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Awareness in Bereavement

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Additional 45 for students seeking Ascentis accreditation

I enclose a cheque made out to Cruse Bereavement Care (Bexley and Bromley Area)
for the amount of:
Can be paid in 3 equal instalments if preferred
Enquiries to Pat Crawford on 0208 697 6560 or e-mail:
bexleyandbromley@cruse.org.uk or ptc839@aol.com
Terms & Conditions:

1. If paying by instalment - fees to be paid by

12th January, 12th February and 12th March
2. There is a 30 Non-Refundable fee if you are
accepted on the course and you cancel before
the course commences.

Cruse Bereavement Care

154 Firhill Road

3. Should you decide to leave once the course has commenced- the following
Cancellation Fees will be retained.
Admin Evening and Sessions 1-4 - 25% of overall course fees (75)
Sessions 5-8 - 50% of course fees (150)
Sessions 9-12 - 75% of course fees (225)
Sessions 13-16 - 100% of course fees (300)

February April 2017

Holy Trinity Convent

15 Marian Gardens
Bromley Kent
Entry to Convent car park is via driveway by the side of St. Josephs
Church, 1 Orchard Road, Bromley, BR1 3JF (just past the roundabout at
junction with Plaistow Lane).

Loss and Bereavement Course

This course is designed for individuals from all backgrounds and professions
who want to expand their knowledge of bereavement. The course aims to
participants develop skills required to deal with bereaved people and to:
Gain a better understanding of issues surroundings bereavement;
Increase their awareness of practical difficulties when dealing with
Be aware of models and theories of bereavement and how
these can be used in a practical context;
Develop skills in bereavement support, through understanding the
process bereaved people go through and some common phases of grief;
To explore the role of a Bereavement Volunteer;
To develop counselling skills; and
Provide participants with a preparation in bereavement counselling.

Suitable for social workers, counsellors, therapists, medical staff, teachers, carers
and anyone who has a specific need to understand the process of grief and loss.
Weekday evenings 7.00 10.00pm
Saturdays 9.30 4.00pm
Sessions 1&2 and 15&16 Highlighted are Mandatory
Pre-course interviews - Tuesday 10th January
February Thursday 9th, (Administration evening)
Saturday 11th, Tuesday 14th, Tuesday 21st, Thursday 23rd
and Tuesday 28th

Saturday 4th, Thursday 9th, Tuesday 14th, Tuesday 21st,

Thursday 23rd and Tuesday 28th

non-refundable. This
is optional - It is not
April Tuesday 4th and Saturday 8th
redited to become
Post Course Interviews Tuesday 18th April
Portfolios to be completed by Tuesday 18th April

Topics Covered
Active Listening
Death in our Changing Society
Grief in Families
Key Counselling Skills
Working with Clients
Death of a Child
Support Systems
Groups A Process of Support
Complicated Grief
The Realities of being a Bereavement Volunteer
Preparing for Endings
Working Practically and Creatively
Sharing and Practice

Additional Information
Awareness in Bereavement Care has been designed specifically for Cruse
Volunteers, to equip them with the awareness, skills and knowledge to offer
the range of services that Cruse now provides. The Foundation Course is divided
into 16 three hour modules.
Ascentis has accredited the course as 60 hours comprising 48 hours of taught
time and 12 hours of personal learning. The course is flexible in that sessions
can be delivered one at a time in an evening or half day. It is hoped all trainees
will attend every session. In order to complete the course there is a requirement
for trainees to attend 14 out of 16 sessions, of which four must be sessions
1&2 and 15&16 on the first and last Saturdays of the course.
It is important that sessions are spread out. e.g. held at weekly intervals with
additional space to provide sufficient opportunity for reflection, practice and
linkwork in between sessions.
All new Bereavement Volunteers with client contact are also required to complete
additional modules in their first twelve months following induction, Safeguarding,
A Childs Grief and Sudden and Traumatic Death.

The course has been accredited by Ascentis at level 2. Trainees should keep
and compile their portfolios and keep a Learning Journal.
This will apply to all trainees, whether or not they apply for Ascentis certification.
Ascentis will select sample portfolios from those seeking certification for
moderation, so our trainers keep these portfolios until the certification process
is complete. Once moderation is complete, Central Office will be informed by
Ascentis of the outcome and certificates will be sent to the successful trainees,
via their trainer or Branch/Area office.

The cost of certification is 45. This is an additional cost to the course fee and is
Non Refundable. This is optional. It is not essential to have your work
accredited to become a Bereavement Volunteer, however, it will provide
trainees with an opportunity to achieve national validation for their work, which
has been accredited by Ascentis at Level 2 of the National Qualifications Framework. This
may be valuable to trainees wishing to pursue higher level study and may also be useful
as part of their career development. Ascentis was chosen by the Training Committee after
considering a number of validating authorities. Ascentis is a national awarding body
approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. It works across England, Wales
and Northern Ireland and uses a postal moderation system. As a national awarding body
Ascentis has the expertise to work with a variety of training organisations to develop
specialised and bespoke courses to meet their specific needs. It is highly respected.

Student Placements -Cruse provides group supervision within the BACP

guidelines. For counselling students, Cruse provides supervision via experienced
accredited practitioners who hold a certificate in counselling supervision.