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In solemn mystical ceremony Gary L.

Stewart was installed as Imperator

of the Rosicrucian Order, A M O RC, in the Supreme Temple on the
occasion of the Traditional New Year Feast, March 20,1987 (RC 3340).


by the Imperator

Laws of the Rosy Cross


N 1656 there appeared an English trans

lation o f a Latin work authored by the
Rosicrucian Michael Maier. This original
work was entitled Themis A urea and ap
peared, published in English, as the Lau^s of
the Fraternity o f the Rosie Crosse.
In this book , M ichael M aier wrote:
"W h en there are multitudes and great
diversity o f Laws, we may probably conjec
ture that there will happen many crimes
and enormities; for he that sleighteth the
streight path o f Nature and Reason, will
certainly be misled into many windings and
labyrinths before he comes to his journeys
end. In reference to the Rosicrucian laws,
Maier wrote: "F rom these inconveniences
our Laws are free, as well in quality as
number; they are voluntary, and such to
w hom all may easily a ssen t as m ost
From the above, it is not difficult for us
to perceive the insight that Maier had into
the laws and custom s o f the society o f his
day. A lso, we find in the above statements a
distinction made between the necessarily
complex structure o f a societys legal and
judicial system as com pared to the simple
nature o f the code o f ethics to which Rosicrucians adhere. W hat is this distinction?
W as Michael Maier stating that a given
societys laws were inadequate, or perhaps
unjust, due to the human addition or error
brought about by the deviation from a
"higher code? And was Maier inferring
that the Rosicrucians, because o f their
understanding o f this so-called "higher
code, were above a societys set o f laws due
to their inherent perception and wisdom?


It is quite evident that in centuries past

there existed organizations which wielded
enorm ous power o f both a political and
[4 ]

religious nature for the purpose o f shaping

and molding society so as to attain some
end. Unfortunately, some o f those organi
zations felt that the desired goals justified
the use o f any means to attain them. In
other words, the ends justified the means.
Such a doctrine results in suffering, contra
diction, and chaos. Subsequently, the very
laws that were designed to guide humanity
could also be used to its detriment.

Harmony and Consistency

Such can be the nature o f power if not
correctly understood and practiced with
knowledge and responsibility. R osicru
cians and allied organizations and move
ments have always understood this concept
throughout the centuries, and have always
sought harmony and consistency in all o f
our doctrines and activities. Evolving out
o f our understanding, there has developed
an attitude o f dedicated responsibility to
the highest m orals and integrity that was,
and still is, practiced as service to all socie
ties and to all o f humanity. Consequently,
the Laws o f the Rosy C ross have not been
laws by which Rosicrucians are placed
above the laws o f society, but are laws o f
moral integrity instilled within each R osi
crucian voluntarily o f his or her own
accord and because they are knoum to be for
the ultimate benefit o f all.
The distinction between the laws o f
society and those o f the Rosicrucian lies
within this moral integrity. It is because o f
our dedication to the responsibility inher
ent in our doctrine that we can never accept
the dictate that the ends justify the means
because we know that the ends are the
means. We realize that if all o f humanity is
to benefit from the work o f the Rosicru-

cians, there m ust be a consistency o f action

that conform s to a clear singleness o f pur
It is this very attitude that has illustrated
to the world throughout the centuries the
uncompromising service given by Rosicru
cians to humanity. No, we have never been,
nor have we ever placed ourselves, above
the laws o f any society. If we were ever to
do so, for whatever reasons, we would be
guilty o f crimes against humanity, thereby
contradicting our very purpose o f exist
ence. We recognize a system that coincides
with the mundane aspects o f human endeav
ors and silently work within a given struc
ture so that the structure may grow and

Integrity and Responsibility

The Laws o f the Rosy C ross, which
Michael Maier reintroduced from previous
times into the world o f the seventeenth
century and which A M O R C brings into the
twentieth century, are the integrity and
responsibility mentioned previously. The
second law stated in the Fama Fraternitatis
and repeated by Maier best describes the
attitude o f Rosicrucians o f the past, the
present, and the future. That law states:
"T h at none o f them, notwithstanding their
being o f the Fraternity, shall be enjoyned
one habit; but many suit themselves to the
custom e and mode o f those countries in
which they reside."
Simply stated, Rosicrucians will adapt,
conform, and abide by the laws and cus
tom s o f each and every country in which
the Order exists. Further, we will utilize and
work with the customs and traditions within
each country and respect them for what
they are without thought o f changing them
to suit some other purpose. W e R osicru
cians do not see ourselves as being separate
and distinct from the society in which we
live, nor do we perceive ourselves as being
elevated above any other person or group
o f people. W e are not "sp e cial. W e are
not elite or privileged individuals, nor are
we a secret society that has access to infor
mation hidden from all other persons. We
simply look at what is and work in harmony
with it for the purpose o f bringing about a
condition in the world that benefits all.

