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Chicago is the third largest city in the United States. Over three million people live in the
two hundred and twenty five mile area of Chicago.
The world's first skyscraper was constructed in Chicago in 1885. Today, some of the
world's tallest and most famous skyscrapers are found in the city. Located in the heart of the city
is the one hundred and ten story Sears Tower, which is among the most famous skyscrapers
ever built.
Chicago is often called "The Windy City". It is assumed that this is due to the City's
weather, but in the 1990s 11 major U.S. cities outranked Chicago for average annual wind
speed.( http://www.teach-nology.com/worksheets/language_arts/reading_comp/elem/ver16/)
Third- Terceira over three- mais de trs
skyscraper aranha-cu called -chamada
It is assumed-supe-se due- devido weather clima major-grande average-mdia
Speed velocidade
wind vento
1-Answer the questions in Portuguese: ( Responda s perguntas em Portugus)
a)Quantas cidades nos Estados Unidos so maiores do que Chicago?_________________
b)Quais das seguintes informaes verdadeira:
( ) Chicago is the largest city in the world
) Chicago is home to some of the worlds tallest skyscrapers.
) Chicago is the windiest city in the United States.
) None of the above.
c) Qual um dos mais famosos aranha-cus de Chicago? _________________________
d) Quantas pessoas ( em milhes)vivem em Chicago? _____________________________
e) Escreva trs coisas que voc aprendeu sobre Chicago:__________________________

2 - Complete the sentences using the superlative form of the verbs from parentheses:
(Complete as frases usando a forma superlativa dos verbos dos parnteses)

Brazil is ________________ country in the Southern Hemisphere. ( large)

The Amazon River is one of ________________ rivers in the world.(long)
Milk is _________food for babies. (good)
A Rolls Royce is one of __________ cars in the world. ( expensive)
Cigarettes are one of __________ things for your health.( bad)
Copacabana is one of __________________ beaches in the world.(famous)
Chico Anysio is one of ________________ actors on Brazilian TV.( funny)
The elephant is ___________ land animal . ( big )
Nuclear energy is ____________ form of energy there is. (dangerous).

3 - Match according to the translation of the degree adjectives ( Marque de acordo com a
traduo do grau do adjetivo)

( 1 ) Jolie is the best student.

( 2 ) Candy is the worst food.
( 3) Suriname is the smallest country in the South America .
( 4) Brazil is the richest country in the South America .
(5) So Paulo is better than Rio de Janeiro.
( ) Suriname o menor pas da Amrica do Sul
( ) Bombom a pior comida
( ) Jolie a melhor aluna
( ) So Paulo melhor do que o Rio de Janeiro
( ) O Brasil o pas mais rico da Amrica do Sul