Send to SYNC: Letting users beam mapped destinations directly to the car

Drivers who enjoy the convenience of the Ford SYNC® Traffic, Directions & Information app soon will be able to select a destination on Google Maps or MapQuest and send it to their Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle. The Send to SYNC feature is a new capability added to the Ford cloud-based Service Delivery Network (SDN), which is accessible through a customer’s mobile phone.

Ford Service Delivery Network Internet Mapping
Users visit the mapping site and plot directions to a specific destination. Instead of printing the results, they will select the "Send" menu and choose to send the route to their vehicle, which begins the process of sending the mapped destination to their Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle via the Ford Service Delivery Network.

Once in the vehicle, the driver connects to SYNC TDI through the voice command “Services.” Upon command, the SDN sends the designated route to the car and SYNC begins to provide audible and visual turn-by-turn directions.


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