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SIMPLE PRESENT (On the week end we woke up early ond 90 for @ hike on the mountain Tt is 20 rice to smell the fresh air ond eee the wild animals, We stay there for about ‘three hours ond bring our lunch with us, ‘As you can see my family loves nature. ANSWER THESE QUESTIK 1.What does Amie love to do? 2. Who does she walk with? 3.Where docs she live? 4. How long does she walk ? ‘5.Whet time does she errive at school? 6. Where does her father work? 7. What do they do on the week end? ANSWER TRUE OR FALSE Lannie is @ vet, ‘My name is Annie ond this is what T normaly do. 9 mmm Domne T love to walk on the mountain, During the week T wake up early and go for a small walk on the mountain, TT usually go with my father or my brother. We like ‘to get some fresh alt before we start cur day. We live inthe country far away from the city. We think ‘that our country life is wonderful because we ore ‘away from the noise and pollution of the city. We often welk fer about one-half hour ond then return to fur home. T always take my bus after cur walk and ct about 8:30 a.m, and arrive at at school at 9:00 a, ‘My father takes his car ond goes to town to work He works at a veterinary clinic. He is a vet o loves to help animals, We have 3 dogs and two cats 2 Annie does not like the mountain, Dinara Fa ~ 3. Annie lives in the city 0 Go) 4. Her father is © former. © ©. 15. They seldom walk on the mountain, 0 ©.