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June 2010
Life at the Do Hop Inn Honey loves Mr B Dangerous mulch for buns Fox alert Choosing the right litter tray

What’s News?
Masterchef puts rabbit back on the menu
24 May 2010 - (Aus) GOURMET cooking programs such as MasterChef are putting rabbit back on the Australian dinner plate. The popularity of rabbit recipes is now so high that bunny farmers say supply is failing to meet demand. On the state's largest rabbit farm, at Kyogle in northern NSW – which produced almost 100,000 rabbits last year – the number of breeding does is set to rise from 5000 to 7000. "We've hit a point where we need to fit out two more sheds," said the general manager of Border Range Fresh Farmed Rabbit, Allan Clarke. Border Range breeds its animals through artificial insemination, slaughters the rabbits and sells them to restaurants and butcher shops in Sydney and Brisbane. The kittens, a cross New Zealand white and California white, are weaned at 35 days and slaughtered at 77 days. Nationally, farmers produce about nine tonnes of rabbit meat a week, Farmed Rabbit Industries of Australia says. "Production has more than doubled in the last 18 months to two years," its director Chris Bushell said. "With shows like MasterChef, they really kicked rabbit ahead."

Obsessed with Jessica Rabbit
30 April 2010 – HipHopRx (UK)

Meet Annette Edwards: a 57 year old grandmother, known for breeding giant bunnies, is obsessed with the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. She is so obsessed with Jessica Rabbit that she spent $16,000 on cosmetic surgery to mimic the cartoon character. Edwards also claims to have gone on the ‘ Jessica Rabbit’ diet by eating salads and cereals to get the shape of Jessica Rabbit’s body. She added, "I've always loved...the cartoon character. I just think she's a very sexy cartoon, or woman. With curves in the right places." And it's not just Jessica Rabbit she loves. It's all rabbits, and she breeds real ones in her spare time Her family thinks that she’s a little crazy, but that’s not stopping her from being Jessica Rabbit. See Annette Edwards’ interview about her new Jessica Rabbit makeover.

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Rabbits are NOT food! The rabbits used for food are NO different to pet rabbits. They are just the unlucky ones.

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Life at the Do Hop Inn
By Karen This month I found myself speaking to a number of people about their bunnies which always reminds me how much I didn’t know when Dingleberry first came to live with us back in late 2001. Our expectations for a rabbit were very low. Both Nimal & I didn’t know much about rabbits and all we knew was stereotypical information about lettuce, carrots & hutches. Thank goodness for the US House Rabbit Society’s website!!! (

Lulu, on the other hand, was quite unwell for a few days. We were very worried about her. She sometimes has trouble going to the toilet and strains. It’s very painful for her and she gets very tired. The pain of straining then makes her not want to eat, so stasis set in. She was on critical care, fluids and pain relief for a few days until finally she passed some faeces. She was so happy after that and we are hopeful that she’ll be okay for the next week as she is booked in for surgery to help her with her condition.

I imagine most people who get their first bunny make loads of mistakes… just like us! This month reminded me how poorly we started out with Dingy. She really is lucky she’s still with us! Fortunately for her, she was 8 weeks old when we took her home so she had been weaned from mum. Her younger siblings from the accidental second litter probably didn’t have as good a start as Dingy. Unfortunately, we didn’t really know what to feed her though. She suffered a terribly icky bottom from all those carrots we gave her, ate her way through several rugs and suffered many phantom pregnancies until we realized we should have her spayed. Many of our bunnies now have the benefit of all that we have learnt from Dingy. After she suffered a life threatening stasis episode in 2004, we started taking our bunny care far more seriously. We almost lost her and that was a wake up call to us that we needed to find out far more about rabbits. This month we also had a few buns that didn’t feel so well. Izzy (pictured below) wasn’t so well as she was moulting and went off her food for one day. Fortunately, she bounced back reasonably quickly.

The problem is a small lump that sits near her bladder. We’re not really sure what the lump is yet but surgery will help to either remove it or attempt to open it up. The lump seems to cause a blockage at times when Lulu needs to go to the toilet. Of course, we’re worried about Lulu and surgery but if we can fix the condition, it will help Lulu for the future.

Bunny care videos
Learn about rabbits on Rescue Roundtable

This video is around 26 minutes but it has really great advice & information on caring for rabbits

Rabbit rescue interview on Daytime

This video is about a rescue in California of 400 rabbits saved from a factory farm. Really interesting & some really good information on rabbit care.

