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Doutoramento em Sociologia

Seminário Teorias Sociológicas Aprofundadas

Ano lectivo de 2009-2010

Docentes: Prof. Doutor Carlos Manuel Gonçalves e Prof. Doutora Isabel Dias


1. Fundamental

• ALLAN, Keneth, (2007), The Social Lens, London, Sage

• BONNY, Yves (2004), Sociologie du temps présent, Paris, Armand Colin.

• CONNEL, R.W. (2003), Gender & Power, Cambridge, Polity Press.

• CONNELL, R.W. (2008), Gender, Cambridge, Polity Press.
• FERNANDES, António Teixeira (2006), Monotonia Democrática e Diluição das Regulações
Sociais, Porto, Afrontamento.
• GINER, Salvador (coord.) (2003), Teoría Sociológica Moderna, Madrid, Ariel.

• KUMAR, Krishan (1997), Da Sociedade Pós-industrial à Pós-Moderna, Rio de Janeiro, Zahar

• MARUCCELLI, Danilo (1999), Sociologies de la modernité, Paris, Folio.

• MILES, Steven (2001), Social theory in the real world, London, Sage.

• RITZER, George (2001), Explorations in social theory, London, Sage

• RITZER, George (2008), Modern Sociological Theory, (7ª edition), New-York, MacGrawhill.

• RITZER, George (edit.) (2003), The Blackwell Companion to major contemporary social
theorists, Malden, Blackwell.
• RITZER, George e SMART, Barry (edit.) (2001), Handbook of social theory, London, Sage.

• SCOTT, John (1995), Sociological Theory, London, Edward Elgar.

• TURNER, Bryan (1996), Teoria Social, Lisboa, Difel.

• TURNER, Bryan S. (edit.) (2007), The New Blackwell Companion to Social Theory, Blackwell.

• TURNER, Jonathan (2003), The structure of sociological theory, Belmont, Wadsworth.

• WATERS, Malcom (1994), Modern Sociological Theory, London, Sage


2. Para uma abordagem global das teorias sociológicas (para além dos indicados no ponto

- GIDDENS, Anthony e TURNER, Jonathaan (1999), Teoria social hoje, São Paulo, UNESP.
- RITZER, George (2008), Sociological theory, New York.
- BERTHELOT, Jean-Michel (1991), La construction de la sociologie. Paris : Presses
Universitaires de France.
- MARUCCELLI, Danilo (1999), Sociologies de la modernité, Paris, Folio.
- RITZER, George e SMART, Barry (edit.) (2001), Handbook of social theory, London, Sage.
- TURNER, Jonathan (2003), The structure of sociological theory, Belmont, Wadsworth.
- CORCUFF, Philippe (1994), As novas sociologias:contruções da realidade social,

3. Revisão dos fundadores

- ARON, Raymond (2002), As etapas do pensamento sociológico, Lisboa, D. Quixote

- GIDDENS, Anthony (1990), Capitalismo e moderna teoria social : uma análise das
obras de Marx, Durkheim e Max Weber, Lisboa, Editorial Presença

4. Obras de referência global

- Neil J. Smelser, Paul B. Baltes (2001) International encyclopedia of the social and
behavioral sciences, Oxford: Elsevier. (existe na Biblioteca da Flup)
- Boudon, Raymond, Dictionnaire critique de la sociologie, Paris : Presses
Universitaires de France. (existe na Biblioteca da Flup)
- http://plato.stanford.edu/ (Enciclopedia de Filosofia)
- www.sociologyencyclopedia.com (registo e acesso grátis até 31 de Outubro de

5. Revistas (bases da FLUP e em papel)

5.1. Nacionais
- Análise Social
- Análise Social
Sociologia, Problemas e Práticas
- Economia e Sociologia
Fórum Sociológico
- Portugal Journal of Social Sciences
- Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais
Sociologia – Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
Revista de Sociologia
5.2. Estrangeiras
- Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales
- American Sociological Review
- Cahiers internationaux de sociologie
- Current Sociology
- International Sociology
- L’Année sociologique
- Revista Espanola de Investigaciones Sociologicas
- Revue du MAUSS
- Revue Francaise de Sociologie (electrónica e papel, 2005 e depois)
- Sociological Theory
- Sociology
- The American Journal of Sociology
- Theory, Culture and Society
- Sociologie du travail
- Sociologie du Trabajo----------
- Work and Professions
- Organizações e Trabalho
Sociologie du Travail
Sociologia del Trabajo
Revue International du Travail
Sociedade e Trabalho
Formation et Emploi
Formação Profissional
Work, Employment and Society

