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Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)



Squad Leader
Cpl. Phillips, Wilson MI87-12

Strategic & Tactical Support

Sgt. Maj. Neale, Richard MI20-27

Credits & Contents


Into The Lions Den

A Lion Falls

Additional Tactical Support

Sgt. Maj. Belcher, Ian MI40-81

External Propagandist
Sgt. Dutrait, Vincent MI42-23

Internal Propagandists
Pvt. Moretti, Danilo MI54-06, Pvt. Parker, Tony MI8847, Pvt. Sergesketter, Chad MI37-39

Selvache Safari


The Lions Roar


The Lions Last Stand


Lockwoods Lions


The Arachnids




Military Intelligence Liason

3rd Lt. Barstow, Ian MI06-88

Military Intelligence Officer

Lt. Col. Fennell, Alexander

[Designation Classified]

Data Analysts
Sgt. Bedison, Ron MI77-02

Forward Reconnaissance
Cpl. Vail, Sam MI91-09, Pvt. Chabot, Andre MI89-04,
Pvt. Hall, Robert MI15-08, Pvt. Kerslake, Trevor MI8817, Pvt. Marson, Alan MI20-060

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Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)


The Selvache Incident is a story of triumph
and tragedy, courage and cowardice and, ultimately,
perseverance in the face of overwhelming opposition.
The first adventure for Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying
Game, The Selvache Incident is designed for characters of
between 1st and 3rd character level.

The Selvache Incident combines situations and encounters

that will require a mix of skills to survive and overcome.
Players will find that characters with ranks in Computer
Use, Demolitions, Repair and Survival of particular use,
as well as more common combat abilities.

If you are intending to play in this adventure you should

stop reading now, as the information that follows is
intended for Games Masters only.

Games Masters should read and become familiar with

the entire adventure before attempting to run it to fully
understand how each encounter fits with those which
surround it.

a group of relatively green Mobile Infantry troopers are
assigned to Lockwoods Lions, a squad that suffered heavy
losses during the events of the second Pluto campaign.
Sent to relieve the small garrison at a SICON system
monitoring station (SSMS) on the third moon of the
gas giant Selvache (sel-va: che pron. sh as in ship), the
Lions are a long way from home. Far beyond Altair, the
Selvache SSMS was established to monitor and warn
of any potential Arachnid activity passing through the
system on its way towards Sol.
But the troopers soon discover that the Selvache station is
not the only thing to call the third moon home. Buried
deep beneath the moons surface, bugs swarm through a
rapidly expanding tunnel network in a bid to secure their
foothold in the Selvache system.

This adventure is designed for four to six Player Characters

of between 1st and 3rd character level. Should Games
Masters have fewer players, they should use their own
discretion and scale down some of the encounters in this
module. Conversely, should Games Masters have more
than six players, or should the Player Characters be higher
than 3rd level, then he should be prepared to increase the
difficulty of the challenges presented in this adventure.


The conclusion of the second Pluto campaign was cause
for a great deal of celebration throughout the Federation,
but even before the ticker tape had finished falling,
SICON technicians on Charon, Plutos moon, made a
terrible discovery. As SICON forces withdrew from
Pluto, Charons observation post picked up anomalous

The Lions are caught in a fight for their lives as they

journey across the moons surface on their way towards
the monitoring station in the hope of finding survivors,
calling in help and escaping the moon alive.

A copy of Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game, a
notepad, pencils and a full set of dice (at least one of each
of the following: d20, d12, d10, d8, d6 and d4) will be
needed to play The Selvache Incident. Players and Games
Masters may also find a few miniatures of use, but these
are not essential.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

Using Established Squads

Games Masters may wish to have the Player Characters
assigned to another squad they have already introduced
into their campaign, or have the troopers remain with a
unit they are already serving with. Either of these two
options are of course possible, however, Games Masters
should be warned that certain events over the course of
this adventure do not bode well for the other members
of the squad.
Should Games Masters decide not to use Lockwoods
Lions they will need to be especially fluent in the nuances
of this adventure, which are specifically tailored towards
the Lions.

readings that led them to believe that something very,

very large was moving away from the newly liberated
planet. Pushing their sensor systems far beyond their
operational limits, the technicians received the first visual
indication that the Arachnids were not native to Pluto
when a humungous, space-faring bug drifted through
their sensor net.
Though initial reports of the transport bug were met with a
great deal of scepticism by SICON command, despite the
visual evidence gathered by the Charon station, two weeks
later, SICON was forced to reconsider the possibility of
space bugs when Charons sensor grid once again detected
the movement of something very large travelling towards
the centre of the Sol system. This time, however, it was
no bug, but a meteor, almost a mile across.
By the time Charons report had reached Earth, the
massive meteor had already passed Lunas orbit and was
only moments away from colliding with the Earth itself.
The fiery mass of space debris crashed into Buenos Aires,
wiping the city and a vast swathe of the surrounding
landmass from the face of the planet. The subsequent
meteorological, seismological and geological repercussions
resulted in a final death toll of over ten million.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

With the revelation that the Arachnids were not

indigenous to Pluto and in the wake of the Buenos Aires
disaster, many difficult questions had to be answered,
and with the declassification of the Charon reports the
terrible truth was revealed; the departing transport bug
had somehow managed to hurl the massive chunk of
space rock, with devastating accuracy, to collide with the
home of the Federation.
One small consolation for the destruction of Buenos
Aires came in the fact that SICON system monitoring
stations on Charon, L347-14 and DM-36 13940,
were able to triangulate the trajectory of the departing
transport bug, thus enabling SICON to accurately direct
the Federations vengeance. While the transport bugs
ultimate destination remains unknown. SICON forces
now scour the projected path of the transport bug in the
hope of finding the Arachnid homeworld. One thing is
certain though, the road to victory will be paved with
dead bugs.

The Selvache Incident opens as the Player Characters arrive
with their new unit, Lockwoods Lions. Introductions are
cut short, however, as orders arrive assigning the Lions to
garrison duty at the far-flung monitoring station on the
third moon of the Selvache star system.
The Lions are deployed onto the surface of the moon
where they immediately discover that they are not alone.
When Sergeant Lockwood falls afoul of a collapsing
bug tunnel and his M-1C8 suits communications array
is shredded, the only way the remaining Lions can call
in a retrieval ship is to use the equipment at the system
monitoring station over 20 miles away.
Making their way across the moons surface, the Lions are
forced to fight for their lives as the Arachnids take deadly
interest in the newcomers and their passage.
Finally arriving at Selvaches SSMS, the Lions set about
calling for retrieval while searching the installation for
survivors. Even as the retrieval ships beacon sounds the
Lions must ensure the security of the compound before
the retrieval ship can touch down.



adventure begins with the Player

Characters being introduced to their new unit, Lockwoods
Lions, aboard the TFCT Chancellorsville. While most seem
pleased to have been reinvigorated with new blood rather
than being disbanded, Corporal Benjamin Austin appears
more than a little disappointed to have had rookies assigned
to the veteran squad.
Games Masters should take care during these introductions
to make sure that all the characters can get acquainted and
establish each of the Non-Player Characters as individually
interesting personalities, as it will be the camaraderie of
the characters that will help guarantee the impact of later
encounters on the players. Thus the subsequent loss of
any of the Lions will be of much greater significance if the
players and their characters have an active connection with
the squad right from the outset.

Can I help you, troopers? Austin asks, noticing you at

last. Handing him your assignment papers, a sly grin
creeps across his face as he calls over his shoulder, Looks
like we got us some cubs, boys!
The three men will introduce themselves and will be
interested to hear where the characters are from and how
much action they have seen, along with any up-to-date news
from around the Federation.
Private Kinikki Loon Rowluni will take off his shockboxing
gloves to give each of the new arrivals a firm handshake,
while Private Iain Wizard Bailey will be interested to see
if any of the newcomers are keen card players or gamblers,
telling them that the Lions commonly host a poker night,

Read the following section aloud to the players;

The door to your new bunkroom opens with an almost
inaudible hiss from within to reveal a cramped grey
dormitory, its bunks and furniture pushed to the very
extremities of the small rooms walls to make way for
an impromptu shockboxing ring, scrawled on the floor
in chalk. At the centre of the ring a wiry European
is helping an enormous Fijian man to his feet. Both
wear padded sparring suits and the sports electrically
charged gloves. Meanwhile, a third man rests against
the dormitorys bulkhead wall, laughing heartily.
Awh, stow it, Austin! Jus didnt see it comin is all,
Wizard here caught me by surprise. Protests the
towering Fijian, as he finally regains his feet.
Well, well Rowluni. I guess they were right; the bigger
they are and all that, replies the onlooker, Austin,
through his gradually subsiding chuckles.
No hard feelings, Loon. You gotta keep your guard up
though. Rowlunis diminutive opponent smiles, giving
the bigger man a playful cuff on the shoulder.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

a now infamous event on the Chancellorsville. Corporal

Benjamin Austin, however, will remain somewhat distant,
concerning himself more with any combat experience the
newly assigned troopers may have, endeavouring to mask
his disappointment should they be completely uninitiated
in the art of war.
This whole scene introduces the players and their characters
to their new squadmates, and as the characters get to know
each other by swapping stories, boasts or ground rules,
players will be able to develop a little more of their characters
personality. As a result of this development, this scene is one
of the most important of this adventure and also provides a
great opportunity for both players and Games Masters to
become comfortable with the game, without the need for
rolling dice or worrying about the rules.

Introductions are quickly put on hold when Corporal
Austin announces Officer on deck. As the Lions instantly
fall silent and stand to attention, Sergeant Lockwood passes
down the line of troopers, eyeing over each of them before
giving the order to stand at ease.
Read the following section aloud to the players;
Fresh meat for the grinder, eh? Good to have you with
us. I trust Corporal Austin has already found you a
bunk. My name is Sergeant Aaron Lockwood there is
a padre by the same name over in second company the
only difference between that ol preacher an me is that
he works for God, an I am God! There are only three
rules in this outfit you rookies need to remember hit

System Datafile: C087: SEL2

System Name: Selvache
Star: Selvache
Classification: F (lightly
Orbital Bodies:
Selvache gas giant orbited by
three small moons
Laygraa terrestrial body of
desolate searing rock
Yault terrestrial body
subject to extreme seasonal

SICON Datafile: C087: SEL2-c

Planet Name: Third moon of Selvache
Function: Interstellar Observation Post
Population: 24 (14 technicians, 10 garrison troopers)
Temperature: Frigid (41 c to 32 c)
Atmosphere: Thin (trace elements of methane, nitrogen, oxygen and helium)
Gravity: Low (0.4 g)
Terrain: Barren rocky wasteland
Exports: Information
Imports: Supplies and personnel
Overview: Over 50 light years from Altair, the Selvache system was discovered
and claimed as SICON set out on the Road to Victory campaign in the wake of the
cleansing of Pluto.
Selvache remains largely unremarkable and, were it not for the SICON system
monitoring station located on the third moon, would likely be overlooked.
The third moon itself is very cold, with highest temperatures still not managing
to climb above 30 c. Though it lacks the necessary hydrosphere to form ice, a
number of geological features suggest this was not always the case.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)


hard, hit fast and hit often. You newbies remember that,
an you an mell get along fine!
Now, down to business, orders have come through from
high command to coincide with the arrival of our new
We are to relieve Webbs Wildcats, currently stationed at
the system monitoring station on the third moon of the
Selvache system. A brief murmur of disappointment
passes through the assembled Lions, before being
silenced with a glare from Lockwood. I know this is
hardly the frontline combat assignment that I know you
were expecting but, as Mobile Infantry, we will carry

out our assignment by the numbers. I want everything

by the book on this drop, just like always. SICON has
assured me that this garrison duty will only last a short
while, but I think we can put our time on Selvache to
good use, especially in light of our new arrivals.
For now though we get some sleep, set your hypnopedia
units and be prepared to drop at oh-four-hundred hours.
Any of you apes unlucky enough to still be awake in an
hour get a bedtime story by yours truly, so look alive!
Oh, and Loon, get some ice for that eye!
Let the players review the Selvache system datafile and the
Operation: Guard Dog mission briefing.

