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Judgement of Svamsa

Parasara recognized the difference between Karakamsa (soul) and the Lagnamsa (body) and
uses the term "Swamsa" to describe both when common rules are present.
The Lagnamsa represent that which is readily available or easily achieved whereas the
karakamsa represent the desire of the soul. If both of them conjoin, the stage is set for selfactualization. Instead if they are in sadastaka (mutually 6/8th) life can be a bed of thorns. Similarly
consider other karakas from the bhavas.
The navma sign occupied by the tmakraka is called the krakma. It is composed of two
words (1) kraka which refer to the chara kraka in general and tmakraka in particular and (2)
ama which refers to any division/ divisional chart in general and navma in particular. The
krakma is the navma chart drawn with the tmakraka in the first house.
Some contemporary (modern) astrologers consider this sign in the ri chart instead. In such a
case, it would be better to call such a ri sign as the ri tulya krakma or the krakmaka
to differentiate it from krakma. In such a case krakmaka would comprise of three words
kraka + ama + ka indicating the tmakraka, its navma position and finally ka would bring
the reference back to the bhcakra (ri chart).
The navma sign occupied by the lagna (cusp) is called the lagnma. It is composed of
two words (1) lagna, which refer to the ascendant, and (2) ama which refers to any division/
divisional chart in general and navma inparticular. The lagnma is the navma chart
drawn with the lagna (of D9 chart) in the first house.(OR SWAMSA)
In some works like the nadis, the sign of the lagna in the ri chart, when considered in the
navma is also called lagnma. For example, if Pisces is the lagna, then the sign Pisces in
the navma chart is called lagnma.
The second house of the ri chart is Aries and in the navma chart is called dhanma;
eleventh house of the ri chart is Capricorn and this sign in the navma is called labhma;
twelfth house of the ri chart is Aquarius and this sign in the navma is called vyayma etc.
Thus, there are two meanings of the word lagnma and the first one refers to the self or
Lagnmaka is different from lagnma as it has the additional word ka in the end. Lagnmaka
is the ri tulya lagnma i.e. the sign in the ri chart occupied by the lagna in the
navma chart. This term is used in lagnmaka da.
If there are only benefics in karakamsa and lagnamsa and aspected only by benefics, the native
will surely enjoy Rajayoga. Similarly benefics in Swamsa or in its quadrants or trines and devoid

of malefics, the native will surely be prosperous and knowledgeable. Mixed planets give mixed
1. Aries: trouble from rats, cats etc.
2. Taurus: Troubles/ Happiness from quadrupeds (cow/ bulls etc.)
3. Gemini: Itches, skin infection and over weight problems.
4. Cancer: Trouble from watery diseases, hydrophobia and leprosy.
5. Leo: Danger from dogs, tiger and other such canines.
6. Virgo: Trouble from fire, weight problems, skin infections.
7. Libra: Trouble from Trade and business.
8. Scorpio: Watery diseases, danger of reptiles, and snakes, shortage of mothers milk.
9. Sagittarius: Danger of accidents and fall from height.
10. Capricorn: Danger from aquatic creatures, birds and spirits besides skin problem and/or
psychic disorders.
11. Aquarius: Construction of lakes, tanks, garden, roads, temples etc.
12. Pisces: Law abiding, religious and righteous person. Parasara adds that the karakamsa in
Pisces indicates Moksha.

Note: Various kinds of problem have been indicated by planets occupying specific Navamsas.
These problems arise in the life of the person if the Atmakaraka is afflicted. Physical problems are
indicated by the Navamsa of the lord of the badhakasthana.

Effect of Planets in Swamsa

1. The sun in swamsa makes the native a keen government/ political worker and good at
social service.
2. The full Moon and Venus in Swamsa give all luxuries of life and an educationist is
produced. According to Parasara presence of full moon and aspect of Venus on it also
gives the same result.
3. Mars in Swamsa gives expertise in metallurgy or in arms and warfare or in matters related
to fire.
4. Mercury in Swamsa gives business acumen and produces a skilled trader or weaver,
sculptor or one well versed in social and legal norms.
5. Jupiter in Swamsa makes a Karmayogi who will excel in any field due to his intelligence or
one interested in philosophy and religion or a priest.
6. Venus in Swamsa indicates a government or political official or a passionate person who is
virile up to a hundred years (indicate bureaucracy).
7. Saturn in Swamsa gives success in any line of activity and consequential fame

8. Rahu in Swamsa produces a Bowman or a thief. He may earn by dacoity or by cheating or

maybe capable of handling very poisonous and dangerous chemicals, medicines etc or an
expert in metals/ manufacturing activities.
9. Ketu in Swamsa indicates one who will earn through elephants (trucks and heavy
vehicles) or maybe a thief or a swindler. This may also indicate watch repairing or delicate
machines or computers.
10. Moon in Swamsa aspected by Venus: Capability to deal with liquids and chemicals.
11. Mercury aspecting Moon in Swamsa: Produces a doctor or work related to medicine.

Note: The various vocations listed above may be more applied to the lagnamsa than the
karakamsa as karakamsa indicate the desire of the soul whereas the lagnamsa indicate the actual
karma of the body. Though these indicate the vocation with D-10 we can say with certainty the
actual vocation.
Some more indications(swamsa):




Sun and Rahu joining swamsa indicate death due to snake venom. If benefic aspect the
combination this will not happen. Rather the native will be a doctor handling poisonous
drugs and curing venom afflictions. A malefic's aspect would cause death.
Mars alone aspecting/ joining the aforesaid combination indicates a person who will burn
the houses of others. Parasara opines that mars aspect on the combination in karakamsa
indicates that the person will burn his own house or that of others.
Venus aspect the Rahu & Sun combination will produces fire fighter or the fire won't occur
at all.
Jupiter aspect the Rahu & Sun combination indicates one who will set fire to his own
house or that of his neighbour.
If Saturn and Rahu are in Swamsa, the Native is either a seller or consumer of betel
leaves and other aphrodisiacs.
The moon in the fourth from swamsa produces a sailor. The aspect of Venus confirms this.
Gulika in Swamsa makes the native consume poison or poison others. If Mars conjoin/
aspect Gulika, the native sells or administers these drugs while Jupiter in such place
indicate self- consumption. The aspect of Venus or Sun cures the evil or prevents it from
Moon aspecting or joining Gulika in swamsa indicates theft or receipt of stolen wealth.
Mercury aspecting/ joining Gulika in swamsa indicate hydrocele and similar diseases of
the private pats.
Ketu aspecting/ joining swamsa results in a perforation of the eardrums or other ear
Venus aspecting/ joining Ketu in swamsa produces asceticism and religious leanings. He
may be initiated into a religious order.
Both Mercury and Venus aspecting Ketu indicates a mimic or a talkative person or one
born to a maidservant / concubine. Parasara adds that the child may belong to a female


Saturn aspecting the Venus and Ketu in Swamsa produces a Tapaswi or a servant.
Saturn alone aspecting Ketu in swamsa indicates that the native is a fraud in the garb of a
If the Sun & Venus aspect/ conjoin karakamsa, royal assignment (government/ political
office) is surely indicated.

2nd house From Swamsa

1. Venus or Mars in the 2nd from swamsa produces passion and illicit relationships.
2. Venus or Mars joining/ aspecting the second makes him passionate till the end of life. The
influence is milder in case the second is owned by Venus or Mars and strongest if both of
these planets in the 2nd owned by anyone of them. Ketu associating such combination
destroys the passion.
3. Jupiter joining/ aspecting the 2nd makes the native excessively passionate and sensuous
(provided Venus/Mars also influence)
4. Rahu joining/ aspecting the 2nd cause the Native to destroy all his wealth on account of
his unbridles passion and licentious nature (provided Mars/ Venus also influences).
Note: Jupiter is expansive in Nature. It intensifies the influence of the other planets.

3rd House:
1. Malefics in the 3rd indicate courage or valour whereas benefics indicate cowardice.
2. Malefics in the 3rd and 6th make a good farmer or living through agriculture. This also
indicates working in the air forces.
3. Jupiter in the ninth indicates a big landlord or a distinguished personality.
4. Venus: artistic skill.
5. Mercury: Writer
6. Mars: Capable of carrying firearms and weapons,Sixth has to do with service (toil)

4th from Swamsa


Moon & Venus Joining/ aspecting the 4th from swamsa give a palatial residence.
Exalted planet in fourth will also give big residential house.
If Saturn and Rahu are in the fourth, stones, rocks and such materials are used.
Mars and Ketu in the fourth indicate use of clay and bricks.
Jupiter in 4th indicates that the house made up of wood.
Sun in the 4th gives a house of thatched straw or grass.
Moon in 4th aspected by Venus: Leucoderma or Leprosy (if heavily afflicted).
Mars aspects the Moon in the 4th: White leprosy.
Ketu aspecting the Moon in the 4th: Bluish Leprosy.

4th/ 5th from Swamsa:

1. Rahu and Mars are in the fourth or fifth from Swamsa, Tuberculosis is indicated. Moon
aspects/joins the combination confirms it.
2. Mars in 4th/5th: Boils, Ulcers, Cuts, Gangrene.
3. Ketu in 4th/5th: Glandular ailments (like Thyroid) or water borne diseases like dysentery,
typhoid etc.
4. Rahu and Gulika in the 4th/5th: Affliction from dangerous poison.; Doctor handling such
poison. The aspect od mercury or Venus indicate medical knowledge; Jupiter indicate
consumption of poison; Aspect of Mars indicates giving/ selling such drugs/ poisons. The
aspect of Sun gives death through snake venom.
5th from Swamsa:
1. Saturn (alone) in 5th: Archer.
2. Ketu (alone) in 5th: Abilities to make watches, precision equipment/ light engineering/
electronic goods).
3. Mercury (alone) in 5th: Ascetic, member of a religious order or one who uses a walking
4. Rahu (alone) in 5th: Metallurgist (or heavy engineering).
5. Sun (alone): Swordsman (or one who carries a blade/ knife)
6. Mars (alone): Lancer (or a spear wielder).
7. Moon & Jupiter in swamsa/ 5th: Excellent author.
8. Venus in 1st/ 5th with the Moon from swamsa: Author but of less capability.
9. Mercury in similar position with Moon: Author of even lesser capability.

Note: The number of natural benefics in the swamsa or 5th house will determine the capabilities
of the author. The presence of the Moon (Mind) is the primary factor. Jupiter, Venus & Mercury
give writing abilities, but in a decreasing order.
1st/ 5th from Swamsa
1. Venus in 1st/ 5th: Indicate a poet, an eloquent speaker or a knowledgeable critic.
2. Jupiter 1si/5th indicate a genius having knowledge in various branches and a great
author.. However it does not give eloquence. It Jupiter does indicate a grammarian,
knowledge of religious scriptures (like Vedas, Bible, Quoran etc) and a philosopher &
3. Saturn in the 1st/5th makes a man in an assembly or a gathering. Such person will shy
away from the limelight.
4. Mercury in the 1st / 5th indicates a mimansaka or involvement in interpretation of texts/
available literature etc.
5. A logician is indicated by Mars in the 1st/ 5th. Parasara indicate legal knowledge and

6. Moon in the 1st/ 5th gives knowledge of the Sankhya and Yoga philosophies besides
history (rhetoric & Music) or produces a singer.
7. The sun in the 1st/ 5th gives knowledge of the Vedas and Bhagavat Gita. Parasara says
that sun in 5th gives knowledge of Music and Vedanta.
8. Ketu in the 1st/ 5th gives Mathematical ability. This is important for astrology as well. If
Jupiter associates, this knowledge is obtained by inheritance and the teaching are fully
digested. Rahu indicates capabilities of research and Mathematics.
9. Jupiter joining/ aspecting the above planets in the 1st/5th will give all round knowledge,
both traditional and modern and proficiency in at least one branch.

Note: The combinations from 16 to 27 are also applicable to the 2nd house. Parasara opines that
the combinations are also applicable ot 2nd / 3rd house besides 1st / 5th. He also opines that
these results are also to be seen from the lord of swamsa. These results in the bhava will be
temporary while in the Navamsa they wil be pronounced. The point is to confirm results from both
Navamsa Lagna and karakamsa. While the result from Navamsa Lagna will be pronounced, those
from Karakamsa (indicating the desire of the soul) may manifest only during specific periods. It is
the mismatch between Navamsa Lagna and the Karakamsa that leaves many desires
unfulfilled thereby causing rebirth.
7th house:
1. Jupiter and Moon in 7th: Gives good looking and fair complexioned spouse.
2. Rahu: Brings a widow or widower in marriage.
3. Saturn: Brings older (than normally expected) person in marriage or the spouse could be
religious (more ritualistic) or of poor health.
4. Mars: Spouse having deformed or defective limbs.
5. Sun: Spouse is favoured and protected by family. Spouse is learned, She will be confined
to domestic chores. If Sun is debilitated then she may have clandestine relationship with
elder members of the family (may not be true under benefic influence).
6. Mercury: Talented and young spouse. She will be conversant with fine arts.
7. Moon: First mating will be in the open or an uncovered place. The influence of planets will
indicate the following placeSun- Garden
Mars- A wall or such construction
Mercury- Park or playground
Jupiter Temple
Venus - Bathroom or Bedroom
Saturn & Rahu - Tavern or some dirty place etc.

Note: The place of mating is seen from the 10th of 7th (spouse) i.e., 4th. Similarly the place of
illicit sex (2nd) is seen from 10th from 2nd i.e., 11th. The exaltation etc, aspects and signs
involved should also be considered.
9th from Swamsa
1. Benefics in the 9th from swamsa make one righteous, honest, truthful and faithful/ devoted
to teachers and elders. Malefics associated with the ninth will produce opposite qualities
like dishonesty, faithlessness and unrighteousness.
2. If Saturn and Rahu are in the 9th house, the native betrays his elders and preceptors.
3. Sun and Jupiter in the 9th will make the native confidant (or faithful) of his elders and
4. Parasara says Venus and Mars in the 9th from Karakamsa indicate that the lover (having
illicit relationship with the native) will die. Mercury and Moon in the 9th will cause
imprisonment due to the illicit relationship. Jupiter alone in the 9th indicates excessive
passion and sex.

10th from Swamsa

1. Mercury conjoining/ aspecting the 10th from swamsa indicate results like Saturn (Success
in any line of activity and consequential fame). This indicates skill and fame and is good
for fortunes as well, as Mercury is a natural benefic. Besides, like Saturn, it tends to
promote a traditional vocation.
2. Beneficial aspects/ conjunctions on the 10th from swamsa produce stable fortunes.
Malefics cause fluctuation in fortunes. Parasara opines that the combination will no only
give stable fortunes but also make the native serious, strong (fixity of purpose) and
intelligent. Malefics will not only harm the business/ career but also deny filial bliss.
Mercury and Venus gives success in trade/ career and produce great works. The Sun,
Moon & Jupiter so related to the tenth will give Rajayoga (Very high Status and
3. The Sun in the 10th from Karakamsa aspected by Jupiter produces a cowherd or milkman
(or one associated in some manner with animal husbandry). This is contrast with Parasara
who mentions Rajayoga.

12th from swamsa:

1. Benefics: take the soul to the auspicious world (of the departed) after death. The five
benefics indicate five auspicious world as follows:
Jupiter- Svah;
Mercury- Janah;
Moon- Manah;

Venus- Tapah;
Sun- Satya.
1. Parasara opines that Malefics in the 12th indicate expenses on unlawful and bad activities
while benefics give legitimate expenses.
2. Ketu: Final emancipation. Others opine that benefics in the swamsa gives moksha.
Parasara says" If exalted planets or planets in own sign or natural benefics are placed in
the 12th house from Karakamsa, the soul transmigrates to a beneficial world after death. If
Ketu is so placed and only aspected by or joined by benefics, final emancipation (from the
cycle of rebirth) shall be obtained.
3. If Ketu is in the 4th or 12th from Karakamsa, final emancipation will be granted. During the
dasa of Rahu in 10th (i.e., Ketu in 4th), the native goes on a pilgrimage and has a
symbolic dip in sacred waters to wash his sins. If such placement of nodes occur from
swamsa, they lead him towards emancipation. Parasara says- if Ketu is in the 12th from
karakamsa in Aries or Sagittarius conjoined or aspected by benefics, the native is led
towards emancipation.
4. Malefics in 4th/12th: No deliverance from the cycle of rebirth. Sun is not considered
malefic here, as it is a natural significator of Dharma.
5. Devotion (mostly seen from 12th of Karakamsa)
Sun and Ketu- Devotee of Siva
Moon- Gouri
Venus- Lakshmi, Native will be prosperous.
Mars- Skanda (Subramanya, Kartikeya)
Mercury/ Saturn- Visnu
Jupiter- Samba Siva
Rahu- Tamasi (destroyer of darkness) or Durga.
Ketu- Ganapati or Skanda
1. Saturn in the 12th in a malefic sign shows inclination for black magic, devilish worship and
2. Venus in the 12th in malefic sign: Same as Saturn.
3. The religiosity are also to be examined from the 6th from the Amatyakaraka

Malefics in Trine from Swamsa

1. Two malefics in trine (1/5/9): The native gains expertise in spells (Mantra) and occult
knowledge. At least one malefic gives knowledge of Mantra, two indicates knowledge of
mantras and their usage while more malefic give knowledge of Yantras and Tantra.
2. The malefics in trines aspected by other malefics: Expertise in black magic.
3. Malefics in trines aspected by benefics: Expertise in white magic.

Note: If the combination of malefics is in trine from Lagnamsa then the native will make his living
out of knowledge whereas if the combination occur from Karakamsa, the magic is very strong.
Other Combinations:
1. Ketu in the second aspected by malefics produces stammering and other speech defects.
According to Parasara Ketu in the 2nd / 3rd from swamsa causes speech defects. If
malefics aspects, these defects are pronounced. Pt. Sanjay Rath says that Ketu in the 3rd
won't produce speech defects unless there is a malefic in the swamsa causing papakartari
yoga of 2nd.
2. Malefics simultaneously in the 2nd and 8th house from Lagna, Arudha Lagna and swamsa
cause Kemadruma Yoga (utter poverty). If the yoga is from Lagna or Lagnamsa then the
effect will be felt throughout life whereas from Arudha Lagna it indicates financial down
turn or fall. The yoga from Karakamsa indicates one who will detest wealth and may
become a renunciate. Moons aspect on the yoga will intensify it.
3. The results will manifest during the dasa of the sign (or planets) concerned.

Note: The argals or dristi of the sign/ planet whose dasa is operative should also be examined as
well as the various yoga and Vargas
The Karakas I
All inanimate as well as the animate being the world are signified by the planets and hence the
work karaka is associated with them. Karaka means the doer of certain activities. This means that
the karakas represent the influence of various things animate or inanimate, in our life. Based on
the inhenrent gunas, Sattva, Rajas and Tamas the karakas are classified in three categories
namly the Naisargik karaka which is predominant in Rajas Guna, the Chara Karaka which is
predominant in the Sattva guna and the the Sthira Karaka which is predominant in the Tamas
guna. The utility of these karakas can be understood from the standpoint of their gunas. The
sthirakarakas are governed by by Shiva and there are 7 such karakas. They represent the death
of various animate things surrounding us (Rahu and Ketu, who are the shadowy planets without
body cannot die and hence is excluded from the scheme of the 7 sthira karakas). The
charakaraka is governed by vishnu and are 8 such karakas. They show the influence of various
atmas / souls in our life and thus means our sustainence in this material world in the form of a
social life (having inter relationships with various souls in this world) and spiritual growth. The
remaining category is the Naisargik karaka governed by Brahma and there are 9 such karakas.
They represent the creation process and hence all perceptible and imperceptible creation of the
world are governed by them.

We know that when we talk of a horoscope we are talking of Narayana (Maha Vishnu) who is the
creator and preserver of the brahmanda. While the rasis represent different parts of the Lord and
the grahas represent the deities who signify a particular aspect and event in the life of a creature.
The rasis are fixed and represent the environment, while the grahas are in motion which
represents people
who come and influence us.


The graha that obtains the highest longitude in the chart is the Atmakaraka. It is the significator of
the soul (atma). It is the king of the chart. Being the significator of the soul, the 12th house of
liberation is seen from the Atmakaraka in the Navamsa to find out the Ista devata of the
native who would guide the soul towards liberation from the bondage of life and death.

The graha obtaining the second highest longitude is called Amatyakaraka. It signifies the mind. Its
role is that of a Minister who guides the king. It is the Amatyakaraka who guides the destiny of the
person towards attainment of the desires of the atma. Being the protector of the soul, the
palanadevata (the deity who sustains oneself in this world) is seen from the 6th from the
Amatyakaraka in the Navamsa.
The graha obtaining the third highest longitude is called the Bhratrikaraka - the significator of
brothers and co-born who actually are expected to stand by the individual in times of dire need. It
is also known as the Gurukaraka, as next to the Amatya it is only the Guru (preceptor) who can
guide the atma towards its desired goal and God. The guru and their influence on our life and its
purpose can be seen from the Bhratrikarka in the Rasi and the Navamsa chart. In the Navamsa
chart, they show the promise, how the guru would influence the life of the native, while in the rasi
chart, it would show how the promise is fulfilled.
The graha obtaining the fourth highest longitude is called the Matrikaraka - the significator of
mother. Among the four karakas of prime importance, Matrikaraka is one (and the first in
ascending order to the Atmakaraka) as mother is the person who has brings the atma into
existence in the world. It is she who has the first right over the child and guides the child at all
stages to do the right thing to attain glory and God.

The influence of mother on the life of the native need to be studied from this Charakaraka.
The graha obtaining the fifth highest longitude is called the Pitrikaraka - the significator of father.
Father is the one who is the cause for the birth of the person, being the one who has carried the
soul of the native and transmitted to the womb of mother. Hence he comes next in hierarchy to
the mother. The influence of father on the life of the native need to be studied from this
The graha obtaining the sixth highest longitude is known as the Putrakaraka and it is the
significator of children. Children bear the future of the person. A son is the one who is to perform
the last rites of the person. Hence he gains the sixth place of importance in the relationship of the
person. The influence of father on the life of the native need to be studied from this
Charakaraka.The influence of children on the life of the native need to be studied from this
The graha obtaining the 7th highest longitude is known as the Gnyatikaraka - the significator of
relatives. The relatives of the person are the ones who are expected to be near the person in
times of happiness and distress. Hence, they gain the seventh place of importance in the
relationship of the person. The influence of kith and kins on the life of the native need to be
studied from this Charakaraka.
The graha obtaining the eighth highest longitude is called Darakaraka - the significator of wife.
The spouse is the 'Ardhangini' (equal partner) of the person. Thus, the spouse is no different from
the person as whatever is to happen with the person is to be shared jointly by both. As importance
to the self is always last, the spouse (Dara) is placed last at the 8th place. The influence of
spouse and companion on the life of the native need to be studied from this Charakaraka.

The Atmakaraka has a very vital role to play in the horoscope of a person. It actually shows the
objectives, ideals and goals of the soul for which it has born on earth. No graha in the horoscope
can actually give benefic or malefic results beyond what the Atmakaraka could signify. Any
deviation in life from the desired path or objective of the atma renders it disillusioned. As it actually
performs no role in the active life of the person except to watch (as a Judge) the direction of
growth of the person, it finally deserts the body in the form of death at a time when it can no
longer sustain the misdeeds of the person. It simply leaves the physical body and an Atma whose
primary desire is not fulfilled has actually lived a wasted life.
Our atma is a jeevatma. The ultimate objective of the atma is to mingle with the parmatmamsa,
which is God. To attain this, the activity of the person whose physical form the atma has obtained,

should perform sattwik acts so as to cleanse the soul off its impurities and lead it to God. Sattwik
guna alone is the sustainer of the atma and it leads it to the lord.
As the atmakaraka has an objective with which it is born, it has certain abilities of its own towards
that direction. What are the desires of the atma? What are its abilities? Whether it has the power
to fulfill its objective or utilize its abilities? Whether the abilities and the powers of the atma would
be utilized in the right direction or not? Whether the birth of the atma would attain its purpose or
not? All these factors are to be seen from the Navamsa (the 9th division D9 chart of the
person), which, thus, becomes a very vital part of vedic astrology divination.
The Navamsa sign occupied by the atmakaraka is called the Karakamsa, while the
ascendant or Lagna sign of the Navamsa is called the Lagnamsa and, both these together
are called the Swamsa (Swa meaning self and amsa meaning division). If the Karakamsa and
Lagnamsa become the same or have any connection between them, then it becomes the
Swamsa, in which case, the objective and the abilities of the atmakaraka are attained. The gati in
that direction may be slow or obstructed due to various other factors. Regular prayer to the Ishta
Devta (to be determined from the 12 house from the placement of Karakamsa) and the Lord of
Bhratrikarak (also called the Gurukarak) helps attain the gati for the atma to move speedily in the
desired direction.
While the Karakamsa itself will help see the desire of the atma, the Trines from the Karakamsa
will show the actual desire of the atma. The Trines from the Karakamsa, therefore, become very
vital signs to determine the natives spiritualism. Any graha located in the 1st, 5th and 9th (Trines)
bhavas from the Karakamsa, thus, become automatically good for the spiritualism of the person
and also to provide gati for his atma (known as Atmagati).
Thus, the role of Brihaspati (who represents God) becomes very vital in the Navamsa division of
the person, as Brihaspati is the naisargika karaka for the 9th house (Dharma) significations. It is
Brihaspati as the sustainer of the jeevatma and Surya as the provider of jeeva (life) who
predominate the persons Dharma bhava. This is one of the very important and significant
reasons why the 9th house in the Rasi chart is associated with Jupiter and Sun as the natural
significators of the persons Dharma bhava.


