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a =) a = a fe} a rr a Pe w s + ‘This DEPOSIT SUBIECT-T0-THE TSRUS AND CONDITIONS COVERING THIS ACCOU PUBLIC SAFETY MUTUAL BENEFIT FUND, INC. REGIONAL EXTENSION OFFICE 9 Camp Col. Romeo Abendan, Mercedes, Zamboanga City Contact Nos. 0916-256-5046 ; 0932-326-9055 email:psmbfi.reo?@yahoo.com FOR : Manager, Marketing Department FROM :REOS SUBJECT : LBP Deposit Slip For Retumed Excess JULY 2016 FSO Fund DATE : Sept. 8, 2016 Forwarded herewith is the Land bank Deposit slips as proof that the Excess CA for SEPTEMBER 2016 FSO Fund amounting to P3,864.90 was retumed and deposited to the account name: PSMBFI General Fund with account number: 1862-100-456. Request Acknowledge receipt. RO} 1 2aLs 2eocr20%8 14:08:33 PE ras Ji | ny [LAND BABE OFGHEEBLENBEDD. ,. WRME 6 BU Ease ene orm aE 6 ini Se mime crane pet ace seal feo ous. Sooner {for interbranch deposit) TEOE TOUT ie: secs oppo ae ‘PESO uPY Others: rey Wi - DITA — uss. SIGNATURE OVER PRNTEDMAME — oA cero 3, £6 4-90 Please accomplish detais of deposit at the back. Fso CepTember BOIL | V1 2ALS 260U12U15 1h:Uus21 1882-1004-96 PSMBF GF | -—-07u0-0CASH. 2,868.90