T odays world is, perhaps, unlike any

other era in recorded history. O ur m ajor
world powers are essentially guided in their
technologically advanced societies by an
economic-based ideology intermingled with
spatterings o f diverse form s o f philosophi
cal concepts. These concepts range from
the school o f rationalism made popular
during the seventeenth century, to the
nineteenth-century school o f empiricism.
Subsequently, these concepts lent them
selves to the form ation o f a variety o f eco
nomic philosophies which serve as a foun
dation for todays modern societies.
It appears to be the destiny o f some peo
ple to arrogantly assum e that the way in
which we live today is so much better, so
much more advanced, than it was in the
past. O r, "M y way is so much better; there
fore, you m ust conform to my thinking
or else. It is true that what we have today is
different from what was had in the past, as
it will be from what will be had in the
future. Does that mean that future genera
tions and societies will be better than our
own? W ill they be more evolved, thereby
making us inferior? Is the twentieth-century
A m erican, European, or A frican m ore
evolved than the seventeenth-century
American Indian, or the ancient Greek, or
the ancient Egyptian?
Why do certain religions send m issionar
ies to various locations for the purpose o f
converting people to their way o f thinking?
Is it because their particular belief or faith is
truly better than the other? M ust we have
"p ity upon, let us say, Australian aborigi
nal society and traditions because they do
not see as we do?



In solemn mystical ceremony Gary L. Stewart was installed as Imperator

of the Rosicrucian Order, A M O RC, in the Supreme Temple on the
occasion of the Traditional New Year Feast, March 20,1987 (RC 3340).

N BEH A LF o f all members o f the
Rosicrucian Order, A M O R C , we take
great pride in welcoming Gary L. Stewart to
this high office. Since m ost Rosicrucians
have already been apprised o f his election
to the office o f Imperator for the W orld
Jurisdiction o f the Ancient M ystical Order
R osae Crucis, we take this opportunity to
fill you in on som e o f the highlights o f his
life. The accompanying photos on these
pages and on page 3 (opposite the contents
Rosicrucian page) will help to familiarize you with Gary
L. Stewart, and you will be better able to
his presence in your meditation and
M ay
attunement periods. Frater Stewart will
become more familiar to you, also, as head


o f the Rosicrucian familythe Superior

Brother o f our fraternity.
Gary L. Stewart was born in Stockton,
California, February 26, 1953. His father
served in the United States Air Force, and
because o f his frequent transfers from post
to post, Frater Stewart was exposed to a
diversity o f cultures at an early age
particularly those o f Japan and Europe. An
innate attraction to philosophy and psychic
phenomena motivated him in youth to read
as much about these subjects as he could,
and when he was twelve, he accepted rein
carnation as a personal belief.
Frater Stewart relates that he enjoyed
taking long walks with his dogs, since this

gave him time for reflection and medita

tion. In high school, he became involved in
athletics and had less time for philosophy,
but he never lost interest in it; and his
friends, Frater Stewart says, had a habit o f
"accusing him o f being a philosopher.
Through the course o f his life, he has
enjoyed the outdoors, being an avid back
packer, hiking and scaling mountains in the
great wilderness areas o f the Sierra Nevada
and Cascade ranges, the latter o f which
boasts the majestic Mt. Shasta. Other inter
ests include training horses and dogs, play
ing the guitar, studying the martial arts.
Fortunately for A M O R C , he is a prolific
writer, and is well qualified to take on that
most demanding part o f his new duties.

Crossed the Portal

After he graduated from high school,
Frater Stewart spent five years living in dif
ferent countries and worked a variety o f
jobs prior to entering college. It was during

Frater Stewart on tour in Ghana, West Africa, where he

was guest dignitary representing the Grand Lodge at the
Ghanaian National Convention, AMORC.
this time that he was introduced to A M O R C
through a brief encounter with a Rosicrucian in Belgium. He eventually received The
Mastery of Life, filled out an application,
and was accepted into the Rosicrucian
O rder shortly after his tw enty-second
After returning to the United States, he
obtained his Bachelor o f A rts degree in Phi
losophy from California State University,
Fresno. His continuing interest in philos
ophy, especially the work o f Ren D es
cartes, led him to return to Europe where
he was accepted into a postgraduate pro
gram at the University o f Aberdeen, Scot
land, in the Department o f Logic and
M etaphysics, specializing in Cartesian phi
losophy. However, just prior to his formal
matriculation, a crucial shift in his philo
sophical ideology caused him to abandon
university studies in preference o f personal

Enjoying backpacking, mountain climbing, and

the outdoors in general, Frater Stewart is shown
here on the slopes of Mount Shasta.