Honey loves Mr B
By Karen Clarke I have to share a recent magical experience. My desexed female rabbit called Honey lost her female companion 3 months ago. Since then she has made our yard look like a war zone, constantly digging holes. I called the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic and questioned behaviour management - is she going through the terrible 2s? She’s not a good landscape gardener, has a healthy diet, toys and of course, like all our pets, is spoilt! The rabbit clinic suggested a bunny date at the Australian Animal Protection Society’s shelter to find Honey a new companion. So I called Leigh to organize a bunny date for Honey. We arrived with a donation of bunny vegies which the bunnies were all excited about. Honey was nervous because she isn’t used to being ín a pet carrier or the car. I wondered how could Leigh choose a date from all those fluffy bunnies? However, forget Honey, I was in love over and over again with them all!!!! We left Honey’s carrier with the other rabbits whilst Honey was speed dating. When I went back to get the carrier, it was full of inquisitive bunnies. Leigh generously gave me some time to sit and be sniffed by so many friendly rabbits. It was magic to be able to pat so many. A giant rex rabbit sat on my feet and I just patted and patted! It was interesting watching bunnies interact. Eventually, Honey chose Mr B as her new friend. We adopted Mr B and drove them both home for their new life together. At home they both have their own space but they love to cuddle up together. Mr B is a still a little nervous but loves having a pat and exploring his new home.


If you have a bunny that plays in your backyard, please be aware that many products (and plants) are poisonous to rabbits. The cocoa mulch shown above has been found to be deadly to animals. It contains a lethal ingredient called 'Theobromine' and if ingested, will cause death. The product smells like chocolate so it is very attractive to cats, dogs & rabbits. Although the mulch has NO warnings printed on the label, upon further investigation on the company's website, this product is HIGHLY toxic to animals.

Mr B & Honey share a moment
At the shelter Leigh explained various rabbit behaviours bonding, pairing etc which was very helpful. I admire this young woman so much. I have a feeling our bunny family is going to grow! Please be aware that foxes live in cities & suburbs all around Australia. Rabbits are prey animals and are in danger if left outside unsupervised or housed in flimsy enclosures. You may not ever see a fox, but they are out there just waiting for their opportunity to kill your bunny. A recent alert in Mount walking casually up the view of the residents. increasing in numbers. your bunny. Waverley (Melbourne) saw a fox street in the early evening in full Foxes in Australian suburbs are Be very cautious & careful with

Adopt your next bunny!
Australian Animal Protection Society 10 Homeleigh Road, Keysborough (03) 9798 8415

Choosing the right litter tray for your bunny
by Karen Over the years, it has come to my attention that when choosing a litter tray for a bunny, I think - the BIGGER, the BETTER! I have various sized litter trays for our buns. When Dingleberry first arrived, we provided her with the tiniest little tray. It was ridiculous!! She outgrew it in a few weeks. We would buy another and then another until finally we found one that was suitable for her. Fortunately, there are lots of litter tray options to find the best for your bunny. This sized tray is a little small for Princess but good for smaller bunnies

Pumpkin loves his new underbed storage tray as he has so much more room now
(this isn’t the best tray as the wheels are big & interfere with the interior of the tray)

Next option is a tray used to mix gardening material (below). We found these at Bunnings when they were selling them off cheaply so it was a great find at the time (not sure if they still sell them?). Princess loves this tray as she has loads of room

Next option are storage containers. These are higher to jump into but the sides are high so it’s great for buns who like to hide in their trays, can jump in/out easily and for buns who tend to wee off the sides of their tray. Cat litter trays (pictured above) from $2 shops are fabulous. They are the smaller option but they are cheap and usually suit a smaller bun, like a netherland dwarf. Next up are the bigger options. The tray below is from Bunnings and cost around $20. However, it’s very sturdy and doesn’t chip, split or break like some of the cheaper trays. This is Tessie in the storage container. She’s a little bun so could have a smaller tray but this one is good as she likes to hide Next option are kid’s clam shells. One clam shell side makes a great play tray. I use one of these for our two angoras who love to jump in their tray, dig and play. The clam shells cost around $20 for two sides so that’s pretty good value but the buns have to be able to jump pretty high to get in & out.

Lulu fits nicely into this tray The next option is the underbed storage container. A bunny friend put me onto this one and I’ve been recently buying them up from $2 stores. They range in price from $10-$15, depending on the shop. The best ones have the tiny wheels that fit underneath and not interfere with the flatness of the inside of the tray.