6. Outras fontes (recursos em Sociologia)

6.1. Sites disponibilizados pela Blackwell
Sociology Resources
• Globalization, Communication and Society
• The Individual and Social Life
• Modern Organizations
• The Family
• Democracy
• Tradition and Social Change
• Social Theory
• Sociological Research
Social Theory
• A Sociology Timeline from 1600. Created by Ed Stephan.
• Dead Sociologists' Society
• Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory and Postmodern Thought. Website
maintained by the Denver School of Education at the University of Colorado.
• Sociology of Knowledge. Website maintained by the Denver School of
Education at the University of Colorado.
• Voice of the Shuttle Cultural Studies Page. Includes many social theory links.
• Social Theory A Sampler of Information Resources prepared by Sandra L.
Brown, Reference Services Librarian Southwest Baptist University Library, Bolivar,
• Resources on Theorists, Theories, and Fields. Edited by Bob Craig, University
of Colorado at Boulder.Philosophical Links Page
• The Philosophers´ Magazine. Maintained by the Philosophers' Magazine
(TPM) on the net.
• Marx and Engels' Writings
• Marxism-related lists and archives
• Marxists Internet Archive
• Resources on Antonio Gramsci
• Critical Theory and Cultural Studies
• Habermas Links. Created by Antti Kauppinen.
• The Jürgen Habermas Web Resource. Created by Steve Robinson.
• The Herbert Marcuse Internet Archive
• The Anthony Giddens Resources
• The Jon Elster Page
• Links to sites related to Pierre Bourdieu
• HyperBourdieu
• Project Baudrillard
• George Herbert Mead. A repository of documents by about and related to the
work of George Herbert Mead.
• Social_Psychology.Net. The University of Southern Indiana's Sociology
Department's Social Psychology Links of Interest Page.
• The Foucault Pages at CSUN
• Foucault Site
• Howie's Homepage. Howard S. Becker's website.
• Centre for Critical Realism
• Norbert Elias and Process Sociology. This site identifies and provides internet
resources for all social scientists working with the ideas of Norbert Elias and process
• Actor-Network Theory. Website maintained by the Denver School of
Education at the University of Colorado.
• The Bruno Latour Website
• Jean-François Lyotard: A Bibliography.
• Roberto Unger Official Website.
• Roberto Unger Websource.
• Paul Virilio. Interviewed by James der Derian.
• Theory and Society. Journal Homepage.
• Philosophy and Civil Society. Website devoted to the philosophical
examination of the nature of civil society and civic culture in general.
• Online papers of the Department of Sociology, Lancaster University
• Bookmarks for Douglas Kellner
• http://hyperbourdieu.jku.at/Kommentare.htm
6.3. Outros sites

Sociology Sites (Schools and Colleges)