Stronger among Sun and Venus- Father
Stronger among Moon and Mars- Moon
Mars- Younger sister, younger brother brother-in-law, sister-in-law
Mercury- Maternal uncles, aunts and all maternal relatives
Jupiter- paternal grand parents, Husband (for female chart), children
Venus- Wife, maternal grandparents, father & mother-in-law, maternal grand parents
Saturn- Elder brother & Elder sister
THE BHAVA KARAKAS (Controller of Bhava)

Though the primary bhavakarakas are given below, each bhava has many secondary karakas.
Both the primary and secondary karakas are important for protecting the signification of a bhava.
Any bhava whose karaka is well placed in kendra/ trine from the bhava in good dignity or is
aspecting the bhava or is placed with the lord of the bhava try to fulfil the promise of the bhava.
Lagna- Sun
2nd- Jupiter
3rd- Mars
4th- Moon; Mercury
5th- Jupiter
6th- Mars; Saturn
7th- Venus
8th- Saturn
9th- Sun; Jupiter
10th- Sun; Mercury; Jupiter; Saturn
11th- Jupiter
12th- Saturn


From Uttara Kalamrta and other texts...
Since the world is so much full of variety of various living and non living things each of which is
symbolised by a planet, the list of the karaka can never be comprehensive and it requires
experience to know the karaka of each and everything around us. However, the list of karakas
given by various classics can help us in building up the insights while understanding the possible
planetary lordship of a particular thing.
The natural karaka cover everything around us may it be tastes, our emotions, the plant or
animals, different metals, clothes, substances, elements and everything which is either
perceptible or non perceptible to our senses.

The Sun
The Soul; Power; Intense Severity (fierce); Fortress; Good Strength; Heat; Splendor; Fire;
Worship Of Siva; Courage; Thorned Trees; Being In Royal Favors; Bitterness; Old Age; Cattle;
Wickedness; Land; Father; Taste; Self-Realization; Skyward Look; One Born of a Timid Woman;
World Of Mortals (Mrtyu Loka); Square shape; Bone (skeletal system); Valour; Grass; The Belly;
Strenuous Effort; Forest; Half A Year (uttarayana / dakshinayana); Eye (right); Wandering Over
The Mountains (wanderer); Quadruped (also the birds); King; Travelling; Dealing; Bite; Scorch;
Circular Shape (??); Eye Disease; Body (vitality in the body); Timber (wood); Mental Purity;
Lordship Of The Whole Country (sovereign); Freedom Form Disease; Lord Of Saurashtra State;
Ornaments; Disease In The Head; Precious stones (gems); Lord Of Sky; Short Like A Dwarf; Lord
Of The Eastern Direction; Copper; Blood; Kingdom; Red Cloth; Stone; Public Life; River Bank;
Coral (??); Ruby; Strong At Mid-Day (Noon); Eastern Direction; Mouth; Long Standing Anger;

Capture Of The Enemy; Sattvik (Pure); Red Chandan Or Saffron; Hostility; Thick Cord
The Moon
Mind; Imagination; Flower; Good Perfume (incence); Going to a Fortress; Brahmin by caste;
Idleness; Phlegmatic (kapha) Humour; Epilepsy (diseases of mind, if afflicted); Enlargement of the
Spleen (spleed creates bile which help in fat metabolism); Mental Disposition (state of mind);
Heart (feelings); Woman (motherly); Virtue Or Vice (attributes of mind); Saltish taste/ Sleep
(peace); Happiness; Anything like Water (any fluid); Bell-Metal; Silver (metal); Sugarcane;
Typhoid (infection of intestine); Travel/ Going To Far Off Countries; Well; Pond; Tank (any water
body); Mother (relations); Pearls; Consumption (infection of lungs/ TB); Whiteness (colour);
Waistband; Short Stature; Ability; Winter Season; White Colour; Belly; Worshipping Goddess
Gauri; Joking; Nourishment; Wheat; Pleasure; Splendour; Face; Sharp in Thought (in good
association such as Jupiter); Love for Curd; Mendicant (sanyasa yoga); Fame (popularity among
masses); Learned; Beauty; Strength at Night; Facing Westward; Learned; Getting A Job; Love For
West; The Middle World; Nine Gems (navaratna); Middle Age; Life; Eating (food); Ailment of the
Shoulders; Umbrella or any Other Royal Insignia; Good Fruits; Blood Purity and Vitality; Fish and
Other Water Creatures; Serpent; Brilliant Things (sparkling); Clean Crystal; Soft And Velvety
Clothes; Silk Garments
Prowess; Land (any immovable property); Strength; Kingship; Loss Of Virility; Thief; Battle;
Hostility; Enemy; Generosity; Deep red colour; Owning A Garden; Sound Of A Trumpet; Affection;
Quadruped; Fool; Anger; Going to a Foreign Country; Firmness; Supporter; Fire; Controversy;
Bile; Heat; Wound; Commander in chief; Day; Seeing; Shortness; Disease; Fame; Tin; Sword;
Lance Or Spear; Minister; Fracture Of A Limb; Jewel; Praying To God Subrahmanya; Youth;
Pungent; Dubar Hall; Earthen Pots; Obstacles; Flesh eater; Calumniating Others; Victory Over
Enemy; Bitter; Strong At The End Of The Night; Gold; Summer Season; Valour; Enemy's
Strength; Profundity Of Character; Male; Axe; Forester; Village Headman; State Inspection; Pain
while Passing Urine; Triangle; Goldsmith; Rogue; Burnt Place; Good Dinner; Leanness; Adept In
Archery; Blood (red blood cells); Copper; A Beautiful Cloth; Facing South; Desire; Anger; Scandal;
House; Sataghni, A Weapon; A Tree; Sama Veda; Brother; Spade Or Hatchet; Looking After The
Wild Animals; Independence; Persistency; Judge; Serpent; World; Speech; Fickle Mindedness;
Mounting A Vehicle; Sight Of Blood; Coagulation Of Blood
Formal education (schooling); Horses; Treasury; Mathematics; Speech/ Courteous Speech;
Infantry; Writing; New Garment, Palatial Building; Green Colour; Sculpture; Astrology; Pilgrimage
To Holy Places; Wise Lectures; Temple; Trading; Best Ornaments; Vedanta Philosophy; Maternal
Grandfather; Bad Dreams; Eunuch; Facing North; Skin; Wet; Bell metal; Renunciation; Ritu
(Season); A Beautiful House; Doctor; Neck; Recitation Of Mantras/ Sattvik Mantras; Childhood;
Crooked Look; Heaven; Modesty; Paternal Relation; Fear; Dancing; Devotion; Humorous
Temperament; Powerful In The Morning; Hemanta Ritu; Stone To Sharpen Knives; Tranquillity;
Navel; Family Prosperity; Mixed Items; Proficient In Telugu Language; Worship Of Lord Vishnu;
Sudra; Bird; After Born; Depth Of A Language; The Directions; Atharva Veda; Religious Action;

Tower; Dust; Garden; Pudendum Virile; Even; Benefic; Moving In Villages; Impartial Nature; Fond
Of Northwest Quarter; Well Versed In The Legends Of The Past; Specialist In Grammar; Expert In
Testing Of The Precious Stones; A Scholar; Maternal Uncle; Sacred Prayer; An Amulet
Brahmin; Guru; One's Duty; Chariot; Cow; Infantry; Savings; Meemamsa philosophy; Treasure;
Horse; Honey; Large Body; Valour; Reputation; Logic; Astrology; Children; Grandson; Dropsy;
Philosophy; Grand father; Great grand-father; Palatial House; Gems; Eldest Brother; Lord Indra;
Automn Season; Wrath of Priest; Jewel; Merchant; Physical Health; A Beautiful Mansion; Royal
Honour; Thighs; God (divine blessings); Penance; Charity; Religious Duty; Helping Others;
Impartiality; Facing North; Circular; Yellow Colour; Moving In Villages; Close Friend; Swinging;
Orator; Fat; Old Garment; A New House; Happiness; Mantras; Twice Born (Brahmins- Dvija); Holy
Water; Knee; Movement In Heaven; A House Granting All Comforts; Intellect; Proficiency In
Learning; Literature; Tower; Charming an Audience; Throne; Strong at All Times; a month;
Vessels; Yellow Sapphire; Sweet Juice; Being Good; Happiness; Misery; Length; Gentleness;
Reading Other's Mind; Ornamentation; Ether; Phlegm; Topaz; Vedic Text; Brilliancy; Softness;
Worship Of Lord Shiva; Performing One's Religious Duties; Travelling In A Well-Decorated
White Umbrella; Garment; Marriage; Income; A Biped (Human); Woman; Brahmin;
Auspiciousness; Whiteness; Wife; Sexual Happiness; Short; Sour; Flower; Command; Fame;
Youthful Vigour; Vehicle; Silver; South-East; Ogling; Scratching; Half A Month; The Quality Of
Passion; Strong; Pearl; Yajur Veda; Vaisya; Beauty; Trading; Love-Making; Watery Resort;
Elephant; Horse; Variegated Colour; Poetry; Dancing; Middle Age; Singing; Enjoyment;
Happiness From The Wife; Gems; Fond Of Humour; Swimmer; Servant; Luck; Variegated Lustre;
A Handsome Youth; Kingdom; Scents; Garland; Veena (a string instrument); Flute; Amusement;
Lovely Gait; Eight Kinds Of Wealth; All Sorts Of Pleasures; Well Formed Limbs; Sparing In Meals;
Spring Season; Ornaments; Eye; Truth Speaking; Proficiency In Art; Semen; Water Sports;
Profundity Of Character; Pre-Eminence; Sharp-Witted; Decoration for The Stage; Fond Of
Amorous Sports; Broken Health; Love, Greatly Respected And Highly Esteemed; Fondness For
White Garments; Bharat Natyama (a form of dance in India); Government Seal; Worshipping
Goddess Parvati and Lakshmi; Gentleness; Much Emaciated; Day Sitting Mothers; Literary
Composition, Adept at Writing Poetry; Black Hair; Auspicious; Genital Organs; Urine; Afternoon;
Laziness, Obstruction; Horse; Elephant; Skin (nerves, tendons and ligaments); Gain; Witness;
Distress; Sickness; Misunderstanding; Misery; Death; Happiness Through A Woman; Maid
Servant; Asses And Mules; Outcast; One With Disfigured Limbs; Haunting Woods; Handsome
Look; Gift; A Lord; A Portion Of Life; Eunuch; One Born Of The Lowest Caste; Birds; A Servile
Duty; Unrighteous Conduct; One Without Manliness; Telling Lies; Long Lasting; Wind; Old Age;
Tendons And Muscles; Strong At The End Of The Day; Sisira Ritu (Winter); Great Anger;
Exertion; Born Of A Very Low Mother; Bastard; Golaka (abode of lord Krsna); Dirty Clothes And

House; Wicked Mind; Friendship With The Wicket; Black Colour; Evil; Cruelty; Ashes; Black
Grains; Gems; Iron; Nobility; A Year; Sudra; One Representing The Father; Learning The Trade
Of Another Class; Crippled; Sharp; A Blanket; Facing West; Life Saving Drugs; Downward Look;
Agriculture; Life Saving Drugs; Arsenal; A Student Belonging To Another Caste; External Position;
North-Eastern; Serpent World; Downfall; Lost in Battle; Wandering; A Spear; Lead; Misdirected
Strength; A Turk; Worn Out; Oil; The Tamas Guna; Travelling Through Forests and Over
Mountains; Hard-Heartedness; Fear; Long Standing Distress; Hunter; Ugly Hair; Entire
Sovereignty; Alarm; Goats And The Like; Buffalos And The Like; Indulging In Sex Pleasure;
Dressing Oneself For Amorous Appeals; Worshipping God Yama; Dog; Theft And; Cruel-Hearted
Umbrella; Kingdom; Gathering; Fallacious Argument; Hurting By Speech; Downcast; Wicked
Woman; An Irreligious Man; Decorated Vehicle; Gambling; Strong At Twilight; Intriguing With A
Wicked Woman; Going Abroad; Impurity; Bone; Enlargement Of Spleen; Falsehood; Downward
Look; Perplexity; Emerald; Facing The Southern Quarter; Shelter Of Outcast Or Low People;
Painful Swelling; A Big Forest; Wandering In Rugged Places; Mountain; Pain; Staying Outside;
Tending Towards Southwest; Wind; Phlegm; Sorrow; Serpent; Night Breeze; Sharp; Long;
Reptile; Reading Of Dreams; Travel; A Muhurata; Old Age; A Vehicle; World Of Serpents; Mother;
Father Or Maternal Grandfather; Air; An Acute Or Sharp Pain; Catarrh; Breathing; Great Prowess;
Forest; Worshipper Of Goddess Durga; Wickedness; Cohabitation With Quadrupeds; Urdu Script;
Harsh Words
Worship Of God Chandeeka, God Ganesha And Many Other Gods; Doctor; Dog; Cock; Vulture;
Salvation; All Kinds Of Wealth; Consumption; Pain; Fever; Bathing In The Holy Ganges; Great
Penance; Wind; A Hunter; Friendship; Conferring Of Prosperity; Stone; Wound; Witchcraft;
Inconstancy; Knowledge Of Brahma; Belly; Eye Sore; Stupidity; Thorn; Deer; Knowledge;
Observing Silence As A Fast; Philosophy; All Sorts Of Luxuries; Luck; Trouble Form Enemies;
Loss Of Appetite; Indifference To The World; Paternal Grandfather; Hunger; Severe Stomach
ache; Boils And The Like Skin Troubles; Revolving The Orders Of Arrest; Association Of Sudra.
Posted by Sarajit Poddar at 12:31 PM

In general for rectification with the person's skills and abilities use the svamsa (navamsa lagna).
First house showing natural in-born abilites, 5th showing things they learned but still have natural
skill and ability with, 9th house showing what they are good at but after having studied and
worked at it.
A few notes to add on navamsa rectification:
If Saturn is conjunct an inimical planet in these positions it will delay the results, for example Moon
and Saturn in svamsa, will make some one who is a singer with great stage fright who will not be
able to open up there voice fully till after saturn maturity at 35.

Planets in 6,8 or 12 will often give opposite results; for example, Ketu in the 5th makes one have
good mathematical abilities (ease working with numbers) and in the 6th the person will dislike
numbers and even balancing their check book will be avoided.
If the planet isn't there but is lording the sign it can have an effect but much more slightly. For
example, Moon gives singing and Sun gives rythm and instruments, so if you have a bass
guitarist and you are debating between a Cancer and Leo navamsa lagna you would definitely go
Leo, but you wouldn't predict otherwise from it.
Venus in the 12th as karaka for marriage in the D-9 will make a person not interested in marriage.
Venus afflicted in D-9 will have similar results.
Atmakaraka in svamsa will make a person born into a well to do family, if it only lords svamsa the
family will have potential but may have to rise to affluence. If AK is in the 7th house the person will
rise to affluence after marriage. AK in the 8th house will cause chronic diseases, and six house
will give similar results (remedied by fasting on full Moons).
And then back to an old post, the sexuality of the person indicated by the navams is often a great
source of rectification. Moon in 7th or trines makes a very horny person. Also check out the 2nd
house in the navamsa rule with Mars and Venus aspects, its in the first book of Jaimini, but shows
how faithful or not a person is. This helps me in rectification a lot as well.
Jaimini gives little distinction between Karakamsa and Svamsa, but for rectification svamsa is
what is used.

Swa simply means "self" and may refer to either lagna or atma karaka. So swamsa refers the
position of either lagna or atmakaraka in navamsa. Parasara used "swamsa" for both lagnamsa
and karakamsa. So swamsa here is in Sg or Ta, depending on what we mean. What do they both
show? Navamsa shows the inner self, sense of dharma (duty) and motivation. It shows attitudes.
Analysis of navamsa w.r.t. lagnamsa shows the motivation and attitudes of the person.
Analysis of navamsa w.r.t. karakamsa shows the motivation and attitudes of the soul that's
inside a person. If the person is acting against the wishes of the soul, it leads to inner turmoil and
results in a life that is wasted (soul has to take birth again and *start from scratch* to fulfill its
desires). If lagnamsa and karakamsa are in mutual shashthashtakas (6th/8th positions), this
, () .
In the above example chart, this happens. So the native leads a miserable and wasteful life (from
the point of view of soul).

Karakamsha Lagna is the house where Atmakarka is Placed in D1 as per the sign of Navamsha.
Atmakarka placed in Navamsha is Swamsha Lagna.

We have to see the navamsha of AK in D9 that sign in D1 is KL and that sign in D 9 is Swamsha
Karakamsa and swamsa chart
As per many ancient astrologers this chart should be seen with of course lagan chart for all Raj
yog listed in the texts.
As we identify Raj yog karak planets in lagan chart, the same process is to be done w.r.t this
How exactly Karakamsa chart should be casted or made.
This is very important as there are many confusions prevailing in this regard. I have seen many
astrologers following wrong method in making this chart.
Most of the astrologers fail to make any distinction between Swamsa chart and Karakamsa chart.
As a result they end up applying rules w.r.t Karakamsa chart on Swamsa chart.
So How to form Karakamsa chart?
1) Identify the Atmakaraka (Planet with maximum number of degrees in comparison to other
2) Locate the rashi in which this Atmakaraka is placed in Navamsa chart.
3) Place this Rashi in the Lagan of Karakamsa chart.
4) Now Place all planets in this chart IDENTICAL with their Rashi placement in LAGAN chart.
This casted chart is known as Karakamsa chart. This means Karakamsa chart is Rashi Chart
rotated for AK sign in Navmansa chart as Asc.
How to form Swamsa chart?
1) Identify the Atmakaraka (Planet with maximum number of degrees in comparison to other
2) Locate the rashi in which this Atmakaraka is placed in Navamsa chart.
3) Place this Rashi in the Lagan of Swamsa chart.
4) Now Place all planets in this chart IDENTICAL with their Rashi placement in NAVAMSA
chart. This means swamasa chart is Navmansa chart rotated for AK sign in D 9 as Asc.
This casted chart is known as Swamsa chart
Karakamsa chart has Physical dimension to it, or experiences of body i.e. more on a materialistic
front like lagan chart.
Swamasa Chart should be seen for effects on soul or experiences of soul or more on spiritualistic
Many modern astrologers as well as translated books written by them, take Swamsa chart as
Karakamsa chart, which is no less than a Blunder with Vedic astrology.
Let me list, what all is mentioned in texts w.r.t Karakamsa chart in brief
1. Benefics in Karakamsa & Amsa Lagan influenced by benefics king
2. Kendra & Kona from Karakamsa influenced by benefics wealth and learning
3. Atmakaraka in Chandra / Mangal / Shukra Rasi follower of others wives
Graha in Karakamsa Indications as per various Astrological Texts:
Surya - Royal assignments

Poorna Chandra (especially when influenced by Shukra) - Sensual pleasures, scholar

Mangal - Weapon, work by fire, alchemist
Buddha - Arts, sculpture, trading, intelligent
Guru - Good acts, spiritual knowledge, Vedic learning
Shukra - Sensual, lock after state affairs
Shani - Profession of family
Rahu - Thief, bowman, machinery maker, doctor
Ketu - Elephants, thief
Surya + Rahu - Fear from snakes, doctor
Poorna Chandra + Gulika - Wealth stolen by thief
Ketu + Malefic - Contract diseases of ears, ears pierced
+ Shukra - Initiated in religious order
+ Surya & Buddha - Devoid of valour
+ Sukra & Buddha - Son of female slave
+ Shani - Penance / servant
+ Shukra / Surya - Servant of king
*Chandra aspected by Shukra - Alchemist
Chandra aspected by Buddha Doctor
Grahas in 2nd from Karakamsa Indications
Shukra / Mangal Fond of other wives
+ Ketu Restrict
+ Guru Cause this
+ Rahu
Ketu (alone)- Destroy wealth
Defective speech or not able to speak (if malefic)
Grahas in 3rd from Karakamsa Indication
Malefic -Brave & Valorous
Benefic Timid
Graha in 4th from Karakamsa Indication
Sukra & Chandra Palatial buildings
Shani & Rahu House made of stones
Mangal & Ketu Bricks
Guru Wood
Surya Straws & Grass
Chandra Sex under open area
Chandra (+ Shukra) - White leprosy
+ Mangal (Chandra + Mangal) (also in 5th) - Disorders of blood & bile
+ Ketu - Black leprosy
Rahu + Mangal (especially when asp by Chandra) - Patient of consumption
Only Mangal (also in 5th) - Ulcers
Ketu - Dysentery / afflictions due to impure water

Rahu + Gulika - Doctor dealing with poisons

Grahas in 5th from Karakamsa Indication
Rahu + Mangal (especially when asp by Chandra) -Suffering from consumption
Asp of Mars -Ulcers
Ketu - Dysentery / impure water disease
Rahu + Gulika -Fear from mean people and poison
Buddha - Ascetic of high order / commander
Sun - Bearer of sword
Mangal - Bearer of spear
Shani -Bearer of bow
Rahu -Machinist
Ketu -Watch-maker
Shukra - Poet / eloquent speaker
Guru & Chandra -Author
Shukra -Lesser author
Buddha -Still lesser author
Guru Veda -Vedanta / Orator / Grammarian
Mangal -Logicial
Buddha - Mimamsaka
Shani -Dull-witted
Surya -Musician
Chandra -Sankya Philosophy
Rahu / Ketu -Astrologer
Shani -Archer
Ketu -Watchmaker
Buddha -Great Ascetic
Rahu -Machinist
Ketu -Bearer of spear or arrow
Chandra & Jupiter (also in Karakamsa) -Great author
Shukra -Lesser author
Buddha -Lesser writer
Shukra -Poet
Guru -Expert grammarian/Veda gyana
Shani -Fool on assembly
Mangal -Nyayika
Chandra -Literature in general / Sankhya
Surya -Vedanta / Music
Ketu -Mathematician / Jyotish
Grahas in 6th from Karakamsa Indication
Malefic -Agriculturist
Benefic -Indolent
*Effects are similar to that of 3rd from Karakamsa.
Grahas in 7th from Karakamsa, Indications of spouse

Chandra or Guru - Very Beautiful

Shukra - Sensual
Buddha - Versed in fine arts
Surya - Confine to domestic activities
Saturn - Older, pious or sick
Mars - handicap
Rahu - Widow
Grahas in 8th from Karakamsa Indications
Benefic & 8th lord - Long life
Malefic - Short life
Grahas in 9th from Karakamsa Indications
Benefic influence -Truthful, devotee of teachers / elders, attached to religion
Malefic influence -Religious in childhood but falsehood in old-age
Shani & Rahu -Betrayer of elders / teachers, averse to ancient classics
Surya & Jupiter -will not obey elders and teachers
Venus & Mars (also in Shad-Vargas) -Woman related to the native will die; will indulge with many
woman life long.
Mars & Moon -Prisoner due to his association with another woman
Aspect or presence of Jupiter only -Given to sensual pleasures & addicted to woman
Grahas in 10th from Karakamsa Indications
Benefic -Riches, sagacious, strong & intelligent
Malefic -Suffer losses in trade and deprived of paternal bliss
Buddha & Shukra - Many gains & Great deeds
Surya & Chandra (Simultaneous aspect by Guru) -Wide Kingdom
Grahas in 11th from Karakamsa Indications
Influence by benefic -Happiness from brother / Gains in undertakings
Influenced by malefics -Questionable means of gains / Famous & Valorous
Grahas in 12th from Karakamsa Indications
Benefic or none - Expenses on good deeds
Malefic -Expenses on vicious deeds
Exalted / Own benefic - Heaven
Ketu + Benefic influence -Heaven & Moksha
Aries/Sagittarius Ketu + Benefic -Moksha
Ketu + malefic influence -No heaven & No moksha
Grahas in 12th from Karakamsa
Worshiper of:
Surya + Ketu -Shiva
Chandra + Ketu -Gauri / Shaktika
Shukra + Ketu -Lakshmi
Mangal + Ketu -Skanda
Buddha + Sani -Vishnu
Guru -Shiva
Rahu -Durga / Mean deity
Ketu -Skanda / Ganesha

Shani or/and Shukra in malefic sign -Mean deity

Two malefic in Kona to Karakamsa knowledge of mantra & tantra
If they are aspected by malefic Grahas it will be used for evil purposes / opposite for good
Kemadruma Yoga 2nd and 8th from Karakamsa or AL malefics inauspicious (poverty)
Important Tips-Palmistry & Astrology
Palmistry and Astrology-Extremely Important Tips
1) First thing which is to be noticed on hand is its general formation, which includes shape of
fingers, thumb, palm and overall hand.
I will not make things complex for you all by writing the kind of hands, types of fingers, different
types of thumb which generally all the palmistry books have because what happens is when a
person tries analyze his or her hand they get confused and then find themselves stranded in the
midst of so many connotations and terms that the basic common sense, intuition or wisdom which
is very important for any analysis of these divine things, simply evaporates.
Hence I have decided to keep things very simple so that the person who does not know anything
about palmistry can also dream to become a palmist and I am really serious on this.
2) In the process of looking at hand w.r.t first point, try to observe few basic things which are
generally neglected by even palmists:
Like for example
a) Combined Area of fingers is very small or very large when compared to palm, which is
generally not a very good thing to happen, fingers length and area should be proportionate w.r.t
Palmand to see this you dont have to be a palmist, just apply your common sense. There has
to be a balance and when things are not in balance they will look awkward and if this
proportionality is getting disturbed, you should be able to make out that awkwardness. What
would be the effect of this disturbance? This question should come later, what is important in the
first step is to make out the deviation from Ideal condition i.e. you should first know that what is
right and what is wrong. How much right or how much wrong and the consequences of that
right/wrong these questions will come later.
b) Weak Thumb, very small thumb should immediately come to your notice.
c) Any deviation from the ideal Length of fingers should also capture your attention, i.e. though
Index finger and ring finger will appear to be of the same size but the ring finger should have
slightly greater length, Middle finger should be the longest and little finger should reach till at least
the beginning line of the last phalange of the ring finger. So any deviation from the above 3 points
should be noted down, consequences we will discuss later but first understand the deviations
from the ideal scenario.
d) Breadth of the hand in the area of palm and in the area of fingers should be more or less equal.