Missy & Charlie love their tray

Clarence the Super-Spy Movie Adventure!
Part 1: The Duke of Clarence.
By James Robertson. Previously… Clarence the Super-Spy, the greatest superspy who ever lived found the Time Manipulator Orb in the depths of the Spy League junk yards and used it to create a Time Machine which was soon stolen by Clarence’s opposite, Ecneracl and threatened to make the Earth his new AntiSpy League. Clarence stopped him, but that Christmas Peanut accidently used the Time Machine to transport them to World War II. His Time Machine hasn’t played up since… till now. Clarence fumbled with the GUIDE, a mysterious purple book a soothsayer bestowed upon him when he was in Washington a few months earlier. The soothsayer had said that his end was coming and Clarence still didn’t know what he meant. But as Clarence was aimlessly fumbling with the GUIDE his Time Machine was short-circuiting. Within his cluttered desk the remote-sized device was letting out tiny electric shocks and jumping. Then suddenly an invisible line of time shot out of the device, up the stairs, through the corridor and struck Clarence, taking him through time. But the time line didn’t stop there; it struck Bunneary at the vegan cheese convention, Pumpkin, Poppy and Molly at the Do Hop Inn and Boris, Clarence’s American cousin from California. The Time Machine took these bunny spies back in time, by centuries. Poppy, Pumpkin and Bunneary hit the mound of hay first, then the three lighter bunnies; Clarence, Boris and Molly fell afterward. Pumpkin is Clarence’s old friend from spy school and a close acquaintance. He is a tubby, orange bunny with a kind, butter heart. Poppy is the first of the three giant, hot bunny girls of the Do Hop Inn. She is a giant, white bunny with a nice black nose and ears. Bunneary is a spotty black and white bunny whose ears drag on the floor endlessly. He is Clarence’s honorable assistant. Molly is just an ordinary, chocolate bunny from the Do Hop Inn. And Boris is an extremely handsome Silver Martin from California, a proud Admiral of the Californian Seaside Defence force.

The six bunnies bundled out of the hay mound and onto soft grass. Clarence had the Time Machine in his paw and looked at the Location Co-Ordinates Dial: 1325, Nottingham, England. ‘Clarence, why did you bring us all here?’ asked Molly. Clarence turned around. ‘I didn’t bring us all here,’ he said protectively. ‘It was the Time Machine.’ Pumpkin prodded the ground. ‘Then where are we?’ he asked. ‘We’re in Nottingham, 1325,’ Clarence said shortly. ‘Can you warp us back to 2010?’ Poppy asked. Clarence fiddled with the Time Machine and peered at the switches. ‘It appears,’ he said, ‘that the Time Machine doesn’t want to work.’ At that moment a herd of stainless-steel armored bunnies bundled across the clean grass oval and surrounded Clarence and his mates with long metal spears otherwise known as swords. ‘You six must comith with us and standith trial against the Duke!’ said the black armored one. Clarence held out his paws defensively. ‘What did we do wrong?’ he asked outrageously. The black armored knight pulled out a scroll of paper from his leather belt and read it out. ‘You havith beenith convicted of witch-craft and intruding on thou Duke’s property,’ he said proudly. Bunneary frowned. ‘But witch-craft doesn’t-‘ before Bunneary could finish his intruding sentence Boris elbowed him in the gut. ‘Comith.’ The herd of bunny knights made a barrier around the six spies and escorted them along the oval. The oval was actually a large front yard, boarded off to the other territories by huge, dark-green hedges. As they were escorted a huge, marble palace came up in the distance. This must be where this ‘Duke’ lives, Clarence thought. When they came up to the stairs to the front door the knights signaled for everyone to be silent and opened the front doors, marching everyone in. The floors were black and white tiles, like a chess board and many podiums were placed against the reflective marble walls with valuable and fancy prized-possessions placed upon them. At the end of this glamorous hall was a velvet stair to an even more velvet throne where a sleek black, tubby bunny sat. He wore a proud and humble crown with many jewels and a long velvet cape with little rubies hanging off the ends. The black knight shyly brought the spies forward to the Duke, ‘Duke, we havith broughtith those witches to thy.’