Operation: Guard Dog

Your squad will be inserted onto the surface of Selvaches third moon at 0400 hours. Planetary insertion procedure will be
undertaken by Skyhook as the non-combat nature of this assignment precludes the use of M2 drop capsules.
The location of the SICON system monitoring station (SSMS), its proximity to the Kwanyarna Mountain and the
unpredictable atmospheric conditions common to this mountain range make a landing at the facility all but impossible and
will require your transport to drop you 23.8 miles west of the SSMS. Having secured the landing zone (LZ) you will proceed
on foot to the objective. Upon arriving at the SSMS, Lockwoods Lions will relieve the garrison commanded by Sergeant
Webb; Webbs men will then make their way back to the LZ and await retrieval.
Once on site at the SSMS you will continue to assist in the essential maintenance of the facility and its surrounding support
Mission Duration: High command estimates that your squad will be required to garrison the Selvache SSMS for 44 standard
Mission Equipment: Standard outfit only; SICON has determined that any additional supplies will be available to your
squad at the SSMS.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

Waking from sleep and having reviewed both
the Selvache system datafile and the Operation: Guard Dog
briefing handouts via hypnopedia, the Lions prepare for
their departure from the TFCT Chancellorsville.

As 0400 hours draws closer, Sergeant Lockwood leads the
Lions down to the Chancellorsvilles starboard hangar bay
and onto the waiting Skyhook retrieval boat.
Read the following section aloud to the players;
As you settle into your crash couches and stow your
weapons a female voice breaks over the ships intercom
This is Ensign Bethany Jones and Ill be your pilot this
morning. We will be falling at approximately 300 miles
per hour to arrive at our destination at approximately
0405 hours. Just sit back and relax gentlemen.
You heard the lady. Buckle up apes! orders Sergeant
Lockwood as he fastens his own crash restraints.
No sooner have you secured yourself in your seat, you
are freefalling through space towards the desolate,
rocky surface of the moon below, with your innards
desperately try to escape your body through your ears.
Despite the bucking and buffeting of the small vessel,
which causes the entire craft to rattle and shake violently,
Sergeant Lockwoods face retains an expression of stoic
determination. In stark contrast, Loons infectious Fijian
smile splits his face in two. Wizard, meanwhile, seems
engrossed in the pack of playing cards he is shuffling
and Corporal Austin continues to review the particulars
of your assignment on a databox. Thankfully none of
your squadmates seem to notice your discomfort at the
alarming sensation of the orbital drop.
As with the previous scene, Games Masters should make
sure to play up the pre-existing members of the squad.
Having Sergeant Lockwood relate an anecdote to the squad
about a past mission, not dissimilar to this one, or Wizard
demonstrate a simple card trick or the ever-friendly Loon
offer the Player Characters a few words of encouragement,
will all help the players feel more at home with the squad and

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

Requisitioning Equipment
It is possible that Player Characters may attempt to
requisition additional equipment for this mission.
Games Masters should remember that supplies have
already been made available to the troopers once they
reach the system monitoring station. Also, given the
non-combat nature of the Lions assignment it will be a
rare quartermaster who will issue essential equipment to
a squad he will not see return for over six weeks.
With this in mind, Games Masters should apply a
minimum 4 modifier to Requisitioning checks made to
requisition equipment for this assignment not detailed
in the Standard outfit of a Mobile Infantry trooper. This
reflects SICONs unwillingness to issue unnecessary or
superfluous equipment to the trooper.

build the personal ties necessary to make a Starship Troopers

game a lot more than an endless series of bug hunts.
Read the following section aloud to the players;
Your guts change course without warning, burying
themselves in your boots, as Ensign Jones fires the
breaking thrusters before, moments later, setting the
spacecraft down on the only flat piece of ground for a
hundred miles in every direction.
Please make sure you have all of your luggage and
personal belongings with you when exiting the spacecraft,
and thank you for flying Fleet. Ensign Jones quips as
you release your restraint harness and Corporal Austin
issues your equipment from a storage locker.
Lets secure the LZ, saddle up and prepare to move out.
On the bounce, you apes! Were not being paid by the
hour! orders Sergeant Lockwood.
Moments later you stand on the surface of Selvaches
third moon watching the rapidly vanishing ion trail of
the departing drop ship as dawn creeps slowly across the
moons paper thin atmosphere.

Similarly, a trooper whose suit has become damaged in
such a way will likely become exposed to the moons thin
atmosphere and must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 20)
every hour. On the first failed save, the trooper is fatigued.
A fatigued trooper that fails a subsequent save becomes
exhausted for as long as he remains in the thin atmosphere.
After one hour of complete, uninterrupted rest in a normal
atmosphere, an exhausted trooper becomes fatigued. After
eight hours of complete, uninterrupted rest, a fatigued
trooper is no longer fatigued.
The Selvache moon is a low-gravity environment, where
the pull of gravity is significantly less than that experienced
on Earth. Although an objects mass does not change, it
becomes effectively lighter. This means that troopers
bounce when they walk. It becomes easier to move and
lift heavy objects as well as perform Strength-related tasks.
Therefore, a troopers speed increases by five feet, his normal
carrying capacity is doubled, he also gains a +10 bonus on
any Strength check made to lift or move a heavy unsecured
object and Strength-based skill checks (including Climb,
Jump and Swim checks).

Shell be back soon enough, boys, her or somebody

like her; in the meantime we have a job to do. asserts
Lockwood with a reassuring smile.

Perils and Pitfalls of Selvache

The third moon of Selvache is in the lightly irradiated
Selvache star system, a class F star, therefore, at the end of
each day spent on the moon the Lions should make Fortitude
save (DC 15) or suffer 1d42 points of Constitution damage
(full details of radiation hazards are detailed in Starship
Troopers: The Roleplaying Game).
A standard issue M-1A4 power suit is insulated against the
extreme cold of Selvaches third moon; however, should
a suits temperature regulator become damaged, or its
environmentally sealed bodysuit punctured, a trooper will
no longer be properly equipped to counteract the moons
frigid temperatures and must attempt a Fortitude saving
throw every ten minutes (DC 15, +1 for each previous
check). Failure means that the trooper loses 1d6 hit points.
Heavy clothing provides a +4 bonus to this save. A trooper
who succeeds at a Survival check (DC 15) gains a +2 or +4
bonus on this save (see the Survival skill description detailed
in Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game for more details).

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

However, troopers suffer a 2 penalty on attack rolls in

a low-gravity environment unless they have the Zero-G
Training feat. Also, a trooper will not fall as quickly on
Selvaches moon as he would do in a normal- or high-gravity
environment. Falling damage is, therefore, reduced to 1d4
points per ten feet fallen. It is also worth noting, given the
duration of the Lions mission, that long-term exposure to
low-gravity conditions can cause serious problems when
returning to normal gravity. Troopers spending 120 hours
(five or more standard days) on the moon suffer 1d6 points
of temporary Strength damage upon returning to a normal
gravity environment.
Despite the benefits a low-gravity environment grants
to tactical movement (+5 ft.) the trackless and awkward
nature of the moons surface, troopers will be limited to
three-quarters their normal overlandmovement. In the case
of most troopers, this will mean a reduction of their base
movement to 30 feet (a base movement score of 30 ft. + 5
ft. from the On the Bounce unique ability + 5 ft. from the
moons low gravity environment = 40 ft. = 30 ft.).
A Knowledge (technology) check (DC 10) will tell troopers
that with all of the following taken into account it will likely
take the Lions just over seven hours to reach the system
monitoring station almost 24 miles away at a overland
walking pace. Such a journey will leave them with less than
an hours worth of charge in their power suits.

The Lions set out across the freezing surface of the moon on
their way towards the distant monitoring station.
Read the following section aloud to the players;
A collection of rusting hulks comes into view not far
ahead. Sergeant Lockwood gives the signal to halt before
flipping his snoopers into place to survey the distant
The brittle rock of the moons surface suddenly lurches
beneath your feet, splitting and collapsing. Sergeant
Lockwood disappears in a shower of splintered shards
and a flurry of dust, debris and bug legs as a swarm of
six warrior bugs boils out of the collapsing tunnel. With
an ear-splitting screech these insectoid monsters skitter
towards you!
Have the players make a Reflex saving throw (DC 12).
Those who succeed will be able to leap clear of the subsiding
tunnel and avoid Lockwoods fate. Failing this check means
that the character falls prone five feet from the edge of the
resultant bug hole.
Six bugs clamber out of the hole created by the collapsing
tunnel, luckily for the Lions only two of the six are actually
warrior bugs. The other four are, in fact, workers. Quick
thinking characters may attempt a Knowledge (alien species)
check (DC 20) to determine the difference between them
and alert the other Lions to the fact.
Allow Player Characters to position themselves around the
bug hole as they wish. The bugs, meanwhile, scatter around
the hole as shown on the next page. The worker bugs will,
at the first available opportunity, attempt to flee the area as
fast as possible, each scattering in a different and random
direction. Games Masters should remember that while
worker bugs are capable of dealing injury, they will only do
so if they cannot flee, and even then will suffer any attacks
made against them on the assumption that the nearby
warrior bugs will defend them. The warrior bugs, on the
other hand, will instantly move to attack the troopers.
Have the players make a Will saving throw against the Fear
value of the warrior bugs (DC 17 if some of the bugs are
recognised as workers, DC 18 if not). A second Will saving
throw against Fear may also be necessary if any characters
have a Wisdom score of less than 11, the modified Fear value
of the workers.


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

Portraying Arachnids
One vitally important thing to remember about all of the
Arachnids in this adventure is this; they have no brain.
As the Arachnid transport bug that departed Pluto with
the cessation of military activity there passed through the
Selvache system, it did not leave a brain bug behind. As
a result, the bugs that now wander freely over the third
moons surface are not so terrifyingly intelligent as those
encountered on Pluto.
To portray this in the game will be challenging, so here
are a few pointers that Games Masters may find helpful
to get this across to their players.
9 The Arachnids will not necessarily use the most
obvious tactics when engaging the troopers.
9 The bugs will use only the most basic of instincts
and will likely have a more developed sense of selfpreservation.
9 Unless the Arachnids need food, are protecting
infants or are directly threatened there is a chance
that they will not attack.

If the Player Characters fail their saving throw against the

attacking Arachnids Fear effect then Games Masters should
have Wizard and Rowluni automatically make their saves.
Games Masters should keep in mind that this story is about
the Player Characters and should therefore not concern
themselves too much with rolling, round after round, the
attacks of the Arachnids against the Non-Player Character
Lions, and vice versa. As long as it is well presented, this
style of combat can often be easier, quicker and more fun
if the Games Master simply narrates to the players how the
other Lions stand, spraying the area with repeated bursts of
gunfire as the warrior bugs move in.
This scene is designed to scare the players so Games Masters
should beware of hitting the Player Characters too hard.
Have a warrior bug that has managed to damage one of
the Player Characters get taken down by one of their NonPlayer Character squadmates that has been watching the
characters back, just as the savage insect closes for the kill.
If the players are looking worried yet exhilarated then the
Games Master is doing everything right.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)


Once the fighting is done, read the following section aloud

to the players;
With a last desperate twitch, the final Arachnid lies
still. As you and your squad mates wipe the bugs blood
and ichors from your helmets visor and check your
ammunition levels, Corporal Austin is already pawing
through the rubble of the collapsed tunnel that surrounds
Sergeant Lockwoods exposed arm. The limb sticks, limp
and unresponsive, from the dust and debris.
Come on you apes! Help me free the sarge!
Given the benefits of the moons low gravity it will not take
long (one minute (ten rounds)) for the squad to clear enough
of the rubble to be able to pull Sergeant Lockwoods body
clear of the ruined bug tunnel. Doing so requires a Strength
check (DC 15). Once Lockwoods body is free of the rock
pile read the following section aloud to the players;
Lockwoods suit has been punctured twice through the
chest, most likely by vicious bug mandibles, and his
faceplate is cracked, probably the result of the cave-in
that buried him alive. Turning the sergeants body over
reveals that bug claws have shredded his suits command
and control suite; the units exposed circuitry emits a
brief shower of sparks before finally failing completely.
A Treat Injury check (DC 15) will tell the Lions that their
commanding officer is dead, while a Technical (electrical)
check (DC 10) will reveal that his M-1C8 suits command
and control array is irreparably damaged, leaving the Lions
without any form of long-range communications capability
and thus no way of calling for help.
In the wake of Lockwoods sudden death, Corporal Austin
is now the highest-ranking officer in the squad and thus is
ultimately responsible for the mission. However, Austin
is not unaffected by the loss of the squads long-time
commander, or the nature of his death. Despite Austins
combat experience, he now finds himself in the top spot
and will not handle the responsibilities of actual command
well. Badly shaken by the prospect of the Lions looking to
him for leadership, Corporal Austin suffers a 2 penalty to
all attack rolls, saves and skill checks for the remainder of
this adventure.
Games Masters should make sure to let players see Austins
condition, rather than leaving this solely to the mechanics
and rules of the game. Austin becomes increasingly
distracted, hesitating at crucial moments; he also becomes
less confident and begins asking troopers what they think
they should do. There are plenty of films, books and plays


