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Nigam Mehta (IPMX09035)


14th October,

WAC Assignment
How IPMX has changed my thinking
As an IT professional, I was used to thinking in a sequential and logical manner: If
this, then that. This mindset is required for software implementations, technical
troubleshooting and managing the day to day work. From the first week of joining
IPMX, I realised that in Business, one has to think about creating value and having
the long-term strategy in mind. One should also not discount the human angle when
assessing a situation.
In IPMX, I have learnt about the various analytical frameworks such as the risk
assessment, strategic plans and cost benefit analysis that one may apply to any
problem faced by a company from any industry. Their application comes naturally as
one has to use them repeatedly across several cases of different courses that one
undertakes in this one year of IIM Lucknow MBA program.
The various business functions (such as marketing and sales, financial accounting,
risk management, Organization behaviour and human resources) have their set of
terms, which represent equally complex ideas or processes. During the last six
months, I have learnt the languages of these functions. For example, now when
someone talks about the NPV, I know it is the difference between the present value
of cash inflows and the present value of cash outflows and is applied in capital
budgeting to ascertain the profitability of a projected investment or project.
One of the highlights of the IPMX has been its international immersion program in
ESCP Berlin and Paris campus. As part of the immersion, we got acquainted with the
Internationalization Strategies of German and European Business Firms and
Entrepreneurship in European Context. We visited the manufacturing unit of BMW
Motorrad in Berlin and the manufacturing unit of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany.
We also visited the Indian Embassy in Berlin.
In Paris, we got an opportunity to interact with Mr Guy Sidos, CEO of VICAT ( 2
Billion French company manufacturing cement and having a presence in four
continents) and Mr Daniel Harari, CEO of Lectra (leading tech company specialising
in CAM and CAD systems for soft material industries). We also had a session with
the managers of the Louis Vuitton Supply Chain Management team.
I can feel that there has been an expansion in my knowledge base and skills and I
do feel very confident that the next company that I join, I will be able to organise
my work better and also make a significant impact. I am sure that I will be able to
justify the expectations of a change agent in the company that will recruit an IIM
Lucknow MBA.
Joining IPMX also gave me an opportunity to take a pause and reflect on some of the
essential elements of personal growth. After all, without the personal growth, I
cannot go too far in my career. It has made me contemplate on what I perceive

myself to be capable of and what path I am treading for my career, for my family
and understand what is most important to me. I am now more clear about the
trade-offs that I will have to make and if that means making some hard choices
about my career, then so be it.