e) Each finger and thumb should be divided in 3 phalanges only; number should not be 2 or 4.
f) Finger should be strong & straight without any bend or so.
Etcthat is things like theseshould be immediately detected and noted down.
3) Next thing which requires attention is the background color of hand, smoothness and hardness
of hand.
Ideally speaking background color of the hand should be pinkish, neither very red nor pale
yellowish kind. Secondly hand should not be hard and should be a bit paddy too.
4) Minimum Number of hair should be present at the back of the hand.
5) Hand should attract minimum level of perspiration.
6) Now come to the mounts, lines, nails and signs.
a) Lines should be continuous, thin (i.e. breath of the line should be minimum), should not be very
deep and dark, color should be light brownish, light pinkish.
b) Remember any downward branches from any line are bad, upward branches are generally
good (but not always).
c) There should be minimum number of lines on the palm as too many lines are not desirable just
like too many cooks spoil the food.
d) Those minimum lines are Heart Line (Aayu rekha or bandha rekha), Head line (Dhana rekha or
Matri Rekha), Life Line (Atma Rekha or pitri rekha or gothra Rekha), sun Line (Kamala rekha or
Surya rekha or Vidhya Rekha), Mercury Line (Bala rekha or budh rekha), griddle of Venus
(mandoshnada rekha), fate line (Indira rekha or bhagya rekha).
e) Few other non compulsory lines which are good are Rascettes of venus( Mani-Bandha Rekha
or yav rekha), vertical line on the mount of Saturn (kaamhastika Rekha), 3-4 vertical lines on the
mount of Sun (Korpara Rekha), Vertical line on the first Phalange of Index finger(Jupiter Finger)
(Dharani rekha), vertical line on the mount of Sun( Hemavalli Rekha),3-4 vertical lines on the 1st
phalange of index or Jupiter finger (Varishta Rekha), small ring like line on the mount of Saturn
(Hara rekha), small ring like line on the mount of Jupiter (Diksha rekha), Slanting line on the
mount of mercury( Mahi Rekha).
f) There are some other lines too, which depicts children etc, which I will describe later.
But do rememberagain I am saying Lines should be continuous, thin (i.e. breath of the line
should be minimum), should not be very deep and dark, color should be light brownish, light

g) All the mounts should neither be over established nor should be under established, they should
be well established, and again common sense and experience will tell you what is well
h) Name/place of the mounts are as under, Mount of Jupiter(below index of Jupiter finger) also
called Pithru(Father) sthan, Mount of Saturn(below middle or Saturn finger) also called
Mathru(Mother) sthan, Mount of Sun(below Ring of Sun finger) also called Vidhya(education)
sthan, Mount of Mercury (below Little of Mercury finger) also called Jaya(spouse)sthan, Area just
below the mount of mercury(Upper mount of mars)- Dharma(religion) sthan, As per Indian
Palmistry there are 3 different places identified on the mount of Venus(area below the thumb
surrounded by Life line or atma rekha), i.e. area just below the mount of Jupiter or Lower mount of
mars-Shatru (enemy) sthan, Area just below the Shatru(enemy sthan)- Brathru(siblings) sthan,
Area Just below the Brathru sthan- Bandhu(relatives) sthan.
i) There are 2 more different areas identified on the fingers, i.e. Left side of the 2nd Phalange of
mercury finger- Putra sthan(Children house) and Left side of the 2nd Phalange of Saturn fingerPutra sankhya sthan( Number of children house)
j) You can very well see that 5th house results of the birth chart should be seen from the Mount of
Sun(below Ring of Sun finger) also called Vidhya(education) sthan, Left side of the 2nd Phalange
of mercury finger- Putra sthan(Children house) and Left side of the 2nd Phalange of Saturn fingerPutra sankhya sthan( Number of children house)
k) 9th House results of the birth chart can be seen from, Area just below the mount of mercury
(Upper mount of mars) - Dharma (religion) sthan and Mount of Jupiter (below index of Jupiter
finger) also called Pithru (Father) sthan.
l) 6th House results of the birth chart can be seen from area just below the mount of Jupiter or
Lower mount of mars-Shatru (enemy) sthan on the mount of Venus. (Area below the thumb
surrounded by Life line or atma rekha)
m) 7th House results of the birth chart can be seen from Mount of Mercury (below Little of
Mercury finger) also called Jaya (spouse) sthan
n) 3rd House results of the birth chart can be seen from Area just below the Shatru (enemy sthan)
- Brathru (siblings) sthan.
o) 4th House results of the birth chart can be seen from Mount of Saturn(below middle or Saturn
finger) also called Mathru(Mother) sthan and Area Just below the Brathru sthanBandhu(relatives) sthan.
p) 1st House results of the birth chart can be seen from the whole palm.

q) 8th House Results of the birth chart can be seen from the whole region where palm starts.
Place just above the Rascettes of Venus (Mani-Bandha Rekha or yav rekha) and last phalange of
the thumb should also be taken into consideration
r) 2nd house Results of the birth chart can be seen from the centre of the palm.
s) 11th house Results of the birth chart can be seen from the mount of moon (area just below the
Dharma (religion) sthan and Mount of Jupiter (below index of Jupiter finger) also called Pithru
(Father) sthan.
t) 10th house Results of the birth chart can be seen from the region which lies in between the
Heart Line (Aayu rekha or bandha rekha) & Head line (Dhana rekha or Matri Rekha)
u) Finally 12th House results of the birth chart can be seen from region which lies in between the
mount of Venus and Mount of moon, 1st and last phalange of the thumb and some people also
take last phalange of the Saturn Finger (middle) into consideration.
Ok, so too much for now, will continue with more tips in my next article, will tell you in deep about
nails, signs and everything which is necessary.

12th house of D-108 is the will give you the final decision as that will the native receive "moksha"
or not.
Few conditions;
1) If Atmakaraka is placed in 12th house of D-108 chart (in strength) with sun. (Atmakaraka
should be in strength, swarashi, uchh or Mooltrikona)
Moksha is due in this life.
2) If 12th lord is placed in 12th house of D-108 chart with Atmakaraka in strength (there should be
no other aspect) and sun is in its swa or uchh rashi.
Moksha is due in this life.
3) If all the planets are present in their own or uchh rashis, moksha is due.
4) If suppose 4 planets are exalted or swarashi in D-108 chart.
Then 3 births are still left for native to experience similarly if only 2 planets are not exalted or
swarashi, 2 births are still due. If 12th lord is placed in lagan of D-108 chart, One birth is still left
for the native to experience, if placed in 2nd house, 2 births are left similarly in this manner if
placed in 11th house, 12 births are still left to experience.
Planet aspecting or present in lagan or 7th house of D-108 chart, Will give information regarding
the qualities of the native that dominated him in this life Or about the qualities which were most
visible to the external world in this life and the strength of that planet will determine that, how well

he has carried those qualities in this life ( If the native has misused those very qualities, then
strength of that planet will show a decrease as compared to shatyamsa chart). 2nd and 4th
houses of D-108, will give a very clear indication about the family, we would be getting in the next
Presence of mercury, Jupiter, Venus and moon in 2nd house of D 108 (in strength), Presence of
Venus, Jupiter, moon in 4th house (in strength) will clearly indicate the royal next birth.
Exalted planets will also show the same thing.
Number of planets placed in 11th house of D-108 chart will account for number of births left for
the native.
2 planets--- 2 births
3 planets--- 3 births.
Here i want to clarify that actual count of number of births would be obtained only after the
application of all the conditions (which I am describing in different posts).
We all know that 3 gund dominate us namely tamsik gund, rajsik gund, satvic gund. Placement of
dual rashi's in the Kendra of D-108 chart will represent the dominance of satvic gund in our next
life. Similarly, chara rashi means tamsik gund & Sthira rashi gives rajsik gund.
After applying, above mentioned condition, also check the strength of the corresponding planets.
Jupiter and sun for satvic guna, Venus, mercury for rajsik gund and Saturn, mars, Rahu, ketu for
tamsik gund.
Or you can say if satvic planets are weak and Kendra has dual rashi's then satvic guna will not
On the strength of sun, moon, Jupiter and lagan and satvic rashi's (satvic gund) and weakness of
rajsik and tamsik gund, we can decide that whether person will go to "uchh loks" after death or will
again take birth on earth.
"Remember there is a difference between getting moksha and going to uchh loks"
After getting moksha, soul goes to "Param dham, vaikunth lok, uchh loks Can be dev lok,
Brahma lok etc.
If atma karak is getting exalted in D-108 chart and lagan is having, very strong shubh mala yog
(like placement of uchh planets in 2nd, 12th and lagan) and also sun and moon have good
strength, then the soul would most definitely go to uchh loks (in next life).
Influence of sun, Jupiter, Saturn, ketu and moon (in strength) on 9th house of D-108 clearly shows
that native would follow spiritualism in his next life.
Nature of Lord of 6th house in D-108 will show the nature of kind of enemies you will face in your
next life and its placement in D-108 will show, that on what cost you will defeat him or you loose to
For example if the lord of 6th house is mercury- enemies in your next life would be intelligent and
would be an expert in planning as Mars- shows ,they would use their muscle power, Jupitershows ,they would be very knowledgeable and calm. Similarly nature can be determined.

Now if suppose 6th lord in D-108 is placed in 2nd house.

It would give an indication that your family member is involved in the conspiracy and his aim
would be your family or money and to defeat him, your speech and money power would prove
beneficial in the next life.
(Paap prabhav on this 6th lord would mean your defeat)
If suppose 6th lord is place in 5th house, It would mean that enemy will have a direct impact on
your mind.
He can ruin your mental peace and progress of your kids in next life and to defeat him, your
intelligence would prove beneficial.
Similarly results can derived!
Placement of uchh or swarashi planets (should include Atmakaraka) in the 4th, 8th and 12th
houses of D-108 chart is a clear indication of liberation from birth death cycle after this life.
Note that no planet should be in deliberation in D-108 for the fulfillment of the above condition
also the 3 planets in 4th, 8th and 12th houses should not enter in a planetary war.
Nature and strength of the 10th lord of D-108 chart indicates the nature and strength of karmas
we are doing or going to do, in this life.
Placement of the 10th lord in D-108 will signify the qualities or parameters involved in carrying out
those karmas. For example If 10th lord is sitting in the 7th house, It would mean that karmas have
an attribute of business, foreign travel, reputation building, Involvement of females etc.
If 10th lord is sitting in 2nd house, It would mean that karmas are linked with money (w.r.t qualities
of that planet), family, speech (public speaking etc), teaching etc.
Few more concepts about D-108 chart, through which our current life could be neatly sketched.
Just learn this;
1st house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 5th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)
2nd house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 6th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)
3rd house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 7th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)
4th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 8th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)
5th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 9th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)
6th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 10th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)
7th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 11th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)
8th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 12th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)
9th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 1st house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart).
10th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 2nd house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)

11th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 3rd house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)
12th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 4th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and
Lagan chart)
Presence of strong lagan adhi yog in D-108 chart will surely reflect.
That native will become an emperor in the next birth.
For example; If moon, Jupiter, mercury and venus are present in 6th, 7th and 8th house with
strength in D-108 chart like;
Venus exalted in 6th house, moon exalted in 8th house and Jupiter in 7th house.
Jupiter exalted in 6th house, mercury exalted in 8th house and moon in 7th house.
Moon exalted in 6th house, Jupiter exalted in 8th house and Venus in 7th house.
11th house of D-108 will account for net result of all the accumulated desires in all the previous
For example; Presence of uchh ketu in 11th house will show that all the desires of native all
fulfilled and therefore will become one of the indications for final "moksha"
Presence of uchh Saturn in 11th house will show that, path of meditation on which native was
walking in his past births is still left unexplored, which would take one more birth to be explored
Uchh Jupiter in 11th--- would mean native has acquired all the knowledge in his past lives, and
will enter in a phase of meditation in next life.
Uchh venus in 11th--- It would mean that all the worldly desires for the native are fulfilled, and will
now start acquiring supreme knowledge in his next life.
Similarly results for other planets could be derived, ABOVE results are applicable only when there
is no malefic influence on the said planets.
Any relation between trikond lords and 11th lord in D108 chart would most definitely mean that
native is not following spiritualism in this life and he is moving away from satva gund.
Similarly relation of triKona lord with 12th lord would mean that native is on the path of spiritualism
in this life.
Above results are conclusive only when the involved planets are free of malefic influences
Strong relations between 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th lords in D-108 chart is a clear indication
that native would lead a very luxurious life in his next birth without following the path of dharma.
Strong relations between 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 12th lords in D-108 chart is similarly a clear
indication that native would be devoted to the path of dharma in his next life.
If the D-108 chart has uchh or swarashi planets in 1st, 2nd, 12th, 5th, 9th houses with no malefic
influence on 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th houses then native will acquire a seat of Indra in his next life
and would mean that Lord Indra has taken incarnation on earth due to some curse.
If all the planets are present in the 12th house of D-108 chart, It would most definitely assure him,
next life in vaikunth lok (Lok of lord Vishnu).
If all the planets are placed in 3rd, 7th and 11th house of D-108 chart, with Venus and mars
conjuncting each other. It would mean that Native will earn money through prostitution in his next

Facts on D-108 may look less relevant and may appear to have a tenuous basis but the case is
just reverse.
Only few people in India, know about the correct usage of shatyamsa chart (D-60) with the help of
Moola dasha and let me assure you that if someone knows about the same , THIS D-108 chart
will turn out be the Platinum chart of the whole Vedic astrology.
You must be wondering how?
From the ancient times itself, astrology is used as the prime tool, which could help us to
understand the karma cycle of the nature.
The above understanding involve a very close tracking of the strengths of planets present in our
charts and then as per that to , bring a change in our day to day deeds
so that we can achieve our final destination (Attainment of enlightenment).
verdict of that understanding.
D-108 is the first rough sketch of our next birth chart.
So if the strength of the venus is decreasing from shatyamsa chart to D-108, we very clearly know
where to improve as it would mean that, we are not on the right track as far as the qualities of
venus are concerned hence we have a reasonable chance to alter that rough sketch ( and This
very knowledge is the purpose of the whole astrology)
Lagan and navamsa charts can tell you nothing concrete about these most important aspects of
Hence D-108 is the most important chart- to see the progress of our soul.
You can derive the conditions of moksha from 2 ways
1) D-60, D-108
2) Death chart.
Both will give the same result and both can be independently analyzed
Whatever rules I have listed in this thread have to be applied simultaneously.
For example; let me first list all rules concerning calculating number of future births, once again.
1) Number of births left as per the placement of 12th lord.
2) Number of birth left as per the, Number of planets who have not gained "swarashi, and
exaltation strength"
3) Number of birth as per the No. of planets placed in 11th house.
See whether rule no. 3 is applicable or not (like if the 11th house is empty apply the first rule)
Find out the number out of the rule no. 1 or 3(which ever applicable)
Then add the Number derived from rule no. 2, you will get the no. of births left.
If rule 3 is applicable then add that no. also to the final number.
POINTS TO BE NOTED or exceptions;
1) All the rules which I have mentioned for giving MOKSHA preside over above three rules.
2) If a planet is getting swarashi or uchh in 11th house, DO NOT the count that planet for deriving
no. of births left.
I dont know whether I have mentioned this earlier or not.
Atmakaraka, sun and moon are very important planets in D-108, If all three are either swarashi or
exalted and If any one out of these 3 gets exalted in 12th house of D-108 with no malefic
influence, then it confirms Moksha

Further any paap prabhav on a grah further adds to the number of births equivalent to its
Maximum rays.
Sun = 30,
Mars = 6,
Jupiter = 10,
Moon = 16,
Mercury = 8,
Venus = 12 &
Saturn = 1
Here point to note is, any planet could prove malefic as per its placement and conjunction in D108 chart.
like if exalted venus is aspecting Jupiter placed in Virgo with its neech aspect then no. of births
from Jupiter would become 3(6-7,7-8,8-9)+12(contributed by venus rays)
Also remember that if a planet is exalted or swarashi then the added births due to planetary rays
SHOULD NOT be taken into account.
Like if the same Venus in pieces aspects exalted mercury in Virgo then there would be no added
births from venus rays.
Raj Yogas
1) Even a 100 adverse Yogas will become ineffective if Venus is placed in 11th house while
Jupiter is in the 2nd house. In addition, the native will become wealthy, famous by serving a king
and in the 3rd dasha particularly 2nd half, will acquire huge firm wealth, great honors and
prosperous calling.
2) When Jupiter is placed in lagan and Venus is placed in 4th house with ketu in the amsa of
mars, then the native will have mastery on 3 languages, highly learned, charming , an expert in
drama, literature, music, a good speaker and will honor Brahmins and god.
3) The above yoga will also occur if Jupiter is placed in lagan, Venus with ketu is placed in Kendra
with 4th lord.
4) Jupiter or Venus causing amala yoga (means Gaj kesari yoga + amala yoga), will make the
native honor gods and Brahmins. He will be especially devoted to lord shiva and be supreme
among men of charitable disposition.
5) When Jupiter is placed powerfully in 2nd or 10th house with Leo navamsa, the native will get
wide powers through the King.
6) For Scorpio ascendant, if 6th lord mars is in the company of 5th lord Jupiter, this will cause raja
yoga, Then the dasha of mars will confer great wealth, fortunes, quadrupeds, birth of children,
sound health and other auspicious effects.
7) A planet causing neechbhang will make the person emperor and that too in his youth, when
a) depositor of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet in Kendra
b) Conjunction of an exalted planet with a debilitated planet (like sun and Saturn in Libra and
Aries, Jupiter and mars in Capricorn and canceretc)
ASCENDANT.on the contrary it would obstruct the prosperity.

8) When Lord of 9th is placed in 4th house while Venus is in the 6th with Saturn will make the
native acquire decent learning and head of a land. He will excel in writing and studies. He will be
skillful in 3 languages. This combination will uninterruptedly give effects of Raj Yogas and will
make the subject a devotee of lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.
9) Rahu in 10th house as Saturn is in Aries rashi, Leo navamsa: the yoga is called Laxmi
yoga.(this yoga also functions if Saturn is in Pieces rashi in Sagittarius navamsa)
10) For a Libra ascendant native, venus placed in the 11th house, joining the lord of 9th /4th and
begetting cancer navamsa cause Indra Raj yoga as result the native will enjoy material pleasure
and will be dear to king. He will follow the prescribed path of religion and be endowed with much
wealth. He will build temples, towers and be happy.
11) Vishnu yoga will occur if sun is in Aries with Leo navamsa while Jupiter joins ketu (elsewhere).
Such a native will prosper and will follow the codes prescribed for vashnative. Mars in lagan and
Saturn in 12th house will also produce the said yoga. The natives childhood will be marked by
grief. There will be penury up to the age of 27. He will have emaciated body, be dark in
complexion and be endowed with an auspicious appearance.
He will realize the Supreme Being and will be wealthy, heroic, intelligent and will be dear to king.
He will have 2 sisters and will also have younger brothers.
12) There occurs raja yoga for a native of one of the movable ascendants as Venus occupies the
sign Taurus with Aquarius navamsa as a result the happiness and position will come to pass after
27th year.
13) Venus aspecting or joining the Arudh of lagan, 9th and 12th houses causes Raja yoga. Such
a native will become a king or equal to him. He will be valorous and will be fond of drama, musical
instruments, singing and poetry. He will be fond of Scents, garlands and robes.
14) The 6th lord in the 10th house, occupying the angular navamsa will bring royal authority. The
Native will be fond of musical instruments. He will achieve political wisdom through his elder
brother and be endowed with good thoughts.
15) If the 9th lords navamsa position is identical with a trine signs from natal ascendant it will
make the native a close associate of the king.
16) If the 5th Lord Navamsa is identical with a trine signs from natal ascendant it will make the
native serve the king.
17) Mars, Sun and mercury in the 6th house, Saturn in the 3rd House, the moon joining Jupiter in
the ascendant, venus and Ketu in the 4th,and Rahu in 10th house, with this array of planets, the
native will be quite happy and be a great man. His childhood will be marked by difficulties. He will
have limited number of issues. His coborns will also similarly have limited issues. The native will
earn so much wealth and be so prosperous like a king. After 16th, 20th and 32nd year, his wealth
will show increasing trends. His father will be happy. During his 8th year, the native will see his
father declining and mentally distressed.
18) The moon in Virgo, Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Aries/ Leo/ Sagittarius will cause abundant
fortunes to a pieces lagan native. He will incur some infectious diseases, will maintain his relatives
and will perform poor feeding. He will be passionate and highly libidinous.
19) The moon joining Rahu in the 2nd house and being in sakata yoga (with Jupiter 6th or 8th
w.r.t moon) will bless the native with abundant education, skill in consideration of the pros and
cons and a high order of intelligence.
Basic Nadi Rules

1) Aspects should not be seen in Divisional Charts, concept of aspects are only meant for Lagan
or rashi chart.
2) The 5th House is called the Rajya sthan (kingdom house), the 9th Prabhu Sthan (Lords
House), the 10th house Mitra sthan (friends house) and 4th house Bandhu sthan (relatives
From each of the bhavas, note the navamsa position of the 8th lord concerned and declare effects
for the king and his relatives.
a) 2nd lord navamsa rashi- represent Children
b) Rashi aspected by 12th lord - represent Children
c) Ascendant Lords navamsa rashi- represent maternal uncles.
d) 8th lord navamsa rashi- represent maternal uncles.
e) 11th lord navamsa rashi- represent mother & relatives
f) 10th lord navamsa rashi- represent brother
g) 4th lord navamsa lord- represent mother, paternal uncle
h) 4th lord navamsa rashi- represent father
3) Add the longitudes of the lords of 2nd, 9th and 11th. When Jupiter in transit reaches or aspects
the resultant degree, the subject will have great religious advancements and effects of Raja yoga.
These results will also materialize if Jupiter occupies or aspects the said degree in the natal
General Nadi rules.
1) Even if 4th lord moon gets debilitated in Navamsa or in the 8th in Capricorn in navamsa; she
will give a long lease of life to the mother because of Jupiters Aspect.
2) Jupiter in friendly rashi which gives him Mercurys navamsa will make the native highly
passionate and serve the king.
3) In the dasha of Venus placed in Libra at birth, the native will enjoy increased prosperity in
Saturns (Sub) period. He will in mercurys sub period acquire fame and mercy of the emperor.
4) Venus with Mars in Scorpio causes the birth of a person who will destroy his friends and
protectors but he will attain great prosperity in a different country. Venus in Libra causes
widespread fame.
5) Rahu in Ascendant in aspect to the Sun gives a dark physique. Such a person will after some
time develop enmity with his relatives. He will incur grief even on account of his Mother. His
childhood will cause him grief and evils to father. He will be initially happy with his half brother but
will have enmity with them later on. His wealth will be destroyed by soodras.
6) When the ascendant is occupied by Rahu as the 11th lord is in the 10th house, the step brother
of the native will remain the eldest issue, be happy, will indulge in sinful acts and be fond of
sensual pleasures. He will be a passionate person and will pursue acts due to a soodras. He will
hate his spouse. All these results are applicable to the step brother of the native.
7) Should 7th lord be in the company of sun, the native will join other women. He will have 2
wives, be passionate and will be endowed with children.
8) If the 5th Lord is in the 5th House, occupying Taurus navamsa, the step brother will have
obstacles in begetting progeny as he will obtain(only) dead children.
9) The Sun with Ketu in the 10th house without a benefic aspect leads to the following: a) Step
brother will have difficulties in begetting progeny .He will initially lose wealth on account of
soodras and then will lead a happy life.