The black knight stepped back and the Duke began to talk. ‘Thy owner of this palace and thou willith be punished badly for intruding on thou property,’ he said, his voice low and husky. Clarence sniffed, eyed the Duke unnoticeably and spoke up. ‘What is your honorable title, your Dukeness?’ The Duke frowned. ‘My title beith… The Honorable Duke of Clarence!’ Boris, Poppy, Bunneary, Pumpkin and Molly turned to Clarence and gaped. But Clarence gaped much harder. ‘But…… but, you can’t punish us badly, um…’ Clarence stammered. ‘I’m related to you.’ The Duke lifted an eyebrow. ‘Me and my friends are from the future and I’m the future heir to your fortune,’ Clarence explained. The Duke frowned, then looked quite angry indeed. ‘Thou try to trickith thy!’ he cried. Clarence and the other bunnies shrunk back. ‘But he’s telling the truth,’ Boris insisted. ‘He is apart of the Clarence heritage!’ The Duke, still cross, thought for a second. ‘Thy daughter hasith a wayith of detecting lies,’ the Duke thought out loud. He then nodded approvingly. ‘Knights, takith these witches to thy daughter’s room,’ The knights surrounded the spies again and marched them across the hall and up a set of isolated stairs. It was a short walk until they reached a door, a red-paint splattered door with many beads stuck on the doorknob. The black knight knocked and a soft, sweet voice replied; ‘Comith in.’ The black knight opened the door and pushed Clarence and his mates in, shutting the door behind them. The room wasn’t incredibly big, but all the same it was also lined and coated with many velvet rugs and curtains. There was a basic wooden desk with cryptic papers littering its surface and a purple velvet bed of straw. Standing in front of another, much smaller desk was a young girl bunny that reminded Clarence and Boris of Clarence’s identical sister Fibre. The girl bunny turned around from the smaller desk. ‘Thou the Duke of Clarence’s daughter… Wendy!’ said the bunny abruptly. ‘I know why you are here, my father wishes to know if you are lying about being a future relative.’ Clarence nodded. ‘Thy are not lying,’ Wendy said suddenly. ‘Thou sorry about thou father, butith thy has beenith suspicious since the storms,’ They all frowned and eyed each other. ‘What storms?’ Poppy asked. Wendy frowned. ‘The metallic storms,’ she said basically. ‘Thou has beenith many lately and thou Black Baths havith beenith disturbed.’

Clarence’s mind ticked. ‘Wait,’ he said. ‘Back in my own time a soothsayer in Washington gave me this GUIDE and told me my end was coming and to not look into the Black Baths of Time.’ Wendy turned around, looked at the smaller desk and frowned. ‘Well that beith thou Black Baths of Time,’ she said. Clarence took out the GUIDE and flipped open a page. Everyone, including Wendy gathered around. On the desolate page was a little dot, but it soon came closer and to there amazement formed letters: “He is coming…” read the final formed words. Clarence stared out the window where many grey and purple clouds were gathering in the sky. Lightning flashed and disturbing thunder roared. The palace shook and everyone toppled over. Wendy looked stricken. ‘Not another storm,’ she muttered to herself. She went up to the windowsill and peered out. ‘Though thy one lookith different?’ ‘WENDY!!!’ shouted the Duke from the hall. Wendy raced out the door, beckoning the spies as she did. They scampered down the winding stairway and arrived in front of the Duke. And the Duke looked quite angry, glaring at the spies. ‘You have brought evil into thou domain!’ he thundered. ‘Knights! Putith them in thy dungeon.’ The knights cluttered towards the spies, swords held high. But Wendy stepped in their path. ‘No!’ she yelled. ‘Thou didn’t do this!’ She then turned to Clarence. ‘Do thou know who is doing this?’ she asked. Clarence put his paw to his chin thoughtfully. Truth was, he didn’t know who was doing this. He then took out the Time Machine and was shocked to see that the co-ordinates had changed! “He is coming!” Clarence looked at the GUIDE and the title had also changed. “He is coming!” Suddenly everything clicked in Clarence’s mind. He knew who it was, but before he could say it out loud the Duke sent the Knights on Wendy, Clarence and the spies. But there was another rattling crash and all the Knights fell over. Clarence, Boris, Wendy, Pumpkin, Bunneary, Poppy and Molly dashed around the fallen Knights and they ran out the open door and onto the wide, lush oval. The clouds were rumbling and stuttering. The Knights followed them out with their swords. The six spies and Wendy hid behind a huge hay bale as the Knights ran. But then another, much louder bang knocked the Knights onto their belly’s. The clouds shook and rumbled. Over the middle of the oval the rough clouds ripped apart and a long, flat grey-ish jet plane from the future slowly hovered out and onto the oval

To Be Continued…

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