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Hive Global Leaders Program


What Will I Learn?

The Hive Global Leaders Program is designed to educate and connect
extraordinary people who are making a big positive impact in the
world. The curriculum has been built for mission-driven leaders and
entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a future that is radically
better than the present. You can download our event flyer here (PDF).
Our team developed Hives unique curriculum based on their personal
experiences with the Harvard Business School MBA program,
the Singularity University Executive Program, the Stanford d.school,
the Harvard Graduate School Leadership Institute, Ashoka: Innovators
for the Public, The Art of Living Foundation, the Landmark Curriculum
for Living, and the work of GoogleX innovator Tom Chi.


Key Topics: What is going on in the world today? What are the macro
trends of the 21st century? What are the biggest opportunities? Are
humans making progress? What would the world look like if it were
created based on the principle of equality of opportunity? How can we
create a world that is sustainable and healthy for all people in our
Designing a Better World
Tracking Human Progress
The Future of Science and Technology
The Biggest 21st Century Opportunities
Rapid Prototyping Workshop
Design Thinking for Social Change
Unconference on the World By Hive Participants


Key Topics: Are you truly pursuing your life purpose? Have you
followed your passion and are you doing your best work? Are you able
to be a fully expressed authentic leader who inspires your team? Are
you consciously living or letting life pass by? How can you be fully
present in the moment, be at your optimal peak performance, and
enjoy every day while achieving more impact than you ever thought

possible? How can you surround yourself with an extraordinary

community of people to learn from and enjoy life with?
Mindfulness & Presence for Leaders
Your Health and Your Habits
Defining Your Crucible Moments
Refining Your Purpose & Goals
Integrity in Life and Work
Designing Your Life Workbook
Creating Your Financial Plan
Unconference on Life By Hive Participants


Key Topics: How can you realign so that what you do actually aligns
with your purpose? How can you align the impact you want to make
in your life with where you get your income? How can you work fulltime on your passion? How can you be part of solving the most
important challenges of our generation? What is your theory of
change? How will you fund the next part of your plan? How can you
scale your customer, user, or donor base? What specific skills do you
need to get to the next level as a mission-driven leader and
entrepreneur? And what is your action plan for the next 6 months?
Authentic Leadership: Aligning Your Work With Your Purpose
Using Business for Scalable Social Change
Building Your Team & Culture
Venture Capital & Impact Investing
Advanced Entrepreneurship The 7ps
Acquiring Millions of Users and Customers
Unconference on Your Work By Hive Participants