b) When the native will be 8 or 10 years of age, financial losses to father will have to be feared.
After sometime he will have good terms with children born to his other wife (than the natives
mother) and be happy.
10) If Mars is found in the 5th as his depositor is in the 8th house, the native will obtain many
dead children and only after a long interval, a long living child will be born. To overcome these
evils, worship of lord kartikeya (son of lord shiva, army chief of Gods) and bathing in sethu (in
rameshwaram). Due to the yoga caused by mars as above the native in his 6th Lords Dasha, in
40th year, will incur grief on account of destruction of step brothers.
11) Should Rahu be with the 10th lord, be in aspect to 2nd lord and be in Leo navamsa, the
natives childhood will be marked by difficulties and poverty.
12) Saturn joining mars and placed in Libra navamsa denotes a person with learning and
modesty. He will be in grip of anger only to be pacified instantly.
13) Saturn in Capricorn while the moon in pieces rashi with Aquarius navamsa-this yoga will give
virtuous children to maternal uncles but troubles on account of tuberculosis and emaciation. The
natives maternal uncles will prosper while his father will sometimes will be happy. With Saturn in
pieces in transit coinciding with natives first dasha, his sister will get marriage. His marriage will
occur in 2nd dasha, his 3rd dasha will acquisition of wealth When Saturn comes to the rashi
indicated by the navamsa position of ketu or its trine the countrys army chief will be destroyed. (I
think the author is indicating war)
14) For Scorpio ascendant if the Arudh of 6th is aspected by Saturn or by Mars, the native will
invite dangerous diseases. 10th lord sun (strength) must be ascertained first before declaring any
result. With such yoga, the dasha of 12th lord Venus is said to cause serious illness or destruction
of wealth.
15) When sakata Yoga(Jupiter and moon is 6th/8th to each other) is formed, Rahu joining Jupiter
will cause worries to the native on account of his spouse and progeny and may even prove an
obstacle in begetting an issue.
16) With Saturn being the moon sign lord, if placed in exaltation in aspect to Jupiter, one born in
an immovable ascendant will be the lonely issue of the family, bereft of any coborns.
Destruction of Parents
1) Destruction of father will result if Saturn occupies the degree caused by adding the longitudes
of the Sun and the 4th Lord.
2) Destruction of mother will result if Saturn occupies the degree caused by adding the longitudes
of the Moon and the 5th Lord.
Remember 4th lord denotes fathers death while the 5th lord denotes mothers Death.
Fathers Prosperity
1) Jupiter is Sagittarius Ascendant, Venus in the 4th house in the company of the lords of 9th and
10th (i.e. the sun and mercury), will provide the natives father numerous vehicles and fame via
royal service. He will be endowed with coborns, be diseases and be subjected to the loss of older
brother. He will have 3 long living brothers and one long living sister.
2) The natives father will have checkered prosperity for one born on Saturday, while Saturn in the
3rd house in Aquarius rashi and Capricorn navamsa.
3) If the 5th lord Venus is in Capricorn ascendant, in Gemini navamsa in aspect to 9th lord, the
paternal grand father will be in royal service. He will live in a foreign land, be passionate, will live

by agriculture (also) and be happy. He will reside in good peoples company. He will somewhat
gain serving others.
General Rules
1) The Moon is the body, while the ascendant (i.e. Ascendant degree) is its breadth.
2) Conjunction Saturn and mars in Libra ascendant will lead to loss of father in childhood,
difficulties to mother and birth of no after born.(My maternal cousin have this yoga in his chart and
I have lost my mama in 2009, My maternal aunt is facing lot of difficulties since then)
3) When Saturn Joins mars in cancer sign in 8th house, the native will see his spouse and sons in
sickness and physical decay according to sages.
4) The Moon in the close company of ketu denotes that during childhood the subject will be
breast-fed by another woman (than the mother). He will not have just one step mother (i.e. will
have many) out of whom this subject will be dear to one.
5) If Saturn is in 7th house without the aspect of a benefic planet joins an exalted planet, a yoga
called Nara is produced. The native will be, as a result a great sinner, will torture and cheat
others, will do base acts and kill Brahmins. On account of these diseases and loss of sons, he will
be emaciated.
6) Should Saturn be in Cancer and join ketu in navamsa the person will get disorders of excretion
and urine but will have an early cure.
7) Saturn in own sign, own navamsa or in exaltation in aspect to mars will cause happy childhood.
The person will be happy after 8, in particular. He will eat limited food (quality of a Yogi or
sadhak),be charitable, famous devoted to lord shiva, be skilled in writing and learning, be fond of
panchakshari mantra, be disposed to sing in the praise of lord and be honorable, be more
intelligent than his father. He will have 2 maternal uncle, 2 paternal uncles,1 paternal aunt who will
have a long living husband.
8) Should 7th lord be in lagan, the dasha of 7th lord will cause happiness part from marriage to his
9) In case of immovable ascendants (Vrish, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), if moon is placed in
Scorpio navamsa. Happiness will come to the native after 35 years. The native obtain wealth and
increased prosperity.
10) Rahu in the 3rd house and its depositor in the lagan in the aspect of Jupiter will make the
native devotee of lord shiva and Vishnu.
11) If the Arudh pada of the 12th house counted from the moon is occupied by malefic, the native
will not be happy. If Jupiter aspects the said pada, some happiness will exist.
12) The conjunction of the lords of 9th and the 10th in the 8th from the ascendant will be a reason
for obstacles to prosperity which will be limited as such. This yoga will give fortunes after the age
of 24 for a period of 6 years following which grief will come to pass.
13) Jupiter in the Arudh of 7th house, with a navamsa of his own and in full strength will contribute
to acquisition of conveyances.
Navamsa Rules
1) Even the son of the ruler of the whole earth will earn a meal by beggary and will be chief
among naked ascetics when all the planets are in exaltation signs with corresponding debilitation

2) Planet becomes powerful if placed in navamsa owned by a yogakaraka( eg for Taurus lagan,
Saturn becomes the yogkaraka, so planets placed in the navamsa of yogkaraka will be rendered
powerful provided that yogkaraka planet is in strength)
3) If a planet is debilitated in rashi chart but begets his exaltation navamsa, the person will be rich
and will enjoy many pleasures. If the said debilitated planet is in the navamsa of a Yogkaraka,
birth in a prosperous family is denoted.
4) A planet in exaltation sign and debilitated navamsa will be grievous. The one in debilitation sign
with exaltation navamsa will be source of happiness. Pleasures and raja yoga will follow a planet
that is Vargottammi in its own sign.
Raja Yogas
1) Matta Matanga Yoga: The lords of angles and trines should be in their own signs, or in a sign
that exalts the lord of the ascendant or should be in angles/trines. This yoga will get nullified if the
lord of the ascendant occupies an inimical sign or the sign of his debility. One born in the said
yoga will be wealthy owing limitless sums.
2) Chandradhi Yoga results when moon is all powerful with full rays, with benefic in 7th, 6th and
8th houses from moon. The person concerned will be the ruler of the earth with all kind of
pleasures at his disposal. NOTE: In this yoga benefic in 7th from Moon will produce an army chief,
in 6th will produce a minister and in 8th will produce a KING.
3) Should Venus be in the 11th from Arudh lagan in strength, or aspect the said 11th or should the
Venus be in lagan with the moon, it will grant conveyances, Ministership, elephants and headship
of an army.( Got this yoga, AL falls in 3rd house and venus is present in lagan)
4) One will enjoy prosperity and fame if the Arudh pada for the ascendant or for the 9th is in
relation with Venus either by aspect or association.
5) Maha Pandita Yoga: If sun and mercury join in a sign which is the ascendant and is the place
of exaltation for one of them or if Jupiter alone is in the ascendant in exaltation the said yoga is
produced. Person would be scholar, ruler of men and land, wealthy, will be scientific, learned,
good speaker, protector of secrets, wise and virtuous.
6) Raj pooja Yoga: If 9th Lord is in exaltation with exceeding strength (strong in shadbala and
otherwise), in aspect to moon, while an angle or trine is occupied by mercury, this yoga is formed.
Native will be very very rich, be famous, long lived and endowed with sons.
7) Moksha yoga: If Jupiter or Venus is in an angle or a trine, attaining the 12th sign counted from
navamsa ascendant, the subject will be relieved of mundane bonds, i.e. will attain moksha. Note:
If Jupiter is in Sagittarius in 10th house and 12th lord Saturn in 7th house in his own navamsa,
then native will attain heavens due to the mercy of lord shiva. Later on he will have an excellent
8) For Scorpio Ascendant, should Venus be in trine from the ascendant, Jupiter in the 2nd or the
6th and moon is free from malefic conjunction, the subject will have a pure history, be ever
considerate, helpful to others, passionate and famous in the world
9) Special Rule of Kalyug: One born with even 3 exalted planets will not beget raja yoga unless
there is a planet in simultaneous debility which has Neecha-Bhanga Raj yoga to its credit.
10) Sri Gauri Yoga: Venus in the 4th with the moon causes Sri Gauri yoga. The subject will have
symbols of fish, barley and Ankusha (elephant Drivers hook) on his palm. He will be interested in
honoring Gods and Brahmins and saints. Further, he will have special symbols on the back and
sides of the body, be of sacrificing mind, attached to yoga systems, be lordly, will have a small

hump on the shoulder(shoulder may be bent a bit) and will have attractive spouse and progeny.
He will be head of an army, be happy, will have strong limbs, be lustful, endowed with great
physical strength. He will be knower of everything, be discriminating in taste and will enjoy
Though I have moon in my 4th house and Venus in lagan, dont know whether this yoga is
applicable in my chart but I clearly have Fish, flag and Conch marked on my hand.
11) The lords of the 9th and 10th counted from 9th should join in a sign which is own or exaltation
sign for one of them. The ascendant lord being in strength should be aspected by a benefic
planet. As a result, the subject will be kingly and will enjoy the status due to an emperor. He will
be endowed with many gems, riches, grains, gold and be a lord of wealth.
12) Mandara Yoga: The Lord of the moon sign in exaltation while the moon sign is in aspect to a
benefic and moon should be in 2nd house. He will be wealthy, munificent, will own elephants and
horses will perform good deeds and be highly virtuous. He will earn merits by worshipping Gods
and Brahmins.
13) Parijata Yoga:
a) The navamsa depositor of the 9th lord should be in an immovable navamsa.
b) The depositor of the 9th lord should be in exaltation.
c) The depositor of the depositor of the 9th lord should be in angle w.r.t Moon, Venus and
Just for your understanding, I have got this yoga clearly present in my chart.
9th lord moon placed in 4th, its navamsa depositor is Mars who is placed in Scorpio navamsa
(Immovable navamsa). Depositor of Moon i.e. Saturn is exaltated and further the depositor of
Saturn i.e. venus is in lagan ( in Kendra from Moon, lagan and Venus itself)
The native will be a king (till date I am not), Knowledgeable in the branch of Justice, be honored
by kings, skillful in archery and astrology. A repository of mercy, modest, endowed with virtuous
sons and wealth and be charming as the moon. Further his fame will start spreading in the world
from the 20th Year. Prosperity will knock his door from the 27th Year.
14) Venus in 2nd and Jupiter in 11th house will mitigate 100 evil combinations at birth. They
should be in strength.
15) Indra Yoga: The conjunction of Venus, Saturn and mercury in 11th house for Libra
ascendant. Venus should however be in the 9th house of navamsa chart. Such a native will enjoy
material pleasures, be liked by the ruler, will take to right path of living and will enjoy illimitable
wealth. He will construct temples, towers etc and would be charitable.
16) The native of cancer ascendant will enjoy raja yoga if the lords of 9th and 12th are aspected
by or conjunct Venus. The will be king. He will be courageous, valorous and fond of drama,
rhetoric, poetry and music, be eloquent, truthful and fond of scents and garlands.
17) Venus in Gopuramasa, Jupiter in Paravatamsa and moon again in Paravatamsa will case hari
hara Brahma yoga. The native will be the ruler who will have all good qualities and will enjoy all
kinds of pleasures.
18) Another form of Shri Matsya Yoga: Jupiter and Venus should be in the navamsa occupied by
the 9th lord. Results are same as mentioned elsewhere.
19) Sun in Vargottammi, the lord of the ascendant in a benefic sign and mercury in the 10th from
lagan will produce chamara yoga, results are same mentioned elsewhere.

20) Rudrasana Yoga: If the 6th, 8th and 12th from lagan simultaneously contains planets in
exaltation, this yoga is formed. The native will simply be the ruler of the earth.
21) Neecha Bhang Raja yoga: When Saturn is debilitated in 11th house simultaneously being
Vargottammi while its depositor mars in placed angle to moon (especially 10th from moon in my
exp). The subject will be equal to an emperor. His prosperity will rise after 25th year. This yoga
will be felt throughout his life.

Nadi Astrology and Married Life

Married life and Nadi Jyotish
Combinations w.r.t Married life as per nadi Jyotish
Mars is the karak for husband in females chart and Venus is the karak for wife in males
The following combination should be first seen in rashi chart and then in D-9 chart.
1) When Venus, Mars and ketu are in trine to each other or very close degree wise, it may result
into separation, If Jupiter is also in trine or in 2nd house from Venus there may be a compromise.
2) When Venus, Mars and Rahu are in trine to each other or very close degree wise, it may result
into separation
3) When Mercury, Mars and ketu are in trine to each other or very close degree wise, it may again
result into separation.
4) When Venus is in trine to any two slow moving planets like Rahu, Saturn or ketu or very close
degree wise, it will result in separation.
5) When Ketu and mercury( in trine to each other, or very close degree wise) it indicates Love
marriage for the native, If in this set up Venus or jupiter also gets involved(through exchange or
strong aspect or degree wise or in trine etc), then it will end in love marriage. Further, if Mars gets
involved ((through exchange or strong aspect or degree wise or in trine etc) then there will be a
failure in love affair or love marriage. In case of Moon involvement ((through exchange or strong
aspect or degree wise or in trine etc) then native will get defame in the society.
6) When Venus and moon get involved (through exchange or strong aspect or degree wise or in
trine etc) In females chart, she will only be happy with her boy friend and may be spoiled before
marriage BUT if Jupiter is powerful in the chart, then she will commit the adultery in her mind only.

7) When Venus, Mercury and moon are involved with each other (through exchange or strong
aspect or degree wise or in trine etc) then native can sleep with anybody if given a chance
(irrespective of whether the native is male or female) even Jupiter aspect also cannot help here in
this condition.
8) If Venus is hemmed between Saturn and mercury or between Mars and mercury, her spouse
will also have a boy friend.
9) If mars is hemmed between Venus and moon or between Venus and mercury her husband will
also have a girlfriend.
10) To see the stability of married life one should move from Venus to mars, if there are many
Malefics between the two the married life will not be stable.

11) When Rahu is in trine or very close degree wise to mars- Indicates Late marriage for females
12) When Rahu is in Trine or very close degree wise to Venus-indicates late marriage for Males.
13) When ketu is in trine or very close degree wise to Venus in male's chart then there may be
misunderstanding between the couple but things will be fine if Jupiter is in trine or in 2nd to
14) When Ketu is in trine to mars or very close degree wise in female's chart then there will be
misunderstanding between the couple but again Jupiter's involvement will nullify the things.
Some additional concepts: As per nadi astrology Jupiter is the jeeva karak for males and Venus is
the Jeevakaraka for females also remember that Mercury is the karaka for the girl friend or boy
friend therefore whenever Jupiter comes in trine from Mercury in males chart- It indicates that
person can have a illicit relationship. If this combination goes with Ketu and mercury in trine to
each other or Venus, Mars, Rahu in trine to each other or Venus mars ketu in trine to each other
or Mercury, Ketu, mars in trine to each other, this will surely indicate illicit relationships. The same
could be observed in females chart by looking at the mutual trine of Jeevakaraka Venus (for
females) with mercury, simultaneously taking into consideration the above mentioned points.
If moon comes in trine to Rahu and any of the above mentioned 1 to 6 points are applicable then
the things may go worse w.r.t personal life this is because Rahu is the karaka for all the secretive
things and moon is the karaka for mind as a result this kind of placement may facilitate Secretive
love affair.
While considering the trine formations, do remember that if a planet is retrograde then its trine
placements should be considered from the sign in which it is placed as well as from the its
previous sign, like for example if mercury is retro and on the upfront ketu is not in trine to mercury
then do reanalyze the ketu mercury trine placement by assuming the mercury in previous sign as
that will also result into love marriage.
The above mentioned points when found in lagan chart, they indicate that an event may take
place on the materialistic front or physical front but when they occur in D-9 chart then that indicate
the inner tendencies of the native towards the relationships. In other words, if these mentioned
points are not occurring in lagan chart but are only present in D-9 chart, then that will indicate that
though the native have the tendencies of messing up his relationships but that mess will not
happen. From another angle, if the indications are present in both lagan and D-9 chart then the
results mentioned are bound to happen, come what may!
Some additional concepts: As per Nadi Jyotish though everyone knows still. These are the karaks
(1) overall personality of the person consider
(i) Jupiter as Jeevakaraka for Males
(ii) Venus as Jeevakaraka for Females
(2) For Profession, elder brother consider Saturn
(3) For Younger brother (2nd) consider Mars
(4) For Younger brother (3rd) consider Mercury
(5) For mother, Elder sister, mother in law consider Moon
(6) For Younger sister (2nd) Venus
(7) For Younger sister (3rd) Mercury
(8) For Husband consider Mars
(9) For Father consider Sun
(10) For Paternal Grand Father consider Rahu

(11) For Maternal Grand Father consider Ketu

(12) For education, Maternal Uncle, girl friend boy friend, father in law consider Budha
(13) For Wife, Finance, vehicles consider Venus
In nadi Jyotish, bhavas, signs, nakshatras, sub lords etc are given less importance for instance to
evaluate the strength of the planet, sign can be considered but maximum importance is given to
the placement of planets w.r.t each other...their conjunctions, aspects and last but not the
least...paraivartan Yogas, exchange of two planets are considered very important in nadi Jyotish
experts use the nadi astrology principles in D-9 and d-60 charts apart from lagan chart.
If the 2 planets are in same sign then they will aspect each other with 100% Drishti, From other
trines (5,9) 75% aspect has to be taken, from 2nd house also 75% aspect has to be taken, from
3,7,11 houses w.r.t planet under consideration 50% aspect has to be taken and from 12th house
25% aspect has to be taken 2nd house from planet represent front direction, 12th house from
planet represent rear direction, 1,5,9- same direction, 3,7,11,opposite direction with an exception
that Rahu and ketu cannot aspect a planet from opposite direction.
Applicability of above mentioned principles. In the chart of tiger woods;
First lets talk of the inherent nature of tiger woods towards the relationship...for this one has to
look at D-9 chart where Ketu, mars and Venus are in trine to each other. In addition mercury in
trine to Jupiter (jiva karaka) and Saturn (karma karaka) simultaneously all the above mentioned 3
points explains his 120 affairs which he admitted. Coming to the materialistic manifestation of
these relationships from lagan chart, Venus(spouse karaka) in conjunction with moon explains his
wavering mind towards relationship, paraivartan with mars(very important in nadi Jyotish) explains
his bad temperament towards relationship and this venus is also in trine with Saturn this explains
why his marriage ended in divorce after getting exposed in front of the whole world. Jupiter in trine
to Venus explains why he got a devoted spouse
You can take the example of any number Hollywood actors who had bad relationship experiences
and who had more than 1 divorce.
For example, Jennifer aniston, 11 Feb 1969, 22:22, Los Angeles, California
She has;
1) Venus, Mars and Rahu in triKona to each other.
2) Venus Saturn and Rahu also in triKona to each other
3) Ketu and mercury in trine to each other.
4) Venus and moon in trine to each other.
5) Venus mars and Saturn in trine to each other.
5) In D-9 too, Venus ketu and mars in trine and ketu and mercury in trine to each other.
See the fal or effect of each of these combinations which I have mentioned above.
1) When Venus, Mars and ketu are in trine to each other, it may result into separation, If Jupiter is
also in trine or in 2nd house from Venus there may be a compromise.
2) When Venus, Mars and Rahu are in trine to each other, it may result into separation
4) When Venus is in trine to any two slow moving planets like Rahu, Saturn or ketu, it will result in
6) When Venus and moon are in trine to each other. In females chart, she will only be happy with
her boy friend and may be spoiled before marriage BUT if Jupiter aspects them, then she will
commit the adultery in her mind only.
7) When Ketu and mercury are in trine to each other it indicates Love marriage for the native.

Simple and easy to apply;

Aniston dated her Ferris Bueller TV costar Charlie Schlatter in 1990, and briefly dated musician
Adam Duritz in 1995. From 1995 to 1998, she was romantically involved with actor Tate Donovan
and the couple was reportedly engaged.
In May 1998, she began dating actor Brad Pitt. They married on July 29, 2000, in a private
wedding ceremony in Malibu. For a few years, their marriage was considered the rare Hollywood
Success. However, the couple announced their separation on January 6, 2005. Pitt and Aniston
were seen together publicly after announcing their separation, even at a dinner party for Aniston's
36th birthday, and friends of the couple had declared they were reconciling. Aniston, however,
filed for divorce on March 25, 2005.It was finalized on October 2, 2005.During this period there
was intense speculation in the media that Pitt had been unfaithful to Aniston with his Mr. & Mrs.
Smith co-star, Angelina Jolie.
In the following months, the public's reaction towards the divorce was reported in the press. The
story became the headline news of media shows such as Entertainment Tonight and Access
Hollywood, and made the front- pages of tabloid magazines for years, continuing till this day.
'Team Aniston' and 'Team Jolie' T-shirts appeared, with 'Team Aniston' shirts out-selling the
'Team Jolie' shirts 4:1.Aniston revealed that her divorce prompted her to reach out to her mother,
Nancy, from whom she was estranged for nearly a decade. They initially became estranged when
Nancy spoke about her daughter on a television show and later wrote a book entitled, From
Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir (1999). Aniston has also stated she was devastated
by the death of her longtime therapist, whose work helped make her separation from Pitt easier.
Aniston said her relationship with Pitt, which she does not regret, was "seven very intense years
together" and that "it was a beautiful, complicated relationship."
After her divorce, Aniston began a relationship with actor Vince Vaughn, with whom she costarred
in The Break Up. Relationship troubles were reported in September 2006, followed by a confirmed
split in December of that year. She dated British model Paul Sculfor for a few months in 2007. In
February 2008, she began dating singer John Mayer. The couple broke up in August, but they
resumed the relationship in October before splitting again in March 2009. Aniston has had two
septoplasties to correct her deviated septumone which was incorrectly done in 1994 and the
second in January 2007. She is the godmother of Coco Riley Arquette, the daughter of her good
friends, actors Courteney Cox and David Arquette.In 2007; Forbes rated Aniston as one of the top
10 richest women in entertainment and estimated her net worth to be about $110 million.
You can very well validate that she was officially involved with 9 men.
Separation and Nadi Astrology
Separation and Nadi Astrology
The word called separation though comes with a pain but the fact of the matter is pain is also the
part of our lives. Hence we need to get accustomed to this pain and make this pain our fast friend,
so that the pain itself counters your pain. Anyways please bear with my old habit of playing with
words, cant help it, but dont worry, take this article as the painkiller only as after going through
this write up; you all would be in the position to know the root cause of youre biggest pain i.e.
separation, in advance with the help of astrology. Remember, separation could be with anybody
Father, mother, spouse, girl friend, boy friend, kids, servants or even Job etc.

I am not planning to write a lengthy write up nor does time allow me to have that kind of liberty, so
just coming to the point.
So guys hold your belts, as these are extremely rare concepts which you would not find anywhere
in this kind of summary format. I just hope that maximum of you gets benefited with this write up.
Here are the crisp concepts in steps:
Step 1: Identify the karaka corresponding to the parameter of which you want to check the
separation possibilities in your chart.
Jupiter is for you, i.e. Jeeva karaka, In case of females, its Venus.
Sun is the karaka planet for father.
Moon is the Karak planet for mother, Elder sister, mother in law.
Mercury is for education, Maternal Uncle, girl friend, boy friend, father in law.
Venus is For Wife, Marriage, Finance, vehicles.
Saturn is For Profession, elder brother.
Mars is for husband in case of females, its also for immediate younger brother.
Step 2: Pick up the karaka corresponding to the parameter of which you want analyze the
separation aspect.
For example if you want to see the separation possibilities w.r.t father, pick up sun, for mother
choose moon, for wife or marriage choose Venus, females have to simultaneously choose both
mars and venus in case she is looking w.r.t a relationship, as mars is the karaka for husband and
venus is for marriage.
Like this, hope you all are getting me.
Now what to do after choosing the desired karaka? Simple keep on reading!
Step 3:
See, whether this karaka which you have chosen has the simultaneous strong linkages with:
1) Mars and Ketu or
2) Saturn and Ketu or
3) Mars and Rahu or
4) Saturn and Rahu or
Thats all.
How to see the strong linkage:
1) Use, Trine relationship [1, 5, 9] (degree wise, take both lagan and cusp chart into account,
experienced astrologers can also take D-9 and D-60 into account). RETRO PLANETS SHOULD
2) Use, Strong Mutual aspect.
3) Use, Exchange or Parivartan
4) Use, Degree wise closeness.
Note: Remember involvement of Rahu gives the combination, much more intensity to do bad.
I.e. Rahu and Saturn or Rahu and Mars are more intense when compared to Mars and Ketu or
Saturn and Ketu
Ok, so as soon as you see Karaka strong linkages with any of:
1) Mars and Ketu or
2) Saturn and Ketu or
3) Mars and Rahu or
4) Saturn and Rahu or

Come to step 4:
Check the auspiciousness of Karaka and set of planets involved from various angles (Placement,
avastha, combustion, varga strength, shad bal strength etc).
If karaka and set of planets turns out to be inauspicious in the chart, a separation is certain w.r.t
karaka parameter.
Like if sun has strong linkages with mars and Rahu or Saturn and Rahu or mars and Ketu or
Saturn and Ketu.
Check for the auspiciousnes level of sun, Saturn and Rahu, if they are inauspicious, then
separation from father is certain. In fact even if 2 of them are inauspicious, then also there is a
high possibility.
Now come to the timing part, i.e. when exactly this event would occur.
So, that is also simple, interpret the dasha sequence of the planets involved. Like if Sun, Saturn
and Rahu are involved, start analyzing the dasha sequences of Saturn, sun and Rahu
simultaneously. How to do it exactly, well guys thats a long and deep topic in itself. So will take
that up next time
Till then take care and bye.
Nadi Astrology and Diseases
If Chandra (Moon) gets close to Budha (Mercury) (degree wise or in trine to each other or
through powerful aspect or exchange), the person will be suffering throat infection quite
often and this combination also result in skin related issues.
If Rahu or Ketu gets close to either Jupiter or Saturn (degree wise or in trine to each other
or through powerful aspect or exchange), then the person will be suffering from
rheumatic pain.
Closeness of Saturn and Mars (degree wise or in trine to each other or through powerful
aspect or exchange) may sometimes lead to tooth ache or tooth decaying. The same
w.r.t mars and Rahu may lead to ugly looking or uneven teeth.
When Jupiter simultaneously gets very close to Venus & moon (degree wise or in trine to
each other or through powerful aspect or exchange) then breathing trouble is indicated
like asthma.
When Jupiter, Ketu and mars gets simultaneously close to each other (degree wise or in
trine to each other or through powerful aspect or exchange), there is a possibility of piles.
If Moon also gets involved in this combination, then there is a possibility that the person
will be suffering from Cancer.
If Saturn gets close to Sun or Moon (degree wise or in trine to each other or through
powerful aspect or exchange), the person will have weak eye sight also If Rahu or Ketu
gets close to either Sun or Moon (degree wise or in trine to each other), then the person
will have defective eye sight (Depending on the intensity and dasha progression,
cataract, color blindness, squinted eyes etc are also possible).
If Venus gets close to Moon (degree wise or in trine to each other or through powerful
aspect or exchange), then the person will be suffering from Diabetes. For the above
combination, the following diseases may also come
1. Uterus trouble,
2. Indigestion,
3. Urinary Infection,

4. Kidney trouble,
5. Bladder trouble
When Jupiter gets close to Sun, mars or Ketu (degree wise or in trine to each other or
through powerful aspect or exchange) this may lead to heart related diseases like heart
When Ketu is close mars (degree wise or in trine to each other), then the person will have
defective blood circulation also If Saturn or Rahu is strongly influencing Mars (degree
wise or in trine to each other or through powerful aspect or exchange), then the person will
have polluted blood.
There is also a possibility of High Blood pressure if Jupiter is close to Mars (degree wise
or in trine to each other or through powerful aspect or exchange)
If Jupiter, Mars and Rahu simultaneously gets linked with each other (degree wise or in
trine to each other or through powerful aspect or exchange), the person will suffer from
small pox.
If Rahu simultaneously influences Mercury and Mars (degree wise or in trine to each other
or through powerful aspect or exchange), then there will be spinal cord disorder.
If Sun and Moon gets very close to each other (degree wise or in trine to each other or
through powerful aspect or exchange) and if this combination is also influenced by Saturn
and Rahu, then the person will be suffering from Migraine.
If Moon, Mars and Rahu gets simultaneously linked to each other (degree wise or in trine
to each other or through powerful aspect or exchange), then the Person will have suicidal
tendency. Even if mars is not involved still the Moon and Rahu closeness will lead
to mental hallucination
If (Jupiter, Mars and Rahu) or (Saturn, Mars and Rahu) gets simultaneously linked to each
other (degree wise or in trine to each other or through powerful aspect or exchange), then
the Person will meet with accident.
If Budha, Chandra, Sukra and Ketu are in the same sign. The native will suffer from
white Leprosy.
If Rahu aspects Budha, then the person will have ear trouble.
If Retrograded Guru and Rahu are located in the same sign. Both the feet of the native
will get affected with Polio.
There are many diseases which I have not listed here but the planetary configurations w.r.t any
disease could be derived using the above mentioned rules.
Like for example Psoriasis is a chronic immune-mediated disease that appears on the skin(i.e. If
Chandra (Moon) gets close to Budha (Mercury) (degree wise or in trine to each other or through
powerful aspect or exchange)) with an extra involvement of saturn as its chronic in nature + Rahu
as its cause is not known. so this would be the basic condition which has to go along with its root
cause condition. Now what exactly I mean by this?
See this disease occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals that speed up the
growth cycle of skin cells (so basically skin related)
However, psoriasis has been linked to an increased risk of stroke.(that means, When Jupiter gets
close to Sun, mars or Ketu (degree wise or in trine to each other or through powerful aspect or
exchange) could be the cause as this may lead to heart related diseases like heart attacks).
So along with the basic condition, the root cause condition should also be present in the chart.

