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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why a grade 3-5 Peebles Elementary School?

Q Why not renovate instead?

A This option replaces the existing Peebles School with a new

facility serving a single intermediate school for students in
grades 3 through 5, keeping an elementary school on the
Cape side of the canal as part of greater campus with the
middle and high school. It relocates the fifth grade into an
elementary school setting and provides new educational
opportunities at Bourne Middle School. This option creates
an equal educational experience among the elementary
schools with a focused 3-5 educational program for all students through a more, streamlined curriculum with greater
academic resources and additional collaboration opportunities within the school community including the unique
opportunity for fifth grade students to take on leadership

A The Feasibility Study demonstrated that requirements for

meeting the building code and the requirements for reimbursement of the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) would make a renovation/addition more costly
than new construction due to the age and condition of the
62+ year old Peebles Elementary School.

Q Why should the 5th grade be returned to the elementary school?

A Moving the fifth grade to the 3-5 school further eases
student transition to middle school as students will have
already integrated as a class and experienced the transition from the elementary school to the intermediate (3-5)
school. Fifth grade students will take the school bus with
students in their own age groups that will reduce exposure
to behaviors of older students. Additionally, much of our
curriculum matches the grade bands PK-2, 3-5 (or PreK5) and 6-8 evident in the Massachusetts State Curriculum
Q How long has the Feasability Study been underway?
A The Feasibility Study commenced over 4 years ago in January 2012 with the submission of the Statement of Interest
for the Peebles Elementary School to the Massachusetts
School Building Authority (MSBA) by the Selectmen and
School Committee. The Town and the MSBA executed an
agreement for the Feasibility Study in February 2015 which
has been overseen by the School Building Committee for
the past 1 years

For more information go to:

Town Website:


Project Email: sbc@townofbourne.com

Fact Sheet
The Proposed New

Peebles Elementary School

Bourne, MA

October 28 , 2016

Q Will it be longer to travel to school?

A There will be approximately 15 additional minutes to the
current bus route duration for first and second graders that
reside on the cape-side of the Canal and for third and fourth
graders that reside off-cape..
Q What are the benefits of grade spans?
A While this is a shift from the current school configurations, there are potential benefits for all stakeholders of the
Bourne Public Schools system. This option provides districtwide PK-2 at Bournedale, 3-5 at Peebles and 6-8 at BMS. By
creating small grade span schools, each school is able to
focus on one specific stage of child academic and social/
emotional development. A building-wide concentration of
attention to the academic, emotional, physical, and social
needs associated with each level of students will positively
enhance learning and growth.
Q Why not delay until the economy improves?
A The School District has been approved by the State for reimbursement now at 48.63% of eligible costs. Additionally,
the MSBA is reimbursing the Town for 43.84% ($328,800) of
the $750,000 cost of the feasability study. If the project is
delayed it will be removed from the State funding list with
no assurance for any reimbursement in the future. If the
MSBA were ever to reconsider a Peebles Elementary School
project in the future, another feasability study would be required and the Town would be responsible for paying for
the study in totality with no reimbursement.
Q Is this the right time to build?
A Due to a slowly improving economy, borrowing costs are
still at historic lows and, due to a very competitive building climate, construction costs remain low. These costs,
however, are currently on the rise and a delay will increase
project costs.


Town meeting voted to approve the Peebles Elementary School

Project at the October 17th, 2016 Special Town Meeting

NEXT REQUIRED STEP is the BALLOT VOTE on December 6, 2016

The new, proposed state-approved 3-5 school will be a
modern, state-of-the-art facility that will serve the Town
for many years to come and features amenities such as....
n Larger classrooms, new learning commons, and gymnasium that conform to current State guidelines.
n Dedicated art, music, innovation studio, special education, and all other required educational spaces.
n Convenient community access and use of the gymnasium, cafeteria, and learning commons.
n Improved student safety: new building security system,
access control system, fire alarm, and fire suppression
n Numerous green features that will improve operational
efficiency of the school such as occupancy sensors for
lighting, an energy efficient displacement air system,
and a building-wide energy management system.

Building for the Future



Site Plan

The Peebles Elementary School is an aged facility requiring significant upkeep without long term educational benefits. There is a lack of educational spaces and
many existing spaces do not conform to current State
guidelines or meet 21st Century educational needs.

The Peebles Elementary School is nearing the end of its

educational and functional life. As a result of eighteen
months of deliberating and planning with the Bourne
community and Massachusetts School Building Authority, a vision emerged for the community of Bourne in its
entirety, not just Bourne Public Schools. We are excited to
present you a building that addresses community needs,
as well as, a new vision for educating PreK-12 with grade
span re-configuration enhancing the social, emotional
and developmental needs of all children. In 2020, we will
have the opportunity to strengthen our Bourne community by creating one common educational experience.

The proposed new building will be located in front of the

existing school and includes many new site amenities.

Bourne Residents voted to approve this Feasibility

Study and seek a Grant from MSBA to mitigate these
conditions at the October 27, 2014 Special Town Meeting.
n The antiquated facility impedes teaching and learning.
n Music, art and general classrooms have inadequate spaces and equipment for the specialized programs taught.
Many special education spaces are also too small.
n The core facilities (library, gym, and cafeteria) are undersized and require updates to ventilation air system
n The schools lack a modern security system, access
control system, fire alarm, and fire suppression system.
n All of the old building systems (mechanical, electrical,
and plumbing) are outdated, unreliable, inefficient, and
have outlived their useful life. These systems now require
constant repair and attention.
n Parking on the sites is limited and disorganized. The
parent drop off and bus areas create an unsafe
congested condition during pick up and drop off times.

1 New Peebles Elementary School
2 New Relocated Tennis Courts

n Working with the Town and the Massachusetts School

Building Authority (MSBA), the design team developed
nine different options ranging from phased renovation
of the existing Peebles ES and Bournedale ES schools to a
completely new building.
n The best long-term solution converts Bournedale to a
District-wide PK-2, constructs a new 72,680-sf, two-story
building for District-wide grades 3-5 students, and returns the 5th grade to an elementary setting.
n New construction avoids the disruption to students inherent with a multi-phased renovation project
n The total project cost is $39.91 million and the State will
reimburse the Town approximately $15.15 million. The
estimated project cost to the Town of Bourne is $24.76
n The tax impact will be approximately $0.40/$1,000 of
assessed residential value. On an average home assessed
at $398,944 that is $163/year.

3 Middle School
4 High School

n Increased parking spaces and a safer traffic flow with

separate parent and bus loading zones.
n A new enclosed play area with new play equipment
n New tennis courts with associated parking
n Improved handicapped accessibility

Project Schedule
Sept. 20, 2016

Community Forum No.9

Oct. 17, 2016

Special Town Meeting

Nov. 09, 2016

MSBA Board Meeting

Dec. 06, 2016

Special Ballot Vote

Dec. 07, 2016

Commence Design Drawings

October 2017

Commence Bidding

November 2017

Commence Construction

August 2019

Open New Peebles School

One community, one common

educational experience.