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

that feature shaky military figures and Games Masters

should feel free to use these as examples to help portray the
squads new leader.
The Lions will likely, in good Mobile Infantry tradition, want
to take Sergeant Lockwoods body with them. Including his
suit and equipment, Lockwoods body will weight a little
over 400 pounds. Therefore, despite the low gravity on
the moon, the trooper carrying his corpse will still require
a Strength score of 18 or more to avoid becoming heavily
loaded (see Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game for the
implications of being heavily loaded).
A nearby storage yard is littered with the rusting hulks of
several abandoned MAC haulers all shipped down to the
moon to carry equipment and supplies used in the original
construction of the Selvache facility back and forth across
the surface. Since the completion of the station, the MAC
haulers have been out of use, left close to the landing zone
to be collected and distributed elsewhere in the Federation.
However, as the Road to Victory campaign progresses, the
redistribution of the aged MAC haulers is not SICONs
highest priority.
A Technical (mechanical) check (DC 10) reveals that, as
they are, no single truck is serviceable, however, a Technical
(mechanical) check (DC 15) indicates that with a little time,
the right skills and the appropriate tools, it may be possible
to get one of the wrecks operational again, by scavenging
parts from the other vehicles. Repairing one of the vehicles
requires a Repair check (DC 20) and takes one hour (rules
for making repairs are detailed in the Repair skill description
and the scavenging of parts is detailed in the Salvage feat
description in Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game).
While it will take the troopers one hour to repair time
incredibly precious to the squad given the length of their
journey and the limited charge of their M-1A4 suits access
to an operational MAC hauler has a number of advantages.
Firstly it will speed up their journey considerably, making
the transportation of Sergeant Lockwoods corpse easier.
Secondly, it will also provide the squad with a mobile and
covered firing platform, both of which will be essential if
they are to leave Selvache alive.
Player Characters may try to radio the SSMS but will be
unable to reach it for a number of reasons; firstly, the Lions
M-1A4 power suits integrated communications systems do
not have the range to reach the distant facility and secondly,
the station is powered down.

Selvache Safari

In the wake of Sergeant Lockwoods death, the Lions
are forced to press on towards the distant monitoring station
in their attempt to hail SICON.
Read the following section aloud to the players;
As you leave the rusting remains of the MAC haulers,
the abandoned storage yard and the collapsed bug
tunnel that cost Lockwood his life, the entire squad is
downbeat, even Loons irrepressible smile is concealed
beneath the shadow of the squads loss. Now the Lions
move cautiously over the Selvache moon, conscious of
the Arachnid menaces presence on the remote satellite.
His brow knitted together in deep concentration, Wizard
stares intently at a distant pair of warrior bugs, their
mandibles locked in a ferocious battle, like two rutting
Theyre in the same position we are! announces Wizard,
suddenly. Leaderless, I mean! Watch theyre fighting
amongst themselves because they have no focus, no
co-ordination, no direction! Loon spares Lockwoods
lifeless body a glance.
They were co-ordinated enough to be making real estate
deals for the sarge. Leaderless or not, those things are
dangerous, so stay frosty. warns the towering Fijian.
Have the players make a Perception check (DC 10),
characters who succeed this check become aware of a
persistent buzzing, drawing steadily closer. Characters who
fail this check are caught flat-footed and cannot act in the
surprise round that begins as a flight of three hopper bugs
dives at the troopers. Have the players make a Will saving
throw against the Fear value of the hopper bugs (DC 15).
The hopper bugs will continue to attack the Lions until
either two of the three are killed or incapacitated, or all three
hopper bugs are reduced to half their hit points, at which
point they will turn tail and fly away.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

Using MAC Haulers

It is possible, if the troopers repaired one of the abandoned
MAC haulers, they will be aboard this vehicle when
the hopper bugs attack. If this is the case then Games
Masters are advised to familiarise themselves with the
rules concerning vehicles detailed in Starship Troopers:
The Roleplaying Game.
It is also possible that this encounter may develop into a
chase, as the Lions attempt to outrun the hopper bugs in
an attempt to conserve ammunition, avoid unnecessary
danger or any number of other reasons. It is therefore
suggested that Games Masters keep the following points
in mind;
9 Why is the chase happening and what would cause
it to conclude?
9 How fast are the participants in the chase
9 How far apart are the participants in the chase?
9 Have the Lions kept control of their vehicle?
When running a chase, Games Masters should remember
to maintain the fast and dangerous nature of such an
encounter, omitting or streamlining any rules they feel
detract from this as necessary.

Continuing their journey to the SICON system monitoring

station, the Lions could encounter several small clusters of
warrior, worker or hopper bugs, each group attracted by
the movement of the Lions. If the squad have managed to
salvage a MAC hauler from the storage yard, these encounters
are not likely to prove too much of a challenge for them,
especially as none of the Arachnids on the moon are being
co-ordinated into the brutally effective killing machines


When the Lions reach the canyon edge, read the following
section aloud to the players;
In the shadow of the Teeth, the Kakawi Bridge hangs in
ruins and though some sections of the structure remain
intact, they sway treacherously with each frigid blast of
wind that moans through the Kwan Fissure like Death
Then, as if at the winds request, a plasma bug stomps
into view on the far side of the vacuous chasm. Shuffling
into position, the plasma bugs enormous thorax begins
to swell and glow as it generates its destructive payload.

they are known to be. Remember, persistent bug attacks

will gradually take their toll on the rusting MAC truck.


With the SSMS almost within their reach, the Lions final
obstacle before reaching their destination comes in the
crossing of the Kwan Fissure, a massive canyon that scars the
face of Selvaches third moon.
Read the following section aloud to the players;
The distant Kwanyarna Mountain range now looms
like a slumbering behemoth before you, dominating the
horizon for as far as you can see. Even at this distance
you can make out the spindly silhouettes of the antennae
arrays positioned high amidst the mountains craggy
Far below the questing heights of the mountains, like
the titanic moat of some ancient castle, the Kwan Fissure
yawns wide, plunging as deep as the mountains they
defend are high.
As you move ever closer, the great support pylons of the
Kakawi Bridge loom into view, shouldered on either side
by the Devils Teeth, a series of massive stalagmite-like
geological phenomena, that line this part of the fissure.
The pass is still some 2,000 feet away but have the players
make a Perception check (DC 18) to spot that the giant
suspension bridge seems to be lacking one important feature;
any cables. The DC of this check falls by one for every
100 feet closer the Lions move towards the bridge until they
are 200 feet away, at which point the damage to the bridge
becomes clear to all.


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

The giant bug shuffles its hind quarters in preparation to fire

its destructive plasma bursts over the canyon. The plasma
bug fires a ball of super-heated plasma once every 30 seconds
(five rounds). Games Masters should be aware that the
plasma bugs presence here is to provide a sense of urgency
to the troopers crossing, not to kill them out of hand. Have
near misses rock the ground violently, causing a shower of
dust and debris, rather than pulverising the Lions.
The Lions have a number of options available to them in
order to cross the Kwan Fissure, a few of which are detailed

Crossing on Foot
The Lions may decide to make their way across the fissure
by navigating the few intact sections of the bridge that
remain in place. However, the remnants of the bridge sway
violently, buffeted by the savage wind that howls through
the cavernous valley below.
Crossing the Kakawi Bridge on foot requires a series of five
Athletics checks (DC 20). This DC may seem high for such
a task, but Games Masters are reminded of the high winds,
the constantly shifting surfaces and the +10 bonus to such
checks granted to the characters by the moons low gravity.
Characters who fail any one of these checks by five or more
must make an immediate Reflex saving throw (DC 15) to
avoid losing their footing completely and plunge the 3,562
feet to the fissures mist-shrouded floor. Characters who fail
any one of these checks by four or less are caught off-guard
by a sudden gust of wind that rocks the bridge or find a
section of the bridge they are moving onto to be less than
stable. These characters do not fall from the shattered bridge
but are unable to make any progress across it that round.

Selvache Safari
Jumping the Canyon
The Lions may decide to use their jump jets to cross the
canyon, but the fissures 1,000 foot width will require the
expenditure of all of an M-1A4 suits jump jet fuel in a single
jump, as well as an Athletics check (DC 20). Characters
who fail this check by five or more must make an immediate
Reflex saving throw (DC 15) to avoid losing their footing
completely and plunging the 3,562 feet to the fissures mistshrouded floor. Characters who fail this check by four or
less are caught off-guard by a sudden gust of wind that rocks
the bridge or find the section of the bridge they land on to
be less than stable. These characters do not fall from the
shattered bridge but are unable to make any progress across
it this round.
For the trooper carrying Lockwoods corpse, things are not
so simple. His suits jump jets will only be able to carry
them 500 feet, landing at the centre of the bridge before
exhausting their fuel supply, leaving the trooper to continue
the passage on foot. The whole crossing requires the burdened
trooper to make three consecutive Athletics checks (DC 20)
to complete the journey over what remains of the Kakawi
Bridge. A trooper who fails any one of these checks by five
or more must make an immediate Reflex saving throw (DC
20 if they attempt to keep hold of Lockwoods body, DC 15
if they let it fall) to avoid falling into the Kwan Fissure.

Failing either of these checks by five or more causes the hauler

to land precariously on the far side of the fissure, its rear
half teetering on the edge of the precipice. The Lions will
have just enough time to vacate the truck before it lurches
once, as the ground beneath it gives way, and plummets into
the crevasse. Failing any one of these checks by four or less
causes the MAC hauler to make the jump but the heavy
landing causes the hauler to suffer an additional 1d6 points
of damage to each of the vehicles locations, including its
passengers. No form of damage reduction applies against
this damage.

Making a New Bridge

Lining both edges of the Kwan Fissure are the Devils Teeth,
a series of towering and jagged obelisks. The Lions may
choose to topple one of these strange geological features to
use as a bridge over the canyon.
Of the numerous teeth, there is only one of the stalagmitelike monoliths tall enough to bridge the chasm successfully,
a particularly spindly tooth, with a hardness of 5 and 200
hit points. Thankfully, the Lions will only have to cause 100
hit points worth of damage to the base of the edifice to make
it topple. A few rounds of Morita fire or a couple of wellplaced plasma bursts should be enough to send the ancient
stone tower crashing to the ground, creating an impromptu

Jumping the MAC Hauler

If they have one, the Lions may decide to accelerate towards
the gap at full speed in the MAC hauler in the hope of
clearing the canyon and making it to the other side. Strictly
speaking, this would almost certainly not succeed, even if
the moons low gravity is taken into account. However,
such a daring stunt is the stuff of legends and could prove
a memorable tale for troopers to share in the future and
Games Masters may choose to forgo the laws of physics in
favour of cinematic flair. If the Drive check to control the
MAC hauler at full speed fails as the vehicle approaches the
fissure, then the vehicles driver manages to skid the truck to
a halt at the edge of the canyon.
Jumping the MAC hauler across the Kwan Fissure will
require the vehicle to be travelling at full speed before it
reaches the canyon edge and two Drive checks (DC 15),
one to make the jump, the other to land the hauler safely.
Such rough treatment of the hauler will cause 1d6 points
of damage to each of the vehicles locations, including its
passengers. No form of damage reduction applies against
this damage.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)


bridge across the Kwan Fissure; now all that is left to do is

to walk across it.