• BRYN HAFREN SCHOOL Bryn Hafren has established itself as the prime site for
school sociology in Wales and here they offer resources for GCSE level.
• DAVE HARRIS HOMEPAGE This is a collection of e-handouts and conference
papers on sociology, distance education and cultural/media studies.
• ESOCIOLOGY Notes, Worksheets and TESTS!
• HEWETT SCHOOL, NORFOLK This contains curriculum support materials for
sociologists of Advanced and GCSE level.
• SOCIOLOGY ONLINE Built by Andy Walker of Dartford Technology College, this
has a good number of exercises and online quizzes etc., using Hot Potatoes
• MAHAMMAD SHOIAB'S PAGES This is a site from an Advanced level student,
with access to his notes.
• MY SOCIOLOGY Pam Burrage's excellent site of notes and activities for the
Advanced level student.
• NGfL FOR WALES This has GCSE Sociology on it, but you will find it very useful
for A level remindes as well.
fun site for checking out what you know (and what you don't).
• RUTH'S SOCIOLOGY RESOURCESThis is a teacher's site with AS and A2 level
information and activities and neat summaries of areas of sociology.
• SCHOOL SOCIOLOGY This is a school site, with resources and some study and
revision skills advice.
• S-COOL REVISION SITE Not technically a school site, this has a revision
programme specifically for A level Sociology if you follow the appropriate links.
• SOCIAL SCIENCE RESOURCES This site contains worksheets, including online
worksheets, developed by the PGCE Social Science student teachers at the University
of Leicester.
• SOCIOLOGY CENTRAL One of the best sites for A level sociologists, this offers
downloadable resources, specifically designed for post-16 sociology students.
• SOCIOLOGY LEARNING SUPPORT A site of interactive quizzes, devised by ATSS
member Chris Gardner and with a new design in 2006. There are self-assessment tests
and exercises for students to do online, and currently 160 exercises are available.
• TAMARA O'HARA'S WEBSITE A comprehensive and fun site focused on AS, A2
and Access sociology.
• WALES'S VIRTUAL TEACHERS' CENTRE This has some interactive stuff for you
to try.
• NEWS ONLINE There are some great video resources available here, relevant to
• FRONTLINE Continuing the video resources theme, this is an excellent source of
contemporary and some historical features, relevant to Sociology.
Other Useful Sociology Sites
• BEAUTY MATTERS Teaching resources around the areas of body image, fashion
and attraction.
• BRITISH JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY This will lead you to abstracts of the latest
volumes of the BJS.
• CENTRE FOR APPLIED SOCIAL SURVEYS This contains a bank of questions
which have been used in social surveys.
• CHILD POVERTY ACTION GROUP All you can expect from one of Britain's
leading campaigning organisations.
• ESRC SITE MAP This will take you to a graphic representation of the ESRC site.
Click on Findings to see a series of recent research findings from ESRC funded
• HOLOCAUST EDUCATION TRUST This site is dedicated to the history of the
• INFORMATION PLEASE This is an online Encyclopaedia, with Culture and Society
links to the family, ethnicity, education, crime, gender and religion.
• INTERNET SOCIOLOGIST This is an active tutorial on using the Internet for
sociological purposes, either as a teacher or a student. It establishes some essential
principles for using the Internet.
• JUST FOR TEACHERS You have to register for this free site, but it has reviews of
resources, specifically for post-16 social science.

• SOCIAL SCIENCE DISCUSSION FORUM At last, a sociological 'chat room' that is

pitched at the right level for pre-University students. You may have to register to gain
the full benefits.
• SOCIETY: THE BASICS BY JOHN MACIONIS This is a great site linked to the
John Macionis' book, but including multiple choice questions, True or False activities,
key term quizzes and links.
• SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCH ONLINE This is the electronic Journal of the British
Sociological Association.
• SOCIOLOGIST AT LARGE This is an American site, but with some good basic
sociological information appropriate for A level students.
• SOCIOLOGY BLOG This is a sociology blog, covering all sorts of interesting topics.
• SOCIOLOGY AND CRIMINOLOGY BLOG This is a sociology and criminology
• SOCIOLOGY BY JOHN MACIONIS Another great site linked to the John Macionis'
book, but including objectives, multiple choice questions, True or False activities,
essay questions and links.
• SOCIOLOGY SHOPThere are basic items connected to this site, including conceptual
tools and analytical tools.
• THEORY CARDS This is David Gauntlett's novel way of introducing basic theory. It
is a good site for the A2 sociologist approaching theory for the first time.
Sociology Web Directories
• GSOCIOLOGY This is a set of links focusing on social change and including some
useful links to methods.
• SOCIAL SCIENCE INFORMATION GATEWAY UK This is a gateway to a wealth
of sociological material.
• SOCIAL WORLD: SOCIOLOGY This has an extensive set of links to sites of interest
to sociologists.
• SOCIOLOGICAL TOUR THROUGH CYBERSPACE This is a slightly different site
which offers advice on writing papers and using the sociological imagination.
• SOCIOLOGY NETWORK This provides a access to Sociology resources in the news
amongst other things.
• SOCIOLOGY RING Mark Foster organises a large number of connected sociology
sites, which can be visited in turn or randomly.
• SOCIOSITE This is an international sociology site which allows you to access
sources in a large number of subject areas associated with Sociology.
• SOCIOWEB This offers access to new resources in Sociology, amongst other things.
• TRANSTRAK An American site with a bias towards practising sociologists. A good
site for students looking for a career in sociology.
• WORLD LECTURE HALL - SOCIOLOGY Organised according to sociological
topics, this allows you to follow your specific interests.
• http://www.liens-socio.org Publicações francesas
• http://socserv2.mcmaster.ca/w3virtsoclib/

