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Geometry and Astrology-Bhavath Bhavam(house to house)

Since the time I am doing astrology, I have not seen or met even a single
astrologer who has handled this concept correctly. Though before moving
ahead let me tell you that specifically No text mentions this concept, but
as the time has evolved, this concept founded its relevant place in the Phalit
Jyotish or Applied Astrology.
The very first question which comes to our mind is:
What is use of this concept?
Answer is, it is used to identify the connection between various bhavas in a
very simple language, and many a times if someone asks an astrologer to
predict something about his career, then generally astrologer would limit him
to 10th house. If someone asks about his fortune then astrologer would
confine himself to 9th house.
Yes a modern astrologer may immediately jump into varga charts like D-10 or
D-9 etc and may assume presume that he is going in great detail, but the
fact of the matter is, he is actually making a fool of himself and the client.
I have seen one astrologer (dont want to take any name), who was asked to
predict something related to education and that fellow, immediately opened
up D-24 chart, with out even bothering to take notice of 1st house, 4th
house, 5th House, 9th house, their lords, their karakas, their depositors, 5th
house from their karakas, D-9 chart etc.
Anyways, coming back to the point, that generally astrologers confine
themselves to the very house whose parameters finds the place in clients
Marriage- Oh we must look at 7th house
Money- Ohh 2nd house is the place to look at.
This is a wrong approach and Bhavath Bhavam concept, helps in eradication
of this faulty approach.
Now the question is HOW?
Correct Usage of this concept?

Suppose you want to see the general intelligence of the native then of
course first you will focus your attention on:
First step:
1st house, Moon and their depositors (and of course all these planets in D-9
chart), remember the analysis related to any question of the native will start
from these 3 things only. Rest all the concepts will come later.

Second Step:
After this you will move towards 5th house (house actually for intelligence)
(5th house, 5th lord, Jupiter the karaka of 5th, 5th house from Jupiter, 5th
house from 5th lord, depositor of 5th lord, depositor of Jupiter, then this 5th
lord, Jupiter and their depositors in D-9 chart etc)
Now after analyzing this much, in the third step, Bhavath Bhavam
would make his entry:
Third step:
5th house from 5th house (remember till now we have analyzed, 5th house
from 5th lord and 5th house from Jupiter)
This comes out to be 9th house, now just like you have analyzed 5th house,
in the similar fashion you would analyze 9th house.
Reason in simple, there is a two way connection between 5th and 9th
houses, 5th house is 9th from 9th and 9th house is 5th from 5th. Hence
ALWAYS these 2 has to be analyzed simultaneously. This goes without any
doubts.(Some additions are also there which I will mention in the end of this
In other words malefic influences of 5th house can be countered by benefic
influences of 9th house and vice versa. If both have benefic influences, these
2 houses will undoubtedly complement each other.
Fourth and Fifth step:
Yes there are also 4th and 5th steps, but to explain them you all need to
know few more concepts.

So let me first make you aware about those concepts, which also forms the
part of my research. So just keep on reading, soon I will reveal them.
BUT first let me also describe you all that how this principle SHOULD NOT be
used, so that each one of you knows, what not to do, then I will march ahead
with its correct usage and those 4th and 5th steps.
Incorrect usage of this principle?
I have seen people making this kind of logic:
Your 7th lord is placed in 2nd house, O my god; nothing can save your
married life, why because your 7th lord is placed in 8th house from its own
Your 4th lord is placed in 11th house, o gosh, your mother cannot
survive, why, yaar its placed in 8th house from its own 4th house.
9th lord placed in 2nd house, o shit, your fortune is in trouble, why, 9th
lord is placed in 6th house from its own house.
I really feel like slapping such people who apply concepts like these and sell
them In the name of BHAVATH BHAVAM. This is not Bhavath Bhavam; this is
called as a fixation of astrology.
Ridiculous, these people are making a mockery of astrology and fooling
So just beware, this is the completely incorrect usage of Bhavath Bhavam.
I know some of you who use these concepts only, must be wondering that
why Nikhil is planning to slap us.
Dont worry; I am just against wrong concepts. To counter the bad points in
their own horoscopes, astrologers have invented this new technique, they
though if our 9th lord is placed in 6th house, why consider it as bad, why not
say, it is placed in the 10th house from itself, so its very good. I would
request all the so called astrologers to please stop fooling yourself and
others. You people are altering the basic principles of Rishi Parashar that
when 9th lord is placed in 6th (trik house) then its not a desirable factor.
Ok, coming back, so before exposing you all to those 4th and 5th steps and
my research, let me satisfy the minds of those people who have started
asking that if 7th lord is placed in 2nd, and if its not bad or if its Not
Bhavath Bhavam, then what does it actually mean or signify.