Though the actual cause of this disease is not known(therefore see the involvement of
rahu(unknown cause) with saturn,moon and mercury).
As I mentioned, the basic condition is:
If Chandra (Moon) gets close to Budha (Mercury) (degree wise or in trine to each other or through
powerful aspect or exchange)) with an extra involvement of saturn as its chronic in nature, Rahu
(because its cause is not exactly known).
If the above conditions get satisfied then you also need to look for the root cause condition like:
1) If Jupiter is close to Mars (degree wise or in trine to each other or through powerful aspect or
exchange) then boold pressure could be the cause
2) or If Ketu is close mars (degree wise or in trine to each other), then the cause could be
defective blood circulation also If Saturn or Rahu is strongly influencing Mars (degree wise or in
trine to each other or through powerful aspect or exchange), then cause could be polluted blood.
3) or If Venus gets close to Moon (degree wise or in trine to each other or through powerful aspect
or exchange), then Diabetes or Uterus trouble, Indigestion, Urinary Infection, Kidney trouble,
Bladder trouble could be the cause for this disease.\
D-81 chart (Nava Navamsa)- HIDDEN FORTUNE
Again you would not have read anything about this chart and yes please dont ask me to give you
any sources w.r.t this article...as all these information about D-81 chart, which I am giving you
right now or about D-108 chart (which I have given you earlier in an article named "how to see the
next birth") are part of my research materials which I am sharing with you all. Though I was
having some reservations in sharing all these secret information because people find it difficult to
absorb and assimilate such deep information and some people also asks for source and irritate
me but then that almighty ordered me to just float this information so that Vedic astrology can gain
its earlier prominence in terms of accuracy and all of the general public and astrologers can
benefit from it.
So, be ready to get stumped by another great secret of this ancient science, which may take you
to the next step towards god as with the help of this kind of secret information one can slowly
realize that how meticulously and systematically god has defined the limits of our breadth and
so lets not waste any more time and allow me to hold your hand to take you forward in yet another
next level journey of D-81 chart (after D-108 chart which I have deeply described in my earlier
article) of Vedic astrology.
This divisional chart has a great word to say about the HIDDEN fortune of the native. I have
highlighted this hidden word because I really want all of you to stabilize your minds on this very
word to understand and feel the essence of this chart. Hidden here could also mean some
unexpected or unknown force or could be a divine force too.
Before posting whatever little knowledge I have about this very important chart (due to the
blessings of God) would like to mention to my readers few very useful points.

Navamsa chart or D-9 plays a significant role in correctly ascertaining and modifying the final
prediction results for any native.
Having said that, we must also remember that the Atmakaraka position (planet with highest
degree in lagan chart in any sign) in D-9 and the strength of the 9th house of D-9 chart are the
most IMPORTANT parameters to analyze in a navamsa chart. (D-9)
Or in other words the strength/soul of the navamsa chart lies and rests in 2 parameters
a) In its 9th HOUSE and
b) The strength/influence/position of the atma karak.
Therefore both 9th house and the Atmakaraka are the Treasure points of the navamsa chart.
Here it must be remembered that although each single bhava and planet has its own importance
but still 9th house & Atmakaraka in the navamsa chart are above all.
Just Like the an Elephant in animals,
Ganga in the rivers,
Himalayas in the mountains and
Sun in the planets
The above mentioned introduction was absolute necessary to make a dive into D-81 chart
Now coming back to point of our focus
D-81 just acts like a navamsa of the navamsa chart (thats why it is called Nav-Navamsa chart)
or D-9 of D-9. 9*9=81.
Hence in brief, D-81 is the Hidden FORTNE WINDOW present in the 9th house of navamsa chart.
Having said that, it also brings to the surface the hidden nature of Atmakaraka and dharma
(another name of D-9 chart) both.
Thats why I have explained the importance of the 9th house & Atmakaraka in the navamsa chart
Remember no where I am saying that other factors are not important but the above 2 parameters
are very important.
Take one concept very straight
All Houses In D-81 Chart Will Reflect The Hidden Fortune Of The Native W.R.T That
Particular Bhava And Each Planet Should Be Seen As Modifying The Results Of That
Particular Bhava In Line To The Respective parameters of bhava."
For example 2nd house of D-81 chart- will show the hidden money, add the parameters of planets
which is placed in or aspecting the 2nd bhava, and the strength of those planets. Obviously when
we say Strength of the 2nd lord or planets placed in 2nd house then by strength we not only mean
the strength of the 2nd lord in D-81 chart but also mean the whole shadbala of that planet and
how exactly it is working in Lagan, D-9 and D-60 charts (the 3 most important charts)
similarly 11th house will represent hidden gains through hidden fortune, 12th house hidden losses
through hidden fortune, 8th house hidden ideas or hidden struggle or hidden long term disease,
hidden knowledge etc through hidden fortune, 4th house may tell you about hidden general
happiness through hidden fortune, 7th house-hidden happiness from spouse, business, long term
partnership through hidden fortune, like this.
Start the analysis of D-81 chart by judging the strength of the Atmakaraka and obviously its
placement. This would be the first parameter indicating the strength of the general hidden fortune.

Also notice its position in the chart as that particular bhava qualities would be significantly visible
in the natives fortune.
See the aspect and conjunctions which are influencing the Atmakaraka, also look which all
planets are in Kendra with Atmakaraka.
The above is necessary because the planet, aspecting/conducting/or in Kendra with Atmakaraka
would manipulate the effects seen from Atmakaraka about the hidden fortune.
Presence of shubh planet in a particular bhava will show the sources of hidden fortune with
respect to the qualities of that bhava.
Remember we are not looking at RAJ YOGAS and any materialistic aspects from this chart, this is
just to see the divine push in the form of planetary qualities of planets influencing those bhavas
and w.r.t the parameters of a particular bhava you have to just see, in which all bhavas planets
are placed whether those planets are comfortable over there or not if yes that planet will confer
hidden fortune to the native w.r.t that bhava(according to the qualities of the planet involved) and
if not no hidden fortune will be experienced by the native w.r.t that parameters of that bhava, so
keep it simple and for GOD sake do not complicate the things. I have seen that people find it
difficult to apply the simple things and then fall prey to the concepts by complicating them.
For example if somebody have Jupiter and moon in 11th House (being the lord of 9th, 2nd and
5th houses) for Scorpio lagan
Now how to interpret.in very briefso that you all can understand the gist of things.
Jupiter and moon in 11th house in Virgo: 11th house represent hidden gains through hidden
fortune, i.e. hidden gains through speech, family, available money in hand (Jupiter being the lord
of 2nd House), education, job, romance, Kids , past merits etc (Jupiter also being the lord of 5th
house), divine grace, religion, father, fortune(Moon being the lord of 9th house)
Further results will be modified by analyzing the lord of 11th house and planet aspecting the 11th
house....and the strengths of all the planets involved(also thier orientation in D-1,D-9 and D-60
Here, also add the qualities of the planets involved to the result like here we have to take qualities
of Jupiter and moon also in consideration.
This analysis will give the complete analysis of the hidden gains through hidden fortune.
Like wise hidden fortune w.r.t all the bhavas can be determined.and then the sum results could
be declared after analyzing all the 12 bhavas of D-81 chart. This sum result should be finally
interpreted in the light of the results coming from Lagan/cusp chart, D-9 chart and D-60 chart.
Om tat Sat.
D-60 Chart and Moola Dasha
Moola dasha is the oldest and most accurate tool known to determine the timing of events from
shastyamsa chart or D-60 Chart (for all matters).
Before moving ahead, let me tell you that D-60 is the most relevant chart in the whole Vedic
Astrology as per Parashar Rishi, since he has allotted 5 points (highest when compared to any
other chart) to this chart in the Vimsopaka Dasha varga bal scheme out of the total of 20, Lagan
chart has been given only 3 points out of the total of 20 points.

This chart is so important because it can easily distinguish between Twins and that too
exhaustively. The reason is simple, it varies with every 2 minutes(Maximum) and if someone is
born between those 2 minutes then this chart may even change in the matter of few
seconds.For exampleif someone is born at 04:00am and his twin brother or sister is born
just after few secondsthen there is a huge possibility that D-60 may also change because 2
minutes is the maximum figure, In this case, assume D-60 is changing at the very next
secondi.e. at 04:00:01am.So we can also say that many a times D-60 may also change
within few seconds after or before your birth.
When we say that Twins have different D-60 charts, then indirectly we are also saying that their
whole life pattern would also be different and there is no doubt in this.
In fact for me Lagan chart (D-1) with Cusp chart, navamsa chart and D-60 chart are the most
important charts in any analysis.
Ok coming back to Moola dasha.
Although Moola dasha and vishmottari dasha leads to the same conclusion. In other words they
will not contradict the each other results but the fact of the matter is, Moola dasha predominates
over vishmottari dasha as far as the accuracy of events are concerned.
One can easily attain the accuracy till day, Hours, Minutes and seconds which even the most
experienced astrologers cannot claim.
A breadth of relief is that D-60 chart analysis requires no different set of rules i.e. someone who
knows how to see the lagan chart/Cusp chart, then he would be able to analyze the D-60 chart
too with the same set of rules, the only difference would be, instead of using Vimsottari dasha
system, we need to use Moola dasha system.
IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE IS: This Moola dasha has to be used in reference to only Moon
and lagan and reference of Sun should not be considered, though JHora software offers the
scope for that too. (What exactly I mean by this statement can be under stood by you, only when
you will read the complete article as it also contains information on, how to calculate this dasha)
Actually this dasha is so important because Moola dasha is the actual root cause of the dasha
given by vishmottari dasha system because it shows how our "sanchit karmas" of the past
influences us, in this life or you can say that whatever events which you would be able to derive
through Moola dasha (till the accuracy level of day, Hours and Minute) could also be derived from
Vimsottari dasha but the range would be wide.
For example, If Vimsottari dasha will say that a particular event could take place anytime from
01st June to 30th June then Moola dasha will give you the exact date and time of that event within
the span of 1st June and 30th June.
Unlike Vimsottari dasha sequence, the sequence of mahadasha's of planets is NOT constant in
case of Moola dasha.
For example in Vimsottari dasha sequence, the dasha of Saturn always comes after Jupiter
dasha, after that comes mercury then ketu then venus etc. On the contrary in Moola dasha
system the dasha of any planet can come after any planet's dasha so there is no hard and fast,
now why so that you will understand only when you will read the rules about the calculation of
Moola dasha more so, dasha span of any planet will also vary in Moola Dasha.

But for a particular chart same planetary dasha sequence will repeat itself again and again.
In a particular chart, span of same planet will always vary even for a repeated sequence.
Standard Rules to calculate Moola dasha from lagan chart (These are the rules, so would
be same everywhere)
Moola dasha is derived from the word "Moola triKona"
This dasha is also named as "lagan kendradi grah dasha"
As the name suggests the dasha begins from the Lagan or any other Kendra, whichever is
stronger and has planet(s) deposited in them, and is succeeded by the other Kendras (having
planet(s) in it) according to their strengths. After completing the periods of the planets in the
quadrants, the dasha shifts to the planets in the four signs in the Panaphara (2nd, 5th, 8th and
11th Houses) and then to the Apoklimas. (3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th Houses)
However, the following rules apply in deciding which sets of houses - the Panaphara or Apoklimas
succeed the initial dasha of the planets in the quadrants.
If the Lagan is an odd sign, the dasha of the planets in the Panaphara ( 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th )
follow the dasha of the Kendras.
If the Lagan is an even sign, the dasha of the planets in the Apoklimas (Precedent signs 3rd, 6th,
9th & 12th) follow the dasha of the Kendras.
If Saturn is in the Lagan, then irrespective of whether the Lagan is odd or even, the dasha of the
planets in the Kendra signs will be followed by the dasha of the planets in the Panaphara (2nd,
5th, 8th & 11th).
If Ketu is in Lagan, then irrespective of whether the Lagan is odd or even, the dasha of the planets
in the Kendra signs will be followed by the dasha of the planets in the Apoklimas (3rd, 6th, 9th &
Sequence of the Dashas. (These are the rules, so would be same everywhere)
In determining the sequence of the dasha of the planets, their relative strengths are to be studied
as per standard rules.
Parashara gives four rules for determining the strength of signs/planets (Chapter 46 Sloka 161 to
164). These are as follows: The sign with a planet (or with more planets) is considered stronger than a sign without a planet
(or with lesser number of planets).
If the signs have equal number of planets, then the status of the planets like exaltation,
Mooltrikona, Swakshetra etc, should be considered to declare the stronger sign.
If they are still equal in strength, or without planets, then the natural strengths of Dual signs which
are being stronger than fixed signs and fixed signs being stronger than movable signs is
If they are still equal in strength, then the degrees be considered. The Planet with a higher degree
(used in Chara Karaka) shall be stronger and shall make the sign stronger.
Period of the Dasha (These are the rules, so would be same everywhere)
Count the number of signs from there to its Mooltrikona sign and subtract the number arrived at
by 1. This period is to be subtracted from the number of Vimsottari Dasha years assigned to the
planet. The net result arrived at indicates the number of years of Moola Dasha/Lagan Kendradi
Graha Dasha assigned to the planet.
Rider 1: Add one year to the final sum if the said planet is exalted and subtract one if the planet is
in debilitation.

Rider 2: For the purposes of this Dasha, the count for Rahu & Ketu shall be reckoned to Aquarius
and Scorpio respectively as is done in Narayana Dasha.
In case the number of years to be subtracted and the number of years under the Vimsottari
scheme are the same wherein the final figure would be zero, then take the full cycle of years
under the Vimsottari dasha as the number of Moola dasha years of the said planet in the first
cycle. Similarly, calculate the dasha years for the other planets in all the Kendras, Panaphara and
Apoklimas. After, having completed the exercise for all the nine planets, we get the first cycle of
the Moola dasha for the nine planets. This is bound to be less than 120 years (full period of
Vimsottari dasha).
The balance years remaining from the first cycle gives the total period of the second cycle (Param
Ayus of man is for 120 years; so it is 120 minus the total Moola dasha years of all nine planets in
the first cycle). Thus, the second cycle period of the Moola dasha for each of the planet works in
the same order during the second cycle and is equal to the Vimsottari Dasha period of the planet
minus its Dasha period in the first cycle.
NAVAMSA and its Hidden Concepts
Almost all of the Indian Vedic astrologers and many of the western astrologers too consider this
chart as one of the most important charts after Lagan chart and Shastyamsa (D-60) chart.
Reason is simple, there are many aspects of native's life which can be seen and understood from
this chart only. No other chart can even dare to give those detailed clues which Navamsa chart
can easily provide at one glance.
Yes I know that many of the learned members must be contemplating and assuming that we
already know well about this chart, so there is no need for us to read this post but still I beg your
pardon to write something more about this chart.
First concept
We generally have a lot of expectations from our spouse or would be spouse but when those
expectations doesn't get fulfilled or met which is generally the case, then we tend to start the
blame game.
Comments like you should have done this, you should not take me for granted, why you always
keep fighting with me, why dont you respect me, you never acknowledge me etc
Now if you closely observe all of the above comments, which are the part and parcel of any
relationship then you would find that, in some or the other way we are in a habit of finding fault
with our spouse or partner, I am not saying that your partner can never be at fault but the point is
even if he or she has 1 fault then out of the 100 good points, the partner will always be able to find
or identify that one fault, focus on it consistently keeping aside all the good habits which your
partner invariably have.
In fact most of the times that 1 fault of your partner becomes everything for you which in turn
provokes you to blast him/her then and there.
NOW coming to the point please dont mind these stories and introduction are always necessary
to bring you all on my thinking platform.
Actually Navamsa chart operates more on an astral plane rather than on a materialistic plane. It
reflects all the weaknesses which we have all-through but fail to acknowledge them, In other
words your spouse is nothing but your own reflection which you have never seen.
Couples say that we two are absolutely different personalities but they forget that they are the
different sides of the same coin.

Habits which your partners have are nothing but your own subtle expectations of which you are
also unaware about and all these habits can be understood deeply by analyzing the Navamsa
Divorces happen because your other side of personality (unknown to you) when comes in front of
you in the form of your spouse then it gives a big shock to you.
Then you say that I never deserved this, he/she was not meant for me, he/she has changed.
Indeed the point is he/she has not changed but the destiny has shown you the MIRROR.
When your own hidden negative qualities come to you through your spouse then you express
SHOCK, In-spite of the fact that you were already nurturing those qualities inside you for a long
This is the irony of the concept.
CRUX is; SEE THE UNKNOWN SIDE of your personality (Good or bad) in the Navamsa chart
People who have no hidden negative qualities or know about their negative qualities their D-9
chart supports their lagan chart or compliments their lagan chart and we all know that when this
happens then the native RISE in life and hence are much more fortunate in life, Reason is now
Their SOUL matches with their actions as a result whatever work they will do will have purity, so
the success rest with them as these people never hide anything from them, they are open enough
to know about their negative qualities and rectify them. People who are afraid to look deep inside
them are left behind in the race of life. Looking at you own negative qualities means you are
honest to yourself and when you are honest to yourself, you will honest to others too as a result
GOD will always be there at your back.
If you are doing bad deeds, then obviously, you will not be able to look into your own eyes and
this would be visible from your D-9 chart.
Few other concepts
1) Analyze your Navamsa lord of 7th lord (From lagan chart)...in lagan chart.
This will give you the information about, what are the qualities which helps you to hold your
relationship or the qualities which you and your spouse cherish and because of which you two are
For example, take Scorpio lagan, Venus becomes the 7th lord (take the corrected lordship from
cusp chart), suppose Venus is placed in Capricorn in D-9, now the lord of this rashi is Saturn,
Hence see the strength, placement, conjunctions of this Saturn in LAGAN chart.
2) See the placement of Navamsa lagan lord in Navamsa chart.
Now observe how the native inherently behaves with his/her spouse.
If it is placed in 6th house: native will tend to fight with his/her spouse.
8th house: native will hide the things from his spouse and will not be transparent.
12th house: The native would be indifferent for his or her spouse.
3) See the placement, strength, conjunctions of the Navamsa lagan lord in lagan chart.
This will give you the information about, how the native behaves with his spouse in front of the
whole world.
4) Spouse should be seen from 7th house of Navamsa chart.
How will he/she behaves with the native.
Apply the 2nd and 3rd points likewise.

Few more concepts

1) Kind of relationship between the native and his spouse can also be judged by the intensity of
friendship between the lagan lord and Navamsa lagan lord.
But careful analysis should be done before jumping to any conclusion.
For ex: If a native has Scorpio ascendant and Virgo ascendant is in Navamsa then though mars
and mercury are enemies but if Jupiter happens to be in Navamsa lagan then since Jupiter is the
friend of mars so the bad influence would be reduced an astrologer should be very careful while
analyzing things.
2) If the lord of Navamsa lagan is present in 2nd or 11th house of lagan chart then the spouse will
bring wealth to the family.
3) If Lord of the Navamsa happens to be in lagan or 7th or 9th house of lagan chart then marriage
would be auspicious and stable.
But again remember do not jump to conclusions immediately this Navamsa lagan lord should
NOT be debilitated, com-bust, in enemy sign, under any kind of malefic influence etc etc,
Otherwise results will not come to pass.
Observations on Divisional charts
Starting with Dasamsa chart (D-10), as I have already written about Navamsa chart in a separate
D-10(dasamsa)- I am here sharing with you very rare information, so just try to understand this.
General happiness from career should be seen from dasamsa lagan.(strength of 10th lord should
also be seen from D-10, apart from seeing it in D-9)
3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th house (that is houses Kendra from 3rd house) are of prime importance in D10.
[3rd lord, 10th lord of lagan chart, association with these houses is very beneficial and
auspicious], all the auspicious planets including 3rd and 10th lord (of lagan chart) are most
welcome in these houses.
(Note:-3rd house denotes Prakram, your own efforts, It has kundalani energy of 9th house in it,
thats why it becomes all the more important in D-10, D-10 represent our career which is run by
our own efforts and karmas, fortune aspect comes in D-9)
Planets in 4th (auspicious ones) increases struggle in the career, malefic planets in this house
mitigates struggle.
All kinds of planets, benefic or malefic give auspicious results in 10th house of D-10.
Auspicious planets in 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th houses Favors the growth in career (that is
Panaphara houses), malefic here do not promote the growth path.
10th house planets are always good in D-10(benefic or malefic)
Again I am saying; do not use the concept of Arudh in divisional charts.
7th house of D-10 should have benefics only as they will also aspect lagan of D-10.
To be very brief most important house after lagan is 3rd house in D10 chart.
Most important house after lagan of navamsa chart is 9th house in navamsa chart.
That is why D-10 and D9 chart are complementary in a manner.
D-9- represent general fortune
D-10- represent general own efforts (or own karmas)

That is why 3rd house being the first UPACHAYA gain maximum importance in D-10(after its
lagan bhava) and 9th house being most important triKona of dharma and fortune gains maximum
importance in D-9(after its lagan bhava).
Coming to Shatyamsa chart (D-60), I will talk about this chart in detail in a separate article but for
the time being. Just a brief;
1) All the matters should be extensively seen from this chart, this chart have the maximum
importance out of all the charts (Even more than navamsa and lagan chart)
2) Concepts of Arudh CAN be used in D-60(this chart is an exception), like Upa pad etc.
3) Should be used in with respect to Moola dasha.
4) Budhi-gati dasha, AK Kendradi dasha also works well with D-60 chart
I dont have time to write big stories of D-charts, therefore just the main tips.
Hope it helps.
1) D-12 or dwadasamsa chart should be seen for understanding the "BASIC PATTERN of
DESTINY", some call it a Birth chart of last incarnation.(I also agree with this).
D-60 chart HAS the "SUMMATION OF ALL" of all the births that we have experienced in the past
lives till the last birth (could be 10 births, could be 80 births or more than that) but if you just want
to know about your past birth, D-12 is the chart to look for.
Yes people use it for seeing PARENTS, this is also correct, If anyone think sensibly, he/ she will
immediately accept that parents are NO LESS than GOD for human beings, thats why parents
have been given the "PLACE OF GOD" in our Vedas.
Lord Ganesha was chosen as the first one to be preached among all the devtas just because he
had applied this very concept. We all know the story (how he had done the parikrama of lord shiva
and goddess parvati 3 times and defeated kartikye in bet to revolve 3 times around the world),
Lord Ganesha had assumed his parents, as his world.
2) Again do not use Arudh concept in any divisional chart except D-60
3) General happiness from parents should be seen from D-12 lagan
4) Strength of 4th lord, 9th lord, sun and moon should be further checked in D-12(apart from
checking them in D-9).
5) The next most important house in D-12 after D-12 lagan is 4th house, therefore Kendra from
4th house (7th, 10th, 1st) must have placement of auspicious planets for good general destiny
and parental happiness.
Generally 1st house-Represent this birth
5th house represent past birth
9th house represent future birth
Keeping this in mind, read this;
6) As I have said earlier also in one of the threads.
12*1=12--- Therefore D-12 reflects basic destiny pattern of this birth.
12*5=60--- therefore D-60 has summation results of all the past births (thats why most important
chart), Earlier also I have dedicated 2 or 3 threads on D-60.
12*9=108--- Therefore D-108, is none other than the FUTURE chart (IT shows our next birth) - I
have earlier also dedicated a whole thread on D-108.