• Sociology Publishers
• CONNECT PUBLICATIONS This contains information concerning coursework and
support publications from Connect.
• LINDISFARNE PRESS This contains information concerning publications and
course from Lindisfarne Press.
• SOCIOLOGY REVIEW This contains details of the magazine Sociology Review.
• SOCIOLOGY UPDATES This contains details of the annual publication of Sociology
• TRIPLE A LEARNING This is the site of a commercial sociology publisher

6.4. Outros sites com recursos

Sociolog Julian Dierkes' Sociology links

Theories about Social Change
About sociology links
Sociological Research Online
Les classiques des sciences sociales
A really wonderful site, with lots of classical texts and resources for sociology students and
scholars (in French)
A very useful and complete collection of links to sociology sites around the world
Les organisations internationales
- Le Conseil international des sciences sociales (CISS/ISSC) de l’UNESCO
- L’Association internationale de sociologie (AIS/ISA)
- L’Association française de sociologie (AFS)
- L’association canadienne des sociologues et anthropologues de langue française
- L’Association italienne de sociologie
- La Société portugaise de sociologie (SPS)
- La Société suisse de sociologie (SSS)
- Association of Black Sociologists www.blacksociologists.org
Association for Humanist Sociology www.humanistsoc.org
Association of Population Centers www.popcenters.org
Association for Qualitative Research www.aqrp.co.uk
Association for the Sociology of Religion www.sociologyofreligion.com
Blackwell Sociology Resources www.blackwellpublishing.com/sociology
Consortium of Social Science Organizations www.cossa.org
Dead Sociologists' Society www2.pfeiffer.edu/˜lridener/DSS/DEADSOC.HTML
European Association for Population Studies www.eaps.nl
European Association for the Study of Science and Technology www.easst.net
Euro Studies www.sosig.ac.uk/eurostudies
Global Social Work Network www.gswn.com
Indian Sociological Society www.insoso.org
International Network for Social Network Analysis www.insna.org
International Social Science Council www.unesco.org/ngo/issc/
International Society for the Sociology of Religion soc.kuleuven.be/ceso/sisr
International Sociological Association www.ucm.es/info/isa
International Sociology of Sport Association www.uq.edu.au/~asjmckay/info.htm
International Union for the Scientific Study of Population www.iussp.org
Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction www.indiana.edu/~kinsey
Korean Sociological Association www.ksa.re.kr/index.php
Latin American Sociological Association www2.udec.cl/~alas
Marxists Internet Archive www.marxists.org/
Norbert Elias and Process Sociology www.usyd.edu.au/su/social/elias/eliasframe.html
Rural Sociological Society ruralsociology.org
Select Great Social Theorists Page www.faculty.rsu.edu/
Social Science History Association www.ssha.org
Social Science Information System www.sociosite.net
Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics www.sase.org/homepage.html
Society for Applied Sociology www.appliedsoc.org
Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality www.sexscience.org
Society for Social Studies of Science www.4sonline.org
Society for the Study of Social Problems www.sssp1.org
Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction sun.soci.niu.edu/~sssi
Sociologists' Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Caucus
Sociologists Without Borders www.sociologistswithoutborders.org/
Sociologists for Women in Society newmedia.colorado.edu/~socwomen
Sociology of Education Association www2.asanet.org/soe
Statistical Resources on the Web www.lib.umich.edu/govdocs/stats.html