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Progress Report

A. H. M. Faisal
Trainee Engineer,
The primary purpose of the induction program was to let the trainee engineers have
an introductory idea about the production of razor blades and an overall view of the
day-to-day running of the company. While following the detailed instruction given by
our instructor, building up rapport with the colleagues in different section of the
organization was focused on.
The scope of the induction program consists of learning the techniques
followed here for
production of razor blades, quality assessment processes, maintenance
works, purchase, logistics, IT and HR.
Also the program allowed us to get acquainted with the Managers and
operators from
different sections which is a big step forward for us.
Departments Covered
It is the largest and most important department of the industry as they are
responsible for
the production of the razor blades according to quality requirements and also meet
the market
demand. Production is divided into 2 separate parts:
1. Double Edge Razor Blades
2. Disposable Razors
Double Edge Razor Blades
Double Edge Razor blade manufacturing & packaging involves 17 step by step
procedures like: Punching, Heat Treatment, Coil Joint, Printing, Grinding, Stropping,
Coating, Sputtering, Oiling, Wrapping, Tucking, Overwrapping etc.

Disposable Razors
Adoro, Sharp Eagle, Sharp II etc. brands of disposable razors are produced in this
part of the Industry. The plastic section is nearby the main factory facility. Blades for
the disposables are produced in the main factory but the rest of the processes
involved for Razor assembly are done at GMG or the plastic section. Injection
molding is employed for the manufacturing of the razor handles and top caps. There
is a PLC controlled Korean Machine for assembling the Adoro razors. Other brands
are assembled manually here. For packaging purpose there are blister forming,
blister cutter and auto blister sealing machines are used for packaging purpose.

Both productions: Double Edge & Disposables have systematic activities such
as Production Planning, Quality Assurance, Autonomous Maintenance, Input &
Output analysis.
Key output criteria include production targets, quality & wastage.
The GM of production along with his AGMs makes critical decisions about the
daily, weekly and monthly goals and instructs the operators and workers
accordingly. They also have to make critical decisions about raw material
inventory, small maintenance work of the machines, preventive maintenance

Quality Assurance
QA department perform 4 major tasks:
1. Process Quality Checking
2. Finished Product Quality Checking
3. Vendor Quality Checking
4. Audits

Some processes are done via online methods and others are done in QC labs.
The inspection process checks up on several quality variables like centrality,
Burr, Trigger marks, Pitch, Dent, Hardness, Retained Austenite, Center Slot,
Bend etc. After that, the process or products are given certain attributes e.g.,
Yes or No.
There is a Non-conformance SOP in case of any deviations from Standards.
QA department also deals with customer complaints and prescribe necessary
actions to rectify.
There are standards for the quality parameters and they are displayed on the
walls of QA department also SOPs are being prepared by department

Two subdivisions in the maintenance department currently exist:


There is also a Utility & Building Maintenance section under the GM (maintenance).
Autonomous Maintenance is mainly performed by the production people. Scheduled
maintenance, Breakdowns, Spare Parts manufacturing & control are the primary
functions of the Maintenance department.
Store is responsible for the proper flow of goods and machine parts in the industry.
They perform the following tasks:

Follow an ordering process which consists of requisition & issue forms from
other departments
After the requisition is entered into the store database they instruct Purchase
department to acquire the goods.
Then the purchased goods are stored in the inventory. Concerned
departments are notified about the arrival of the goods and an issue form is
required to actually get the goods.
First In First Out (FIFO) method is followed by this department
ACPAC software is used for keeping track of the materials stored in the
Lead time for requisitions depends on the urgency of the material required. A
color coded system is introduced to interpret how early the material is
needed for maintaining smooth production.

HR and Admin
Purpose of HR is to make the efficient use of employees for their betterment. Here
are some tasks that the HR & Admin department performs:
Conducting job analysis
Making the employees work experience better
Assessing personal needs of the workers
Setting objectives & organizational goals
Arranging family functions
Grievance Handling
Medical Support
Recruiting right people for right jobs (There is an SOP for this)
Orientation & Training
Preparing Performance Appraisal and organize training programs if required
Managing wages & salaries
provident funds & incentives

Evaluating performance through Performance Appraisal

Safety & Housekeeping
Keeping employee history

Purchase section of the industry has two branches:
Local purchase personnel have an emergency amount of 90000 tk for
immediately buying any emergency goods.
They go to local markets for regular and irregular items.
Store estimates the price then Head Office approves the fund and when the
fund reaches the purchase department they go to the markets and finds the
best quality product at a competitive cost. For that purpose they have to
conduct market analysis.
Import is done mainly through LCs (Letter of Credit) and the transactions are
done by banks. There are some risks involved for Import as the raw materials
or machinery may be susceptible to damage while being delivered. Insurance
companies provide security for that purpose.

is an IT department here whichprovides computers in different sections, internet connections

regulates employee arrival & departure timings via face verification
set up emails for employees
prepare weekly meeting report
They have servers & backups
Data collection

3 Improvement Ideas
Production process can be made more efficient by properly organizing the
processes and introducing more advanced technologies that are being used
by the leaders in this industry worldwide.
There are some problems with the molds in the Plastic section and they need
to be addressed.
Better communication between Store, Purchase and Head office about the
buying and delivery of goods.

How Do I Want to Contribute

I want to use my theoretical knowledge of machinery and employ that knowledge in
this industry with hands-on experience of working with machines and give inputs on
how the overall process can be more efficient. I want to contribute in any section of
the industry but I feel the Plastic Section has some room for improvement and I
want to take on this challenge of improving this section.
Support Required

Introduction to the day to day operations of the section Im assigned to.

SOPs and user manuals for deeper understanding of the processes
Proper guidance on handling pressure situations and man management.