see yourself contributing to our vision as an Alumni of Teach For
India b) A national report* revealed that 53% of class 5 children cannot read a class 2 level text,
and that 75% of class 5 children are unable to do simple division. Please explain why you think
such a large percentage of children are not performing at grade level and how you would
approach these challenges whilst on the Fellowship to ensure this gap is closed for the children
that you will teach. *2012 ASER Report

A good education begins with the question humans have been asking since the
beginning of timewhy? Understanding the reason we learn is key to a successful
journey through the school system. Rather then absorbing information and
regurgitating it onto a piece of paper only to forget it moments after its handed in,
having the student understand why that piece of information is useful and how it fits
into their lives is key.
The social aspect of learning is also one of the most important elements of an
education. Many of the most important lessons we learn in life happen right under
our noses, without us ever knowing a change had occurred. The ability to socialize
with a group of peers of the same age group greatly influences that persons social
behavior (positive/negative) for years to come.
An understanding of the world outside the classroom is, in my opinion, one of the
most overlooked elements in most school systems. I believe learning outside of the
classroom should become a staple in the day to day lives of students.

I highly appreciate the cause of Teach for India since this organisation is trying to
eliminate the root cause of all other bigger problems. Giving right education to our
children is the most important measure we can take today to shape the future of
our country. Whether it is corruption or over population, all the problems can be
eradicated by imparting good education and creating a genuine learning

environment. I feel that Indian education system itself needs to be revamped. The
quality of education in our colleges is degrading. There are no good teachers
because nobody wants to become one. Teachers are viewed as people who could
not do anything else in their life! But this is certainly not true.

I want to join Teach for India because I hope to join a team of people who love
children for the sheer innocence and sparks they bring in to their surroundings. As
an alumni, I would like to take forward this idea and would motivate others to join
this mission and help in making an educated and developed world.

I think the reason for lack of performance of children is lack of motivation for
learning. One needs to develop innovative and creative methodologies so that
learning can be made a fun activity and students can develop a liking for learning
new things and studying.