Nadiamsa- gives the MOST SPECIFIC PATTERN OF OUR DESTINY; this chart is nothing but
our soul.
This is the most phenomenal chart and is beyond our scope of intelligence, simply Transadental.
Since its very difficult to fix this chart, would not speak much about this but just to give a brief that
Shukra nadi, dhurav nadi, all 7 saptrishi nadi's (like vashisht nadi, agasta nadi etc) , Chandra
nadi(also known as deva keralam in south), guru nadi etc.
Huge volumes of texts on nadi Jyotish use the dwadasamsa lagan or Trimsamsa or Nadiamsa
lagan (also known as komalamsa or the sensitive point) for accurate prediction
Yes this chart is even better than D-60
A bit of justification on D-12
Basic pattern of destiny means, D-12 could tell you your minimum level of achievements, you
could say that , I will experience AT LEAST this much of fortune for sure that at least level is
decided by D-12, Its like your basic skeleton, starting level fat you have, starting level muscles
you have.
Now How much extra (over and above fat, carbohydrate, muscles you have) that would be
decided by D-30, D45, D60 and D150
You must also remember that your Janma nakshatra, your lagan chart and your D-12 all are
General Note:
D-12 is not more powerful than D-60 or D-150(these are the most ultimate charts)
So try to understand, everything in astrology go in synchronization ...Now what do I mean by
this..?..Just read very carefully.
Like for example birth charts (D-1) and navamsa chart (D-9) of the native is very good...
Now in the above scenario, the D-12, D-60 charts would also be good...for that native...things
dont contradict in jyotish...it may happen that from the parental aspect things are not so good in
D-12 (In that condition, that would be visible in lagan chart too)...but from the fortune aspect D-12
will only compliment the indications of D-1 and D-9.
Difference occurs when any one of D-9 and lagan chart is not very good... (But one is very
good)...in these cases D-12, D-60 will have a FINAL say.
But this will not happen that D-1, D-9 are very very good and D-12 or D-60 are very bad.... (The
difference could be D-12 or D-60 are average or good or very good or excellent...but they would
NOT be bad or very bad.)
Here are some things to help you understand the nature of the Vargas.
The Vargas can be divided into groups of 12, each corresponding to a different Graha. Within
each group of 12, only certain Vargas are considered important by Parasharaa.
Vargas 1-12 are the Sun. This is the set that shows the manifested things in our lives, all of our
relationships, etc. This set includes eight important Vargas: the rasi, the hora, the drekkana, the
chaturthamsa, the saptamsa, the navamsa, the dasamsa, and the dvadasamsa.
Vargas 13-24 are the Moon. This set shows our psychological reality, our internal perceptions,
and emotional well-being. This set includes three important Vargas: the shodamsa, the vimsamsa,
and the chaturvimsamsa. These three Vargas correspond to the three moksha houses also: 4th,
8th, & 12th respectively.

Vargas 25-36 are Mars. This set shows the part of our life where we are meant to assert our will,
fight for what we want, and actually make changes to our fate. This set includes two important
Vargas: the bhamsa and the Trimsamsa. The Bhamsa has to do with our strengths &
weaknesses, which basically comes down to character flaws that we are meant to work on in this
life through our efforts. The Trimsamsa shows disease, but specifically diseases that we are
meant to improve through making effort and choosing a healthy lifestyle.
Vargas 37-48 is Mercury. This set shows our material well-being in general, and includes two
important Vargas: the Khavedamsa and the Akshavedamsa. The Khavedamsa is used specifically
to predict issues with our material world, which can include anything from physical health to
finances and property. The Akshavedamsa is used to fine-tune predictions of other Vargas.
Vargas 49-60 is Jupiter. This set shows our deeper spiritual nature, and includes only one
important varga: the shastyamsa. This varga is very sensitive to birth time accuracy, so it is
important to have an accurate birth time. This chart is used to fine-tune predictions of other
Vargas. Parasharaa lists this varga as being more important than many of the others, so a lot of
insight can be gained into a person's deeper nature from it and their destiny. It can be used in the
case of twins to differentiate their individual karmas.
Each varga has a primary house, Karya bhav that is the most important house to consider in that
varga. Here is a list:
Rasi (D1) - 1st house
Hora (D2) - 2nd house
Drekkana (D3) - 3rd house
Chaturthamsa (D4) - 4th house
Saptamsa (D7) - 7th house
Navamsa (D9) - 9th house
Dasamsa (D10) - 10th house
Dwadasamsa (D12) - 12th house
Shodamsa (D16) - 4th house
Vimsamsa (D20) - 8th house
Chaturvimsamsa (D24) - 12th house
Bhamsa (D27) - 3rd house
Trimsamsa (D30) - 6th house
Khavedamsa (D40) - 4th house
Akshavedamsa (D45) - 9th house
Shastyamsa (D60) - 12th house
Note: that above does not mean that other houses are not important at all.
For the saptamsa, the most important house is the 7th rather than the 5th. Children should be
read from the 5th house. But the 7th is the house of sex and procreation. So if a person wants to
have kids, they need a strong 7th house in the saptamsa.
Here I want to mention that: though saptamsa chart is considered for children but astrologers
forget that the cause of Progeny is none other than Spouse.
Therefore Saptamsa chart should also be seen for few parameters related to spouse and married
Now you all must be wondering that, if that is the case what the difference between Navamsa and
saptamsa is.

Always remember.
There are two very basic reasons for marriage.
1) For obtaining a companion, who could help the native to follow his Dharama path in a right
manner. This actually in true terms helps the native to refine his fortune (progression towards
Now Fortune and Dharama are the parameters of 9th house.
2) For obtaining Kids, as through them only a family could be extended.
The fulfillment of the first objective should be seen from navamsa chart, i.e D-9 supports the
spiritualistic side of marriage.
The fulfillment of the second objective should be seen from D-7, as this chart supports the
materialistic part of the marriage including progeny.
Therefore D-7 should also be seen not only for sex life but also for looks of the spouse.
In this matter 7th house of D-7 plays an important role.
It is said that character of the children comes from their mother and they acquire intelligence from
Therefore D-7 should also be seen for the character of the spouse and intelligence of the native.
The above is logical simply because right from looks of spouse to sexual life to children etc
represent materialistic side of married life which is under the jurisdiction of D-7
Therefore 5th house of D-7- Children
7th house of D-7-looks of spouse, sexual life
in brief summary
From D-9 one should see (R*9)-9th harmonic.
Spiritual side of spouse and married life
Character of the spouse
Nature of the spouse.(Inherent)
Skills of the spouse (they are inherent and are not material)
Sexual life (i.e. spiritual satisfaction from sex)
Family status (this is also seen from Upa pad lagan in rashi chart)
Fortune from marriage
General fortune and general strengths of planets
From D-7 one should see (R*7)-7th Harmonic
Material side of the spouse and married life
Character parameters of the spouse WHICH GETS TRANSFERRED TO CHILDREN
Looks of the spouse.(material)
Sexual Life (i.e. Physical satisfaction from sex)-This is different from AL7 in lagan chart
which shows the perceived physical relationship.
Children or progeny.(again Material)
Intelligence parameters of the native himself, WHICH GETS TRANSFERRED TO
CHILDREN.(Note here we are not talking of the complete intelligence which native has)
Note: Character of the spouse should be seen from both the charts as this parameter extends to
both spiritual and materialistic side of the marriage.
Break in marriage (i.e. Divorce) should be seen from BOTH the charts.
Notice the D16, D20, & D24 are all related to the three moksha houses. These three charts
should be read together for psychological issues. D16 is our basic well-being, D20 is how we fight

our inner battles, as well as our ability to have a spiritual practice that helps us through
psychological problems. D24 is our ability to come to a deeper understanding. D24 is the chart of
education, but specifically it is called the chart of "perfected knowledge". Perfected knowledge
comes from letting go of our illusions, which is the domain of the 12th house. So the D24 is as
much about un-learning as it is about learning.
Notice the two Mars-ruled Vargas; D27 & D30 correspond to Mars houses: 3rd & 6th. These are
Upachaya houses and house of ego, where we are meant to fight against our fate and improve
our situation through effort. The 3rd is a very important house for the strength of our character and
our courage in the face of adversity. The 6th house is about dealing with specific problems,
especially health issues.
In addition to this, the first eight Vargas also have an important karaka planet. As a set, these
Vargas are ruled by the Sun, but each varga within the set has an important Graha. It is easy to
remember, as they go in the usual order.
Rasi - Sun
Hora - Moon
Drekkena - Mars
Chaturthamsa - Mercury
Saptamsa - Jpiter
Navamsa - Venus
Dasamsa - Saturn
Dvadasamsa - Rahu & Ketu
From the above, it could be noticed that karakas for:
Saptamsa - Jupiter
Navamsa - Venus
This is the reason why we see Venus in male charts (as a marriage karak)
and Jupiter in Female charts (as a marriage karak)
Since Jupiter rules the progeny chart (i.e. saptamsa) which is a reserved aspect of females only.
Men cannot support Progeny.
Similarly Venus represents Sperm, which is primarily the forte of Men.
That is the reason why we give maximum importance to Jupiter in saptamsa chart (represent
progeny and sexual life-physical aspect) and maximum Importance to Venus in Navamsa chart.
Jupiter is also the karaka for children which we see in saptamsa chart.
Just go through this link for Hora chart (D-2)
We all have studied a lot about navamsa chart, but even astrologers are not that aware about the
actual implications of D-7 chart, Astrologers would definitely include D-7 in calculating the shad
bal but still the actual spirit of D-7 is still unearthed.
Let us first understand more about 7th house in lagan chart as D-7 is nothing but the deepest
reflection of 7th house only..
In the seventh house of Vedic astrology we have ,Saptama; Jamitra; Chittottha (desire); Kama;
Dvuna (love); Madha (passion); Gamana (cohabitation); Astha - setting; Advan (a way or road);
Lok (public); Kalathra (wife or husband); Pathni; pathi; Kalathrasampat (dowry).

The seventh house is the "House of union or earthy ties". The seventh house represents legal
bondage; it is through this that one ought to divine about marriage. Although marriage is
principally the concern of the seventh houses, it is necessary to consider the houses 2 and 11
also in this respect.
Besides the life partner, the partner in trade or business and the degree of success achieved
through such partnership is also shown by this house. The seventh house also refers to all those
with whom the native is engaged in quarrels and comes into conflict in the open through
arguments, those with whom the native is engaged in quarrels and comes into conflict in the open
through arguments, litigation, duels, etc., in a nut shell; the seventh house may be said to indicate
all those with whom the native transacts or deals in any manner- the engineer or contractor who
builds ; the doctor attending on the native or the patient on whom the native attends if he happens
to be a medical practitioner ; the person who lends the native money or he who borrows from the
native; and so on. Good aspects to the planet in the seventh house or to the cusp or to the cusp
of the seventh house portray good relationship with the public and favor from them. During the
period of the planer in evil aspect, one ought to be careful in undertaking any public activity.
This house shows break of journey. The third house signifies short journeys and the ninth hose
denotes long journeys. The seventh house indicates visits to various places in one and the same
trip. One's influence in foreign countries and the honor and reputation achieved there, depends on
the planet in the 7th house and the aspect it receives.
The first house of Vedic astrology denotes longevity while the 7th house opposes and is a marak
house; i.e., danger to longevity. Houses 8, 3 and 1infiunce longevity and one has to examine
these three houses to determine whether one will be long-lived, or will live up to the middle age,
or only up to the adult age, or die in infancy. The twelfth house to any bhava is said to be negation
of that particular bhava, that is to say, it spoils the matters signified by that bhava. Therefore the
houses 7, 2 and 12 which are respectively in 12 to houses 8, 3 and I prove inimical to longevity
and are so termed 'marakasthanas'.
In Prashna or Horary Astrology, this house answers queries relating to the recovery of lost
property, describes the thief, pickpockets, etc. the lagan represents the owner of stolen property.
The fourth bhava denotes the place of the stolen article. The 7th shows thief. The 8th bhava being
2 to the 7th indicates the thief's wealth. So when the planet in 7 or the lord of 7 is eclipsed or
weak, the thief will be caught. The lagan represents one's routine life and thereby permanent
place of residence; the seventh house which is the opposite to it shows change of residence. One
ought to see the seventh house as will as the third for the change of residence.
In Mundane or politics in Vedic Astrology, the seventh house is considered in matters pertaining
to international relationships and arbitrations; war and foreign affairs, international trade, general
condition of women and laws relating to marriage and divorce, public reaction to national policies,
public meetings, etc. westerners call this the house of open warfare and enmity as well as of
treaties and alliances.
So, having gone through the above mentioned information, its quite clear that 7th house is
extremely important in chart analysis and therefore the importance D-7 comes into the scene.
Its also quite evident that whatever aspects I had mentioned just now, all of them could be
accurately seen through Saptamsa chart.
Though I have already mentioned all of those things which should be seen here in this chart, but
still few of the important ones on the basis of above are:

1) Our Reputation on this planet (as 7th house deals with all kind of permanent transactions,
Partnership, How we deal with outer world)-Specially 7th house of D-7
2) The above point could also be written in terms of Fame that is the fame native enjoys.
3) All major journeys.
4) Our Driving force (planets well placed here in this chart - especially in Kendra, triKona, 2nd and
11th house) w.r.t parameters represented by that planet.
(This should be seen along with the Initiative aspect which is seen from Cyclical or harmonic
chaturamsa, H-4, refer the thread of Harmonic divisional charts)
5) 2nd house in D-7, represent the prosperity in our family because of our children.
Arudh concept is meant only for lagan chart, but many astrologers wrongly apply it on other
divisional chart.
We should understand that divisional charts are not different from lagan chart; they are the kids of
lagan chart only.
When you are analyzing D-9, you are basically analyzing the 9th harmonic w.r.t to rashi chart only
i.e. R*9, Therefore analyzing Arudh in D-9 is a non consequential repetitive process as ,Arudh of
9th House that is AL9 serves the need of Arudh in Navamsa, therefore if you again start analyzing
Arudh in D-9 , it would just create confusion.
D-60 is the chart of maximum importance; even Parashara has rated this chart above lagan and
This chart should be seen for all the matters.
Hence as an exception, Arudh in this chart are of great importance.
We all believe that Lord Shiva has three eyes; It also is believed that at the time of destruction,
Lord shiva opens up his third eye which actually becomes the source of energy that causes
destruction of this world.
As per the basic concept
1st house represent Lord Brahma (Creation)
5th house represent Lord Vishnu (Sustenance)
9th house represent Lord Shiva (Destruction)
Keeping the above scenario in mind
12th house represent "loss of creation"
4th house represent "loss of sustenance"
8th house represent "loss of destruction" or "loss of everything" or "zero or the Origin as well as
end of everything"
Indeed 4th, 8th and 12th house are also known as Moksha trikonas
You must have got, why they are called so?
You may also observe that
Both 4th house and 12th house rashi's (That is cancer and meena as per the kalpurush
sequence) are "poorna Jal rashi's" or "Poorna ras rashi's"(100% water content) -In
synchronization with loss of only our sustenance and creation.
8th house rashi (vrishchik) - "pad Jal rashi" or "pad ras rashi" (25% water content)-That is in
synchronization with Loss of everything-zero

This connection of Scorpio rashi with zero, make it a mysterious or occult rashi and also represent
our internal sexual organs- The primary cause of origin...
Anyways, the above basic introduction was necessary to understand few other concepts.
Third Eye
That is nothing but 8th house, In other words our third eye lies deep inside our 8th house.
The secret of activation of our kundalani energy also lies with this house
Third eyes also have its association with our "Intuition Power"
All in all, 8th house is the most powerful and simultaneously the most dreaded house in Falit
Out of the 12 houses in "falit Jyotish"...8th house is actually the house which is "INVISIBLE" to the
Materialistic world and most visible in the Spiritualistic world..
In short, Yogis or muni's or natives who can make their 8th house turn visible from invisible
becomes "INVINCIBLE"
RaVan was one of the greatest personalities who had this power at their disposal.
Conversion of "Invisible to Visible" basically means a very strong connection between materialistic
and spiritualistic world- The prime motive of our human life.
As Trust on God increases, 8th house starts vibrating, and native starts experiencing
unprecedented power.
As per our texts, Human has the power to increase the span of his life to 10 folds with the help of
"yogic powers"
These Yogic powers are the fruits of 8th house.
Modern science is now looking in the possibilities of dimensions other than 3 dimensions,
This concept of multi dimension or in other words, power to defeat space and time constrains is
the subject of activating this 8th house.
As per my own little humble experience we have to cross At least 7 Main dimensions (Each
dimension may have several hundreds sub dimensions) to attain moksha, these seven
dimensions are represented by 7 chakras in our body.
Therefore when we talk of crossing the above dimensions, It Involves activating 6 dimensions in
the form of 6 lower chakras namely-Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha
and Ajna chakra itself (Third eye-8th house, the second last destination before moksha, before
Sahasrara chakra)
Any person, who is able to activate at least 3 chakras out of 7, becomes devoid of diseases,
extremely famous and wealthy.
This journey of activation process begins from 8th house.
RaVan had the power to activate all 7 chakras and hence was invincible.
Our galaxy to our lives everything is in the form of a spiral shape and way out of this spiral is none
other than our 8th house.
In our palm 8th house is also represented by the 3rd region of our thumb.
Assume our palm as our life and the way out from this life (Palm) is our thumb (8th house)
This is reason why Thumb has so much of importance in palmistry, many of the palmist can
predict the fortune just on the basis of One's Thumb.
Thumb can easily distinguish between a mad and an healthy person.
Nadi Jyotish too, rely on the Thumb print, This is because our thumb print has a direct connection
with D-150 chart- that is nadi amsa.

Ancient rishis, used to fix the birth chart to the accuracy of 24 seconds (Half of nadi amsa) just
with the help of Thumb print, for this very reason only.
Now lets come to the ACTIVATION part of 8th house, which is certainly the most important part.
Let me take this golden opportunity to REVEAL in front of you all, this MIGHTY MIGHTY SECRET
of ASTROLOGY/Jyotish
This Secret strictly should not be revealed in front of the people who have no faith in Jyotish or
God. In fact people who have no faith in GOD or in this science WOULD NOT BE ABLE to read
this thread under any circumstance. So all those people who are still reading this article are the
blessed ones, I can assure you this.
I am revealing it over here with the orders of that almighty and for the well being of human race,
so do read it very carefully.
Remember, the process of activating Third eye is even beyond "mastering Jyotish"
Its about whether the person has the ability to predict any thing on this planet without even
analyzing or observing astrological concepts. Hence even if you are not an astrologer, you remain
eligible to achieve success in this process.
Therefore its about reaching that Utmost level of intuition by establishing direct connection with
Saints have said that through hard work, will power anything in this world could be attained
because they were well aware that will power is the fruit of "bhakti" and as we know that "even
BHAKTI requires god's will ", nothing supersedes his orders. If you are able to take his name,
thats his will and his will could be seen through PLANETS.
If any native has these yogs in his birth chart, He or She can take his /her steps forward in
becoming a "super human" with "Mystical powers" at his disposal.
Before listing these yogs, I must clarify that whole chart should be analyzed first.
So let me first start with the PRE-CONDITIONS of the actual Yogas.
1) Chart should be Devoid of Saturn mars yog (If present should be nullified by Jupiters
conjunction or his powerful aspect should be present)
2) Chart should also be devoid of Rahu-mars, rahu-saturn, Mars-mercury, Rahu-mercury, moonmercury, guruchandal yogs.
3) Shani Chandra yoga if present, should not be malefic that is chart should be devoid of vish
yoga, in other words "Amrit yoga" of Shani Chandra is most welcome.
4) At least Jupiter, Saturn, sun, moon and ketu should be very good.
5) Mahadashas of Atmakaraka, Amatya karak, Jupiter, Saturn and ketu must occur in the life time
of native.
6) Kendra should not be empty and must have overall benefic influence (Malefic planets if exalted,
swarashi etc in Kendra -would be considered as benefic only)
Note: Any very good chart has at LEAST 21 Raj yogs present in it.
If any chart satisfies all precondition mentioned above, then check for these condition.
The Yogas which, I would be listing down now, if they functions in full swing gives;
1) Everlasting fame (from centuries to centuries)
2) Moksha (Attainment of enlightenment)

3) Many mystical powers like power of Intuition, power of controlling five elements within our body
4) Living in more than 3 dimensions.
Next one would be the post for which I have started this thread.
Just read this very very carefully.
We know that 1st,5th and 9th houses together form Agni TriKona(Also called Dharma TriKona)
and 4th,8th and 12th houses together form Moksha TriKona( Also called Jal triKona).
Therefore to completely connect our materialistic lives with our inner spiritual power and then to
bring that spiritual power in our materialistic lives that is to activate our AJNA chakra or 3rd eye.
the planets involved)
1) "lords of FIRST TWO Agni triKona should either be powerfully placed in THIRD Agni triKona(Or
THIRD dharma triKona) or powerfully aspect the Third Agni TriKona, The lord of the 3rd Agni
TriKona should be powerfully placed in the First MOKSHA TriKona , the Lord of the FIRST TWO
MOKSHA TRIKOND should either be powerfully placed in the THIRD moksha TRIKOND or
Powerfully aspect the Third Moksha TriKona and the Lord of the 3rd MOKSHA TRIKOND should
be placed in the FIRST AGNI TRIKOND(or First DHARAM TRIKOND)."
The above mentioned yoga if happens to occur in the charts having Cancer, Scorpio or meena
lagan, then It would be further fortified as these 3 rashi's are actually the Moksha triKona rashi's of
Remember Planets involved in the above sequence should be powerful enough.
2) "If all the three lords Agni triKona are placed in or aspects the Moksha triKona powerfully, and
all three lords of Moksha triKona are placed in or powerfully aspects the Agni triKona"
3) "If all three lords of Agni triKona are placed in or aspects the Agni triKona rashi's of the
kalpurush(Mesh, simh, dhanu) and all three lords of Moksha triKona are placed in or powerfully
aspects the moksha triKona rashi's of Kalpurush(that is Scorpio, cancer and meena)"
Note: For mesh lagan Agni and Moksha triKona as per the lagan would be same as that of
NOTE:-The last 2 Yogas are little less powerful than the first ONE.
I think with the above Yogas if , Atmakaraka and ketu establishes some connection with the 12th
house that would be like pineapple and cherry on the cake, right.
The yog which I had mentioned in first point will fructify most perfectly when kalchakra moksha
triKona signs rises in lagan i.e. Scorpio, Cancer and pieces.
(Note: This should be seen in synchronization with Cusp chart, kalchakra and moon chart and of
course lagan chart.)
For example take Scorpio lagan.
When Jupiter and Venus are placed in lagan, mars in 2nd house, Moon in 4th house, Saturn and
Mercury in 12th house.
(As Jupiter and mars being the lord of 1st and 5th i.e. first two dharma triKona will powerfully
aspect the 9th house (3rd dharma triKona) lord of this 3rd dharma triKona i.e. Moon is placed in
4th house(1st moksha triKona) lord of 1st and 2nd Moksha triKona ..4th and 8th house i.e. Saturn
and mercury is placed in 12th house (3rd moksha triKona) and the lastly the lord of 3rd moksha
triKona 12th lord Venus is placed in 1st dharma triKona i.e. 1st house)

Kashinath Hora chart & Narayan Dasha
There are 11-12 different forms of Hora chart, each signifying a different aspect But when we talk
about Hora chart in general, the first thing which comes to our mind is "WEALTH", Kashi Nath
Hora is the best form of Hora chart to peep into the wealth aspects of the native.
Some would know about this chart, for others, this may be a new concept anyways. In any case,
we all are aware of the normal Hora chart, so let me first explain the difference between the two
and then I will come to the importance of this chart.
General Hora Calculation
Sage Parashara taught that the first halves of odd signs and the second halves even signs go into
Sun's Hora. He also taught that the first halves of even signs and the second halves odd signs go
into Moon's Hora.
For example, suppose Jupiter is at 15 degree' 23 minutes in Dhanu in my chart. Dhanu is an odd
sign. The given longitude is in the second half (15 to 30 degree) of dhanu. Thus it goes into
Moon's Hora. So Jupiter is in Moon's Hora.
As another example, suppose in my chart Venus is at 22 degree 3 minutes' in Scorpio. Scorpio is
an even sign. The given longitude is in the second half (15 to 30 degree) of Scorpio. Thus it goes
into Sun's Hora.
Hora Chart Construction
If a planet is in "Sun's Hora" or "Moon's Hora", astrologers normally use an interpretation that puts
the planet in Leo or Cancer respectively. As per this interpretation, Sun's Hora means Leo in Hora
chart and Moon's Hora means Cancer in Hora chart.
This results in a Hora chart that has all the planets in two signs - Cancer and Leo.
Now the question is, Is it correct to place all planets in just two signs always? How can such a
chart be interpreted?
Some astrologers disagree with this interpretation and therefore use alternatives that utilize all the
twelve signs.
Kashinath Hora Chart
The real Hora chart variation that shows wealth, as taught in the tradition of Sri Achyuta Dasha, is
known as "Kashinath Hora" chart, and named after Pt. Kashinath Rath. This chart is based on the
classification of signs into signs that are strong during the day and signs that are strong during the
Sun represents day-strong signs, i.e. Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. Moon
represents night-strong signs, i.e. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn.
It may be noted that each planet owns exactly two signs owns one day-strong sign and one nightstrong signs. There is a fable that says that Sun and Moon originally owned six signs each and
gave away one sign each from their six signs to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Thus,
Sun's Hora and Moon's Hora refer to the day-strong and night-strong signs among the two signs
owned by a planet. For this purpose, Leo and Cancer form a pair, even though they are not
owned by the same planet.
An example, suppose Jupiter is at 15 degree' 23 Minutes in Dhanu in my chart. Dhanu is an odd
sign. The given longitude is in the second half (15 to 30 degree) of dhanu. Thus it goes into
Moon's Hora. So Jupiter will go its night strong sign which is dhanu itself in Kashinath Hora.