Prior to working at Rosicrucian Park,

Frater Stewart served the Order as Secre
tary o f Amen-Ra Pronaos (now Heart o f
California Chapter) in Fresno. He also
worked as a Harmony Sem inar instructor
until M arch 1980, when he found full-time
employment with A M O R C s Adjustment
Department. After working nearly three

serves mem bers in the San Jose area; and

member o f the T raditional Martinist Order.
O n January 23, 1987, following the tran
sition o f Ralph M. Lewis, Frater Stewart
assum ed the powers and duties o f the office
o f Im peratorhaving been duly and legally
elected to this position by the Board o f
Directors o f the Suprem e Grand Lodge o f
the A .M .O .R .C . On January 29, 1987, the
Suprem e Council o f the Traditional Marti
nist Order o f the W orld transferred, and
granted authority to perpetuate, the title o f
Sovereign Grand M aster o f the Traditional
M artinist Order o f the W orld to Frater
Stewart. His formal installation to the
office o f Imperator occurred on the occa
sion o f the annual New Years festival,
March 20, 1987.

In March, 19 <85, Gary L. Steu/art traveled to

Egypt as an official representative of Grand
Lodge, accompanying a large group of Rosicrwcians. In this photo, taken on site at Tell el~
A mama, Frater Stewart had just finished con
ducting the Rosicrucian New Year Ritual for the
tour party.

years in Adjustm ent, he was asked to par

ticipate in the Courier Car Program and
spent about seven months representing the
Order in cities all across the United States.

The spirit o f travel rem ainsan important

part o f Frater Stewarts life as he continues
to serve A M O R C s worldwide member
ship. His travels already include Canada,
Europe, Africa, Tibet, China, India, and
Southeast Asia; and his future plans include
not only m ore personal contacts with
members in every part o f the world, but
giving members this opportunity as well,
through a schedule o f frequent tours to
faraway places.
With his leadership, and your support,
the Rosicrucian Order will complete its
mission to raise the consciousness o f men
and women everywhere!

Frater Stewarts adaptability, versatility,

and travel experience was particularly use
ful in this capacity, and continued to serve
him in good stead as he was given new
re sp o n sib ilities. U p o n co n clu din g his
C ourier Car tour, he was appointed Grand
Adm inistrator for India, and in September
1984 Frater Stewart was installed as Grand
M aster for the English-speaking Jurisdic
tion. In June 1986, he was appointed to the
Board o f Directors o f the Suprem e Grand
Lodge, succeeding Frater Raym ond Ber
nard, and was subsequently elected Vice


Other avenues o f service to A M O R C

have included: C o-founder with Frater
W illiam Hennen o f the International R osi
crucian Historical Council; Ritual Director
o f Suprem e Temple Initiations; Chairman
o f the Com m ittee for Area Activity, which

[ 10]

Frater Stewart and his wife Phyllis enjoying the

banquet at the 1986 United Kingdom Regional
Conclave. As AM ORC Grand Master, Frater
Stewart represented Grand Lodge at this event.

Transition of
Famed Rosicrucian
Albert Ferber, F.R.C
The warm and loving personality of Frater
Albert Ferber passed through transition on
Monday, January 12, 1987. His piano artis
try is known to millions of people around the world, through his concert work and his
appearances on radio, television, and recordings. Generous to a fault, he gave to his
Rosicrucian family, concert after concert, for many years, and records and tapes of
his work are still available through the Rosicrucian Supply Bureau.
M. Lester

Frater Ferber was bom in Lucerne, Switzerland, on March 2 9 ,1 9 1 1 . He studied

music in Bern, Hanover, London, and Paris with such eminent masters as Gieseking and Rachmaninoff. He appeared with all the major orchestras of the world and
performed in almost every country. During most of his illustrious career he resided
in England.
The Rosicrucian Order was most fortunate to have counted this illustrious master
among its membership. Frater Ferbers artistic vision and integrity will be long
remembered and cherished.

M edifocus


Medifocus is a special humanitarian monthly membership activity with

which each Rosicrucian is acquainted. On the first Sunday of each month, at
any hour you select, you will enter into a five-minute period of meditation,
focusing your thought upon a specific troubled area of the world. The part
of the world you select will depend on which troubled area is particularly
significant to you as an individual. This may change from month to month,
or it may remain important to you for a longer period of time.
The Rosicrucian Order is not a political organization. The basic purpose
of Medifocus is a humanitarian effort directed toward world peace.

M ay/June 1987

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