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Principles of Our Hygienic System

by R.T. Trall

The Hygienic System, or the treatment of disease by Hygienic agencies, is based on the following propositions:

1. Healing / remedial power occurs inherently in living systems. Properties of drugmedicines, as called, remain simply morbific effects.
2. No curative virtue exists in medicines, nor in anything outside of vital organisms.
3. Nature provides no remedies for disease. It provides consequences for taking or
doing things which occasion disease, as disease exists itself an effort to remove
4. Health founds via obedience to vital laws of organisms. Disease results from
5. Health represents normal vital action, or action in relation to things usable. Disease
signifies abnormal vital action, or action in relation to things non-usable.
6. No law of cure exists; the condition of cure represents obedience to physiological
7. One universal rule applies to treatment of disease by Hygienic remedies: to balance
functional action. If done, no disease, however violent, will prove fatal.
8. Remedial agents do not act on living system, as taught in medical books and
schools, but get ACTED on by our vital powers.
9. Disease exists not, as commonly supposed, an enemy at war with vital powers, but
rather a remedial efforta process of purification and reparation. Not a THING to
destroy, subdue, or suppress, but an ACTION to REGULATE and DIRECT.
10. Diseases shall not get cured. So long as causes exist, disease continues. But
should causes of disease get removed patients cure up.
11. Remedial agents exist as materials and influences which have NORMAL relations to
the vital organs, and not drugs, or poisons, whose relations remain ABNORMAL and
12. Natures materia medica consists of Air, Light, Temperature, Exercise, Rest, Food,
Drink, Bathing, Sleep, Clothing, and Mental Influences.
13. Healing Art consists in supplying living system with whatever above it can USE
under circumstances, and not in administering, of poisons which it need RESIST and
14. Drug remedies CAUSES disease. Each dose diminishes vitality of patients.
15. DRUGOPATHY endeavors to restore health by administering poisons which produce
16. Whereas Hygiene restores sick to health by means which preserve health in well
17. Obstruction causes disease; obstructing materials exist as poisons or impurities of
some kind.
18. Natural Hygiene removes these obstructions, and leaves the body sound.
19. Drug medicines add to causes of obstructions, and change acute disease to
20. Attempting to cure disease by adding to causes of disease, seems irrational and