So here comes the concept of LIFE CYCLE OF ASTROLOGY, after this concept
we will move to the climax of this article and Bhavath Bhavam.
Ok so what is Life cycle of astrology?
See apart from predictions, Astrology teaches us a lot more. All the concepts
of life can be learnt through astrology.
How, For instance 4th house is 12th from 5th house, it does not mean that
when 5th lord is placed in 4th house, it would be bad, NO, instead the LIFE
CYCLE of ASTROLOGY teaches us that since 4th house is 12th from 5th
house, therefore If you want to gain knowledge, refine your intelligence
(parameters of 5th house) then you need to renounce the homely comforts
of 4th house.
Take one more example: if 7th house is 8th to 12th house, then it means that
if you want to go ahead with your spiritualistic pursuits and have moksha
then the parameters of 7th house are detrimental to that path (things like
physical part of marriage life, sex, outer world (7th house is also called our
face in front of the world) etc), i.e. Our Image, or your Image, i.e. I , unless
you leave this I which is coming to through worldly affairs, you cannot
merge with god, to merge with him, you need to surrender your I as till
then, you cannot advance on spiritual journey. The more you will strive for
sexual pleasures, worldly affairs, the more difficult it will get for you to leave
or renounce everything in 12th house (house of loss).

Take another example, 10th house is 6th from 5th house, what does this
means, i.e. what does life cycle of astrology teaches us from this, it means
that your own action or karma of 10th house, Is like an obstruction (enemy,
diseases) to your intelligence or education of 5th house. This is a bit tricky to
understand, see, though your intelligence is leading to your karma or action
(as 10th house is an Upachaya of 5th house) but your action does not
promote your intelligence. How, understand like this:
10th house is your occupation, it engages your mind, and i.e. your
mind gets occupied; now how can an occupied mind remain free to think
freely. Free thinking can only promote your intelligence.
If I ask you to work, go to your office, and also study simultaneously,
though many people do it, but point is, its hard to balance both studies and
professional office work. Point is same, if you are engaging your mind in your

official work, then how can an engaged mind involve itself completely in
You must be now getting what I was saying, 10th house is the application of
your previously acquired intelligence, but it does not promote intelligence or
This is because by default 10th house is 6th to 5th house, but remember it
does not mean that when 5th lord is placed in 10th , then it would be
bad(this would be incorrect usage of Bhavath Bhavam), NO, in that case you
would say that a trine lord is placed in most powerful Kendra hence very
Last and final example, since time is really pulling me:
10th house is 2nd to 9th house, now what does this mean, and what does
astrology teaches us from here. It says that the actual money or dhana or
sustenance of your dharma, religion or fortune is your karma, i.e. from karma
or action only you can give strength to your fortune or dharma.
Now let me come to my research and those 4th and 5th steps which I have
left till now:
This is the most secret and unheard usage of Bhavath Bhavam, as I would
attempt to connect geometry with astrology.
I would like you all, just again go through those 3 steps, where I was trying to
judge the general intelligence of the native.
I started from 1st house, moon, then shifted my focus on 5th and then to 9th
as 9th house is 5th from 5th house.
Now moving ahead
See 5th house is not only 9th from 9th house but its also 3rd from 3rd house.
As a result 5th house is actually the destination of both 9th and 3rd houses.
YOU MAY DRAW a right angled triangle between 3rd, 5th and 9th houses,
whose vertex lies in 5th house.
The significance of this triangle is whenever you will see anything w.r.t 5th
house, 3rd and 9th house should automatically be given due consideration.

Reason being there is a direct link between 3rd & 5th (5th is 3rd from 3rd)
and 9th & 5th (5th is 9th from 9th) hence an indirect link between 3rd and
9th houses.
In the similar fashion we could have 4 other triangles.
9th, 11th and 5th (9th being the vertex, 9th house is 11th from 11th
and 5th from 5th)-Right angled triangle.
4th, 7th and 10th (7th being the vertex, 7th house is 4th from 4th and
10th from 10th) - Right angled triangle.
2nd , 3rd and 8th (3rd being the vertex, 3rd is 2nd from 2nd and 8th
from 8th)
12th,11th and 6th (11th being the vertex, 12th from 12th and 6th from
And last I have already explained you, 5th, 9th and 3rd (Vertex being
5th, 5th is 3rd from 3rd and 9th from 9th)- Right angled triangle
Now, few things you must notice:
1st house is left out, it is only connected with 7th house (7th from 7th
house), thats why you must have heard that kundalani awakening is only
possible through 7th house. Apart from this 1st house has no link with any
other bhava, though can influence any other bhava. In other words planets in
lagan or 1st house helps native to directly command over other houses
without getting involved in their respective matters. This has a much greater
significance, which I will explain to you later.
All the vertex houses of 5 triangles described above, i.e. 3rd, 5th, 7th,
9th and 11th house are odd signs and houses. (you may recall a Raja yoga
which says if all the planets occupy the odd signs then its leads to a great
emperor, hope you are getting the reason behind these kind of raja Yogas, as
it indirectly says that all houses should get activated, if all the vertex houses
has the planets all the houses of chart will simultaneously get activated
because of triangle rule, obviously strength of the planets etc has to be
No vertex houses lies in any Arth trikonas (2, 6, and 10) or moksha
trikonas (4th, 8th and 12). It only covers 2 dharma trikonas (5th and 9th) and
all three Kama trikonas (3rd, 7th and 11th). Why? This again is a long
chapter; have to write another article on it.
Till then take care.