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He makes the argument that fade means to end but that

is just not true. The resolution we are debating explicitly

says that Christianity will fade in the next 1,000 years.
We are the only one offering an actual definition from a
credible source which is Merriam Webster which defines
fade as to lose strength or freshness or to become weak.
Jason and Is only obligation is to prove that Christianity
will lose strength or become weaker in the next 1,000
years. Dont let brother Ken just try to change the
resolution in the middle of the round.
Okay the argument he makes about our science
argument is that Christianity has been the largest religion
despite technological advancement. We have 4 answers
to that.
1. He has conceded the fact that Islam is the fastest
growing which means that even with technological
advancement Christianity isnt growing as fast as
2. One reason Christianity has more people than Islam
is because it is approxiamately 500 years older so of
course it has more people
3. Another reason Christianity has more people is
because of the crusades where Christians literally
went to the middle east and murder tens of thousand
of people and muslims there.
4. The reason Christianity has more adherents is
because of things like colonization. Lets not forget
the Spanish inquisition and the fact that Europeans
powers went to places like the new world and north
America and forced millions of people to convert to
Christianity. Lets also not forget slavery and the

colonization of Africa which was a predominantly

muslim population but Europeans not only forced
them to convert to Christianity but also took most of
them as slaves and made them convert.
a. Subpoint to that is that Charles Darwins theory
of evolution and the big bang theory wasnt that
big during the colonization era so people were
forced to believe Christianity
Okay so now we will address the 4 points he made that
religion need to prosper
The first argument is that it must retain cultural
continuity. The only reason Christianity has had cultural
continutity is because of colonialism. European white
supremacists where able to spread English and the
Christian language when they took over Africa and
Indegenous populations in North America.
The second argument is that the Doctrines have to be
empirical and there is actual proof that Jesus walked on
earth however we have 4 answers to this
1. There is proof that jesus Christ walked the earth but
that doesnt mean there is proof that he was divine
of performed the miracles. Christianity isnt just
about Jesuss existence but about the faith that he
was the son of God.
2. Muslims even believe that Jesus existed so that not a
reason to belive in Christianity

3. There is proof that Muhamed was on earth so even if

he wins this argument it doesnt make Christianity
any better than islam
4. There is also proof that Buddha whos real name was
Siddartha Gautama was on earth but that doesnt
mean we should be Buddhist
The third argument is that a religion can be strict but not
to strict and then he makes a comparison that Islam is
very very strict and gives cherry picked examples of
muslim terrorists. We have answers to this.
1. Thats just very islamophobic.
2. The bible is just as strict. The bible says you should
be stoned to death for blaspheming or cursing, for
adultry, for a woman who looses her virginity before
marriage, for worshipping other gods, for disoberying
your parent, or for cursing the king. Thats right kids,
if you parent tell you to clean your room and you
dont do it the bible says you should be stoned.
3. Also terrorist arent muslims, the people in ISIS have
said on several occasions that they cherry pick parts
of the Quran for their agenda and propaganda.
4. There have and are currently extreme forms of
Christianity too. Lets not forget the crusades when
Christians did the same exact thing that terrorists are
doing right now.
And the fourth argument he makes is that a religion
should have an authority and jesus is the authority. The
only argument we have is that that is nonunique to

Christianity because Muslims have authority too thats

Muhammed, and Buddhists have authority to that