As another example, suppose in my chart Saturn is at 24 degree 20 Minutes in Libra, now Libra is
an odd sign, The given longitude is in the second half (15 to 30 degree ) of Libra. So Saturn will
go in Moon's Hora. Now search for the night strong sign under the lordship of Venus, which is
Taurus, So my Saturn would be placed in Taurus in Kashinath Hora chart.
Another concept.
The second lord of Rashi chart is the karyesha for Hora chart. This placement and strength in
Hora chart is a key factor, even though not the sole factor, in determining one's wealth.
Sun, Mars and Jupiter are strong in day-strong signs. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are
strong in night-strong signs.
Hora Narayana Dasha
Narayana Dasha of the Hora chart is the best tool for timing events related to a native's finances.
This shows where Narayana (effort) is at a given time, in the financial environment in which one's
physical existence takes place.
Calculation of Hora Narayana Dasha is simple. Mark the 2nd house in Rashi chart. Find the
position of its lord in Hora chart. Take that sign as Lagan and find Narayana Dasha of the Hora
chart just like that of the Rashi chart.
For example, suppose in my case Scorpio rises in Rashi chart and again Scorpio rises in Hora
chart. The 2nd house of Rashi chart is dhanu. Its lord is Jupiter. Now Jupiter is placed in Cancer
in Hora chart. Take Cancer as Lagan. Start Hora Narayana Dasha from the stronger of Cancer
and Capricorn (its opposite sign) and find Dasha sequence and Dasha lengths treating Hora chart
as Rashi chart.
Each Dasha is judged by examining the Dasha sign (or the 7th from it, if Dashas were initiated
from the 7th). The placement of Dasha sign and its paaka (sign containing Dasha sign's lord) from
Lagan and its bhoga (Arudh pada of Dasha sign) from AL are examined.
How to use it effectively?
1) Select the period for which you want to see the money aspects say in 2020.
2) See, which Narayana (Rashi) Dasha (For D-2 charts) is under progression in that period.
3) After identifying the concerned rashi, just note these factors.
a) Check, In which bhava from the Hora lagan, this rashi is occurring (like Kendra, triKona, 2nd
and 11th are good).
b) Check the placement and strength of that Rashi lord.
c) Check the placement of this rashi lord with respect to the AL of Hora chart....
d) Check the Arudh of the house in which that rashi is coming. (Malefic and benefic influence
e) Check, what is the placement of the above mentioned Arudh with respect to the AL of Hora
chart. (Like if it is 2nd, 11th, 7th its very good...in Kendra or triKona it is good).
f) Also check which House Arudh is occurring in the identified rashi (Like suppose if AL6, AL8 etc,
are occurring then it is bad for the results)
In the ancient time this form of Hora chart was extensively used with NADI Jyotish to identify the
lagan of the native (as in nadi Jyotish - bhavas are not given importance)...
They used to take Hora lagan as lagan of rashi chart and say the results.
Rest all things were seen as per Nadi Jyotish.
Like Venus Jupiter conjunction in nadi Jyotish (Irrespective of the bhava) shall be interpreted as.

Venus is bhoga (It also signify wife, elder sister, daughter, daughter in law) and Jupiter is jeeva ( I
Therefore it could be said that Wife would be Noble, spiritual, virtuous etc Elder sister, Daughter,
Daughter in law would be fortunate (because of the influence of Jupiter on Venus) and also vice
versa...due to the influence of venus on Jupiter , jeeva would experience bhoga, affluence
learning in many areas including (that of healing) as venus represents mritsanjeevani booti).
Now look at the Jyotish lessons in this:
When Saturn causes sade-sati, or kantaka or has a bad dasa, and the dosha (error) is to be
caused by the hand of extra-terrestrial forces, then it is called 'Adrista agantuta roga'. Prasna
Marga advises us to look at the badhak for this (as the object or the cause). For the signs of
Jupiter, Mercury is the badhak lord (Pisces - Virgo badhak, lord Merc and Sagittarius - Gemini
badhak, lord Merc). That why the problem cause was related to Mercury the PRINCE. This can
also be related to planets in badhak house. The difference is that in the case of badhak lord, we
take the natual significations whereas in the case of planets in the badhak house, we see the
lordships of there planets w.r.t. lagna.
The *visible* or produced evidence against Jupiter shall be seen from Rahu. In general Rahu
indicates a severed head, and that evidence was shown to the king against Brihaspati. Look at
the sign occupied by Rahu to see the nature of the evidence as dhatu, moola and jiva as well as
the the chara karaka status of Rahu. The Arudha Padas conjoined Rahu shall indicate the people
who will give the evidence.
Parasara teaches that if Jupiter is strong and alone in Lagna, then a single bow to the weilder of
the Trishula shall destroy a thousand sins. In this episode narrated in the Purana we see how
such a prayer (to the lord of Sani - Vayu tatva- Lord Shiva) by Brihaspati ended the entire
Kalyana Verma teaches that if Jupiter is strong in Lagna then the native is always protected by
the 'Chakradhara'. In this episode we see how Brihaspati is always proteced by the three mantras
of the Narayana Kavacha. This is the abhedana kavacha.
Concept of Jeeva and Sarira for even timing
Ascertaining the timing of an event is generally considered as the most daunting task in the Vedic
Astrology, In other words the interpretation of the dashas requires the simultaneous application of
many concepts hence is always a vulnerable area for any beginner or for that matter astrologer
There are various methods for interpreting the dashas, but here I would like to take up one very
interesting and accurate concept which would help all of you to enhance your accuracy levels in
predicting events.
So coming to the method:
Step 1: Identify the event for which you wish to predict, suppose you wish to predict w.r.t
the marriage timing of a person.
Step 2: Identify the corresponding bhava (house); the bhava used for deriving marriage
related information is 7th.
Step 3: Now you have to identify the Jeeva and Sarira planets for 7th house.

There are 3 accepted methods for deriving jeeva and Sarira planets of a bhava (house):
1) The Lord of the Nakshatra (constellation) in which 7th lord (as per cusp lordship) is placed will
become your Jeeva planet and the lord of the Nakshatra in which jeeva planet is placed will be
your Sarira planet. For example Venus is my 7th lord, which is placed in the nakshatra of mercury,
so mercury become my Jeeva planet for 7th house and mercury is placed in the nakshatra of
Jupiter, so Jupiter becomes the Sarira planet for 7th house.
2) The lord of the sign in which 7th lord (as per cusp lordship) is placed will become your jeeva
planet and the lord of the sign in which your jeeva planet is placed will become your Sarira planet.
For example my 7th lord is placed in the sign of mars, so mars becomes my jeeva planet for 7th
house and mars is placed in the sign of Jupiter, so Jupiter become my Sarira planet for 7th house
3) The lord of the sign in which karaka of the bhava (here it is the karaka of 7th house i.e. Venus)
is placed will become your jeeva planet and the lord of the sign which is coming the 7th bhava
from karaka will become your Sarira planet. Here we have counted 7 because we are considering
7th bhava, if you have taken 10th bhava, then you would have counted 10th bhava from the 10th
karaka. For example Venus is the karak of 7th house, My Venus is placed in the sign of Mars, so
mars becomes my Jeeva Planet for 7th house and lord of the 7th house from venus is venus only,
so Venus become my Sarira planet for 7th house
Points to be noted:
1) Ideally you should use all the 3 methods simultaneously and should consider the strongest
Jeeva and Sarira planet for the bhava.
2) The planets which are placed with Jeeva or Sarira planets or in simple words influencing them
in a strong manner, then that influencing planet could also take up the role of jeeva or Sarira
planet. So you have to do lot of practice to determine the actual jeeva and Sarira planet for the
So from the example you can see that from 1st method, my Jeeva and Sarira planets are Mercury
and Jupiter respectively.
From 2nd method, my Jeeva and Sarira planets are Mars and Jupiter respectively.
From 3rd method, my Jeeva and Sarira planets are Mars and Venus respectively.
Now once you have all the above results, just look out for the most dominant planets out of them,
see which of them can influence 7th house to the maximum level.
Also see whether or not there is any other planet (Apart from mercury, Jupiter, mars and Venus)
which is influencing these jeeva and Sarira planets and is willing to take over the role of jeeva and
Sarira planet.
So once you are able to identify the right or I should say the strongest jeeva and Sarira planet for
the bhava, then you just have to focus on the Mahadasha, antardasha and parayantar dasha of
the jeeva and Sarira planet. In those very mahadasha, antardasha and parayantar dashas an
event would take place; in this case that event is marriage.
USE VIMSOTTARRI dashas as your reference
Now for your better understanding let me extend my example:
I am under the progression of Jupiter mahadasha and this period will continue till 2020 and
started in 2004.
Now from first 2 methods you can see that Jupiter is my Sarira planet, and is certainly a very
effective planet due to which no other planet can take away this role of Sarira from it. More so
because my Jupiter is aspecting the 7th house from the angle of cusp chart, very close to 7th lord

and karaka Venus. So stick to Jupiter and you can say that my marriage will take place in the
Mahadasha of Jupiter only
Now we have to identify the antardasha in the mahadasha of Jupiter for the event of marriage.
Leave aside Saturn antardasha, as Saturn is neither jeeva nor Sarira planet and is also not taking
up the role of jeeva or Sarira planet by influencing any other current jeeva or Sarira planet. (Out of
Jupiter, mars, Venus and mercury)
Leave aside Mercury antardasha, though a jeeva planet from the 1st method, but remember unlike
other jeeva and Sarira planets, mercury is not able to establish direct contact with 7th house. Like
Jupiter and Venus are aspecting 7th house (as per cusp chart), mars is very close to Jupiter and
Venus (7th lord, karaka) is also placed in the sign of mars. Therefore mercury is actually being left
out alone in 12th house and also happens to be the 8th lord. (A malefic for Scorpio lagan), hence
in-spite of being Jeeva planet from the 1st method, will not give the event of marriage.
Leave aside Ketu antardasha, as Ketu is neither jeeva nor Sarira planet and is also not taking up
the role of jeeva or Sarira planet by influencing any other current jeeva or Sarira planet. (Out of
Jupiter, mars, Venus and mercury) Though very close to mercury (jeeva from 1st method), but
here even mercury is not capable of giving the result. So Ketu in any case will not give the
marriage related event.
Leave aside Moon antardasha, as Moon is neither jeeva nor Sarira planet and is also not taking
up the role of jeeva or Sarira planet by influencing any other current jeeva or Sarira planet (out of
Jupiter, mars, Venus and mercury)
Leave aside Sun antardasha, as Sun is neither jeeva nor Sarira planet and is also not taking up
the role of jeeva or Sarira planet by influencing any other current jeeva or Sarira planet. (Out of
Jupiter, mars, Venus and mercury)
Leave aside Rahu antardasha, though being placed in Venus sign but being aspected by mercury
(as per cusp) is spoiling its abilities to give marriage.
Now finally we are left with Venus and mars antardashas and as derived above they are
also one of the jeeva and Sarira planets.
My Venus antardasha is running from 16th Dec 2011-16th Aug 2014
And my mars antardasha is running from 03rd Oct 2016- 09th Sep 2017.
Now see Venus antar is not only coming before mars antar, but Venus also happens to aspect the
7th house, in addition it is the 7th lord and also happens to be the karaka of 7th house, it also close
to Jupiter and is placed in the sign of mars.
All these reasons make Venus a more suitable candidate for the post of Antardasha, w.r.t
So my marriage has to happen in this phase 16th Dec 2011-16th Aug 2014, but we still have to
derive the parayantar dasha, to bring more accuracy in the prediction.
Ok now you may notice that both Jupiter and Venus are Sarira planets from the above 3 methods.
Now understand that without the role of Jeeva planets, an event cannot occur.
Hence, from the above methods Mars is the Jeeva planet from 2nd and 3rd methods and mercury
is the jeeva planet from 1st method.
Why Mercury cannot be taken, that I have already explained above, so we are left with mars, but
before fixing mars in the parayantar dasha slot, we need to be double sure that no planet is taking
over role of jeeva.
So the only planet which could over power mars is Jupiter.

Many a times more than one planet can also take over the participatory role of Jeeva, like in this
case mercury is the Jeeva from the 1st method but since mercury himself cannot play the role of
Jeeva due to the reasoning given above therefore planet placed close to it like, Strong Saturn in
this case, could also take up the role of Jeeva.
Hence the Parayantar dasha of both Jupiter and Saturn have the ability to initiate the marriage.
Saturn also gels well with Antardasha lord Venus.
Anyways I may safely say that Antar of Venus in the maha of Jupiter would give me a life partner.
My Birth details:
02nd Nov 1984
I would request all of you to focus on the method, as I am not a god, only a human being,
hence could also be wrong. I have attempted to write this write up, so that you all could
understand the full method or for the benefit for you all.
I.e. More accuracy w.r.t the timings can be achieved by using Moola dasha, and going further
ahead with the same concept. Other methods could also be employed simultaneously.
In my little humble experience by the grace of god, for exact weeks or dates, Moola dasha should
be employed.
Remember we are just discussing the timing of an event, but whether that event would be good or
bad or whether that event would be auspicious, very auspicious or moderately auspicious or
simply excellent. For all this you need to analyze the whole chart.
Profession and Astrology
Undoubtedly each and every person on this planet would be having curiosity to know about his or
her profession in advance, questions like which all fields suits me professionally, in which area
should I establish my business, what would I do after my school or graduation, will I be able to get
established in my profession, will I stick to one field or will I change many fields in my life time and
the list of such questions are never ending. You all must be thinking, why Nikhil is listing so many
questions right in the beginning of his article, simple, I want to catch the interest of all those
people who have such questions oscillating in their mind. Many people again and again reminded
me to write something on this topic but you all know that the only issue with your friend Nikhil is
time. So finally I am able to steal some time (after putting the reports of some of my clients on
hold) to write on this one of the most important topic of all times.
So without wasting any time lets move step by step, to analyze astrological reasonings behind
someones career or profession.
Any guesses, what should be the first step in the analysis of profession.
I am asking this question to all those people who know little bit of astrology, but all those people
who do not know even the abcd of astrology, they should just relax, as I have written this article
for you people only, as you will completely read through the article, you will definitely learn a lot.
So guys, what should be the first step.
Hmm, I can hear whispers, saying, Nikhil, obviously we have to start from:
a) 10th house (house of career) and 10th lord.

b) Some more intelligent ones would even include the state of 10th lord in D-9 chart
c) And as per few absolutely brilliant ones; most of the steps should start and end in the D-10
chart (dasamsa-divisional chart seen for Career related issues).
Believe me, there are many intelligent fools out there, who will immediately jump into the D-10
chart analysis ignoring the most basic concepts, these brilliant people are the first ones, who
makes the complete mess from astrological rules. I am not saying that D-10 chart should not be
analyzed, of-course it should be analyzed but NOT in the very starting.
So, those of you who are thinking in the line of any of the above 3 points (a, b, c) are completely
wrong. None of these touch points should be your first step in the analysis of profession.
Anyways, I dont think that there was anybody out there who was thinking otherwise, but if you will
ask me, I would say that these are certainly not the starting points or the first step. Yes obviously
they are also important but not at the FIRST STAGE.
So here comes the first rule, before analyzing the Houses and their lords (w.r.t any area of
life, like in this case its profession), YOU HAVE TO ANALYZE the KARAKA FIRST.
House and lords comes later, ANALYSIS of KARAKA should always be the first step.
Indeed this is the reason why before analyzing the first house and 1st lord, we first have to
analyze the SUN, which happens to be the karaka of 1st house
State of the Sun is the first brick of ASTROLOGY, since its the Karaka of 1st house.
So hope you people are getting what exactly your friend Nikhil is trying to explain. Hence From
here, we will learn everything from scratch.
Remember I am not asking you to omit, house and lord analysis, certainly not, I am just asking
you to ANALYSE KARKA first.
So what are the Karakas then, let me just list all possible karakatvas for the beginners.
Planets and their Karakatvas
Jupiter (karaka for 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses) as Jeevakaraka (Self) for Males
Venus (karaka for 7th house) as Jeevakaraka (Self) for Females, Venus is also for Wife,
Finance, vehicles, daughter, daughter in law, Younger sister (2nd)
For Profession, elder brother consider Saturn (karaka for 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th houses)
For Husband, Younger brother (2nd) consider Mars (karaka for 3rd and 6th houses)
For mother, Elder sister, mother in law consider Moon (karaka for 4th house)
For Father, soul and son consider Sun (karaka for 1st, 9th and 10th houses)
For Paternal Grand Father consider Rahu
For Maternal Grand Father consider Ketu
For education, Maternal Uncle, girl friend, boy friend, father in law, Younger sister (3rd), Younger
brother (3rd) consider mercury (karaka for 4th and 10th houses)
Now you all must be wondering that why the hell Nikhil is giving these Karakas even more
importance than Houses and house lords, so dear all understand this in just 1 sentence;
If you are living in a rented house, then will you be more important or your landlord would be more
important from the angle of ownership? Obviously landlord, since landlord is the permanent owner
of your residence. If he wishes, he may throw you out. Right

Similarly Karakas have permanent ownership of all possible parameters; you may have 7 different
lords (there are 7 planets excluding nodes) of any house as per different ascendant but karaka
will permanently represent any specific parameter or house.
Whatever may be the ascendant Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc, but Sun will always be the karaka of
your 1st house, 9th house, 10th house and father, any planet may lord over 4th house, depending
on the ascendant sign but Moon will always be the Karaka of your 4th house and mother.
Ok so now lets come back to our main topic which is profession.
Now you know that first step has to be karaka, hence Saturn is the Karaka for profession or you
can say Saturn is the karma karaka and Jupiter is your Jeevakaraka (self significator), hence
whenever you wish to study about your (Self-Jupiter) career (Karma-Saturn) astrologically, then
you have to start your analysis from Saturn and Jupiter.
10th lord, 10th house, 10th sign, Navamsa sign of 10th lord, D-10 chart, ALL THIS WILL COME
LATER, Hope I am very clear on this.
So, the most powerful influences on your Saturn and Jupiter will actually determine the basic
stream of your career and many a times your area of interest or passion. These influences on
your Saturn and Jupiter will give you the first clue about your area of profession.
The question arises here is, how;
Now to answer this how; the first thing you all need to know is the parameters which falls under
each planet, so that you all could come on my wavelength because you know that your friend
Nikhil cannot walk alone on this path of learning, I need to take all of you along with me. Right! So
first I will list few concepts and then I will answer that how through a very simple example:
Sun rules over business/jobs related to:
Government service (also top posts in government), Social service, politics, Fathers profession,
Gold and Diamond Merchants, top surgeons, electronics, teachers and researchers of political
and social sciences.
You must also remember that in the above scenario if sun & Saturn are weak in the chart (after
taking many other factors into account), then the linkage of sun with Saturn will bring hardships in
natives professional life, Native will be troubled by the people sitting in power and would even find
it very difficult to get a job. Even if he gets a job, remuneration would be less. The employer will
always find fault with him and the native will never get satisfaction in career. Yes in case both sun
and Saturn are very good in the chart (after taking into account many factors), then things would
be completely reverse as then power, honor and fame all will come to the native.
Moon rules over business/jobs related to:
Milk or milk products- Diary business,
Water- sailor, shipping, salt merchant (since salt is found in water), water merchants (like people
selling mineral water), water sports (but when we say sports, then there is also involvement of
mars), pearl merchants (since pearls are found in ocean and represent moon), Water Board
Sewage department &
Food -cook, waiter, Hotel (Hotel Management also falls under this), Grass & plants & vegetable &
fruits vendor, Agriculture & Farmers, grocery shop, edible oil merchant, fruit juice or wine
merchants, Baker, animal food, sea food
Travel- messenger, travel agencies & agents, navigator
Medicines-Purchase and sales of medicines, Nurse, compounder

Apart from this moon also governs Hawkers, dry cleaners, Artists, Psychologists (stream of
psychology), Chemists (science of chemistry), astrologers, story writers & priests
You must also remember that in the above scenario if moon & Saturn are weak in the chart (after
taking many other factors into account), then the linkage of moon with Saturn will bring
unnecessarily travel or the native will have displacement very often on account of his profession.
Money loss would be continuous and native will even get defame/blame in carrier. Ultimately
mental peace would suffer. Yes in case both moon and Saturn are very good in the chart (after
taking into account many factors), then things would be much less negative, could also be very
good depending on other factors.
Mars rules over business/jobs related to:
Machines- Engineering, Iron Industry, machine handler, Professions Connected with Metal and
mineral (Mining, carpenter, mechanic, blacksmith), Instrument manufacturing
Weapons and courage- Defense services (police department, military, fire department), Weapons
& arms dealing
Medical field: Surgeon, Dentist
Sports related professions
Stone & mud related jobs/work: Stone breaking, Granite industries, sculpture, potter, agriculture &
brick kiln
Apart from the above mars also governs Butchers, barbers, antiquities related work, Teachers
and researchers of physics
You must also remember that in the above scenario if mars & Saturn are weak in the chart (after
taking many other factors into account), then the linkage of mars with Saturn will bring hardship
throughout his/her life. People will be harassing the native in his work place. Even getting a well
paid job would become difficult. The person in this case would be in habit of changing his/her job
frequently as either the employer will find fault with him or native himself would never get
satisfaction in his profile. Yes in case both mars and Saturn are very good in the chart (after
taking into account many factors), then things would be much less negative. Could also be very
good depending on other factors
Mercury rules over business/jobs related to:
Education: teacher, novelist, writer, author, examiner, mathematics, lecturer, professor, clerk,
accountant, statisticians.
Communication: News paper, News paper vendor, postal and telegraph, printing press, telephone
department, journalism, editor, commission agents, postman, broker, journalist, public speaker,
ambassador, imports and exports, air and land transports
Paper, Books, Stationery & publishing: Publisher, printer, editor, book binder, book sellers,
draftsman, stationery merchant
Decision takers, law makers, law implementation: Auditor, lawyer, judge, councilor, ambassador,
CBI agents, legal adviser, inspector, consultants, advisors, astrologers,
Apart from above mercury also governs Painter/drawing, landlord, compositor and general
business possibilities.
You must also remember that in the above scenario the linkage of mercury with Saturn will give
native a comfortable business. Cooperation will be there from all the sides. Native will earn a lot of
money in his business and will buy lands, property etc. Yes in case mercury or Saturn is weak in
the chart, then the story would get completely reversed as then hardships/struggle would creep in.

Jupiter rules over business/jobs related to:

Religion: Priest, temple Workers, Yogasana Teacher, Religious teacher, philosophers, Vedic
Finance/wealth: bankers, Finance Department, Insurance, accountants
Decision takers, law makers: Auditors, Manager, Ministers (especially education minister),
lawyers & judges
You must also remember that in the above scenario the linkage of Jupiter with Saturn will give a
comfortable career to the native. The life will be very smooth along with honor and respect. Native
will enjoy all the luxuries and would easily find a good job. Cooperation from respectable persons
will also be there. Yes in case Jupiter or Saturn is weak in the chart, then the story would get
completely reversed as then hardships/struggle would creep in.
Venus rules over business/jobs related to:
Various forms of Arts: Artists, musician, musical instruments, singer, performer, dancer, dramatist,
story writing, poetry, acting, cinema, theatre, painting, sculpture
Luxury & beauty: Luxury Goods, vehicles, cloth and textile industry, Five-star hotels, furniture
industry, Bar and restaurants, jewelry (Jeweler), perfume seller, Beauty Parlor, Saloon, Scented
materials, Handicrafts, selling gift articles, makeup job ,showcase items, flower merchants,
marriage hall, beauty context,
Commerce, Finance and wealth: Treasurer, Accountant, Auditor, insurance, money lending,
financial organizations, bank commission agent, Finance Minister
Apart from above Venus also governs tourism, prostitution, Drinks (alcohol, wine and fruit juice),
marketing and housekeeping.
You must also remember that in the above scenario the linkage of Venus with Saturn then the
person will be very rich with all the luxuries at his disposal. Native will have his own house, vehicle
and will get benefited through wife/spouse. Yes in case Venus or Saturn is weak in the chart, then
the story would get completely reversed as then hardships/struggle would creep in.
Saturn rules over business/jobs related to:
People working in mines or owning mines, cleaners, security guards, peon, sweepers, cobbler,
brick Layers
Rahu rules over business/jobs related to:
Labor oriented jobs: coolie, Vehicle drivers, cycle rickshaw pullers, load man, stone breakers,
stone quarry workers, gardeners, rag pickers, building workers, vehicle cleaners, Shoe maker,
shoe polisher slaves and wood cutters
Defense, research and investigation: CBI department, Secret organization, defense department,
scientists (especially related chemicals, nuclear physics, Leprosy department)
Theft or illegal activities: Robbers, picketers, thieves, smuggling, cheating, pick pocketing, chain
snatching, corruption, all underground work, black magician, and prostitution
Manufacturing of: cigarette, wine, bomb, chemicals (pesticide or various other poisonous
chemicals) and electronics
Trade: Related to foreign land, sale and purchase of old articles
Apart from the above rahu also governs over photographers, actors, gas agents, snake keepers
and prison
You must also remember that in the above scenario the linkage of Rahu with Saturn then the
person will undergo initial subordination and this may also result in poverty. But in the later part of

life he will become an eminent personality with lot of experience. In case Rahu or Saturn is weak
in the chart, then only hardships/struggle would dominate the persons life.
Ketu rules over business/jobs related to:
Divinity and Healing: Doctor, priest, astrologers, occultist, pranic healers, divine healer, sages,
saints, yogis, siddhas, fakirs, dealing with natural herbs/medicines, religious teachers, theology,
religion, faith healers and preceptors
Manufacturing of: pots, tiles and brick, Coir, Cable, wire and handlooms
Apart from the above Ketu also governs over lawyers, Fisherman, tailors/ weavers, knitters, snake
dealers/players, hunters, beggars, wire man, power loom industries and spinning mills.
You must also remember that in the above scenario if Ketu & Saturn are weak in the chart (after
taking many other factors into account), then the linkage of Ketu with Saturn will bring suffrage in
his job throughout his life. Satisfaction would seriously lack. Changes and disputes in job would
be unavoidable.
The person behave feel very lonely and alone. Yes in case both Ketu and Saturn are very good in
the chart (after taking into account many factors), then success, respect and peace will oblige the
Hence as soon as you locate linkage(degree wise closeness, sign exchange, trine placement and
mutual aspect) of ANY PLANET with Jupiter (Jeeva karaka) or Saturn (karma karaka), career in
the fields mentioned corresponding to that planet are possible, BUT remember, never give
judgment just on the basis of this rule alone as there could be simultaneous effect of more than 1
planet on your Jupiter and Saturn, in that case you have to mix some results (which would
demand practice) and Secondly we also have to take into account the effect of 10th sign, 10th lord
(as per the cusp chart), Navamsa depositor of 10th lord, D-10 chart etc. Therefore, restraint
yourself in giving any immediate conclusion
Ok so now, you all basically know that which all types of professions falls under which planets and
how exactly you will take your first step in predicting the profession area of the person.
After analyzing the karaka and the planetary influences on it in the first step, now in the second
step you all need to focus your attention on these 6 points:
a) Professions coming under the scope of 10th lord (as per the cusp chart),
b) The professions coming under the scope of the sign coming in 10th cusp.
c) The professions coming under the scope of the sign occupied by this 10th cusp lord in lagan
chart and
d) The professions coming under the scope of the sign occupied by karma karaka Saturn.
e) The professions coming under the scope of the sign occupied by 10th cusp lord in D-9 chart.
(i.e. Navamsa sign of 10th cusp lord)
f) Professions coming under the scope of planets influencing (through aspect or placement) the 1st
house of D-10 chart (If no planet aspects or is placed in the first house of your D-10 chart, then
take lord of 1st house in D-10 chart)
I have already listed the professions coming under the scope of each planet above but let me now
list all the professions which fall under each sign, so that points b, c, d and e mentioned above
can be interpreted.

