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Consolidate the slogan selected and the texts (Step 1 and 3).
Step 1
"For a government whit faith, honesty and respect
Step 2
Angelica Maria Villegas
A. The most serious problems Colombia is facing.
1. Health: The conditions and quality as each day gets worse user attention
2. Unemployment: the lacks of job, opportunities for people who have the
experience but if they have the desire and study
B. The opportunities our country has to improve
The misery was extended, stimulating violence and forced displacement of
peasants to unknown locations, due to the difficult of investing in the midst of war,
but also by an economic model that failed to meet the glowing promises that
accompanied their first steps, but now with the peace treaty we can improve and
make Colombia a better country.
c. People (experts or famous) you will work with the presidency
- Germia Medina
- Peter Manjarrez
- German Vargas Lleras
Step 2
Sebastin Escobar
Let's talk about our country!
Colombia has been facing very serious problems through the years but actually, it
has been the war what is affecting the most to our compatriots! there are so many
people involved in this problematic, victims that have lost family members, their
homes, their rights to have a worthy life! so i think it's time to stop, and to make a
difference in the history of the country, it's time to open the door to the peace, that
we need so much
The opportunities our country has to improve are a very important part of all the
process to be a better place for all the citizens, like the improve the culture of
respect, to make the people care about what is happening to the place where we

it also so important to use the tool of education and knowledge, that is the key to
make better persons, that want to make a change, a real change! at the end that is
what will make us a better place to live.
People (experts or famous) you will work with in the Presidency.
I will work with Guillermo Arturo Prieto better known as Pirry.
Thank you!
Step 3
Sebastian Escobar
I am the new president
Paragraph 1: Who I am
R//: i am a very committed person, who is determinate to make a change in our
country, who wants to improve all the potential that our nation have. I like to see
the good in people and motivate them to be better persons and to developed all of
their habilities. I wanna work as much as be posible to build a much more
productive and happy country for all the persons who live in there. And i truly
believe that we can make a change
Paragraph 2: Projects for education
One of the most important theme to deal with, education! . it is needed to give the
possibility of get educated to all the people in every zone of the country, even those
who are in the most remote reas, because seem to be the most affected ones. So
it is important to find the ways to provide to them with all the knowledge that they
need. On the other side we have to incentivate to all the kids that are already
studying, to be more dedicated and try to get all the best of the process, as well to
have programs for the superior education, make possible for everyone who wants
to be in college, and grow up in all the ways to become the best professionals.
Paragraph 3: Projects for health
The health, it is vital, when we are sick we can not be ourselves! So we have to try
to fix all the problems that we are facing right now. We have to be able to give the
citizens the service that they deserve. We have to improve all the services to the
community, so they can have all of the medication, and appointments with
specialists to help them in the process of all the treatments

Paragraph 4: Projects for economy

We have to find the way to make progress in the economy of our nation. Implement
programs that rise the economy of all the citizens. To get better relationships with
the others countries to sell them our products of the best quality like we have here
in our beautiful lands.
Thank you!
Step 3
Angelica Maria Villegas
Paragraph 1: Who I am
I am a responsible person, Committed to each one of the Things That I intend to
make in order to Achieve my targets, I want to Achieve better alternatives for the
future of our country, do everything in my power and get what's not Requesting
help other always taking into account people respect, union, commitment in order
to Achieve our goal.
Paragraph 2: Projects for education
The most important issue is education, it is to reach all children, youth, adults and
seniors who can not easily access the study, is to motivate and encourage them to
learn to develop all these qualities and achieve their dreams be doctors,
astronauts, etc.
Paragraph 3: Projects for health
As health project is to have the availability of clinics, hospitals and health center for
all people requiring medical care are met, so that they can treat their illnesses and
may have a better quality of life
Paragraph 4: Projects for economy
As economic project would raise a better wage for workers, workers and all those
who require a little more in order to survive, would reduce taxes on those strata 1
and 2, while improving quality and access to food, medicines and everything
requiring people to have a better quality of life.