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The Eco-Heroes

What have we done to save our earth?

I am not an expert environmental activist, I am not an official at the
presidential palace with a capacity to hold a press conference and journalists
scrambled to have a report, and I'm also not millionaires who can buy energyefficient objects which are quite expensive. I'm just a student, who have a lot of
limitations. However, because of it, does not mean I can not become
environmentalists. Aloud I said, that I could be the hero of the environment.
Lots of little things that could be done, our self is the easiest person to be
invited to do the positive things. Once we could invite ourselves, let's start bringing
people around us to do it together.
I started my activities at four oclock in the morning. After wake up and do
my mornings ibadah, I see the conditions outside. When the morning was already
getting light, and the sun was not shy to illuminate the earth, I immediately turn off
the lights and open the windows. Remember! There are many of our brothers who
have not been able to feel the pleasure of adequate electrical facilities.
By taking a bath in the morning, we could also be environmental heroes. Use
enough water, as thrifty as we can. Do not use too much soap, the most important
thing, the soap is enough and can clean our body. Remember! only one in five
inhabitants of the earth who can feel the fresh water. Do you still want to be selfish by
wasting the water?
When leaving for college, I use public transportation, this is to minimize the
air pollution that is quite alarming. Especially in Jatinangor, which is inhabited by a
considerable number of private-vehicle-users. Remember! Transportation
contributing about 14% of greenhouse gas emissions that supports the bad condition
of Global Warming.
While in college, minimize using excessive paper. If the tasks need to be
revised, use email to avoid wasting paper. If you must print, print them in both sides
of paper. Papers which are still worth, even recyclable. Remember! The less we use
paper, the fewer trees felled.
It's lunch time. Let's go to the cafeteria and buy your favorite food. Reject
Styrofoam, because these materials will not decompose for thousands of years. Often
we see, there are a lot of Styrofoam-floating-garbage in rivers or drains. Use plates
which provided by the seller, or bring own container that can be used many times.
Remember! Besides being environmentally unfriendly, using the Styrofoam is also

not good for health because it contains many chemicals that can react with heat and
Goods are already starting to run out and want to go shopping? Come on!
Reject plastic bag. Like styrofoam, plastic includes materials which are difficult to be
decomposed. Bring your own bag, use a bag that can be used several times. If you
still have to use plastic, save the plastic when it is not used, because one day you will
need it again. Remember! Flooding often caused by large amounts of rubbish, one of
them is plastic bag.
The sun was no longer dashing in the sky, replaced by a moon to accompany
the darkness of night. Eyes getting tired because of the activities during the day. Its
time to go to the island of dreams. Even only by sleeping, we can save the earth! Turn
off the lights when you sleep, so the less electricity we use in vain. Even if you can
not sleep if it is dark, use a sleeping-light, which less use of electricity.
See? Is it easy to be eco-heroes right? It all depends on how big our intention
to save the earth which we love. Because the earth is our responsibility. There are still
many children and grandchildren who want to enjoy the beauty of this earth. All of us
dont want, our children will feel the earth is terrible like in the movies right?
Therefore, Come on! Become environmental heroes. For a better earth, better