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Doctrine is a set of beliefs or ideas.

We study doctrine to get a different

perspective on Christianity or a deeper meaning to it. To get other people's
opinions or perspectives on Christianity. To look at the Bible with a critical eye
and to look deeper in what the bible is saying. We pay attention what people
said in the past is to look at it in a different perspective and based on what
they believe. we study doctrine to know what's going on in our faith to get
stronger with our relationship with God. Ask questions and to use our minds to
understand the bible and be good Christians.
The bible is infallible because of translating the text into a different
language. For example English into Navajo language. Their are some words
that can be translated wrong in the text. The bible is inspired by making some
people want to share and preach about the Good News in the bible. To make
someone believe that their is a Messiah and he is coming to save us all. We
need the Bible because we need to know that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and
to believe in him. To know that we will have a eternal life with God if we
believe in him.
The Bible was originally written in Hebrew and the first translation was into
Greek. The translation bible I use is English because I only know the English
language. The Dead Sea Scrolls they are like manuscripts and were

discovered in caves. They were in found in caves and were on the market.
They are important because they are biblical and date back to the biblical
times. The apocrypha was not included in the bible because some are not real
or they dont make a great point in the bible. Some of the stories dont really
match up with the dates. The books were chosen in the bible so to know how
Jesus is the Son of God and God is real. To accept Jesus is the Messiah.
To interpret the Bible literally to know that story actually happen in the bible.
To take the bible figuratively is one of Jesus parables to make people
understand what the bible teaches. The difference between both of them is
one literally happened and one is metaphorically. The bible is both sides of
literally and figuratively. This is important because we can understand the
bible. To know what the message of the bible is really saying. Literally and
figuratively are different and they both teach a lesson in both.
I know God from what I was taught when I was young. He created the
world, human beings, and will always be by your side. Some people know
him from the religion Christianity or the bible. We know the truth is based on
what we learned growing up. I have learned that Jesus is the Messiah and he
could save all who have sinned. I have been taught that my whole life that is
the truth and that everything in the bible is the truth.

Mya C. Begay
Grade 11th