Having made it across the Kwan Fissure, the Lions come
face-to-face with the plasma bug that has been bombarding
them with plasma fire. The enormous Arachnid realigns
itself to continue its assault on the Lions.
Read the following section aloud to the players;
The ground on the far side of the canyon shudders
violently, small stones leaping from the surface like
Mexican jumping beans, as the gigantic plasma bug
moves to continue its attack.
With the system monitoring station almost within sight,
your journey to reach it will end abruptly if this Arachnid
behemoth manages to land the one lucky shot that will
have you all buying the farm.
The Lions do not have enough ammunition to take the
plasma bug down, even if they could survive long enough to
fire it all. Instead the troopers will have to fight smart.
The Lions could flee, trusting to the fact that they can safely
outrun the alien insect, however, it will not take the plasma
bug long to catch up with the Lions, especially once they
reach the SSMS, where the massive bug will happily begin
pounding the station into oblivion with an incessant barrage
of plasma.
The Lions could try to aim for the bugs plasma-generating
thorax as it prepares to unleash its plasma burst, a potentially
dangerous plan, if a guaranteed success.
Due to the size of the creatures thorax, targeting it specifically
grants a 2 bonus to attack rolls to hit it, while puncturing
this section of the bugs body requires the troopers to deal 50
points of damage to the creature. The resultant explosion
of the Arachnids plasma-generating hindquarters kills the
insectoid and deals 4d10 points of damage to everything in
a 30 foot radius of the creature. A Reflex saving throw (DC
20) may be attempted to reduce any damage dealt by the
exploding bug by half.
Alternatively, with the plasma bug being so close to the
Devils Teeth, the Lions may opt to bring one of the ancient
stone monoliths down on top of the gigantic bug. Each of
the Devils Teeth has a hardness of 5 and 200 hit points.
The troopers need to deal at least 100 hit points worth of


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

damage to a single stone edifice to cause it to fall. As the

stone spire falls, it breaks into five Huge pieces, the first of
which deals 20d4 points of damage, the second piece deals
16d4 points of damage, the third piece deals 12d4 points of
damage, the fourth piece deals 8d4 points of damage and
the final piece deals 4d4 points of damage. A Reflex saving
throw (DC 15) can be attempted by anyone within ten feet
of the plasma bug to reduce the damage of any piece falling
on them by half.
Though this alone is unlikely to kill the massive alien insect,
it is unlikely to be able to withstand more than three such
If it is still operational, it may also be possible for the Lions
to ram the MAC hauler into the gigantic plasma bug, Games
Masters should consult the rules concerning the collision
and ramming of vehicle detailed in Starship Troopers: The
Roleplaying Game.
When and however the plasma bug is dealt with, read the
following section aloud to the players;
With the dust of your fracas slowly settling behind you,
what is left of Lockwoods Lions presses on towards the
system monitoring station, now almost visible in the
distance. For the first time since you arrived here you
allow yourself to hope that you may actually leave.

The Lions' Roar

The Lions have reached the SICON system
monitoring station, but things are not as they should be.
The prefab alloy panels of the stations outer wall are pitted
and scored by bug claws, while the gates into the courtyard
lie buckled on the ground.
Read the following section aloud to the players;
Your last few steps towards the system monitoring station
cause your heart to sink. The prefabricated walls of the
outer compound bear the scars of recent action, slashed,
dented and scorched in innumerable places; nonetheless,
they remain standing. The gates, however, are not so
fortunate The reinforced titanium alloy gates, capable
of withstanding anything but the most determined of
assaults, now lie buckled and broken in the entranceway
they once barred.

Beyond the gateway, a small courtyard is littered with

the refuse of battle. A few overturned supply crates
provided only minimal cover to Sergeant Webb and the
four troopers under his command, whose dismembered
corpses lie amongst them, a testament to the ferocity of
the bugs attack. Around the stations main entrance, the
doors of which now lurch back and forth, caught in the
indecision of whether to remain open or closed, stands
a barricade of bug corpses. Each abstract, alien form
is riddled with the hallmarks of concentrated firepower,
their luminous green blood slowly congealing as it seeks
out the tarmac below.

Have the players make a Perception check (DC 10) to spot
the cause of the carnage around the stations main entrance.
Just beyond the installations jerking outer doors, concealed
in the shadows of the blacked out building, stands a Medusa
automated defence emplacement (ADE), its rotary barrels
tracking endlessly back and forth across the courtyard. Set
to motion detector mode, the ADE scours the area for its
next target.

Medusa Automated Defence

A common, if dated automated defence emplacement, the
AW-212 Medusa DE regularly sees service at facilities not
equipped with heavier mounted weaponry, such as the Twin
50 autocannon, to maintain secure perimeters. The Medusa
is a stationary mounted weapon fitted with only the most
basic of IFF protocols and AI systems, though is capable
of scanning visual, infrared and ultraviolet spectrums with
its integrated motion and thermal detectors and multiple
target acquisition software. Each of these integral features
is designed to reduce instances of friendly fire, though it is a
rare trooper that trusts entirely to this weapons AI, choosing
instead to simply set the gun to seek out moving targets
before clearing the area as soon as possible.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)


Medusa Automated Defence Emplacement

AW-212 Medusa
Defence Emplacement




The Medusa has a base attack bonus of +10, a Perception

skill bonus of +10 and a +8 Initiative bonus. The drone
gun also has a hardness of 10 and 10 hit points. When the
Lions encounter this particular ADE it has only 30 rounds
of ammunition left.
Getting past the Medusa will not be easy, especially if the Lions
are impatient. The drone gun only has enough ammunition
to make three attacks, but it will attack anything that crosses
its field of fire. As a result, deactivating or overriding the
automated defence emplacement will be almost impossible,
as all of its controls are mounted at the rear of the weapon.
Should one of the Lions manage to make it to the controls it
will require a Computer Use or Sabotage check (DC 15).
Once the Medusa is silenced, read the following section
aloud to the players;
The drone guns gears and motors fall silent as they cease
the weapons relentless scouring of the courtyard. With
the Medusa now deactivated, you are free to step up to
the installations main entrance. A knife blade of pale
light cuts the darkness of the room beyond in two as,
despite your better judgement, you enter the stations
eerie shadows.


Inside, the SSMS is almost completely powered down.
Running on emergency power the station is lit only by the
pale blue glow of floor level emergency strip lighting, so
the station is considered a shadowy, low-light environment
and will require some form of low-light vision to traverse
safely. The key to running this part of the adventure is
suspense. Games Masters should have the players make
a Perception check every now and again, even if there is
nothing to see or hear, or have them hear an unusual sound,
like a metallic thud, low whimper or mysterious scratching
from somewhere deeper inside the station. Games Masters
should feel free to add in as many details as they like to keep
the players on their toes, from a bloody smear on the wall
or floor leading to nothing to a sudden shower of electrical
sparks from a shredded console. Almost everybody will have
seen a film that has made them jump and Games Masters
should draw inspiration from these to keep their players
hearts pounding.


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

90 ft./18





97 lb.

Once inside the station the search is on to locate the armoury

or the power cell containment, the two most likely locations
in which to find replacement power cells for the troopers
M-1A4 power suits, which by now are almost completely
drained. The Lions will also need to find the stations
communications equipment, repair the transmission relay
exchange unit and power up the station.

Ground Floor
Main Airlock (G1)
Situated beyond the outer doors, the main airlock is
used to access the station from outside. Large enough to
accommodate up to ten people, the airlock grants direct
access to both the medical bay (G2) and the ground floor
storage facilities (G3). With the windowless doors of the
airlock sealed, the automated environment controls begin
pumping breathable atmosphere and decontaminants into
the room through hundreds of vents concealed in the
surgical white walls. Once this process is complete and with
the heavy grinding of gears, the inner doors to the SSMS
unseal themselves with a sigh.
Once the troopers have cycled the airlock it is possible for
them to move through the rest of the station without their
M-1A4 power suits. It will take the Lions one minute to
remove their power suits; putting the armour back on again
later will also take the same amount of time. Troopers not
wearing their power suits will not have access to the helmets
integrated light-enhancement systems or lamp needed to
navigate the low-light conditions of the station safely.

Medical Bay (G2)

The medical bay is the only location in the powerless station
that is fully lit by the emergency power systems. The medical
bay has five recuperation beds, one of which appears to have
been transformed into a makeshift surgery for the dead
trooper lying on it. Impaled by a bug mandible, the troopers
blood mixes with the green regenerative fluids of the rooms
shattered suspension tank that now cover the floor.
Much of the medical bays supplies appear to have already
been used, their discarded packaging scattered amid the
overlooked medicines and bandages littering the room.
Whoever cleared the room was obviously in a hurry and not

The Lions' Roar




Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)


particularly thorough two first aid kits and one medical kit
can be turned up with an Investigate check (DC 10).

projector screens and emergency cooling vents, providing

energy for each and every one of the facilitys communications,
sensors, life support and computer systems.

Ground Floor Storage Bay (G3)

Filled with towering piles of battered crates, each containing
supplies and equipment not immediately of use, but essential
to the stations operation, the ground floor storage bay holds
everything from parts, components and tools to excess food
and clothes. The ground floor storage bay has been subdivided to include both a basic repair workshop (G4) and
an armoury (G5).
The storage facilities are also home to the stations freight
elevator. Used to move the large supply crates to the storage
facilities on the lower floors, the elevator is capable of
taking great weights quickly to the pantry (B5) and the subbasement storage bay (S1).

Repair Workshop (G4)

Little more than a prefabricated shed erected against the
far wall of the ground floor storage bay (G3), the repair
workshop has a lone workbench, littered with odd fixings
and metal shavings and enough tools to constitute a basic
mechanical toolkit. A pair of flashlights with enough
power to cast light up to 30 feet and over a 20 foot area, the
flashlights power cells will only last for 30 minutes before
their effectiveness is reduced by half. At the end of an hour
the flashlights power cells fail completely.

Armoury (G5)
Like the repair workshop (G4), the makeshift armoury is
a prefabricated shed, however, the armoury has a simple
electronic lock on its insubstantial door. The lock requires
a Sabotage check (DC 20) to open, while the door can be
broken down relatively easily with a Strength check (DC
The armoury contains two belts of ammunition (600
rounds) for the AW-212 Medusa defence emplacement, ten
magazines of standard issue assault rifle ammunition (300
rounds), ten magazines of Peacemaker ammunition (150
rounds), three TW-102-s Peacemaker pistols, two cases of
ten M-902F fragmentation grenades, a case of ten M-909S
fog grenades, one Triple GL, one Hel flamer with one spare
fuel canister and two drained power cells.

Main Power Core (G6)

The system monitoring stations main power core is the heart
of the facility. Traversing all four floors, the power core is
a massive cylindrical tower covered in access hatches, unlit


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

Encircled on every level by grated gantries and stairways

allowing access to the other areas of the station, the power
core rises out of an enormous bore hole that reaches deep
into the Selvache moons crust. In the dark depths at the base
of the borehole, the core transfers the moons geothermal
energy into the power needed to run the station above. Like
all other areas, the primary power core is lit only by the eerie
blue glow of the stations emergency lighting.

Troopers Quarters (G7 & G8)

Each of these quarters are made up of a cluster of five smaller
rooms, all of which are dark, despite the stations emergency
lighting. Each of the quarters individual rooms has two
bunks, all fitted with a small reading lamp, a hypnopedia
unit and a small storage locker, but otherwise the rooms are
devoid of any personal possessions.

Environmental Systems (G9)

Responsible for the life support functions of the station,
these systems are located between the internal and
external walls of the SSMSs ground floor. This area is an
extremely cramped maze of oxygen and water reclamation
and conversion machinery used to maintain a habitable
environment for the occupants of the facility. Squeezing
through the tight confines of the stations environmental
systems requires an Escape Artist check (DC 30 if in power
suit, DC 20 otherwise) for each round of movement.

Recreation Room (B1)
A good-sized lounge area to one end of the room is lined with
a ring of padded couches at the centre of which stands a low
table scattered with discarded data-discs. A large projector
screen at the other end of the room still plays an episode of
Space Rangers Against the Galaxy quietly to the collection of
gym equipment gathered around the screen.

Executive Quarters (B2)

A cluster of four smaller rooms, these quarters are assigned
to the four lead technicians stationed at the SSMS. Larger
than those quarters assigned to either the troopers or the
other technicians here, these rooms are equally dim and
contain only one bed each, these quarters also contain a
larger storage locker and a small desk, many of which are
home to a databox and numerous data-discs.

The Lions' Roar

The second room on the left (B2a) is not empty, however.
As the Lions open the door to the room a wild spray of
automatic fire issues forth from the rooms shadows, heralded
by a terrified cry. Inside, Doctor Edward Winston, the
stations only survivor, cowers behind his overturned bunk
cradling a TW-203-a assault rifle. The dishevelled doctor
has not slept in the three days since the bugs came and is
almost completely traumatised by the recent events at the
Selvache station. With a Persuasion check (DC 10) he can
be convinced to lower his weapon, but will not relinquish
it unless it is forcibly taken from him. The doctor will be
pleased to see what he assumes are his rescuers and will be
keen to leave the station immediately. Once he is told or
discovers that the Lions are not here to take him home he
will begin to frantically bewail their situation, exclaiming
that they are all doomed to die in the darkness.

Technicians Quarters (B3)

Almost identical to the troopers quarters (G7 and G8)
described on pg. 20.

