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Linz-Donawitz sludge is a industrial waste but in this study it taken as a filler material in polymer

composite. The gas comes out from the LD converts steel making are recombined to form the LDS
particle, which is very strong and fine particle. In the present work the epoxy composite stacked with
different degree as 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 wt % of LDS by normal hand lay-up method. The physical and
mechanical properties of this composite are density, porosity, flexibility, tensile and compressive
strength. The results exhibit that the void segment and the quality properties of the composites which
are tremendously affected by the LDS particles in epoxy resin. Sliding wear test are performed on
different condition by taking ASTM G 99 as test standards. Then the Taguchi approach gives the
better results on wear rate. The filler content and the sliding velocity are greatly influenced by the
sliding wear of this composite. Fabrication of half and half composites comprising of glass-fiber
support in epoxy tar loaded with particulate LD slag is conceivable in straightforward hand lay-up
strategy. The hardness and effect quality of these new class cross breed composites are enhancing
with filler expansion while an enduring decay of malleable and flexural properties are watched. The
thickness of the composites is additionally enormously impacted by the filler content. This study opens
up another road for a quality included usage of a mechanical waste like LD slag and can be utilized as
a filler material in polymer composites.