As per our texts: Signs and the associated professions:

Aries: Defense, weapons and fire related work, Government related work ,various types of
Sports, Engineering, Iron, brick, pottery and mining related work, expertise in surgery, cooking
and agriculture.
Taurus: Cattle feeding and nurturing, Jewelry trade, finance or money handling, Textiles and
handicrafts, showpieces, scents, luxury hotels, dealers of flowers and fruits, all artistic pursuits like
acting, music, poetry, story telling and writing and singing
Gemini: All modes of data communications like letter, books, telephone, TV, cable, Information
and broad casting etc, space related research, accountants, auditors, lawyers, judges, councilors,
ambassadors, mathematicians etc.
Cancer: Export and Import, transportation (through planes, ships etc), agriculture, milk, grocery,
vegetable & medical outlets, pearl dealers, hotel & restaurants, water related work.
Leo: Social & Charitable work, Government and administration related work, Engineering
Virgo: Teaching, writing, Auditing, Accounts work, Business, retail outlets
Libra: All forms of artistic work (acting, dancing, singing etc), all professions of money handling
(banks, insurance, commissioning), lawyers, Jewelers, Textiles and handicrafts, showpieces,
scents, cloth business, law dept., hotel, bars and Restaurants, Beauty parlor.
Scorpio: Raw materials, Iron, Metal, Mining & Engineering Industry, Agriculture, Electricity work,
Instrument handling & Manufacturing, precision work, religion work, astrology, mantra, tantric,
occult practices
Sagittarius: Social & charitable work, Wood and Forest related work, law, temple, All financial
institutions like banks etc, education or teaching related, military.
Capricorn: Stone, mining, sand & construction business, Hotels, food products, manure,
fertilizers and pesticide trade, oil merchant, hardware, spare parts and old articles, shoe & leather
business, porters, & coolies
Aquarius: Religion, Teaching, Research and Development , Psychology, Astrology, Philosophy, ,
Consultancy, Administration, Oil and Natural Gas, Air force, Space missions and research,
Defense service, Fire Service, Jail Dept., manufacturing of mass scale destructive weapons,
tourism related, central excise dept, butcher shop, Investigating agencies.
Pieces: Education or teaching related, religious & Financial Institutions, Medicine, Law, External
Affairs, Navy & shipping, religious worker.
I know after reading all those, a, b, c, d, e and f points many of you must be wondering that Nikhil,
like this all the professions of the world would suit everybody BUT DEAR ALL, this is simply not
the case.
As I have said that the most important factor is your 1st step based on karaka. POINTS a, b, c, d,
MAIN STREAM of profession should be decided on the basis of first step only. Rest all the factors
would help us to narrow down our observation & analysis.
Finally practice is needed, to derive the results.
Now let me just take an example to make you understand the methodology more clearly and
These are my birth chart details:

Nikhil Gupta
02nd Nov 1984
Delhi, India
I have taken my educational Qualifications in the field of electronics and communication
engineering (4 years) and MBA (marketing) (2 years), I had done the Job in worlds number 1
consulting firm in the field of telecom auditing (for 1 year) just after my B.tech. Since the age of
18, I am also into various occult practices like Vedic Astrology (Since last 8 years-Still Active),
palmistry (since last 12 years -Still Active), face reading (since last 5 years-Still Active),
handwriting reading (since last 5 years-Still Active), Vastu (since last 5 years-Still Active)
and numerology (since last 5 years-Still Active) but my current earning are coming from the
field of Vedic Astrology only (Since last 2 years). Apart from this I have written an unpublished
book on Hindi-Urdu poetry (since last 8 years-Still Active) and I am also practicing singing
(since last 12 years-Still Active) (hence also plans to make my career in the field of music). I
write a lot on occult subjects, hence I am also into writing (Since last 8 years-Still Active) and I
also teach occult subjects, hence you can say that I am also into teaching (Since last 8 yearsStill Active).
I am taking my example because I am into so many fields that my chart would serve as a detailed
example for making you all understand the exact methodology of interpretation.
Basically we have to analyze that which all astrological factors have forced me into these fields
and with what intensity (i.e. since how long I am into a particular field).
Hence search for astrological basis w.r.t these fields electronics and communication engineering
(4 years), MBA (marketing) (2 years), telecom auditing (for 1 year), Vedic Astrology (Since last 8
years-Still Active) and other occult fields (Like palmistry (since last 12 years -Still Active), face
reading (since last 5 years-Still Active), handwriting reading (since last 5 years-Still Active), Vastu
(since last 5 years-Still Active) and numerology (since last 5 years-Still Active)), Hindi-Urdu poetry
(since last 8 years-Still Active), singing (since last 12 years-Still Active), writing (Since last 8
years-Still Active) and teaching (Since last 8 years-Still Active) in my chart.
Step 1: Planets influencing my Karma karaka Saturn and Jeeva Karaka Jupiter
Saturn is placed closed to my Mercury, Ketu and Sun.
(Out of these 3, mercury and Ketu are closer to my Saturn degree wise, so the professions related
to mercury and Ketu will start affecting my profession ahead of Sun, professions related to sun will
influence my profession later in my life)
Hence Just refer the fields which falls under the Planets Ketu, Mercury and Sun, you all will be
able to immediately establish the connection
Jupiter is placed close to my mars and Venus
Hence just refer the fields which falls under the Planets Venus and mars, you all will be able to
immediately establish the connection.

Now to fine tune the results of step 1, proceed to step 2

Step 2:
a) Professions coming under the scope of 10th lord (as per the cusp chart),

Mercury is my 10th lord as per the cusp chart, Hence Just refer the fields which falls under the
Planet Mercury, you all will be able to immediately establish the connection with respect to the
professions identified under STEP 1
b) The professions coming under the scope of the sign coming in 10th cusp.
The sign is Virgo in my case, Hence Just refer the fields which falls under the sign Virgo, you all
will be able to immediately establish the connection with respect to the professions identified
under STEP 1
c) The professions coming under the scope of the sign occupied by this 10th cusp lord in
lagan chart and
Mercury is placed in Libra in my lagan chart, Hence Just refer the fields which falls under the sign
Libra, you all will be able to immediately establish the connection with respect to the professions
identified under STEP 1
d) The professions coming under the scope of the sign occupied by karma karaka Saturn.
Saturn is placed in Libra in my lagan chart, Hence Just refer the fields which falls under the sign
Libra, you all will be able to immediately establish the connection with respect to the professions
identified under STEP 1
e) The professions coming under the scope of the sign occupied by 10th cusp lord in D-9
chart. (i.e. Navamsa sign of 10th cusp lord)
Mercury is placed in Gemini in my Navamsa chart, Hence Just refer the fields which falls under
the sign Gemini, you all will be able to immediately establish the connection with respect to the
professions identified under STEP 1
f) Professions coming under the scope of planets influencing (through aspect or
placement) the 1st house of D-10 chart (If no planet aspects or is placed in the first house
of your D-10 chart, then take lord of 1st house in D-10 chart)
Jupiter and mercury are aspecting the 1st house of my D-10 chart, Hence Just refer the fields
which falls under the planets mercury and Jupiter, you all will be able to immediately establish the
connection with respect to the professions identified under STEP 1
CAREFULLY COMBINE THE RESULTS of Step 1 and Step 2, you will easily know that why
your friend Nikhil is into the fields mentioned above.
How to identify the Cause and nature of a death
Someone presented this case study to me today, so I thought to share my answer with all of you.
So that everybody can understand the depth of this subject.
Chart under consideration:
Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri(Late Prime Minister of India)
02nd Oct 1904
Uttar pradesh
To identify this particular aspect, 8th lord and the 8th house should be Primarily analyzed.
Since as per CUSP chart, NO PLANET is present or aspecting 8th house, hence to know the
cause of death, we have to analyze 8th lord.(NOTE-Though Jupiter is placed in 8th house and
Venus is aspecting 8th house as per the Lagan chart, but we have to take planetary POSITIONS

as per the CUSP chart only), Jupiter is placed in the 7th house and Venus is placed in the 1st
house as per the CUSP chart. This is a good chart, in fact strong chart.
Anyways, In this case mars is the 8th lord(Both as per the lagan and Cusp chart) and the planet
which has maximum closeness to 8th lord is Rahu. Degree of mars in Leo is around 7 and that of
Rahu is around 25 in Leo, so Rahu is moving towards 8th lord and 8th lord mars is moving
towards Rahu.
8th lord mars is greatly influenced by Rahu, As per nadi Jyotish,Rahu generally causes death
through POISON or LEPROSY or SMALL POX. In this case the conditions of Leprosy and small
pox are NOT PRESENT in the chart.(those who wants the reason, can ask me)
Hence the cause of the death could be POISON, Secondly the involvement of Rahu along with
8th lord also denotes some conspiracy or secrecy angle to his death and since Rahu also denotes
foreign angle, so the source of conspiracy could have a foreign angle too attached to it.
Now lets try to find out something about the poison which was used, to kill this person.
The color of the poison would be black (Rahu denotes black color)
The taste of the poison would be sour (taste controlled by Rahu is sour)
The poison would be given through Lips or mouth (regions on the face controlled by Rahu)
Direct impact of the poison would have been felt firstly on Intestines and head .(as these are
regions which are controlled by Rahu)
The first sound which would have come out from the mouth of the person after taking the poison
would be OWA (sound controlled by Rahu)
Since Rahu controls lies, so the poison was given to the native after stating a lie by a male of a
low caste(Rahu is a male of a low caste, by low caste I mean, people who do bad deeds) and
would be of a tall stature (Rahu gives height and denotes tall stature of the person who has given
the poison or the person who was the cause of his death)
Since Rahu denotes south west direction, so at the time of his death, the person would face
towards south west direction.
Rahu denotes sudden death, so death would be instant and hence the poison would have been
very strong.
Atmakaraka dissection
Let me just give you all the basic guidelines on how to analyze the Atmakaraka planet in a very
simple manner without much complications:
I will go step by step to make you understand that what all has to be seen w.r.t Atmakaraka & in
what order and also how to derive logical conclusions out of it.
Let me again take my example:
02nd Nov 1984, 09:11:11am, Delhi
Atmakaraka planet: Mercury, Lord Vishnu devotion necessary for the soul, It also implies that soul
derives comfort in getting merged with the parameters of mercury. So now we should know all the
parameters of mercury before going ahead. Like the Language of mercury is Astrology,
Male/female planet, rules the places like Schools, colleges, commercial places, libraries,
Recreation clubs,
Vishnu temple, book stalls, printing press, registration office. Holds the articles like Books, pens,
pencils, papers, photographs, wall paintings, book shelves, reading table. Controls the

professions like Artist, News paper vendor, teacher, Astrologer, novelist, writer, author, painter,
landlord, compositor, postman, broker, investor, draftsman, inspector, examiner, publisher,
printer, editor, book binder, book sellers, merchant, journalist, clerk, accountant, mathematicians,
public speaker, ambassador, imports and exports, air and land transports. Having general
Characteristics like Intelligent, Friendly, Witty and Humorous, Romantic in Nature, Cunning,
Diplomatic, Calculative, Soft spoken, Discriminative, Explorative, Adaptable, and Opportunistic.
Like basically you should KNOW your Atmakaraka well to understand your self well. Now lets
Move ahead:
How much it has advanced in degrees: 29 degree 53 minutes(Its advancement shows the
advancement of the soul on the spiritual path towards the God, so higher the degree, the better it
is for spiritual advancement)
Placed in which bhava as per cusp: 12th house.(Align its results w.r.t this bhava-Like in this case
Atmakaraka is in the mode of renunciation, loss of everything).This will happen on visible level,
since we are analyzing lagan/cusp chart
Which is the Planet aspecting or joining it: Ketu (again placed in 12th as per cusp), the planet
joining or aspecting the Atmakaraka, imparts its qualities to the Atmakaraka, so here ketu is
imparting its detachment qualities and moksha like attitude to Atmakaraka. This will happen on
visible level.
In which rashi this Atmakaraka is placed in D-9 chart: Gemini happens to be in his own sign.
Hence Comfortable and free to behave in his own free will on Conscious level since we are talking
w.r.t D-9 chart
Which Planet is joining this Atmakaraka in D-9(aspects should not be taken in D-9): NA, if some
planet is joining Atmakaraka over here, it will impart its qualities to Atmakaraka on the conscious
level, not on materialistic level.
In which bhava this Atmakaraka is placed in D-9: 7th House, this house in D-9 depicts So Native
has to align himself with the parameters represented by this house to move forward on the path of
enlightenment. This has to be done on conscious level since we are talking w.r.t D-9 chart
In which Dreshkanda (D-3) this Atmakaraka is placed: Mithun or Gemini, its own sign, hence
Comfortable and free to behave in his own free will.
Shashtyamsa (D-60) of Atmakaraka: Chandra rekha, a comfortable division for the any planet to
be in. Comfortable and free to behave in his own free will on SUB,SUB SUB and Supra
Conscious level ( 3 levels can be seen from D-60)
Rashi in which this Atmakaraka is placed in D-60: Virgo, Its own, Mooltrikona and exalted sign,
hence Comfortable and free to behave in his own free will on SUB,SUB SUB and Supra
Conscious level ( 3 levels can be seen from D-60)
Bhava in which it is placed in D-60 chart: 10th house, So Native has to align himself with the
parameters represented by this house to move forward on the path of enlightenment. This has to
be done on SUB,SUB SUB and Supra Conscious level
( 3 levels can be seen from D-60)
Planet Joining this Atmakaraka in D-60: NA, if some planet is joining Atmakaraka over here, it will
impart its qualities to Atmakaraka on SUB, SUB SUB and Supra Conscious level, not on
materialistic level or conscious level. ( 3 levels can be seen from D-60)
In this manner analysis of Atmakaraka has to be done

Though Other D charts could also be included but as per D-9, D-1,D-3 and D-60 are the most
important charts for the analysis of Atmakaraka.
Raja Yoga determination from Atmakaraka:
If Venus, mars and ketu are placed in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th houses from the Atmakaraka. It
indicates raja yoga.
Vaastu and Astrology
We all know that when lord of first house goes into 8th or in 6th house, its bad. Similarly when
lord of 4th house placed in 12th or 8th or 6th, it is not considered good, But have you ever thought
that whats the reason behind these conclusions (based on planetary placements)
Like wise we have many such doubts, right.
In this article you will find the answers to most of your basic doubts w.r.t basic rules of Astrology,
since I will be giving explanations w.r.t these doubts through Astrology.
Hence, here you will also learn how scientific ASTROLOGY is!
So just fasten your seat belts, to go for a ride, full of knowledge.
To start with, let me give you, few basic concepts of Vaastu, so that you can link it with astrology.
There are four basic "Kona" or corners namely "ishanaya"----- north east (water or
Jal tatva)
"Aagneya"----- south east (fire or Agni tatva), "vayvaya"----- North West (airy of
Vayu tatva)
"Naeshetraya"-----south west (earth or prithvi tatva)
Basic Directions are: North east, north, North West, west, south west, south, south east
3 other directions are also possible which i will mention later.
There are mainly two types of energy, affecting us as per Vaastu i.e.. solar energy or "Saaur
prandik urja" (goes out from the direction in between North east and south east") and "jaivik urja"
(comes to us from "direction in between north east and north west")
According to our ancient scriptures; Nature is made up of 3 "gund" namely "satva", "rajas" and
And we all have one prominent gund out of the above three in different proportion.
Souls which have "Tamas" in domination, ultimately goes in the "pashu yoni" or in the category of
Souls who have rajas in domination lives on earth in the form of human beings and souls who
have satva in domination resides in "uchh lokas or in Gods abode"
These are the general classification but billions of permutations and combinations are possible,
Giving rise to 84 lakh yoni's (Types of living beings) on earth itself.
You all must be thinking, how all this relates to Jyotish (Astrology) or Vaastu, so here is the
answer is that, first learn the basics and then we will go in deep.
Planets like Rahu, mars, sat are tamsik
Planets like Jupiter and sun are satvic.
And planets like Venus, mercury are rajsik.

Directions between north and east have "satvic gund" which means northeast is purely satvic i.e..
Adjacent directions on other sides of north east have 50% satvic gund
All directions between (east and south) and (north and west) have "rajsik gund"
That means South east is purely Rajsik (100%) and North west is also purely Rajsik (100%)
Directions between west and south have "Tamsik gund"
South west is purely Tamsik (100%
Now you all can easily relate why Jupiter is very good in "north east" that is in 2nd house as
Jupiter is purely satvic, so as north east.
Venus being Rajsik is very good in 11th and 12th houses as these houses correspond to "south
east" i.e. purely Rajsik. Similarly it can be applied to other planets too. Ok before exposing you to
more concepts, let me first tell you some other basics.
We all know that Jupiter and mercury are Dig Bali (Direction wise strong0 in 1st house, moon in
4th, Saturn in 7th sun and mars in 10th.
The reason why the above planets are Dig Bali can be interpreted from the above concept.
Now why their placements are influencing us in the horoscope reading and how is Vaastu related
to that.
We will come to that but before that, you must know that our ancient rishis have observed a very
But most important concept which can applied in Jyotish as well as in Vaastu.
See whatever is present in this universe is dependent on the "prand" or life giving energy. If we
correctly know about this "prand" our life would become prosperous. Dont take it in a literal
This "prand" is classified as a mysterious energy which resides in all of us and has no relation
with "five elements" i.e. "fire, water, matter, space and air". Its feel can be developed with the help
of high level of meditation"
Our body is the representative of this "prand" and prand is exactly opposite to the "five elements"
Indeed This prand is the only source of energy for 72000 arteries and veins in our body.
Here i am going to tell you "rarest" aspect of prand.
ITS correct way!
Since "prand" is sustained by energies from universe (consisting of all the planets), read this with
rapt attention.
"This prand flows from north east corner to south west corner"
But hold on!
Its path is not straight.
"From north east it first goes to North West and then goes to south west."
Another path is "From north east corner to south east and then to south west
Just learn and meditate these concepts because now I am going to extract whole of Jyotish and
Vaastu out of it.
Take Scorpio lagan.
Now for this lagan, East direction is ruled by mars (lord of Scorpio rashi, 1st house) north east by
Jupiter (lord of dhanu rashi, 2nd house) like wise, north is ruled by Saturn being lord of 4th house

(for Scorpio lagan) south west ruled by mercury being lord of 8th house, west ruled by venus,
south ruled by sun.
Well come to above example after these few sentences.
Now since "prand" enters from the north east (purely SATVIC) corner of any house, we live in.
As per Vaastu, We say that there.
1) There should be open lawns/ garden in the north east.
2) There should be water bodies/swimming pools in north east.
3) More of windows should be present in the north east (or lot of openings)
4) Any kind of obstruction like wall, tall trees etc should NOT be there in the north east.
5) Main door should be in the north east.
6) There should NOT be any gutter, toilet, septic tank or thick walls in the north east.
So all the above parameters becomes very scientific from the angle of Vaastu!
NOW what about Jyotish...???
Now coming to the example of Scorpio lagan.
If lord of 2nd house i.e. Jupiter, who represents north east for this particular lagan is placed in 8th
house (that is in Mithun (Gemini) rashi) I.e. south west direction which is purely Tamsik direction,
then the result would not be auspicious as north east direction will develop a fault.
As the planet representing the satvic direction is placed in Tamsik south west direction.
Now if north east direction has developed fault.
How does it affect us????
See, we receive all the fresh (air, sun light) from the north east direction, hence all the life giving
energy comes enters first from north east. This is by default, because of the spin of earth on its
axis and rotation of earth around the sun. Sun moves from east to west following the route (lagan,
12th house, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th and then 7th house) As a result, Native having the above
condition in his chart would not have adequate opening in the north east direction or in case of
more Ashubh prabhav (malefic influence) on 2nd house, There would be presence of toilet in
north east.
Hence he will not receive adequate fresh air and sun light as a result inauspicious results will
follow (for his health and then to his financial conditions)
Through astrology, we immediately say that lord of 2nd house in 8th will lead to some
inauspicious effect similarly take an example of cancer lagan.
Moon is placed in lagan (moon is the representative of east for this lagan) and sun in 2nd (sun is
the representative of north east for this lagan) now both of them are swarashi in 1st and 2nd
houses respectively
And both of them are satvic as a result from Jyotish perspective we say its very auspicious.
Now why it is auspicious???? Its answer lies in Vaastu.
Simple, since north east direction from where "prand" enters our house and then in our body is
having no fault Because of the presence of auspicious sun and moon there, As a result, The
native will have adequate opening in east and north east direction of his house hence will
continuously get fresh air and as soon as fresh air goes inside our body it becomes "prand" which
then has no relation with "five elements"

Very mysterious isnt it!

Here I must repeat, what i have said earlier.
North east, from where fresh air enters. This fresh air has two kind of energies in it.
First is solar energy which is available (between north east and south east) and second is Life
giving energy which we call as "jaivik urja" this "jaivic urja is available (between north east and
north west)
Both kind of energies are available in north east (as north is the common direction in the above
two scenarios)
Thats why; fresh air from north east becomes very important.
Take one more example, for Tula lagan (Libra) if Satun is placed in 2nd house with Rahu.
Sun in 8th house with ketu, now in this case both south west and north east direction have
developed fault.
What will be the scenario in this case...??? The native will have toilet or septic tanks in north east
or will have thick walls with no opening in north east as well as since south west has also
developed fault because of the placement of sun in it. This corner will have openings, or would be
separated from the rest of the house.
Always remember that any decrease in the strength of sun and mars will lead to a fault in south
(No thick walls or lot of openings)
Any decrease in the strength of Jupiter will lead to fault in north east.
Any decrease in the strength of Saturn will lead to fault in west.
Any decrease in the strength of moon will lead to fault in north.
Any decrease in the strength of mercury will lead to fault in east.
Also remember that;
Tamsik planets are more suitable for the directions west, south west and south i.e. Saturn, mars,
Rahu and ketu (7th, 8th, 9th, 10th houses)
Satvic planets are more suitable for the directions north, north east and east i.e. Jupiter, sun,
moon (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses)
Rajsik planets are more suitable in the directions like south east, north west etc i.e. Venus and
mercury (5th house, 6th house, 11th house and 12th house)
Now this AGAIN is General classification (which we will understand later on)
Rajsik planets can be auspicious in satvic directions also & satvic planets can be auspicious in
Rajsik direction also.
Many more exceptions are also possible, which will satisfy both Vaastu and Jyotish.
I will explain how;
Meena (pieces) lagan, Sat and mercury in lagan, sun in 2nd house, Rahu in 3rd, Jupiter in 4th
house, venus in 12th house, moon in 11th house and ketu mars in 9th house.
Now since Saturn is in east (that is in lagan) so a fault will exist in east.
(From the point of view of astrology we will say, decline in the auspicious qualities of lagan)
Saturn is dig Bali in 7th house (in lagan it has no disha BAL, hence inauspicious, secondly Saturn
being Tamsik grah in satvic direction is again inauspicious, many more reasons are possible)

So here entry should be from west or south, similarly logic can be applied, 3rd house has Rahu
and Saturn, and mars are aspecting 3rd house, so a major fault in "north east" that is "ishanya"
Since ketu is in 9th house with mars, so strong thick walls would be there in south and south west
and therefore no fault in south and south west.