The Good Doctor

Doctor Edward Winston is suffering from the effects of
mental trauma, brought on by the Arachnid attack on
the isolated monitoring station and is now considered
shaken. He will be calmed by the presence of the Lions,
explaining how he sabotaged the stations transmission
relay exchange unit in the sub-basement to halt the
bugs assault. Doctor Winston believes most vehemently
that the magnetic pulse waves generated by the stations
sensor grid enraged the Arachnids causing them to
target the facility and its occupants. He does not know,
however, when the bugs arrived in the Selvache system,
but an anomalous signal passing through the sensor grid
just over a week ago may provide the key to the mystery.
Unfortunately, Doctor Winston is too afraid of inviting
another bug attack to power up the stations systems to
confirm this.
If the Lions do not heed the doctors warning and repair
the transmission relay exchange unit and power up the
stations communications systems anyway, the doctor will
attempt to slip away at the first available opportunity to
sabotage the Lions plans and save them all from a grisly

Mess Hall (B4)

The hall is in ruins, the tables and chairs lie scattered here
and there along with the corpses of two dead technicians
and a lone trooper, each broken body an indication of the
speed and brutality of the bug attack. The rear quarter of the
mess hall is given over to the kitchen and food preparation
area. Pots and pans, cutlery and crockery have all been
tossed to and fro in the kitchen area and smears of blood mar
its otherwise pristine stainless steel surfaces. As the Player
Characters enter the mess hall have them make a Perception
check (DC 10) to spot the reflected movement in the
kitchens gleaming appliances and hear an unusual clicking
and slurping sound. Behind the kitchens serving counter
a lone warrior bug makes a meal of a third technician. If
the Lions have approached stealthily then they will have the
drop on the fearsome Arachnid and gain a surprise round.
If the troopers have blundered into the room or have Doctor
Winston with them (who will let out a stifled shriek at the
noise) then the terrifying insect will rear up screeching,
distracted from its meal, to attack.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)


Pantry (B5)

Transmission Relay Exchange Unit (S4)

A large walk-in closet stacked with all manner of canned,

processed and freeze-dried foodstuffs. Only marginally
better than SICON field rations, there is still enough food
here to last over a month.

Situated at the mid point of the rough-hewn access

tunnel leading the 600 feet to the main emitter arrays, the
transmission relay exchange unit manages the flow of data
from the countless dishes, antennae and aerials located amid
the peaks of the Kwanyarna Mountains to the monitoring
stations control centre. The cramped tunnel walls are lined
with thick bundles of multi-coloured wires, all necessary to
pass raw data from one point to another.

Sub-Basement Storage Bay (S1)
Smaller than the ground floor storage facilities (G3), the
sub-basement storage bay is still packed tight with battered
crates of parts, components and tools for the power core and
its control systems. A lone cliff mite has been trapped in the
bay by one of the stations staff shortly before they were all
wiped out.
Have the troopers make a Perception check (DC 12) to
make out the creatures soft scuttling. Those who succeed
this check will not be caught flat-footed when the vicious
little insect leaps from the darkened room to attack.

Power Cell Containment (S2)

This small armoured room contains a dozen power cells used
to power many every day items, from vehicles and power
suits to flashlights and databoxes.
The power cells in each of the Lions power suits can be
replaced with a Repair check (DC 5) in only a few seconds.
The power cell containment unit also contains a charging
bay and each of the drained power cells can be charged,
drained and recharged countless times in its operational
Power cells are stored in armoured containment units in the
event that a cell overloads, discharging all its energy at once.
While a single cell overloading is unlikely to cause much
damage, several cells overloading at once can prove highly
destructive. While these containment units are not designed
to contain a large-scale explosion, they can significantly
reduce the likelihood of deaths and severe damage caused
by an overload and while such instances are rare, they are
not unknown.

Secondary Airlock (S3)

This small airlock seals the entrance into the access tunnel
leading to the stations main emitter arrays and contains
a single encounter suit for any technician conducting
maintenance work on the transmission relay exchange unit
(S4). The tunnel itself is only wide enough to permit single
file traffic.


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

The transmission relay exchange unit itself appears to have

been slashed by bug claws, not the type of damage Doctor
Winston could have inflicted upon the device, yet a warrior
bug would be unlikely to fit down the tunnel. A trooper
capable of making a Knowledge (alien species) check (DC
30) will be able to identify this damage as being caused by
several cliff mites. Repairing the damage to the transmission
relay exchange unit will require a series of five Repair checks
(DC 15) and characters with five or more ranks in the
Technical (electrical) skill gain a +2 synergy bonus to these
checks. Once the unit is repaired and power returned to the
station the Lions should be able to call for help.

Data Storage & Processing Centre (S5)

The data storage and processing centre contains the main data
storage matrix and the processing computers for the SSMS.
While there are countless other computers throughout
the station, this bank of central processors collates all the
information stored on these, compacting and refining it
before transferring it to the storage matrix. Removing the
stations data storage matrix requires a series of five Computer
Use checks (DC 20) and five Technical (electrical) checks
(DC 20). The fragile matrix, once removed, weighs 15
pounds and is fitted with a pair of handles for portability. It
has a hardness of 10 but only 10 hit points, if the matrix is
reduced to zero hit points any data it once contained will be
lost permanently.
The stations maintenance computer is also situated here
and can undertake a full diagnostic evaluation of the
SSMSs functions, including everything from the state of its
computer systems to the integrity of the stations sensor grid.
Performing a full diagnostic sweep requires the stations
power core to have been reactivated and a Computer Use
check (DC 10) and will take one hour. The sweep will
reveal that the stations transmission relay exchange unit (S4)
has been damaged and that no signal can be sent or received
until the unit is repaired.

The Lions' Roar

Core Control Room (S6)
Monitoring and maintaining the performance of the primary
power core, the core control room would normally be
manned by two technicians at all times, now, what is left of
these unfortunate souls can be found throughout the room,
their body parts scattered like chaff amid the blank consoles
and machinery of their workplace. Despite the barely
functioning power core, the room remains uncomfortably
hot. The emergency lighting, now spattered with the blood
of the dismembered technicians, paints the room a sickly
shade of mauve.
The core control room handles the operation of the primary
power core, rerouting power throughout the station to
maintain maximum energy efficiency. On command the
core control room can allocate additional power to the
facilitys computer systems, communications and sensor
arrays, life support and many other functions of the system
monitoring station. Thankfully, most of the control rooms
functions are automated, but restoring full power to the
station will require a Repair check (DC 15) and a Computer
Use check (DC 10).

First Floor
Central Control Room (F1)

dim and lifeless. On the other side of the power core, lie
the emitter control systems that govern the interstellar
transceivers and signal relay receivers. Amid the plethora
of scanner and sensor controls is the communications suite,
capable of sending and receiving signals in any one of a
thousand different frequencies and scanning a thousand
more, the suite would make any Mobile Infantry comms
technician green with envy.


When the transmission relay exchange unit has been repaired
and power has been restored to the station the Lions can call
for help. Once this has been done read the following section
aloud to the players;
A low, throbbing hum courses through the station, rising
from the depths of the power cores foundations like the
growl of some ancient arcane beast. Blinking back to
life, the harsh electric glare from the overhead panels
replaces the facilitys eerie emergency lighting, scouring
the station clean of shadows. Projector screens and
monitors, which had so recently been dark, now flicker
into life, accompanied by a crescendo of beeps, whistles,
clicks and whines, as the Selvache system monitoring
station comes back online.

Primarily responsible for providing SICON with the

detailed sensor scans of the area of space surrounding the
Selvache system, the central control room is the focal point
of operations for the Selvache SSMS and the point around
which the stations primary functions are carried out.
Dominating the entire first floor of the facility, the whole
area is a mass of computers, consoles and projector screens,
all situated beneath a reinforced transparent dome. Here
the stations inoperative systems and screens stare back into
the glassy eyes of the five dead technicians, each sprawled
in a puddle of their own innards spilling from their slashed
and torn bodies.
Built around the giant central power core, the facilitys sensor
monitoring and communications equipment forms a ring
around the core. Tied to the countless dishes, antennae,
aerials and pylons high in the craggy peaks of the Kwanyarna
Mountains, via the transmission relay exchange unit, the
station incorporates all spectrum receivers and transceivers
capable of scanning virtually anything at incredible ranges.
The main sensor grid control systems can be found here
and are linked to the emitter arrays high in the peaks of the
surrounding mountains. Rows and rows of projector screens
that once flickered with a constant stream of data now stand

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)


The Lions have repaired the SICON system
monitoring station, but they are not out of the woods yet.
As Doctor Winstons theories concerning the bugs hatred of
the stations signals are proven to be correct, the Lions will
have to fight for their lives as they wait to see if their call for
help has been heard.
Once the SSMS has been powered up and the Lions have
made their distress call, read the following section aloud to
the players;
As the first words of your emergency transmission are
catapulted through space by the stations advanced
communications gear to whoever may be listening, the
transparent dome above the central control room darkens.
A swarm of close to a hundred hopper bugs blot out the
sky as they descend upon the dishes and antennae secured
to the perilous heights of the Kwanyarna Mountains.
Meanwhile, deep in the bowels of the station, you can
hear the dull thud of chitin on metal as the bugs renew
their offensive against the facility.
With the communications array being buffeted by the
assault of the flying Arachnids and bugs burrowing into
the station itself you can only hope that someone out
there hears your signal before it is cut short.
As soon as power returns to the station and it starts to
transmit its mayday, a number of things will happen;
Doctor Winston will make his attempt to stop the Lions
transmission (see Sabotage!), the access tunnel in the
sub-basement will be stormed by enraged cliff mites (see
Tunnel Trouble) and warrior bugs will begin their assault
on the facilitys outer walls (see Besieged). Because of the
way Arachnid senses work, all of the bugs in this part of
the adventure are blinded by the stations transmissions and
therefore the attacking Arachnids cannot see at all and have
a 50% chance to miss in combat. Furthermore, the blinded
creature has an effective Dexterity of 3, along with a 4
penalty on the use of Strength- and Dexterity-based skills.
This 4 penalty also applies to any other skill checks for
which the Games Master deems sight to be important. The


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

bugs cannot make Perception checks or perform any other

activity that requires vision, though Perception checks made
to listen are acceptable.
The painful pulses of the Lions signal have also enraged the
attacking Arachnids, allowing them to double the Strength
modifier applied to the damage of any successful attacks.
Games Masters should remember to adjust the statistics of
the Arachnids used in this part of the adventure accordingly.

At this point Doctor Winston will slip away, intent on
stopping the transmission that will summon not only help,
but in time, every Arachnid on Selvaches third moon.
The doctor will head straight to the transmission relay
exchange unit as fast as he can, unless he knows that one
of the Lions is there, in which case he will head to the core
control room. Assuming the doctor makes it to one of

The Lions' Last Stand

these locations, it will take him five rounds to cause enough
damage to the equipment to cause the stations transmission
to end. Repairing the doctors damage will require a Repair
check (DC 25) for each piece of equipment that the doctor
manages to break.
If the Lions have both the transmission relay exchange unit
and the core control room covered he will attempt to snatch
a weapon and take one of the troopers hostage, threatening
to kill him if anyone tries to stop him, as he begins to power
down the station from the control centre.

One minute (ten rounds) after the Lions power up the
station, 20 cliff mites will surge through the access tunnel
towards the station, swarming over anything they encounter
along the way. If Doctor Winston is in the tunnel as the cliff
mites approach he will, unless the Games Master decides
otherwise, perish in a wave of burrowing monsters.
Once the cliff mites reach the secondary airlock (S3) they will
begin attacking the airlock doors. The doors have a hardness
of 10 and 80 hit points. Even so, the cliff mite offensive will
breach the airlock doors in ten rounds, allowing them to
scurry into the stations sub-basement and directly attack the
power core and its control room.
Once the initial wave of 20 cliff mites have entered the
station via the secondary airlock, a further five will issue
into the sub-basement every minute (ten rounds) unless
the Lions are able to plug the breach. A trooper capable of
making a Technical (structural) check (DC 30) will be able
to construct a suitable barrier to keep any more waves of cliff
mites out of the facility, at least until help arrives.

