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Length, Height, and Weight Lesson Plan

Common Core State Standard: K.MD.A.1 Describe measurable

attributes of objects, such as length or weight. Describe several
measurable attributes of a single object.
Objective: SWBAT describe several measurable attributes of a single
Assessment: Students will describe several measurable attributes of
a single object. They will do this as a group and individually with the
Key Vocabulary: Height, Length, Weight Put words on board. Under
height write words taller & shorter, for length put the words longer &
shorter, for weight write the words heavier & lighter. Say them out loud
and have students say them with you as you point to them. Explain
that the words underneath are the words we use to describe height,
length, and weight.
Anticipatory Set: Set expectations 1st: Listen quietly to the person
talking. If I am talking you dont talk unless asked to. When I ask one of
your classmates to talk, we must listen to them quietly. 2nd: When I
hold up the red circle it means that you must raise your hand and be
chosen to talk before you talk. When I hold up the green circle it means
everyone can answer without hands raised.
Recall Prior Knowledge: What is length? How long something is from
side to side.
What is height? How tall or short something is. What is weight? How
light or heavy something is.
Height and length game Have children spread out so that when they
go to the floor they wont hit anyone. When you say measuring
height the children run in place standing up. When you say
measuring length the children lay down on the floor as fast as they
Use a book to show length, height, and weight. Run your finger along
the bottom of the book to show length. Do the same on the side for
Role-play with book heavy or light. Have one student pretend the book
is light and have another pretend it is heavy. Have the class guess
which one is lighter or heavier.
Bring a scale and weigh the book. Find a heavier or lighter book to
weigh with it for comparison.

Compare measurements using a pencil and a foam block.

Ask throughout:
When you decide which of two objects is shorter or longer, what are
you comparing?
Keenan says his block tower is taller than Ellens. What is he
What are you comparing when you find out if an object is lighter or
Ask to a higher-level student:
Is your height and length the same measurement?
Show math friends video and how to do worksheets.
Check for Understanding/Guided Practice: When working with the
students at the center, ask them what it is they are doing. Have them
explain how they know the difference between height, length, and
Independent Practice: Students work on worksheets, on Math Seeds,
and with manipulatives.
Closure: Explain and model what they will be doing at each center. At
the manipulative center they will be building structures and measuring
the height and length. They will also be using the scale to measure the
weight of objects. Show them an example of a structure to build and
how to use the scale. Dismiss one group at a time.
Differentiation Instruction/Accommodations: At the centers, the
children will manipulate a variety of different types of materials for
hands-on learning. The centers have a teacher at each one to provide
one on one instruction to see if understanding is taking place. In large
group, have the lower level students help you with demonstrations and
modeling. Ask the higher level students (by name) more challenging