Three minutes (30 rounds) after the station begins
transmitting, the first waves of warrior bugs begin to appear
at the base of the mountains, scurrying towards the isolated
SSMS and intent on putting an end to its blindingly painful
signal. The 60 attacking warrior bugs begin the battle
1,000 feet away from the SSMS compound, just inside a
TW-203-as extreme range of 1,250 feet, with attacks made
at this range incurring a 14 penalty for characters without
the Far Shot feat and a 12 penalty for those who do. The
warrior bugs will sprint into combat as they try to close the
range between themselves and their target. Moving at 200
feet per round the bugs should reach the walls of the outer
compound at the end of the sixth round of combat.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

The range penalties described above fall as the warrior bugs

draw nearer as follows; at the end of the second round,
ranged attacks made against the bugs at this range suffer a
12 penalty as they close to 800 feet. At the end of the third
round, this penalty is reduced to 8 as the Arachnids close
to 600 feet. At the end of the fourth round, ranged attacks
suffer a 6 penalty to hit, with the bugs only 400 feet away.
At the end of the fifth round, with the bugs now a mere 200
feet away from the stations walls, the penalty to hit them
becomes just 2.
If the Lions reloaded the Medusa automated defence
emplacement with the ammunition from the armoury (G5)
then it will keep the courtyard free of any bugs that do
manage to get past the troopers, at least until its ammunition
belts are depleted, some six minutes (60 rounds) after the
first bugs infiltrate the compound.
This is the Lions last stand as they fight to buy themselves
enough time for whatever help might be coming to arrive.
All of the surviving Lions, even the shaken Corporal Austin
(if he is still alive), who seems at last to be getting over the
effects of Sergeant Lockwoods death as the desperation
of their situation becomes increasingly apparent, knuckle
down to the task at hand.


Games Masters should keep in mind that this story is about

the Player Characters and should therefore not concern
themselves too much with rolling, round after round, the
attacks of the Arachnids against the Non-Player Character
Lions, and vice versa. As long as it is well presented, this
style of large-scale combat can often be easier, quicker and
more fun if the Games Master simply narrates to the players
how the other Lions are standing atop the compounds outer
walls spraying the area below with repeated bursts of gunfire
and the occasional exultation as the disoriented bugs crash
against the station like waves.
Games Masters should also milk the tension of this whole
combat scene, making sure that players are keeping track
of their rapidly depleting ammunition. Have a frenzied
warrior bug that has managed to get past one of the Player
Characters get taken down by one of their Non-Player
Character squadmates that has been watching the characters
back, just as the savage insect closes for the kill. Corporal
Austin (if he is still alive) is a good candidate for such heroics.
If the players are looking worried yet exhilarated, then the
Games Master is doing everything right.
As the Lions ammunition is all but depleted, read the
following section aloud to the players;
As the digital ammunition counter on the side of your
rifle plummets towards zero a roar of thrusters and
heavy machine gun fire drowns out the deafening rattle
of gunfire and the ear-splitting screeches of the hordes
of warrior bugs that fall to the massed firepower of the
approaching Skyhook retrieval boat. The transport
shudders violently, hammered by the strong and
unpredictable winds that sweep through the mountains
This is Ensign Jones, Im in the pipe and everything is
five-by-five. I heard you boys could use a ride! Despite
the strain of controlling the bucking Skyhook, Ensign
Bethany Jones voice has never sounded so sweet as
she announces her arrival over your helmets intercom
Setting her Skyhook retrieval boat down within the
tight confines of the compounds small courtyard is a
true feat, made all the more impressive by that amount
of debris and refuse that litters the area in the wake of
the Arachnids attack. Without a backwards glance, you
head straight to the Skyhooks waiting hatch.
If the Lions managed to disable or kill the plasma bug at
the Kwan Fissure (pg. 14), then the onslaught of the warrior


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

bugs will be all that will concern the Lions here. If the squad
fled the gigantic walking artillery piece, then it will arrive
now, much to Ensign Jones horror. She will be unable to
take off until the creature is dealt with and any attempt to
escape the creatures plasma fire as the retrieval boat heads
for orbit will make for a bumpy, if not fatal, ride.
Ensign Jones will only be able to wait for five rounds before
the retrieval boat itself is placed in danger. Two rounds before
she takes off she will announce over the Lions intercoms
that she will be leaving in ten seconds. Any trooper not on
the retrieval boat by the end of the fifth round will be left
behind. Games Masters should be lenient with this, if a
trooper has made every effort to reach the retrieval boat in
time and would make it there in the next round, then Ensign
Jones will wait the extra few seconds for them. However, she
will not endanger herself, the retrieval boat or her passengers
waiting for troopers to play hero.
Any Player Character who finds themselves out of
ammunition and facing an angry bug as they make their way
to the retrieval boat is saved from certain death by the swift
intervention of Corporal Austin (if he is still alive, Rowluni
if he is not and Bailey if Rowluni has also not survived)
who takes his attention off of his own fire zone to defend
the doomed character. Doing so proves a fatal mistake,
however, as a nearby bug takes the opportunity granted by
the troopers heroic gesture to skewer them with its vicious

The Lions' Last Stand

claws. The fallen saviour manages to croak out the words
Go, now! before collapsing to the floor beneath the tide of
onrushing warrior bugs.
Once the five rounds that Ensign Jones can wait are up, read
the following section aloud to the players whose characters
made it to the retrieval boat in time;
Only moments after Ensign Jones lifts off from the moons
surface do the Arachnid forces mange to swarm over the
SSMS compound. With the facility falling away beneath
you, the bugs breach the primary power core; shielding
your eyes from the glare of the resultant, all-consuming
explosion, you cannot help but remind yourself that,
despite everything, this has been another glorious day in
the Mobile Infantry. The Mobile Infantry, where every
meal is a banquet, every pay cheque a fortune and every
mission an adventure!


When Ensign Jones lands the retrieval boat back onboard
the TFCT Chancellorsville there is no grand celebration or
pomp and ceremony of any kind, simply a stern looking
lieutenant with the words Good work troopers, Ill expect
your reports on my desk by 0800 hours. With that the
officer turns on his heels and leaves the Lions with a few
hours sack time.

With The Selvache Incident closed, award each player
with 1,500 experience points. If Sergeant Lockwoods
body returned to the Chancellorsville with the Lions, then
award each of them an additional 125 experience points. If
Doctor Winston survived to return to the Chancellorsville
with the Lions, then award each of them an additional 125
experience points. If the Lions retrieved the SSMSs data
storage matrix then award each of them an additional 250
experience points.
Commendations will be awarded to the each of the Lions
if they managed to destroy the plasma bug at the Kwan
Fissure, if all of the Lions, bar Sergeant Lockwood, survived
to return to the Chancellorsville and if Doctor Winston
returns to the Chancellorsville alive and unharmed. An
additional citation may be awarded to any individual Player
Character who assumed the leadership of the Lions in the
wake of Sergeant Lockwoods demise and Corporal Austins
lapse of judgement.
Wounded Lion honours will be posthumously awarded to
any members of the squad who died during the The Selvache

From: Captain Hayward, 4th Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, IIIrd Army
To: Lockwoods Lions, 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, 4th Company, 4th Battalion, 2nd Regiment,
1st Brigade, 2nd Division, IIIrd Army
Re: The Selvache Incident
Due to the recent discovery of Arachnids in the Selvache system, SICON has determined
that the system monitoring facilities there are lost to these alien aggressors and have
moved the stations operations to neighbouring systems.
Careful review of your reports, coupled with analysis of the data storage matrix retrieved
from the Selvache SSMS have raised the possibility of other planets and systems,
previously thought free of Arachnid occupation, may also have been infiltrated. This
analysis has also revealed that the moon may have been infested for some time before
any Arachnid presence was properly detected and that Doctor Winstons theories
concerning the effects of the stations sensor and communications arrays may well
have been correct. All of this is of grave concern Im sure you will agree, especially as
SICON presses on with the Road to Victory campaign. With this in mind I have already
made recommendations to high command, with special reference made to the proposed
full-scale assault of the Selvache system.
On a less positive note, I have to inform you that, in the wake of Sergeant Lockwoods
death, Lockwoods Lions are to be disbanded and reassigned to other squads in your
platoon. See your platoon commander for your individual assignments.
Good Work.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)


Sergeant Aaron Lockwood is clean-shaven man
in his early forties. His short, dark brown
hair is kept close-cropped with military
precision. His deep hazel eyes have a
piercing quality that coupled with his
broad frame and towering stature, ensure
that he can be an incredibly imposing
Lockwoods two watchwords are efficiency
and decision, making him an excellent
sergeant for his squad. A combat veteran
of both Operation: Pest Control and the second Pluto
campaign, Sergeant Lockwood is a shining example to those
around him: a capable trooper and respected officer.


Corporal Benjamin Austin is an excitable trooper,
only newly appointed to the role of
corporal. A veteran of the second Pluto
campaign, where he earned his field
promotion, Austin has yet to experience
actual field command. Despite having
the respect of the other Lions, he is
considered to be somewhat of an armchair
general, knowing everything about how
a battle should be fought, but nothing
about actually fighting it. In his late
twenties, Austins short, spiky brown hair
is already thinning around his temples and
he wears a short goatee.

Cpl. Austin, Benjamin MI22-47

Sgt. Lockwood, Aaron MI61-73
Mobile Infantry trooper 3; hp: 14; Init: +4; Spd: 35 ft.;
DV: 23; DR: 4; BAB/Grp: +3/+5 (+7 in armour); Atk:
Morita TW-203-a +6 ranged or TW-102-s +6 ranged or
combat knife +6 melee; Full Atk: Morita TW-203-a +6
ranged or TW-102-s +6 ranged or combat knife +6 melee;
Dmg: Morita TW-203-a 2d8+2 or TW-102-s 2d6+2
or combat knife 1d4+2, 1920/x2; Space/Reach: 5 ft.
(1)/5 ft. (1); SA: ; SQ: Basic Training, Battle Hardened
(saving throws), Fearless (warrior bug), Hard-Hitting, On
The Bounce!; SV: Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +3; Str 14 (18 in
armour), Dex 15, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 16; Skills &
Feats: Acrobatics +4 (+1 in armour), Athletics +6, Computer
Use +3, Drive +4, Investigate +3, Knowledge (alien species)
+5, Knowledge (tactics) +5, Perception +7, Persuasion +6,
Repair +5, Stealth +6 (+3 in armour), Survival +5; Alertness,
Confident, Knockout Punch, Language (SICON), Point
Blank Shot, Quick Draw; Prestige: +2
Equipment: Field rations (1), canteen (2), three magazines
(90 rounds), combat knife, Brunham TW-102-s Peacemaker
pistol, Morita TW-203-a assault rifle, M-1C8 power suit,
combat belt, lizard line


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

Mobile Infantry trooper 2; hp: 11; Init: +4; Spd: 35 ft.;

DV: 23; DR: 4; BAB/Grp: +2/+3 (+5 in armour); Atk:
Morita TW-203-a +5 ranged or TW-102-s +5 ranged or
combat knife +4 melee; Full Atk: Morita TW-203-a +5
ranged or TW-102-s +5 ranged or combat knife +4 melee;
Dmg: Morita TW-203-a 2d8+2 or TW-102-s 2d6+2 or
combat knife 1d4+1, 1920/x2; Space/Reach: 5 ft. (1)/5
ft. (1); SA: ; SQ: Basic Training, Fearless (Skinny raider),
Hard-Hitting, On The Bounce!; SV: Fort +2, Ref +4, Will
+0; Str 13 (17 in armour), Dex 14, Con 9, Int 12, Wis
11, Cha 10; Skills & Feats: Acrobatics +4 (+1 in armour),
Athletics +4, Computer Use +5, Drive +7, Knowledge
(alien species) +3, Knowledge (tactics) +6, Perception +2,
Repair +3, Stealth +4 (+1 in armour), Survival +3; Beat Feet,
Disengage, Dodge, Language (SICON), Surface Vehicle
Operation; Prestige: +1
Equipment: Field rations (1), canteen (2), three magazines
(90 rounds), combat knife, Brunham TW-102-s Peacemaker
pistol, Morita TW-203-a assault rifle, M-1A4 power suit,
combat belt, lizard line

Lockwood's Lions


Private Kinikki Rowluni stands a towering
six feet, ten inches and is built like a
MAC hauler. The massive trooper has
earned the nickname Loon, partly
from the shortening of his surname, but
more aptly from the fact that, no
matter the situation, he has a wide
smile permanently fixed on his
face. A competition shockboxer
in his youth, Private Rowluni still
practises ringcraft whenever he gets
the opportunity. The irrepressibly upbeat Rowluni keeps
the fine black hair that crowns his Fijian features in a set of
tight braids.

Pvt. Rowluni, Kinikki MI85-14

Mobile Infantry trooper 1; hp: 16; Init: +3; Spd: 35 ft.; DV:
21; DR: 4; BAB/Grp: +1/+5 (+7 in armour); Atk: Morita TW203-a +3 ranged or TW-102-s +3 ranged or combat knife +6
melee; Full Atk: Morita TW-203-a +3 ranged or TW-102-s
+3 ranged or combat knife +6 melee; Dmg: Morita TW-203-a
2d8+1 or TW-102-s 2d6+1 or combat knife 1d4+4, 1920/
x2; Space/Reach: 5 ft. (1)/5 ft. (1); SA: ; SQ: Basic Training,
On The Bounce!; SV: Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +2; Str 18 (22 in
armour), Dex 12, Con 16, Int 9, Wis 10, Cha 14; Skills &
Feats: Acrobatics +3, Athletics +6, Computer Use +2, Drive
+2, Knowledge (alien species) +2, Knowledge (tactics) +2,
Perception +3, Stealth +2 (1 in armour), Survival +2; Brawl,
Iron Will, Physical Adept; Prestige: +1
Equipment: Field rations (1), canteen (2), three magazines
(90 rounds), combat knife, Brunham TW-102-s Peacemaker
pistol, Morita TW-203-a assault rifle, M-1A4 power suit,
combat belt, lizard line


Despite scoring highly in psychic testing during
his school years, Private Iain Baileys
talent proved too unreliable to make
him suitable for a position within the
Special Services. Slight, short and wirey,
Bailey does have a talent for sleight of
hand and prestidigitation, earning him
the nickname of Wizard amongst his
squadmates. Bailey is quick to smile and
is a fun-loving rebelious sort, but when
there is a job to be done he is more than
capable of focusing on the task at hand.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

Pvt. Bailey, Iain MI99-54

Mobile Infantry trooper 1; hp: 9; Init: +4; Spd: 35 ft.; DV:
22; DR: 4; BAB/Grp: +1/+0 (+2 in armour); Atk: Morita TW203-a +4 ranged or TW-102-s +4 ranged or combat knife +2
melee; Full Atk: Morita TW-203-a +4 ranged or TW-102-s
+4 ranged or combat knife +2 melee; Dmg: Morita TW-203-a
2d8+2 or TW-102-s 2d6+2 or combat knife 1d4, 1920/x2;
Space/Reach: 5 ft. (1)/5 ft. (1); SA: ; SQ: Basic Training,
On The Bounce!; SV: Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +4; Str 11 (15 in
armour), Dex 15, Con 9, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 9; Skills & Feats:
Athletics +2, Computer Use +7, Drive +4, Knowledge (alien
species) +9, Knowledge (behavioural sciences) +6, Knowledge
(tactics) +7, Perception +6, Sleight of Hand +3, Stealth +4 (+1
in armour), Survival +5; Educated (Knowledge (alien species)
& Knowledge (behavioural sciences)), Iron Will, Language
(Latin-Based), Language (physical), Language (SICON),
Psychic Talent; Prestige: +1
Equipment: Field rations (1), canteen (2), three magazines
(90 rounds), combat knife, Brunham TW-102-s Peacemaker
pistol, Morita TW-203-a assault rifle, M-1A4 power suit,
combat belt, lizard line


Doctor Winstons torn and blood-spattered
white lab coat does nothing to hide
the mans tall, spindly and middleaged frame. His large owl-like eyes,
widened with the horror of the last
few days are further enlarged, to
almost comical proportions, by the
thick glasses that adorn his gaunt, pale
face now shaded around the chin with a
thick layer of stubble. The doctors greying
dark hair, like the rest of him, is grubby and
unkempt, not surprisingly after his three
sleepless nights cowering in his quarters.

Dr. Winston, Edward

Civilian 3; hp: 9; Init: +1; Spd: 30 ft.; DV: 13; DR: ; BAB/
Grp: +1/+; Atk: Morita TW-203-a +2 ranged; Full Atk: Morita
TW-203-a +2 ranged; Dmg: Morita TW-203-a 2d8+2; Space/
Reach: 5 ft. (1)/5 ft. (1); SA: ; SQ: Background (technician/
scientists), Expertise (Persuasion), Motivated (+1 bonus to Fort
saves), Ubiquitous; SV: Fort +1, Ref +3, Will 1; Str 9, Dex
12, Con 8, Int 16, Wis 4, Cha 15; Skills & Feats: Computer
Use +10, Concentration +1, Demolitions +4, Escape Artist +7,
Knowledge (physical sciences) +7, Knowledge (technology)
+12, Perception 1, Persuasion +10, Repair +5, Sabotage +5,
Survival 1, Technical (electrical) 1; Confident, Educated
(Knowledge (physical sciences) & Knowledge (technology)),
Endurance, Language (Latin-Based), Language (Slavic),
Language (Germanic); Prestige: +1
Equipment: Morita TW-203-a assault rifle, basic electrical
toolkit, portable databox


Cliff mites are often used as sentries and advance scouts due
to their small size. These insects are somewhat crab-like in
appearance and posses a vicious pair of mandibles capable of
slicing through even hardened steel. When a cliff mite attacks
an inanimate object as a full-round action it ignores half of the
objects hardness.

Cliff Mite
Tiny Alien Beast; HD: 1d10 (10 hp); Init: +5; Spd: 20 ft. (4
squares), burrow 20 ft. (4 squares); DV: 19; BAB/Grp: +1/+8;
Atk: Bite +6 melee; Full Atk: Bite +6 melee; Dmg: Bite 1d2
(see text); Space/Reach: 2 ft. (1 x 1 square, does not get free
attacks)/0 ft. (0 squares); SA: Dextrous Attack; SQ: Blindsight
30 ft., Fear (14), Wall Crawler; SV: Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +4;
Str 8, Dex 20, Con 12, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 15; Skills & Feats:
Stealth +9, Sense Motive +5; Improved Initiative
Dextrous Attack: Due to their nimble
nature, cliff mites are able to use their
Dexterity score rather than their
Strength score to attack.
Wall Crawler: A cliff mite can
climb and travel on vertical
surfaces or even traverse ceilings
as well as a Terran spider can.
While the cliff mite is doing so it
may continue to travel at its base
speed and need not make Athletics checks to climb a vertical
or horizontal surface, even if doing so upside down. A cliff mite
retains its Dexterity bonus to its Defence while climbing and
opponents gain no free attacks against it, however, a cliff mite
cannot travel any faster than its base speed while climbing.

Hopper bugs are a deadly part of the Arachnid army both
for their sheer speed and mobility
and the lethal nature of their sudden
attacks. A flight of them sweeping
down out of the sky towards a platoon
of troopers can be the swift and violent
end to an entire military campaign.
While there are ways to detect the
motion of hopper bugs in flight
before they become visible, it is
incredibly difficult and most
units are not equipped to do


Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

so. The best most squads can hope for with hopper bugs is to
remain alert, be ready to dive for cover, and keep looking to
the sky.

Hopper Bug
Large Alien Beast; HD: 4d10 + 8 (35 hp); Init: +3; Spd: 20
ft. (10 squares), fly 60 ft. (12 squares); DV: 18; BAB/Grp:
+4/+12; Atk: Claw +9 melee; Full Atk: Two claws +9 melee;
Dmg: Claw 1d6+4, 1920/x2; Space/Reach: 10 ft. (2 x 2
squares)/5 ft. (1 square); SA: Deadly Pass; SQ: Blindsight 90
ft., Damage Reduction 6, Fear (14); SV: Fort +6, Ref +10, Will
+2; Str 18, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 2; Skills &
Feats: Acrobatics +6, Perception +5; Flying Tackle, Lightning
Deadly Pass: Hopper bugs can move their full aerial speed
(a x4 move equalling 240 feet (48 squares)) and gain a single
attack action. To do this, they must fly in a straight line during
the round in which they make their deadly pass. The target of
this attack is subjected a claw attack, which take place when
the bug sweeps past it on its flight path. This motion does not
offer a free attack. If the claw attack hits during a deadly pass,
it deals an additional 1d6 damage per four Hit Dice due to the
speed and force of the blow.

Plasma bugs are the Arachnids version of a planetary defence
system and despite their lack of targeting skills or
specialised systems, they fulfil their mission
objectives admirably. Plasma bugs are
ponderously large, almost unable to
move on the ground and incapable
of burrowing. How the Arachnid
handle moving plasma bugs from
underground hives to their stations
on the surface for attack is yet another
mystery about these incredibly
powerful insects.

Plasma Bug
Gargantuan Alien Beast; HD:
22d10 + 198 (324 hp); Init: +1; Spd: 10 ft. (2 squares); DV:
15; BAB /Grp: +22/+41; Atk: Bite +25 melee or plasma sphere
+19 ranged; Full Atk: Bite +25 melee or plasma sphere +19
ranged; Dmg: Bite 2d6+7 or plasma sphere (see text); Space/
Reach: 25 ft. (5 x 5 squares)/15 ft. (3 squares); SA: Plasma Fire;
SQ: Blindsight 240 ft., Damage Reduction 8, Fear (12); SV:
Fort +19, Ref +8, Will +6; Str 24, Dex 12, Con 28, Int 2, Wis

10, Cha 2; Skills & Feats: Perception +25; Beam Shot, Deadly
Aim, Far Shot, Precise Shot
Plasma Fire: Plasma bugs can unleash an incredibly powerful
blast from their lower abdomen, generally aiming it into the
air in an attempt to smash atmospheric craft and bring down
spacecraft. This plasma attack tears through most vessels,
dealing 50 points of damage to every location on a Large or
smaller vehicle. Huge or larger targets suffer the damage,
though all to a single location. Plasma fire cannot be directed
at ground-based targets, unless via indirect fire.

Warrior bugs are physically indistinguishable from worker bugs
aside from a very slight
difference in its thorax
chitin and mandible
arrangement. Spotting
this difference requires
a Knowledge (alien
species) check DC 20 at
60 feet. By their nature,
warrior bugs are highly
aggressive and are
capable of laying waste
to a whole squad if not dealt with quickly. These creatures
make up the primary troop type of the Arachnid threat.

Warrior Bug
Large Alien Beast; HD: 4d10 + 8 (35 hp); Init: +3; Spd: 50
ft. (10 squares), burrow 10 ft. (2 squares); DV: 18; BAB/Grp:
+4/+14; Atk: Claw +9 melee; Full Atk: Two claws +9 melee
and bite +4 melee; Dmg: Claw 1d6+3, 19-20/x2, bite 1d8+6;
Space/Reach: 10 ft. (2 x 2 squares)/5 ft. (1 square) and 10 ft.
(2 squares) with claws; SA: Lethal Grapple; SQ: Blindsight 30
ft., Damage Reduction 4, Fear (16), Sensitive Antenna, Wall
Crawler; SV: Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +4; Str 22, Dex 16, Con 14,
Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 2; Skills & Feats: Athletics +10, Acrobatics
+9; Cleave, Iron Will, Power Attack
Lethal Grapple: If the warrior bug attacks with its bite weapon
during a full-attack action, it may choose to start a grapple as a
free action. It may only do this to targets that are of Medium
size or smaller. While the target remains grappled, the warrior
bug is not considered grappled itself and will automatically deal
its bite damage every round. The target will be pulled into the
warrior bugs space for the duration of this attack. Warrior
bugs can only affect one target with its lethal grapple at a time;
the current target must be killed or released before another can
be grappled or bitten.

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

Wall Crawler: A warrior bug can climb and travel on vertical

surfaces or even traverse ceilings as well as a Terran spider
can. While the warrior bug is doing so it may continue to
travel at its base speed and need not make Athletics checks to
climb a vertical or horizontal surface, even if doing so upside
down. A warrior bug retains its Dexterity bonus to its Defence
while climbing and opponents gain no free attacks against it,
however, a warrior bug cannot travel any faster than its base
speed while climbing.

Worker bugs are physically indistinguishable from warrior
bugs aside from a very slight difference in its thorax chitin
and mandible arrangement. Spotting this difference requires
a Knowledge (alien species) check DC 20 at 60 feet. By their
nature, worker bugs are entirely non-combatant. They are
capable of dealing injury, but only do so if they cannot flee an
opponent and are literally forced to defend themselves. Even
then, workers will only fight if there is not a warrior bug within
120 feet of it; otherwise the worker bug will passively take any
attack thrown at it on the assumption that the warrior bug will
defend it.

Worker Bug
Large Alien Beast; HD: 4d10 + 4 (31 hp); Init: +1; Spd: 50
ft. (10 squares), burrow 20 ft. (4 squares); DV: 14; BAB/Grp:
+4/+11; Atk: Claw +6 melee; Full Atk: Two claws +6 melee;
Dmg: Claw 1d6+3; Space/Reach: 10 ft. (2 x 2 squares)/5 ft.
(1 square); SA: ; SQ: Blindsight 50 ft., Damage Reduction 2,
Fear (16, 10 if recognised as worker), Wall Crawler; SV: Fort
+5, Ref +5, Will +1; Str 17, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 2, Wis 10,
Cha 2; Skills & Feats: Technical (structural) +7; Instinctive
(Technical (structural)), Toughness
Wall Crawler: A warrior bug can climb and travel on vertical
surfaces or even traverse
ceilings as well as a Terran
spider can.
While the
warrior bug is doing so it
may continue to travel at
its base speed and need not
make Athletics checks to
climb a vertical or horizontal
surface, even if doing so
upside down. A worker bug
retains its Dexterity bonus to
its Defence while climbing
and opponents gain no free
attacks against it, however, a worker bug cannot travel any
faster than its base speed while climbing.



The following text is the property of Wizards
of the Coast, Inc. and is Copyright 2000
Wizards of the Coast, Inc (Wizards). All
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Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

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Modern System Reference Document
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Authors Bill Slavicsek, Jeff Grubb, Rich
Redman, Charles Ryan, based on material
by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip
Williams, Richard Baker, Peter Adkison,
Bruce R. Cordell, John Tynes, Andy Collins,
and JD Wiker.
System Reference Document Copyright
2000-2003, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.;
Authors Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip
Williams, Rich baker, Andy Collins, David
noonan, Rich Redman, Bruce R. Cordell,
based on original material by E. Gary
Gygax and Dave Arneson.
Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game
The Selvache Incident is TM & 2005
TriStar Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Mongoose Publishing Ltd Authorized

Movement & Distance Table

Vehicle Speed Conversions Table

15 feet
20 feet
30 feet
40 feet
One Round (Tactical)1
Run (x3)
Run (x4)
One Minute (Local)
Run (x3)
Run (x4)
One Hour (Overland)
One Day (Overland)

15 ft.
30 ft.
45 ft.
60 ft.

20 ft.
40 ft.
60 ft.
80 ft.

30 ft.
60 ft.
90 ft.
120 ft.

40 ft.
80 ft.
120 ft.
160 ft.

150 ft.
300 ft.
450 ft.
600 ft.

200 ft.
400 ft.
600 ft.
800 ft.

300 ft.
600 ft.
900 ft.
1,200 ft.

400 ft.
800 ft.
1,200 ft.
1,600 ft.

1.5 miles 2 miles

3 miles
4 miles

3 miles
6 miles

4 miles
8 miles

12 miles

24 miles

32 miles

16 miles

Tactical movement is often measured in squares on the grid rather than in

feet. One square is equal to five feet.




5 ft.
90/5 ft.
45/5 ft.
45/5 ft.
45/10 ft.
+90/5 ft. +45/5 ft. No
5 ft.
10 ft.
20 ft.

Overland Movement Table

Desert, Sandy
Tundra, Frozen





Heavily Loaded
Speed Table

Manoeuvrability Table

Minimum Forward Speed

Move Backward
Turn in Place
Maximum Turn
Up Angle
Up Speed
Down Angle
Down Speed
Between Down and Up


Prev. Speed
20 ft.
30 ft.
40 ft.
50 ft.
60 ft.

Curr. Speed
15 ft.
20 ft.
30 ft.
40 ft.
50 ft.

Movement Table
Difficult Terrain
Poor Visibility


May require a skill check.

Grant a
Free Attack

Move Actions
Move your speed
Use a piece of equipment
Climb ( speed)
Climb, accelerated ( speed)
Crawl (move at speed while prone)
Jump in Power Armour up to 90 ft.
Jump in Stryker Armour up to 120 ft.
Draw a weapon
Holster a weapon
Move a heavy object
Open a door
Pick up an object
Reload a pistol or rifle
Retrieve a stored object1
Stand from a prone, sitting or kneeling
Start/complete a full-round action
Use a skill that takes a move action



Basic Load
46 lb.
713 lb.
1120 lb.
1426 lb.
1733 lb.
2140 lb.
2446 lb.
2753 lb.
3160 lb.
3466 lb.


Basic Load
3976 lb.
4486 lb.
51100 lb.
59116 lb.
67133 lb.
77153 lb.
87173 lb.
101200 lb.
117233 lb.
134266 lb.


Basic Load
154306 lb.
174346 lb.
201400 lb.
234466 lb.
267533 lb.
307613 lb.
347693 lb.
401800 lb.
467933 lb.

Vehicle Manoeuvres Table

Avoid colossal
Avoid diminutive
Avoid fine hazard
Avoid gargantuan
Avoid huge
Avoid large
Avoid medium
Avoid small
Avoid tiny hazard
Immelmann turn


Unless the item is on a combat belt

Vehicle Sizes
Size Category
Fine (F)
Diminutive (D)
Tiny (Ti)
Small (S)
Medium (M)
Large (L)
Huge (H)
Gargantuan (G)
Colossal (Co)
Immense (I)
Vast (V)
Tremendous (Tr)
Capital (Ca)
Super-Capital (SC)

DV modifier

6 in. or less
6 in. 1 ft.
1 2 ft.
2 4 ft.
4 8 ft.
8 16 ft.
16 32 ft.
32 64 ft.
64 128 ft.
128 256 ft.
256 512 ft.
512 1,024 ft.
1,024 2,048 ft.
2,048 ft. or more

Damage from Falling Objects Table

Object Size


Reflex Save

Check DC


Check DC

Check DC





Targets DV


Regain control



Take off


Take off from





Turn, extreme
Turn, handbrake
Turn, sharp



Hard climb/dive


In addition to the vehicles Handling and Speed scores, this check is also
modified by the severity of the Mishap.

Action Points
Characters can spend one Action Point to do one of the following:
9 Alter a single d20 roll used to make an
attack, a skill check, an ability check, a
Action Point Table
level check or a saving throw.
Action Point
9 Use a class feature or feat during your
Dice Rolled
turn for which the expenditure of one
Action Point is required.
9 Force a successful check when trying to
stabilise after being reduced to negative 15 20
hit points. This act may result in the
expenditure of more than one Action

Characters cannot use an Action Point on a skill check or ability check when
you are taking 10 or taking 20 (see the Skills chapter for further details).




Example (Skill Used)

Notice a warrior bug charging towards you
Very Easy (0)
Easy (5)
Jump over a small stream (Acrobatics)
Hear an approaching Mobile Infantry trooper
Average (10)
Tough (15)
Disarm an explosive (Demolitions)
Challenging (20)
Swim against a strong current (Athletics)
Break into a secure computer system (Computer
Formidable (25)
Heroic (30)
Leap onto the back of a tanker bug (Acrobatics)
Convince a drill instructor that even though you are
Superheroic (35)
not in uniform, they should let you into the mess
Track a brain bug through a pitch black cave
Nearly Impossible (40)
network after a planetary bombardment (Survival)

Sleight of Hand

Opposing Skill

Saving Throw Resolution: 1d20 + save modifier (Save modifier = base saving
throw bonus + ability modifier + miscellaneous modifiers)

Key Ability

Paper or Cloth
Iron or Steel
Skinny Polymer
Rope (1 in. diameter.)
Combat Knife
Average Pistol
Average Rifle
Average Heavy Weapon
Simple Door
Strong Door
Masonry Wall (1 ft. thick)
Hewn Stone (3 ft. thick)
Iron Door (2 in. thick)


Strength Check to:

Break down simple door
Break down good door
Break down strong door
Burst rope bonds
Bend iron bars
Break down barred door
Burst chain bonds
Break down iron door


Size & Defence Value Table


DV Modifier

Cover Modifiers Table

Degree of Cover
Full (stone wall)
(knee high wall)

Cannot be attacked or spotted
+2 to Defence Value

Belladonna (plant)
Blue vitriol
Chloral hydrate
Curare (plant)
Knockout gas
Paris green (gas)
Paris green (solid)
Tear gas
VX nerve gas

Break or Burst DC Table

Break DC
+1/inch of thickness
+2/inch of thickness
+3/inch of thickness
+4/inch of thickness
+5/inch of thickness
+6/inch of thickness

Degree of Cover
(three foot rock)
(blast door)

+4 to Defence Value, +2 to Perception checks to be seen
+7 to Defence Value, +5 to Perception checks to be seen

Repair DC

1 min.
10 min.
1 hr.
10 hr.

Salvaging from
Huge or smaller 30 min.
1 hr.
3 hr.
Huge or smaller 30 min.
1 hr.
3 hr.
1 hr.
3 hr.
6 hr.
Tiny or smaller 10 min.
Small to Large
30 min.
Huge or bigger 1 hr.
Cybernetic Attachment
Tiny or smaller 10 min.
Small or larger
30 min.


Technical (chemical) DC for Creation of Poisons Table

Ranged Attack Resolution: 1d20 + attack modifier (Attack modifier = base

attack bonus + Dexterity modifier + miscellaneous modifiers)

Hit Points
2/inch of thickness
3/inch of thickness
10/inch of thickness
15/inch of thickness
30/inch of thickness
30/inch of thickness
2/inch of thickness

+2 bonus to
Ride checks involving living, riding creatures
Treat Injury checks on the specific species
Technical (chemical)
Investigate checks to gather information
Survival checks to track
Sleight of Hand
Repair checks to relevant equipment

Repair Task (Example)

Simple (tool or other piece of simple equipment or weapon)
Moderate (vehicle or cybernetic attachments)
Complex (starship or mechanical or electronic component)
Advanced (starship drive systems or robotic systems)

Melee Attack Resolution: 1d20 + attack modifier (Attack modifier = base

attack bonus + Strength modifier + miscellaneous modifiers)

Common Hardness & Hit Points Table

Salvage Table

Repair DC Table

Skill Check Resolution: 1d20 + skill modifier (Skill modifier = skill ranks +
ability modifier + miscellaneous modifiers)

Example Ability Checks

Ability Check to
Force open a jammed or locked door
Tie a rope to a power suit in a hurry
Hold your breath
Navigate a bug hole
Recognise a stranger you have seen before
Get yourself noticed in a whole platoon

Five or more ranks in

Handle Animal
Knowledge (alien species)
Knowledge (earth and life sciences)
Knowledge (physical sciences)
Knowledge (streetwise)
Knowledge (technology)

Difficulty (DC)


Example Opposed Checks

Sneak up on someone
Con someone
Hide from someone
Win a vehicle race
Steal the key to a flyer
Create a fake unicard

Synergistic Skills Table

Difficulty Class Examples

Ability Modifiers Table

Object is necessary for assignment
Object has obvious application for assignment
Object has peripheral application for assignment
Object has no obvious application for assignment
Object is common
Object is rare
Object is being stockpiled by SICON
Trooper is skilled or proficient in use of object
Troopers squad returned all gear undamaged on previous mission


Carrying Capacity Table

Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying Game is TM & 2005 TriStar Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mongoose
Publishing Ltd Authorized User. Printed in China.
Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

Requisition Modifiers Table

Move Action Table


Save DC

Initial Damage
1d4 Str
1d6 Dex
1d6 Str
1d2 Con
1d6 Dex
Unconsciousness 1d3 hours
2d4 Dex
1d6 Con
1d4 Dex
1d3 Dex
1d2 Con
1d4 Con
1d3 Dex
Nauseated 1d6 rounds
1d6 Con2

Secondary Damage
2d4 Con
1d6 Str
2d6 Str
1d2 Con
Unconsciousness 1d3 hours

2d4 Wis
2d6 Con
2d4 Con
Unconsciousness 1d3 hours
1d4 Con
1d4 Con
2d4 Con

2d6 Con2

Technical DC

4 hr.
1 hr.
1 hr.
8 hr.
4 hr.
15 hr.
8 hr.
8 hr.
4 hr.
4 hr.
4 hr.
4 hr.
48 hr.

Chloroform gives off vapour that causes unconsciousness. Applying chloroform to an unwilling subject requires a successful
attack in melee combat. 2 This damage is permanent ability drain. n/a: Certain poisons cannot be made with the Technical
(chemical) skill. Instead, such a poison must be obtained by extracting it from the plant in question.

Radiation Exposure Table

Time of Exposure (Minimum)
1 round
1 minute
10 minutes
1 hour
1 day
Character in irradiated area:
Lightly Irradiated
Moderately Irradiated
Highly Irradiated
Severely Irradiated
Character exposed to radiation source:
Lightly Radioactive Materials
Moderately Radioactive Materials
Highly Radioactive Materials
Severely Radioactive Materials

Malik Carrethers (order #3724468)

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